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Opinion: Baby boomers should get tested for Hep C virus – Vancouver Sun

Protesters hold placards during a demonstration called by several organizations and people affected by th hepatitis C virus (HCV) demanding the need to ensure universal access to these treatments, outside the “International Liver Congress” in Barcelona, on April 16, 2016 / JOSEP LAGO / AFP/Getty Images As president of the Pacific hepatitis C Network, I’d […]

Baby Boomer Dating Sites Are Great For Shy People

Baby boomer dating sites are great. There is no way around deciding that. Online dating as a whole has increased in popularity in the last few years. And dating websites for baby boomers have increased exponentially in number in that same amount of time. Dating sites are the wave of the future and the future […]

Baby Boomers, Gen X, And Gen Y – Workplace Differences

Every generation is a bit different. We’re different in everything we do from how we dress, how we approach problems, how we view the world, and even how we solve problems. We are also different because times really do change. Throughout each generation there have been new technological advances. Think about it… TV’s and cars […]

Baby Boomers: Why You Need to Get Tested for Hep C

| Anyone can get hepatitis C (Hep C), a life-threatening liver disease, but baby boomers (people born between 1945 to 1965) are five times more likely to have it. Because there are often no symptoms, it can go undetected for decades. See how one woman saved her own life by getting tested for Hep C. […]

[TUTO] Nail Art Baby Boomer

☺ Toutes les infos et codes promo ↓↓↓↓↓ Réaliser facilement une baby boomer à l’éponge et ajoutez-y un nail art entièrement réalisé au vernis. Easily make a baby boomer with a sponge and add a nail polish nail art . Matériel utilisé: – base coat Cliché – vernis blanc – vernis Cliché Imperatriz – éponge […]

What do Millennials owe Baby Boomers? – Stuff.co.nz

READER REPORT: MIKE SCOTT 123rf No one under the age of 40 should assume that there will be a government pension waiting for them, writes Mike Scott. New Zealand is facing tough decisions. Don’t be fooled by the wafer thin political surplus or balanced budget, New Zealand has some very big decisions ahead that cannot […]