BAMBERG: Baby boomers drop to second place among pet owners | Pet Day

We Baby Boomers are a dying breed in yet another way: now we’re no longer the largest demographic among pet owners. We held that lofty position for years, and while we weren’t looking, the Millennials, in true rabbit and the hair tradition, edged past us.

One of my favorite resources for information about the pet industry is the American Pet Products Association (APPA). They gather tons of industry data and have a really nice press section on their website ( And they put out a National Pet Owners Survey that’s the cat’s meow, the pick of the litter, the top dog, the…well, you get the point.

For free, they release an assortment of tantalizing tidbits about the lifestyle of contemporary pet owners. For 3,500 bucks you can get the whole enchilada.

You know how much I love you, my dear readers, but you’re still getting the assortment of tantalizing tidbits.

For example, Millennials now account for 35% of pet ownership in the U.S. and Baby Boomers are second at 32%, while GenXers represent 27% of American pet owners. I guess the other 6% are too old or too young to be labeled.

According to the APPA National Pet Owner’s Survey 2017-2018, 68% of American households are home to some species of pet, and it breaks down this way: dogs 48% and cats 42, followed by fish, birds, small animals, reptiles and horses. I expected a higher number, but the survey revealed that 58% of cats and 53% of dogs sleep in bed with their owners.

If you take your dog with you on vacation, you’re joined by 17.5 million of your friends. In other road trip news, 6.6 million owners patronize dog friendly restaurants and 1.8 million bring their dogs to work.

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