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Interior Design And Interior Design Tips

Most interior designers would advise that you decide on a general theme to use throughout your home. That doesn’t mean all rooms will be the same, just the theme would be the same throughout your home. The style one decides on should reflect on the family unit as far as character and style. ASSORTED DESIGNS […]

Back Pain After Childbirth

Many new mothers experience back pain related to pregnancy for weeks, months and, in some cases, even years after giving birth. There are many causes of postnatal back pain; getting acquainted with them can help you treat and prevent chronic pain. One main cause of back pain both during and after pregnancy is the hormone […]

Matchmaker helps baby boomers find love in uptown

Calling all singles: A local matchmaker is playing a new hand catered to baby boomers. Evan West, WCNC 11:37 PM. EDT October 18, 2017 CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We live in a swiping society and according to www.eharmony.com, more than 40 million Americans use online dating sites but in Charlotte, a local matchmaker has sought out […]

Living With Breast Cancer and Beating It

Breast Cancer, to be informed that you have such a serious disease has to be a life altering point in a woman’s life. No one can ever prepare themselves to receive bad news of that caliber. Even with the advances in treatment, support systems, and recovery statistics, fear of the unknown is omnipresent. Fear of […]

Managing Acne While Pregnant

Any woman knows that when she is pregnant, there are hundreds if not thousands of things that she can and can not do, like drinking, smoking, over-doing it while working out, and the list goes on. The same goes with acne. There are lots of things that all pregnant women that have acne problems should […]

Jacobs Media Asks, Do Baby Boomers Matter?

The Jacobs Media Team JACOBS MEDIA President FRED JACOBS takes to the company blog to share, “Regular readers of this blog know a recurring theme is the efficacy of Baby Boomers – those born between 1946-1964 – as a viable, marketable generation. A little math reveals that Boomers now fall between the ages of 53 […]

Health – The Best Kept Secret Around

If you want to keep a secret – chop it into pieces and give each person a piece. o No one person knows the whole story. The practise of modern medicine is similar in structure to the above analogy. o Health is divided up into small bits and pieces (read as: Symptoms) o Specialists vie […]