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Smart or Stylish – How to Tell the Difference

Recently there was an article in my local newspaper about helping women over 40 dress on-trend without looking like a teenager. As I read the advice and looked at the clothing examples, something was not quite right. I have seen it in other articles and on the women I meet while out networking. It is […]

House prices: ‘Selfish’ baby boomers would give up rises to help young – The Week UK

Britons are “no longer obsessed” with house price growth and many older people would accept no further increases if it made life easier for the younger generation, a new survey suggests. The National Housing Federation (NHF), questioning 2,044 adults, found that contrary to reports, so-called “baby boomers” are worried about the economic divide between the […]

7 Ways An Aging Workforce Will Affect Human Resources

The number of employees working into their senior years continues to grow for a variety of reasons, with financial need, the failure of private pension plans, and lack of sufficient health benefits being among the most prominent. Older workers typically bring many vital assets to the table, such as solid life experience, better attitudes, work […]

Generation X – An Introduction To Our Likes & Dislikes

In 1991, 28-year old author Douglas Coupland wrote a novel called Generation X: Tales of an Accelerated Culture. The phrase entered the contemporary dialect shortly after the novel’s release. Coupland portrays a group of three friends who have escaped civilization for tranquil Palm Springs, California, telling each other stories while they toil in menial jobs. […]

Baby Boomers Coming – East Hampton Star

The vacant Child Development Center of the Hamptons building on Stephen Hand’s Path is being considered by East Hampton Town officials for use as a senior citizens center and community facility. David E. Rattray The former Child Development Center of the Hamptons school on Stephen Hand’s Path in East Hampton could become the town’s next […]

A millennial money move that can save baby boomers a few bucks – CNBC

Millennials and exchange-traded funds have grown up together. Investors plunked down $66 billion in U.S. ETFs in 2000, according to the Investment Company Institute. Now U.S. ETFs hold more than $2.2 trillion in assets. The rise of ETFs has coincided with millennials, people age 18 to 35, becoming investors. “Millennials are more amped up about […]