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These two have Baby Boomers worried the most

Maurie Backman, The Motley Fool Published 1:02 p.m. ET April 26, 2018 | Updated 2:08 p.m. ET April 26, 2018 CLOSE A Government Accountability Office report cited five common mistakes people make when applying for Social Security. WIBBITZ Do these items top your list, as well? Older man in blue shirt outdoors with serious expression […]

New Advances in Alzheimer's Research Positive for Baby Boomers

Over the last few months there has been an exposure in new Alzheimer's research has been astounding. As the populate gets older, there is going to be a natural increase in diseases that affect seniors. Researchers have identified genes and proteins that can be early signals that a person has the potential for developing Alzheimer's […]

President of Largest Black-Owned Bank: Boomers Can Learn Economic Optimism from Millennials

As graduation season approaches, most black parents have high anxiety about how our children can possibly achieve the American dream given economic inequality in America, while our children are confident their journey will be smooth and successful. What if they’re right? Research indicates a need for high anxiety. A recent study by Prosperity Now, The […]

Baby boomers should be screened for hepatitis C

Even if you are not presenting symptoms, you might be suffering from hepatitis C, a contagious liver disease that can cause cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure. An estimated 3 to 10 million Americans currently have this disease. However, many carriers of the disease are still unaware of their infection, as it often presents only […]

Babyboomer mit Acrylgel

Mit diesem Video starte ich meine 3-teilige Videoreihe über den Babyboomer wie ich ihn mache. Ich verwende heute das Acrylgel. Allerdings muss ich gleich dazu sagen, dass mir dieses Material am allerwenigsten liegt 🙂 Ich wünsche euch trotzdem ganz viel Spaß beim zuschauen. Mein 2. Kanal: Facebook: Instagram:

These 2 retirement concerns have Baby Boomers worried the most

Though many workers look forward to retirement and the opportunity to break free from the daily grind, it’s also a worrisome prospect, particularly from a financial perspective. But of all the various retirement concerns today’s older workers have, the two most pressing are future healthcare expenses and changes to Social Security that could reduce benefits, […]

Museum offers look back on baby boomers

They helped put the bang into the baby boomers. A new exhibition will have Springfield talking about their generation. “The Boomer List: Photographs by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders,” which opens this week at the Springfield Museum of Art’s McGregor Gallery, gathers portraits of 19 influential people, one each from 1946-64, each year of the boomer generation, in […]