Baby Boomers And Terrorism

Why do baby boomers commit acts of terrorism and do we have anything to thank them for? Woke In The AM investigates. For the full episode:

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6 replies
  1. elitemathlete
    elitemathlete says:

    It's ironic that conservatives claim they don't hate america then embrace anti-american iconography like rebel flags, swastikas and isis flags.

    And where is the condemnation from the christian community of the las vegas terror attack? I hear deafening silence.

  2. TexanerinLondon
    TexanerinLondon says:

    The Boomer generation was called the "me" generation because it was at that point the most selfish-self absorbed generation of Americans. It's also why they were at that time the most liberal. It was this generation that kicked the left's war on education into overdrive, dumbing down the generations that followed so much so that Millennials can't even find their shoelaces to tie them, let alone find America on a map or know how many tens of millions Communism has genocided. But obviously, not every Boomer embraced that leftist naval-gazing, not every Gen Xer is cynical, and not every Millennial is a moron.

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