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Are You a Baby Boomer Who Cannot Retire?

The Baby Boomer Generation is finding themselves in a “Perfect Storm.” This may possibly be the first time in history where the corporate Boomer and the entrepreneurial Boomer find themselves in the same boat. 3 Reasons That Are Converging to Cause This “Perfect Storm”: 1. The lending climate has put many long term successful businesses […]

Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) – Baby Boomer

This type of flower is becoming increasingly popular with customers. This is an ideal plant to give as a gift or buy for your own home. When seeing the Dutch auctions figures, consumers seem to appreciate the new variety. Even if the Anthurium Baby Boomer was introduced in August 2006 it was in April 2007 […]

Baby Boomers Explode Travel Industry

Following World War II, thousands of G.I.s rushed home and immediately married and started families. The result? There are over 76.1 million baby boomers alive today—roughly 28% of the U.S. population. A baby boomer now turns 62 years of age every 7 seconds, and as this generation ages, the number of people in the United […]

Over 50 Dating Tips for the Baby Boomer Singles: Where Can You Find Mature Senior Singles Locally

The Baby Boomer Generation has its own share of happily single-again mature men and women. Many singles in the Boomers demographic are single-again after having divorced or been widowed after a former marriage. These senior singles are in midlife dating again with a mature well-seasoned and practical understanding of what it takes to create a […]

Three Issues Facing Baby Boomers Today

Being born between 1946 and 1964 automatically includes you as a member of an elite group known as the baby boom generation. Almost 77,000,000 people are included in the baby boom generation comprising roughly 27% of the U.S. population. According to a 2005 Mature Market Survey of MetLife, 32 million baby boomers are at least […]

Baby Boomers and Women Over 50 on the Internet

The baby boomer generation is the cohort of babies born between 1946 and 1964. There were 75.8 million babies born during this period in the US (ygoy.com). In 2010 they are turning 46 to 64 years of age. Keep in mind this surge of births took place after the 2nd World War (WWII) so this […]

Baby Boomer Entitlement

Stephen Pomeroy and William Handke join us to discuss how Millennials aren’t as entitled as you think. Baby Boomers should get some of the blame! LIKE Watching the Hawks @ http://fb.me/WatchingTheHawks FOLLOW WATCHING THE HAWKS ON INSTAGRAM @ https://instagram.com/watchingthehawks/ FOLLOW Tyrel Ventura @ http://twitter.com/WatchingTyrel FOLLOW Tabetha Wallace @ http://twitter.com/WatchingTabetha FOLLOW Sean Stone @ http://twitter.com/scstone5

Baby Boomer Health Insurance – Save Money

Before baby boomers get on Medicare health insurance, they are fending for themselves in the health insurance market. That does not mean there are not ways to save money on your baby boomer health insurance prior to age 65… it pays to shop around. I am now 67, so I have been on Medicare for […]

How Generations Get Their Names – The Atlantic

It seems weirdly appropriate that, for a long time, talking about anything “millennial” was a way of hinting at the apocalypse. Today, “Millennial,” usually refers to the generation of people born, depending on your definition, sometime between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. But during most of that period, “millennial” referred to an attitude, […]