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SilverSneakers: Baby Boomer Fitness

Staying active is key to fulfilling retirement goals and dreams, whether it’s taking an international vacation, carrying golf clubs on the course, effortlessly playing with grandchildren or dancing to a favorite band. That is why Baby Boomers have never been more inspired to be healthy and active, and SilverSneakers® Fitness, the nation’s leading exercise program […]

Online Startup Concerns For Seniors

Many seniors venture into the online world out of necessity. They may have gotten caught up in the downsizing trend or lost their job in some other way. Or they found out their retirement savings were not going to cover the cost of maintaining an acceptable lifestyle during their retirement years The options available are […]

Demand for senior services increases in Montgomery County as baby boomers age – Community Impact Newspaper

As baby boomers begin reaching retirement age, the demand for senior living facilities and senior services is increasing in Montgomery County. According to July 2015 U.S. census data, approximately 66,119 county residents, or 12.3 percent, were 65 or older. This figure is an increase from the 47,399 residents, or 10.4 percent, recorded in the April […]

Stop the Run-On Sentence in Public Speaking

While the spoken language is certainly less formal than the written language, the value of using good grammar when delivering your speech or presentation can be the difference between a successful performance and one that is less than stellar. One of the most common mistakes I hear with younger speakers (and writers as well) is […]

Baby Boomers need to hit the gym

Loni Ackerman Kennedy, 67, of Upper Grandview talks about her workout at CrossFit Momentum in Nyack, Oct. 25, 2016. Tania Savayan/lohud 67-year-old from Upper Grandview power-lifted her way to better health Buy Photo Loni Ackerman Kennedy, 67, of Upper Grandview during a workout at CrossFit Momentum in Nyack, Oct. 25, 2016. Ackerman Kennedy, a former […]