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The Differences Between SodaStream Models

Many people want to get a SodaStream but have no idea which model is best for them. It can be difficult to choose, especially when the SodaStream company has no information highlighting the differences between the models. Here is a brief overview explaining which features are unique to the models. There are currently eight SodaStream […]

Baby boomers not exempt from Alzheimer’s Disease

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) – With the passing of country music legend Glen Campbell, Alzheimer’s Disease is back in the spotlight, especially as it affects adults in an age group that might not normally think they’re susceptible. The Alzheimer’s Association in Sioux Falls said having Campbell let cameras follow him after his diagnosis brought major […]

Uñas Acrilicas punta Coffin / baby boomer 2017

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7 Top Family Bonding Road Trip Games

Family Interaction Game #1. “I Spy” – with variations No road trip would be complete without a (many) games of “I Spy”. This works well for younger kids especially. Take turns to look for something the other players have to guess correctly. You begin your turn by saying “I spy with my little eye something […]

Here are 10 things millennials do better than baby boomers

Image: europa newswire/gado/Getty Images By Heather Dockray2017-08-08 21:00:53 UTC If there’s one thing that annoying people all across the internet can agree on, it’s this: millennials will be the downfall of civilization.  Of course, there’s almost always no data to back up their very authoritative pronouncements, but that doesn’t stop certain overinflated pontificators from crapping […]

NY Times: Mass Immigration Necessary for Baby Boomers to Retire

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Pension jackpot for many baby boomers

Image copyright Getty Images Older people’s income has received a massive boost from private and workplace pensions in the last 40 years, official statistics show. In 1977, only 45% of retired households received income from a private pension, compared with 80% last year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. As a result, the income […]

My Relationship with my Parents

I truly value my relationship with my parents. The role of my parents and my siblings in my life can hardly ever be overstated. To begin with, I should state that my parents have always provided me with support. Their opinion has always played a significant role in my decision making process. Whenever I had […]

Deviated Septum- Think Twice About an Operation

The first of my two sinus operations was to correct a deviated septum. The operation, or more precisely, the post-operative recovery period, was very painful. I had splints in my nose to help support it since the septum had been rebuilt, and my nose was “packed”. This means that a large amount of gauze was […]