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Baby Boomers Love These Things for Better or Worse

Baby boomers represent the 76 million people born between 1946 and 1964 — during the post World War II baby boom. Boomers started the suburban boom, too, as people started moving to the outskirts of cities and building modest, inexpensive tract houses. “)}; Baby boomers are known for lots of things, and not all of […]

Baby boomers dominate small businesses

Results from a BizBuySell survey of small business owners reveal that a majority of small businesses are run by male baby boomers, many of whom are college graduates.  So although many think of baby boomers as retirees, they still own the majority share (53%) of small businesses, with no signs of slowing down, given boomers make […]

Trump and the Baby Boomers

Trump and the Baby Boomers The President continues to enjoy enthusiastic support from the over-65 set. James Joyner · Monday, June 18, 2018 · 31 comments The key ‘graph in a POLITICO piece of the changing demographics of the American electorate: The Trump supporters who get the most media attention tend to be economically anxious […]

[Quloo] Edyta Kruczak znów szarżuje! Dziś Baby Boomer!

↪ Edyta Kruczak znów szarżuje! Dziś postawiła na Baby Boomer! 👀 Jesteś ciekawa jak poradziła sobie trenerka Quloo z przedłużaniem paznokci i Baby Boomer’em? Koniecznie zobacz video do końca ____________________ 🔔 Witaj w świecie pasjonatów stylizacji paznokci, gdzie sukces dla każdego jest na wyciągnięcie ręki! (a może pędzelka?!) ↪ Wejdź na www.quloo.pl i dołącz do ponad 5000 […]

The Variety Of Women Magazines In Canada

With so many magazines on the market, it is easy to find something geared specifically to all kinds of interests and demographics. For instance, women magazines continue to be very popular with all kinds of readers. Magazines geared towards women vary from health to fashion to celebrities. There are many women magazines targeted to teens […]

Central California newspaper | Madera Tribune

In the United States, we seem to be fond of attaching catchy names to everything from commercial products to dating sites on the Internet, including ourselves. Beginning in the early part of the last century, we started putting names to various generations of Americans. This was probably initiated by Gertrude Stein, who wrote an epigram […]

Millennials skip breakfast, Baby Boomers read the paper, and other ways generations differ in their morning routines, Business Insider

caption There are clearly lots of ways to start your day. source Robert Galbraith/Reuters Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers begin their days in different ways. Some of the differences in their morning routines can be attributed to age. Baby Boomers are increasingly retiring, so they tend to wake up later than working […]