♡ How to: Easy & Perfect Babyboomer Gelnails

Hi sweethearts!
I hope you find this video helpful, its really easy!
This is actually my first time doing a baby boomer, this video was requested by a follower so i did what i could and here it is!
Hope you like it ♡

Note: I’m not a professional, I just love doing nails!

♕Products used:
Nded 1-Phase clear gel
Nded Make up gel – Antique rose skin
Nded French white gel
Nded Ultrabond Primer
Nded Hygienespray Sanitizer
Nded Nded 1-Phase Rose gel
Nded Quick Finish top Gel

Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann – I Remember U (Nocopyrightsounds)

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[email protected]

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12 replies
  1. Katarina Olberg Eide
    Katarina Olberg Eide says:

    Thank you for this video!? I have problems with the free-edge sidewalls when I sculpt gelnails… Shall the side walls on the free-edge be straight out in length with the natural sidewalls? When I shape my gelnails to a ballerina shape- the sidewalls get filed off at the tip, and it ends up looking funny at side view! Can you make a video from side view? Or a video showing how to sculpt a right nail structure, and maby how to file the nail to different shapes (ballerina) the right way? Love you!❤️

  2. Tasha McDowell
    Tasha McDowell says:

    I love when you do nails, your videos are so soothing and relaxing. You should just speak a little louder. But please make many more videos. You have natural talent. I tried to buy those products because gel that is easy to work with like that is great. I know some re runny and some are thicker, it's about the viscosity, but I don't know which gel does that good. I have been working with Ibd and CND Brisa lite sculpting gel. I just wish they had more colorful gels reasonably price. I just started doing this for fun, not a nail tech either. Anyways I love your videos! You do such a great job! I bet you would do great at acrylic and nail art also. Sorry for the long message, you're just so inspiring.

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