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Banks Draw Baby Boomers in to P2P Services

So we all know that younger millennials are rabid users of P2P apps.  Mercator Advisory Group survey data shows a surprising number of millennials use a P2P payments nearly every day. As P2P moves mainstream, more consumer from older age groups are becoming frequent users as well.  Where all age groups may be using P2P, […]

Cosmetology Graduates Have Many Exciting Career

Cosmetology is a 60 billion dollar industry that is stable, provides endless opportunities, and can not be outsourced to another country. A cosmetologist can work anywhere in the country, full-time or part-time, work for a large corporation with multiple locations, in a local salon or for themselves as an independent contractor. Last year, there were […]

Millennials and baby boomers defy assumed market trends

by Kyle Scheuring July 19, 2018 Millennials and baby boomers, the two largest demographic groups in history, are not as predictable as many home developers thought. Urban Land Magazine reports that millennials — people age 37 and younger — are not too crazy about the stereotypical lifestyle of renting in a popular urban area. Millennials […]

Medical Jobs and Other Healthcare Industry Work

Although today's economy may be somewhat struggling to get a strong grasp, there are many employment opportunities still available that are essential to human health. Medical jobs are some of the most important jobs because at one time or another, everyone requires medical assistance. Hospitals are a major source for employment opportunities. They employ surgeons, […]

A baby boomer’s guide to the millennial boss

The millennials are the largest generation ever. Sooner or later, we’ll all be working for them. Special to The Seattle Times Jobs Have you heard? The millennials are coming. They’re not only large, but ready to take charge. Whether your reaction is “It’s about time” or “Over my dead body,” the fact is your next […]

The Most Common Types Of Online Dating Sites For Singles

There are thousands of dating sites on the internet today. These personals sites can offer dating possibilities to all singles or they may specialize and offer their service to only a certain type of single. More dating services have tried to evolved into a niche market since competition has become very fearless in the last […]


***ABRE ESTO***ES IMPORTANTE**** HOLA HOLA! Gracias por ver este video! esperen el siguiente que esta súpeeeeeeer bonito. En esta ocasión te enseño a hacer el baby boomer como yo lo hago, es un diseño que ya se convirtio en un clásico,casi tanto como el frances, igual si tiene un sugerencia por favor dime aqui abajo […]

Could baby boomers spur a housing bust?

Will baby boomers turn into party poopers when they unload their homes in large numbers starting in the next decade? Could they create an indigestible oversupply in the market that lowers home prices and frustrates sales? That’s a sobering scenario outlined by two new, provocative studies. One, from Fannie Mae’s Economic and Strategic Research Group, […]

Aging Baby Boomers and the Housing Market?

Baby boomers have long accounted for a significant portion of the housing market, so how will the market be impacted by the aging of this large generation? Are we heading toward a “generational housing bubble?” Fannie Mae’s Economic and Strategic Research Group teamed up with the University of Southern California to answer this question in […]

We baby boomers are an easy target | letters | Opinion

I would like to point out to Phillip Inman that most baby boomers and those who are older worked hard for their money and saved, a concept not much in evidence today (“It’s time for Britain’s millionaire pensioners to pay up”, Business). We did not expect to buy a house and have all the goodies […]