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Did The Baby Boomers Ruin America?

Like what you read here? Sign up for our twice-weekly newsletter. “Since the Boomers’ ascension to power, America has accomplished far too little, and in many important ways, has slid backward.” “The difference between what is and what could have been is substantially the product of Boomer mismanagement and selfishness. … Their collective, pathological self-interest […]

Baby Boomer Fitness – Getting Started

If you have had past injuries or have been sedentary for a while, you may need some additional help when starting an exercise program. Common gym exercises that may be fine for someone in their twenties, may cause discomfort or injury for someone in their forties or beyond. The first thing you should look for […]

Millennials Are Way Poorer Than Baby Boomers Ever Were

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How the ‘Baby Boomer’ Label Can Lead to Discrimination

New research finds aging people are treated more fairly if they are identified as older workers rather than Baby Boomers. (Photo: Gus Moretta/Unsplash) Many labels come with stereotypes attached, and applying them can influence how a specific individual is viewed, and treated. While these harmful labels are often based on race or religion, new research […]