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Blaming baby boomers won’t put roofs over young people’s heads, Sajid | Simon Jenkins | Opinion

If in doubt, blame someone else. Sajid Javid’s solution to the “housing crisis” is to accuse the baby-boomer bourgeoisie of south-east England of antagonising “avocado-eating millennials”. He says the baby boomers are impeding new houses in the countryside and rendering his Tory-deserting millennials “rootless and resentful of both capitalism and politicians”. What rubbish. New building […]

Easy Tips For Organizing Electronic Files

When it comes to organization, electronic files have to be deal with like everything else. There are ways to keep these organized and save time as well. It will help to eliminate some of the time spent searching for the file that you need. Wasting time searching for an electronic file defeats the purpose of […]

Baby Boomer Excess Led to Hubris, Cultural Decay

Since the Trojan War, generations have always trashed their own age in comparison to ages past. The idea of fated decadence and decline was a specialty of 19th-century German philosophy. So we have to be careful in calibrating generations, especially when our own has reached a level of technology and science never before dreamed of […]

Baby boomers, millennials often compete to buy the same mid-range valued homes

Baby boomers and millennials, the two largest generations of Americans, often clash on the environment, social consciousness and politics. They also battle to buy houses – specifically single-family and starter homes and low-maintenance condominiums. Boomers, it seems, want to downsize at the same time their children and grandchildren are trying to buy their first homes. […]

Tips For Massaging Babies Who Don’t Like Being Massaged

My aim is to create Happy Babies through massage but of course not all babies lie there cooing as you lovingly perform infant massage techniques on them. From running classes and teaching hundreds of parents and babies it is not uncommon at all for babies to howl indignantly at the first sign of massage, and […]