Swimming Against the Online Currents – A Baby Boomer Dad Goes Back to School!

So here you are, at 1 am in the morning, wondering if an online degree will make a difference to your situation. You are a tired, worried, Dad, and have just been laid off from GM after working for 22 years on the assembly line. You think to yourself, can I still learn? Will my brain respond? Where do I begin again in this Job market? No one wants to interview me with only a high school diploma, they want at least an Associate or bachelors before I can get an interview.

Even with 22 years of experience. Where do I look for a course? Community college? Local University? Online programs? What course? What about Accreditation? I still have to get some immediate work, anything to support my family. Maybe some constructions work from FEMA while I travel to another state? Hmmm yes, and then I can register for an online course? Yes maybe that's it! Yes that's it! But uhmmm can I still learn … I am a baby boomer generation daddy, I wonder what research has found out … well where can I start with looking for an online course. Do they qualify for financial aid? What will I study? Can I handle it!

All these questions are valid and make sense! Yes you can still learn and excel at it too! I will address that in another article. Recent brain research by an expert in the field, (Marian Cleeves Diamond) has proven that adult learners continue to learn as long as the nerve cells are challenged, the brain is enriched, use it or loose it! With 22 years of real life work experience you may be able to get some life experience credit!

The online modality will be great for you if you can say yes to the following:

o Can you work and study independently without supervision?

o Do you have good reading and comprehension skills? (Most online programs involve reading,

understanding, synthesis and application of the material).

o Are you self disciplined and can manage your time within reason?

o Can you stay motivated without a cheer leader?

o Do you enjoy learning, especially when it is related to some of your past experience?

If the answer to these questions is predominately yes, then you are a good candidate for online education. Most community colleges and universities now have programs and courses available online. Also, there are universities that have continuous programs that run throughout the year and you do not have to wait till the next semester, you can start as soon as you are ready!

The next step is to think carefully and decide what course or program would you like to enroll in and what prospects this will bring. You are on your way into a new and exciting journey! In my next article we will look at how to choose a program and college that meets your academic and situational needs. Hang In There! You can do This!

A. Brewer

LIVE {TRS1 4:30pm} Black Baby Boomers HOMELESS! How’s Integration Workin’ 4 Ya?

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The Many Tax Advantages of Working at Home

There are many tax advantages to having a home based business. I have personally listened to a list of over 50 ways one can document and deduct business expenses from your US Income Taxes, some of which you may have never considered!

The IRS requires written documentation to qualify for any obligations so be sure to keep all your receipts! I keep my receipts in an annual folder, ensuring all of my receipts stay organized and ready for tax season.

After close examination of the home based business industry, statistics showed that most individuals never produce a profit from their company. In fact, only 3% of those who own a home based business produce a profit. I'm part of that 3% club so I'm always careful to save my receipts to ensure I can claim the discounts.

The following is a partial list of potential deductions for your business:

Your Membership Fees

Product Purchases

Product Samples


Office Equipment

Office Space

Electrical Bill

Sewer / Water Bill

Insurance (not deductible for those without a home business!)

Cleaning Service (provided they clean where your office is, too!)

House / Office Repairs

Landscaping (if people come to your house on business)

Personal Training Expenses

Garbage Service

Advertising Expenses


Business Cards


Company Literature and Catalogs

Reproduction costs (photocopies, etc.)

Labor Expenditures when you hire your children!

Business Related Travel Expenses

Meals while on Business

Always consult with your accountant as laws vary in each state and country and from year to year. Having a home-based business will help you to keep more of your hard earned money in your bank account. It pays to work at home!

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Baby Boomer Success Strategy: You Choose: Your Freedom or Your Story

Your life is full of moments of choice. You can respond to each moment based on old patterns, old stories, (conscious or unconscious) or you can choose to react from a new place based on freedom from the past. You can make new choices that make you feel alive and free. It's your choice.

The old story I'm talking about is not the fairy tale story your mother told you before bed at night, but it's the old story we drag around like a huge bag of useless rocks. Keeping this story alive drains your life force, your energy, and your very happiness. Keeping this story going allows you to wallow and remain a victim. If you choose, and it is a choice, to let go of this story you can craft a new life based on triumph, instead of victimhood.

It may sound simplistic to say that you can choose, but you can. In fact, you can not only choose your story, you can rewrite your story. After all, you're not dead yet! The first step in this process is to simply stop telling that old story. That old story that makes you a victim. That old story that makes it impossible for you to move forward. Let go of that old story. That old story is over. That old story is just dragging you down.

The next step is to replace your old story with a new story, one that is full of gratitude. The truth is, it's your life, so while you can not change the past, you can change how it affects you. If something tragic happened to you in the past, you lost a loved one, suffered a divorce, failed at something you tried to do, you can change how the situation affects your life today by figuring out what you were supposed to learn from the event . By rewriting the story into one of gratitude, learning, and moving forward, you can transform the story from a victim story to one of empowerment.

Ultimately, it's a choice that comes down to being free, or hanging on that old story. By simply changing your reaction to a situation, you can make the story one that demonstrates your power, your victory over oppression, your success climbing out of despair, your joy after suffering from depression. In order to accomplish this, you will need to be very aware of how you react to each situation, and then learn to turn negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Select an area of ​​your life that's important to you. One of the keys to changing your story is selecting a goal that truly matters. Ideally, you can find something you want more than anything. This will help keep you dedicated.

Be specific. The whole idea of ​​choosing your own story can seem over-simplified. Here's how to be more specific:

Be realistic. Set a realistic timeframe to complete your story.

For the choosing to be healthy instead of saying I want to get into shape considering committing to specifics such as, "I want to lose 3 inches from my hips or I want to walk for 40 minutes three times per week.

At first it will feel unnatural, but soon it will feel as natural as breathing, if you do the work and practice. Your first task is to accept that you do have a choice. Freedom, or hanging on to your old story.

Study: 17 Percent Of Black Baby Boomers Are Homeless At Some Point

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Baby Boomers Embrace Internet Marketing

With 1.7 billion users, the Internet is most likely one of mankind’s greatest inventions. That’s not doing you any good, though, if you’re not harnessing the power of it. A lot of baby boomers are seeing the value of Internet marketing today, and they’re starting up home based businesses so they can have more money for retirement. Working as an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, but it can bring in some serious, long term money. A home based business is great for that because you don’t have to worry about a storefront or a lot of inventory. All you have to do is get customers to come to your Web site and buy what you have for sale. It could be a product, a service, or both.

You can work from anywhere, which means you can travel in your retirement years and still make money, since the business comes right to you. It’s cost effective for both marketing and selling, and your marketing messages get transmitted at the speed of light, so they’re all over the world just as soon as you put them out there. A home based business doesn’t cost much to start up, and since you’ll be doing Internet marketing you’ll level the playing field between your business and other businesses out there, including some that are larger and more established.

The baby boomer generation has worked hard for years, and the people who make up that generation deserve something for that hard work. Internet marketing for their own home based business can be just the thing, since they won’t have to worry about dealing with a boss. As an entrepreneur a baby boomer can control his own retirement and his own destiny. He can work when and where he wants and sell something that he’s passionate about and that matters to him. That will show in the Internet marketing that he does for his home based business, which can help him get more customers for the long term. That is something that every entrepreneur wants to achieve but not all of them are able to, so it’s a very valuable thing for those who know how to get it.

Baby Boomers Home Business Options

Many Baby Boomers are finding that they will not be able to retire at 65, much less retire early, and are now scrambling to find a way to continue to earn an income to supplement their social security dollars.

There are a course of several options available to retirees, but if your preference is to stay at home rather than continue working for an employer, then you should seriously consider an Internet home based business.

Even if you have no experience you can still very easily create a website and start generating an income. If you are wondering how you earn money from an Internet home based business, there are actually different different ways to do that.

You can become an Infopreneur by setting up a content based website. With a content based website you choose a niche topic. It should be something with which you have some expertise. It could have been a favorite hobby or even your previous work skills. Maybe you love stamp collecting or glass collecting or gardening. Or depending you have years of experience in the retail industry or medical industry. Whatever the topic, you can create a content based website.

Are you wondering how you make money from a content based website? Here too there are various options. You can earn revenue from a combination of advertisements, your own products and affiliate agreements.

Advertisements can encompass various types. The most common and easiest ads to use in your Internet home based business are called Google AdSense. These ads are placed on your website pages via links provided by Google. They are automatically custom targeted to your content. When a reader clicks on the ad you get a commission. Mind you, the responsibilities can be very small (from about $ .05 to $ 3 per click on average). However the more traffic that comes through your site, the more clicks you get and the faster the commission dollars add up.

You can also sell your own products. They can be products that you create or you can use drop shipping wherey you become the middleman. You sell an item and it is shipped from elsewhere. You do not need to buy or hold inventory.

If you can write an eBook you can sell it on your website. Here again you draw on your expertise in your niche topic. You do not need to write a New York Times bestseller, but you should strive for quality to build credibility. You can also use affiliates to sell your eBook on others' sites. You give them a commission and they promote your book.

Speaking of affiliates, you too can sell others' ebooks or other products or services on your site and earn a commission. There are some very lucrative affiliates sources out there that can generate a very nice income.

Should you require help with your website content you can hire a freelance writer. Freelance writers can also help with blog posts. Blogs have grown very popular and incredibly easy to create. The key to all this is traffic. The more readers you attract, the more income you will generate. Having lots of quality blog posts or website content is paramount. Again, using a freelance writer to fill in the gaps can make all the difference.

Interior Decorating Idea – How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

In view of the fact that the bathroom is one of the most personal and functional rooms of the house, innovative home decorating ideas are essential to making the most of this space. I am going to explore designs and concepts that will allow you to establish the type of bathroom that works for you and your household.

Early in the 1900's, the bathroom was viewed as a functional room only. They were typically very little rooms without a lot of attention given to style or décor. Basically, bathrooms in this era had three indispensable components – the basin or sink, bathtub, and the commode that were purely functional and using as little space as possible. However, trends did start to evolve in the 1920's and '30's resulting in more attractive, stylish decor.

The secret to decorating small rooms is, most assuredly, planning. This ensures results that are not only tasteful but practical as well. Choices available are:

Pedestal sinks – makes the room seem more spacious and diminishes the feeling of being cramped

Glass shower doors – provides openness to the room and adds a touch of class

Compact corner sink / cabinet – attractive and functional storage space

Drawers – provides storage and helps keep the counter top uncluttered

Mirrors – a well-placed mirror will add length or width and dimension to the room

Built-in shelving – provides a decorative touch as well as much-needed storage

Skylights – provides an open feeling as the light brightens up the room

Decorative basin – attractive and space efficient plus they make the room look classy

Decorative towel racks – these are fun to shop for since they can reflect your personality

When you decorate a small bathroom which is in the master suite, it is necessary to remain consistent in both rooms. More times than not the door is left standing ajar and just closing the door will not solve the problem if the two rooms do not complement each other in style and décor. The simplest means to connect the areas together is with color. Variations of the same color should be used in both rooms for your home decorating ideas to be successful.

The small bathroom may also be part of the master bedroom without a door between the bathtub, shower and sink. This, of course, means the same decorative scheme used in the master bedroom should be extended into the bathroom.

Baby-Boomer Age Category Primarily Behind 5G Roll-Out! : A Fact!

This is a Investor Show Case of Baby-Boomers investing in this New Technology , Targeting Our Young People! The Majority of People PUSHING , PROMOTING & PROFITING from this 5th Generation Technology are Mostly Baby-Boomer’s! A FACT! They are also Running ALL Top Positions in America & the World actually ( This age category). Rothschild.s & Baby-Boomer’s & GREED are the Main Push behind this 5G Nightmare!
Your Not the Only Baby-Boomer on this Planet! I’m Not referring to You!