Baby Boomers Listen To Songs From High School

“If I’m dead, I will get up and dance to this song!”

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Funk Soul Picnic
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Organic Placebo
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Stayin Disco
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Rolling Arps
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Blue Collar Rock
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Rock Singer Bruce Springsteen in Concert
George Rose / Getty Images

Bruce Springsteen in Concert
George Rose / Getty Images

Mark Sullivan 70’s Rock Archive
Mark Sullivan / Getty Images

Foreigner (7906481380) / Wikimedia Commons

Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band live in Milan, 2006-05-12 / Wikimedia Commons


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40 replies
  1. Lily Aquilina
    Lily Aquilina says:

    i like to think that when I'm older and i have grandkids i can be like "when i was in high school, i had an iPhone 6s+ and i used to listen to Bryson tiller with my UE boom" and then have to show them what it is on their equivalent of google images and play them all my old fave songs and then they just think i was a total weirdo.

  2. Directioner4Lyfe
    Directioner4Lyfe says:

    My favourite oldie song is by the coasters. It goes lie "fee fee fi fi fo fo fum. I smell smoke in the auditorium charlie brown. Charlie brown. He's a clown that charlie brown. He's gonna get caught just you wait and see. Why is everybody always picking on me?" I also love the one where it goes like "When I was just a little boy you know my one and only joy was listening to that good old rock n roll. Well, I just turned 23 and if you wanna get a message to me all you gotta do is play that good old rock n roll"

  3. Heidi Segovia
    Heidi Segovia says:

    I'm in 8th grade and I still listen to some of this songs my dad plays both electric and acoustic guitar so I grow up listening to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin all day… But being a teen now I also like 1D lol

  4. Shark Record Films
    Shark Record Films says:

    all the people saying THEIR ACTUALLY IS GOOD MUSIC OUT THERE….  umm yea but its actually REALLY rare… for those who are having trouble finding them here are some good bands/songs/artists for starters
    – Uptown funk/Bruno mars
    – trouble/iggy
    – Give Life Back to Music/daft punk
    if you found any other good MODERN music then please contact me thank you. :D

  5. Raquel Villarreal
    Raquel Villarreal says:

    The great thing about having a "baby boomer" as a parent, is hearing all those great stories of the good ol days. My father's stories almost always involved going to shows and how mostly everyone was smoking pot. Besides that, it's really nice to hear how much fun he had and made such great memories. 

  6. spoddie
    spoddie says:

    The biggest problem we had back then, was you could only hear the music that was played on the radio or buy expensive vinyl or CDs. There was nothing like Youtube or Spotify where you could listen to music on demand or investigate new music. That's why we were all into the same music.  

  7. Bug
    Bug says:

    I should have been a teen during the sixties, I could do LSD in the park wearing faded bell bottoms. sigh Too bad I have to watch my friends twerk in the park, school cafeteria, library, cemetery and every other place on earth, in leggings. The struggle is real.

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