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Top Occupations for Baby Boomers – Builder Magazine

Ever wonder what your buyers do for a living? It’s important for a builder to know. By finding out more about a customer, including his or her occupation, a salesperson can better tailor the marketing pitch and land a sale. This list from Demo Memo sheds some light on the top occupations for Baby Boomer […]

Benefits of Baby Boomer Health

With baby boomers retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day well into 2029, we all need to step it up in the natural healing arena. Information I am getting from several different reliable sources says that drugs (statins more specifically) are ruining an otherwise good retirement. Last February, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration […]

Customer Service Worker – PSA – (Don’t Be A Bad Boomer) – Baby Boomer Complains

Based on real customer service conversations. Website – – – http://www.jorenmania.com/ – – – Facebook – – – https://www.facebook.com/jorenmania/ Instagram – – – https://www.instagram.com/the_joren_cull_company/ Twitter – – – https://twitter.com/jorencull/ Written, directed, voiced, animated, illustrated, by: Joren Cull – – – http://www.jorenmania.com/ – – – Music by: Rhyme Jaws – – – http://www.rhymejaws.com/ – – –

Marketing to Baby Boomers – A Huge Untapped Market

Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964.They make up 25% of Australia’s population and the US’s population. In the US alone that’s more than 75 million people and they feel overlooked! Research shows that baby boomers are keen users of technology yet they feel ignored and overlooked as advertisers continue to target the youth […]

Baby Boomer Retirement Destinations

People have different types of taste for their lifestyle of choice, and these tastes tend to change as you go through life. The generation that is retiring on this day and the baby boomers also have different tastes when it comes to living peacefully in another country after their retirement. The normal strategies that are […]

Millennials vs baby boomers: ‘I’m offended’

Generation Y has been branded insecure, lazy, shallow and ambitious far beyond their talents, and even ‘the worst generation’. Subscribe to The Guardian ► http://is.gd/subscribeguardian As part of a Guardian series investigating the economic plight of young people, a variety of millennials from British students to an Estonian musician and a Canadian charity worker read […]

Paznokcie Baby Boomer :: Baby Boomer nails :: Ombre french – ENG/FR subtitles

Baby Boomer wykonasz za pomocą : Paznokcie w stylu cieniowanego frencha to ostatnio genialna alternatywa dla tradycyjnego frencha. Biała końcówka jest rozmyta i subtelna, dlatego ta stylizacja jest często wybierane przez Klientki w salonach kosmetycznych. Nasza Instruktorka Magdalena Żuk z Wrocławia, chętnie podzieliła się z Wami swoją metodą na wykonanie Baby Boomer Nails! __________________________________________ Baby […]

Why Baby Boomers Influence Health and Wellness Sector

Why do baby boomers have such a strong influence on the MLM industry, especially the health and wellness sector? Two reasons: their financial clout, and their numbers. In the United States and Canada alone, their population is in excess of 90 million. And according to a CBS news report, this generation accounts for some one […]