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The Baby Boomers and the Traditionalists – Inquirer.net

2016 marks the 70th anniversary of the Baby Boom. Baby Boomers belong to the demographic group born between 1946 and 1964. They are aged 52 to 70 in 2016. The phrase “Baby Boom” referred to a noticeable increase in birth rate (2,357,000 in 1950 in the USA) after World War II. This phenomenon was first […]

Are Your CNAs in the Know About Arthritis?

In the United States, arthritis affects more than 46 million people. By the year 2030, as the “baby boomers” get older, this number is expected to climb to 60 million! With numbers like that, it’s a safe bet that your nursing assistants provide care to clients with arthritis. But, do your CNAs know that arthritis […]

Senior benefits platform Renew.com raises $3 million to help retiring baby boomers – TechCrunch

Renew.com has raised $3 million in Series A funding from Venrock, Expa and others to launch a platform aiming to give the baby boomer generation adequate information on their benefits after retirement. American companies started to shift away from pensions and health care benefits packages for retirees in the mid-80’s, leaving the last bit of […]

The Five Components of Health Related Fitness

In order to properly design a fitness program we must first understand the five components of health-related fitness. these are: 1: Cardio respiratory endurance – the body’s ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs and the ability to utilize them over sustained periods of time. This component is illustrated during long-distance running […]

Baby Boomer con prodotti PassioneUnghie

Ciao ragazze/i, mi è stato chiesto come faccio il BabyBoomer. In realtà ognuno ha il suo metodo, infatti ci sono vari modi per farlo… io ho provato a sfumare i due colori col pennello. ho provato con una spugnetta e poi ho provato con l’applicatore delle polveri a specchio e devo dire che non viene […]

Gene Weingarten: Millennials, maybe you’re right about us baby boomers – Washington Post

Dear millennials:I’ve been reading articles about how we baby boomers suck. And how your generation is going to fix everything mine screwed up.If you Google “baby boomers are bad,” you get hundreds of hits, including these: “Baby boomers ruined America.” “ ‘Disgusting, Selfish, Immature’: 10 reasons baby boomers are the worst generation.” “Who destroyed the economy: […]

Baby boomers are still the lucky ones – Financial Times

When we are ignorant about the future, sometimes we should just accept it rather than speculate about what might happen next. We do not know how the election of Donald Trump as US president will affect the UK economy. His economic policies — fiscal stimulus and trade barriers — are unclear and contradictory. Even if […]

The Toyota Motor Story – How Was Lexus Born?

It was more than a philosophical matter for Toyota Motor because of the money involved. The company, while comfortably in the black, could ill afford to pursue a misguided vanity project. But some argued it stood to lose more from staying out of the luxury market than by jumping in when its most loyal customers […]

Beazer sees housing boom in baby boomers – News & Observer

Beazer is seeing a baby boomer housing boom. The Atlanta company’s traditional customers have been young families and other first-time buyers. It said Tuesday, however, that people 55 and older are increasingly the ones seeking the condos and smaller homes that it builds. Baby boomers made up about 20 percent of the company’s business last […]