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Why Is America Struggling So Much? Blame the Baby Boomers

Over the past few decades, life in America has faltered. There has been, of course, process on several fronts. There are more opportunities for women and minorities than ever (though they still lag behind white men), researchers are making amazing scientific discoveries every day, creativity abounds on stages and in record studios and technology is quickly advancing. […]

Start a Nursing Career With CNA Training

In terms of healthcare professionals, Registered Nurses, or RNs, are the largest group. Many RNs began their nursing careers as Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, by completing CNA training courses. While CNA training programs differ according to the state, most CNAs must complete 16 hours of hands-on training, known as "clinical," and 75 hours of […]

Baby boomer tax break: Initiative would allow older homeowners to save

Older California residents who buy pricier homes could save thousands of dollars in property taxes under an initiative that has qualified for the statewide November ballot. The initiative – backed by the California Association of Realtors – would change a key provision of Proposition 13, the state’s 40-year-old property tax law that ties a home’s […]

Hybrid Gel Baby Boomer/French Fade Nails

Suzie uses a Hybrid Gel to create Baby Boomer or French Fade Nails. She demonstrates to how to fix a Fade that doesn’t quite work in this step by step video covering application and filing techniques. Products used in this Video: Premium Clear Nail Forms by Ugly Duckling PowerGel by Magnetic Ugly Duckling LED GEL […]

Adult Dating Tips

Sure dating is easy for kids to do, but what about adults? You thought you were nervous as a teenager? Well as you get older, it seems dating not only gets harder, but you get more nervous and more anxious. Well here are a few dating tips you can use and remember easily to help […]

Babyboomer schnell und einfach // ACRYLGEL KOMBINIEREN? Modellieren mit der SCHWACHEN HAND?

In diesem Video zeige ich dir, wie du den Babyboomer garantiert hinbekommst. Ich arbeite eine Mixvariante aus Acrylgel und normalem Gel. Und zusätzlich zeige ich dir, wie ich mit der schwachen Hand modelliere. ►GELNÄGEL LEICHT SELBER MACHEN ►TIPPS ZUR SELBSTÄNDIGKEIT ►ACRYLNÄGEL FÜR ANFÄNGER ►INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/CreativNails_by_suuh ►FACEBOOK ►Email : [email protected] ►PRODUKTE AUS DEM VIDEO ▸HAFTGEL: ▸PINSEL:* […]

Техника Baby Boomer или френч градиент нюдовыми базами!

Градиент в нюдовых тонах или “молочный френч”, который приобрел такое клевое название “Baby Boomer”! В чем же отличие этой техники от классического градиента? Об этом расскажет Катя в данном видео, а также познакомит Вас с простейшим вариантом выполнения градиента в технике Baby Boomer с помощью камуфлирующих каучуковых баз! Сайт нашей школы: Все инструменты и материалы […]