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Why millennials are more like baby boomers than they realize

Millennials have shown in recent years there are many things they don’t like, from dinner dates, to cruises, to bars of soap and even paper napkins. One thing they’re keeping alive and well? Political events and protests. In many ways, in fact, they are just like their older relatives were in the 1960s. That’s according […]

Baby Boomers taking to social media in greater numbers

The cliché of embarrassing older relatives appearing on Facebook has been around for a few years now, and increasingly there is some truth to it, according to telecoms regulator Ofcom, which has just published its annual Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes report. By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may […]

Google Named America’s Most Desirable Place to Work, Except if You’re a Republican Baby Boomer

The market research firm Morning Consult recently asked 220,000 Americans which company they’d be the proudest to work for. While the study has few surprises, there is one anomaly that’s worthy of attention. Without getting into the methodology, surveys like this are more a measure of brand familiarity and product attractiveness rather than an informed […]

Balinghou, Baby Boomers and China’s one-child policy

Demographics – the makeup of a given population – can have a huge impact on an economy and different industries. And a major demographic event is taking shape in China right now. For investors who can see what’s happening, it presents a major opportunity. sasint / Pixabay There are currently about 385 million people in […]

Patriotic Vigor Can Help You Make Money

The Great Paradox I am absolutely fascinated by the paradox of the world that we live in today, particularly in the U.S. The same quick money making ideas that spurred gigantic investments and financial gains during the dot com, real estate, and stock market booms, have also resulted in monumental losses that have devastated many […]

Baby boomers, Medicare march into increasingly uncertain future

Updated 3 hours ago The futures of the baby boom generation and Medicare are inextricably tied. The government program provides health insurance for the majority of people 65 or older at a time when their health care needs tend to explode. That’s particularly true for baby boomers, who continue to enter their retirement years with […]

Baby Boomers are roaring into their 70s new series reveals

Amanda Barrie on a scooter in the new show The Baby Boomers’ Guide To Growing Old Former politician Edwina Currie giggles as she thinks of how she frequently enjoys embarrassing her children.  Actress Amanda Barrie likes to wear skinny jeans and heels, and TV presenter Esther Rantzen does star jumps while watching television. They were the […]