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Baby Boomers and Retirement

Baby boomers have redefined retirement. For some, retirement used to mean the leisure years. They could play golf or spend time with their grandkids. For others, it meant the traveling years. They traveled around the country or even the world. Today, as many baby boomers near retirement or have already arrived there, it has taken […]

Baby Boomers behind rising Montana gun sales – KPAX-TV

MISSOULA – Montana is in the midst of a veritable gun boom.  Firearm sales typically rise during presidential elections and they also increase during times of national panic.  But lately, gun sales have been up because of retiring baby boomers.  “I’m looking to swap off or sell an AR-15, it’s a cobra.  Bushmaster,” said Tom […]

Presentazione Kit BABY BOOMER (Gel) – Irene Merlo

Presentazione della Master Crystal Nails Irene Merlo del nuovo Kit Baby Boomer, un bianco lattiginoso per un effetto super naturale. Finalmente un prodotto che semplifica e velocizza la realizzazione dell’effetto baby boomer in gel, per ottenere french naturali e in tempi rapidi. SCOPRILO SUL SITO: http://crystalnails.it/prodotto/nuovo-baby-boomer-gel-kit/

Unlock the Secrets of Anti-Aging for Babyboomers

If you are looking to unlock the secrets of anti-aging for babyboomers, the answers may be surprisingly simple. Anti-aging in the past required a great deal of time, money, and effort. The reasons varied, but most women in their later years did not have access to the many great products that are now available. They […]

Will Baby Boomers Reverse the Loss in Social Capital?

For whatever reason, over the last 40 years while baby boomers were between the ages of 30 and 60, many put their sense of social community on hold. Sociologists identify this period as a time when society lost social capital. Raising a family, focusing on career, building a retirement nest egg, and other cultural factors […]

RMTC's BOOM provides dynamic look at baby boom generation – CBC.ca

BOOM is never a pandering tribute to baby boomers, but it’s also never a particularly biting examination. It’s hard to argue that there hasn’t already been a lot said about the baby boomers. But it’s also hard to overstate the impact of the post-war generation — economically, culturally and politically. And with his 2015 solo show BOOM, closing […]