Camille Paglia On How The Baby Boomers Terrible Parenting Destroyed Millenials

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11 replies
  1. mjcard
    mjcard says:

    Camille Paglia is one of the few sane females speaking up for sanity and reason. She has always drawn criticism for her rapid and exuberant style of speech, but everything she says is a gem. Her feet are on the ground and her mind is flying high. She is a true cultural icon.

  2. cynthia jones
    cynthia jones says:

    Really? I believe it's the crap they are learning at these liberal universities. Not to mention Common Core, that is teaching them Islam. They are brainwashing our kids. If you care about your kids, make sure you are sending them to a Liberal University, with a bunch of Communist and Socialist professors. Time to put these idiots out of jobs for helping the establishment and NWO destroy our country!

  3. Ghost Righter
    Ghost Righter says:

    Camille Paglia has a textbook case of ADHD. I like this lady. I like her fondness of earlier eras of Americana. I like her traditional views and reverence of culture. And I like her energy. But her mouth & mind are not in sync. She has a very fast thought process and can easily loose the point of a discussion if distracted, interrupted, or just elaborates into a tangent. She speaks with speed in order to not loose her train of thought. For what she lacks in short term memory, she more than makes up for in common sense and good instincts. And crowds of people make her a little nervous, most likely. I know all of this is speculation on my part, but I have ADHD too. And it is like many tracks are playing in my head simultaneously at times. Ruminating on an old memory set to a sound track of appropriate music while trying to focus on tasks at hand. It can be very frustrating in fighting for unbroken focus free of distraction. Truly, I understand some of what she is going through. Very nice discussion Camille! Thanx.

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