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Special Message for Baby Boomer & Gen X eBay Sellers

Hey Boomers and Gen Xers! This message is for YOU – because you are wise and have life experiences to help you succeed in this business. Shift the focus to what you already know – and you win! Download the document here: Join my Premium Content Library for more videos and personal help Use discount […]

What is a Baby Boomer Nail?

Hey, guys. So in today’s video, I am going to be creating a French Ombre on a short nail. Yes, it’s short nail season! OMG! How exciting? So, today we have the wonderful Olivia as our special guest and firstly, I am going to be applying a tip to her nail with a thin layer […]

My Favorite Toy of 60 Years

My parents told me that theyave him to me as a Christmas present in 1955, in Detroit, Michigan in a two-story flat on Dexter Avenue. I've seen the grainy 8MM movies, but of course, I do not remember. After all, I was barely a year old, hardly old enough to know what was a "best […]

Does The Big Chill Capture the Baby Boomer Generation?

“The film is like a home birth movie, in which a group of insufferable Baby Boomers midwife a neoliberal fever-dream about the moral sacrifices that adulthood should entail.” Scott Beauchamp of online political magazine The Baffler doesn’t pull any punches in his disdainful assessment of Lawrence Kasdan’s 1980s Baby Boomer ensemble. And, for a film […]

Babies & Boomers | Sketch Comedy

Forget Dungeons & Dragons, this new board game let’s you role play a REAL fantasy: Life as an American Baby Boomer! – The Fun Police is a sketch comedy troupe based out of Los Angeles, California featuring some of the funniest actors you’ve never heard of. Come see our live monthly show at The Clubhouse […]

Baby Boomers and Music-Inseparably Connected

Baby Boomers, in case you've never heard of us, are people that were born between 1946 and 1964. My own family of origin happens to have five baby boomers: myself, born in 1948, a sister born in 1950, a brother born in 1952, a sister born in 1955 and a sister born in 1960. We […]