Top 5 Benefits of a Baby Video Monitor

Baby monitors are one of the most vital pieces of parenting equipment that any parent can possibly own. Indeed, the security, convenience, intensive mode and peace of mind that these devices provide is truly unparalleled by any other tool of recent times. Audio baby monitors are useful, but the advanced functionality and detailed information that video monitors give are of great help to parents. Anyone shopping for baby monitors should keep in mind the following top five benefits of these devices.

1. Time-to-time detection of baby’s movements

While every parent has their own tried-and-tested methods of baby care, a major signal for some parents to decide whether or not to comfort the awakened child in the crib, is to first note whether the infant has stood up or is still lying in the crib. Sleep training in general requires that the child still gets opportunities to self-soothe itself before the father or mother intervenes to comfort him. The timely visual information provided by the baby video monitor is crucial to the decision made by parents of entering the nursery to comfort the child. When parents view in the monitor, that their awakened child is lying down in the crib, they can hold on for few minutes before intervening, this itself is of great value to the sleep training process.

2. Saves time, energy & Increases convenience

Video monitors keep parents updated with instant visual information of the baby’s movements and behavior, even when they are meters away from the nursery. By knowing that their infant is sleeping peacefully and has not awakened yet, parents need not rush into the nursery every hour to check on their baby and can thus give themselves the much needed rest for the night. This is of special concern since parents usually have a tough time juggling their roles of an all-time caregiver and a part-time professional. Thus for them, the night’s sleep is of great value and every minute counts.

3. Accurate tracking of sleep

Small babies while crying usually toss and turn. Audio monitors may not be able to pick their whimpers or sounds of turning in the crib, as it may be difficult for them to differentiate between low frequency baby sounds and other background noise. A video monitor on the other hand, shows parents exactly what is happening even when the infant seems to be asleep.

4. Cloud services & sharing

High-end video monitors can connect to the internet network of home in order to transmit video clips through WiFi. The presence of a WiFi camera allows parents to login easily and view these captured feeds through internet connection, from any part of the world. Such a convenient technology allows them to check on their tiny tots from their workplace, or when out of town.

5. Extra level of security

Video monitors provide similar level of security as that of security cameras. They alert the parents whenever the child has stood up, bumped its head or fallen accidentally. They also enable them to view whether their children are getting the required level of care by their nannies or not.

Thus, to summarize these aforementioned benefits, it may be rightful to say, that a kid video monitor should top the list of your baby care items. It offers effective vigilance of your baby’s motions and activities and alerts you on the same to prevent untoward accidents.

Swimming As Exercise For Baby Boomers

More and more people today are looking towards getting healthyier so it is no surprise that baby boomers are also jumping on the get healthy band wagon. One of the most popular forms of exercise among the baby boomers seems to be swimming. This is one of the least strenuous forms of exercise and you can get in a full workout without over working your body.

Most people do not realize all of the benefits that can be obtained from swimming. Swimming and water exercise is the second best form of exercise that has the lowest rate for injuries. Walking is still the leader in that aspect for low injury rates. There are a great many doctors who will recommend that you do water exercises so that you can strengthen your muscles without harming your recovery from illness or injury. Swimming is great physical therapy for people of all ages no matter what their current physical condition is.

Baby boomers like swimming as it allows them to utilize almost all of their major muscle groups at the same time, so that they can get a complete total body workout with minimal strain. The water works as a great form of resistance so that you can use it as strength training and even for aerobic exercises. The baby boomers like water fitness as it can work well for people of all fitness levels. It can help people strengthen their muscles and build up their endurance as well as making them much more flexible.

Many people are not aware that swimming actually provides almost all of the same effects as running does. The difference between running and swimming is that you are not putting a strain on your connective tissues as you do when you are running or doing weight training. Many baby boomers find that swimming allows them to easily maintain the fitness lever or improve on it as well. You can also do exercise in water more often then you could if you were doing them out of water because the amount of injuries is so low. When you are in water, your body weight is reduced my near 90% of your movements are 12 times greater then just doing them in the air, therefore you can do much more while in the water.

If you are from the baby boomer era then you will want to look into swimming as a recreational activity. Water fitness such as swimming is safe and it will help you to fill your need for exercise. You can also increase your range of motion with this low impact type of exercise. As with starting any type of new exercise program, you should check with your doctor to be sure that you are doing the right thing. Your doctor can recommend some water exercises that are right for your particular fitness level so that you do not over do it. You can also look into local recreational facilities to see if they offer swimming classes or water fitness classes that you can get in on. Many times you can find a class that is for your age group as well as your fitness level.

Easy Tips For Organizing Electronic Files

When it comes to organization, electronic files have to be deal with like everything else. There are ways to keep these organized and save time as well. It will help to eliminate some of the time spent searching for the file that you need. Wasting time searching for an electronic file defeats the purpose of doing the task electronically in the first place and causes you more headache than if you had done it by hand.

Organizing electronic files can be done simply with techniques that involve little effort on your part. Time is all that you need to do this and it will, in turn, save you time later on since many areas of our lives are driven by the use of electronics.

The basics of organizing electronic files remains the same no matter what type of system you are using. The first thing you should remember is that computers do not organize information the way our minds do. It will be arranged by the application source or format that was used to create the file in question.

Second is naming files properly so you can find them at a later date.

The third step is to use keywords to keep the files that you need in order. This makes it easy to find them in the search options. This will allow you to change them later if you need to.

Directories are the next step. Put files into designated directories that you made for each of them. Sub directories can be made for each program that you utilize during the time you are on your computer. If something is for work, you may designate one entitled "work" and another entitled "personal" if something is of a personal nature. The fewer directories the less you have to search. General directories that are broken into sub categories will save time.

Next are the folders. You can create different folders in which to keep your files. The names of these folders should be something that helps you remember the content.

Now that you know what to do with all the new files you create, it is time to put old files in the appropriate place which may take some time. You want to make sure you have the correct file in the correct place. This is simple; you move the files you still need to relevant folders and directories. Then you take the files that you no longer need and back them up to a flash drive, an online backup service or a cloud service. Once the file is backed up you can now delete them from the computer and you still have the backup copy if you need it in the future.

Tips For Massaging Babies Who Don’t Like Being Massaged

My aim is to create Happy Babies through massage but of course not all babies lie there cooing as you lovingly perform infant massage techniques on them. From running classes and teaching hundreds of parents and babies it is not uncommon at all for babies to howl indignantly at the first sign of massage, and the worst thing you can do is grit your teeth and carry on – you run the risk of creating a negative association in their minds. So I have written this short article to help those mums with babies who don’t like being massaged.

So why bother? Surely if the baby doesn’t like it, just don’t do it? Well of course that is an option but when you consider all the fantastic benefits of infant massage it is worth trying some of the ideas discussed here.

Tip #1 Set the Scene

Think about the environment and your baby. Is it warm, calm, quiet? A sensitive baby being undressed in a draughty church hall with six other babies when they are used to quiet, peaceful days at home just the two of you, is likely to protest. Some babies love the social interaction of being with other babies, and being in a new, simulating environment, and some don’t. Think about which you baby is and set the scene accordingly. Choose a smaller class, in a warmer environment, or get a DVD or download and practice at home.

Tip #2 Dress (and undress) Wisely

If you are going to a class, or doing the routine at home, dress your baby in loose, comfortable clothes. Sleep suits are ideal. Tugging and pulling clothes off a baby can be a bit stressful for them so make things as easy as possible for both of you. Undress them slowly and gently, with lots of positive encouragement to make them feel happy and comfortable. A major problem with small babies is that they feel insecure when naked (don’t we all?!) so bear this in mind. Place a muslin or blanket over the parts of the body that aren’t being massaged. This prevents them getting cold and increases their feelings of security, so unless your baby is one that loves to be naked at any opportunity (mine were, and frankly still are) this is a good strategy.

Think about your own massages (you do remember them right? A long, long time ago…) and how you are draped with towels and only the section you are having massaged is exposed. For newborns, temperature regulation is very important so I would recommend massaging in the home for the first few weeks. For the baby who point blank refuses to be undressed happily, or the parent who want to massage without getting involved with oil (whilst out and about for example) it is lovely to massage through the clothes. Single layer is best and gentle effleurage to the back and legs whilst being help upright to the shoulder is very calming and soothing – I imagine you do this naturally anyway so you are already practicing baby massage every day! If they are not happy lying flat on the floor sit with your back supported and let them lie on your knees, that way they can see you better too.

Tip #3 Timing is everything

The time of day you massage is important, but I can’t tell you the best time for you. This is one of the most common questions I get asked but it is so individual to each baby’s routine but my advice is always this: Massage at your baby’s happiest time. Every baby has a good period of the day – some its mid morning, some mid afternoon and some around bedtime. The common consensus has often been to make massage part of the bedtime routine and I would support that, but not if by the time the bath is done, your baby is screaming hungry and exhausted. That is not the time to start massage.

Evenings can also often be a manic time, with partners arriving home and whipping baby up into a frenzy, or older siblings wanting their share of your attention, or people to feed (sometimes even yourself) and so on. So in some cases it seems madness to try and fit ‘massage the baby for 20 mins’ into this time when you have spent all morning sat just the two of you watching Jeremy Kyle and eating hobnobs (just me then?). I have found from the feedback from my mums at classes that massage in the morning leads to better quality daytime naps that day and improved sleep that evening. Also if you are massaging for colic, mid morning is a calm, quiet time and massaging then seems to have a positive knock on effect on that evenings’ colicky time. So make positive associations and massage when you are both at your best.

Tip #4 Fit it into your schedule, not the other way round

Another point I should make here is that you shouldn’t feel that you must sit and perform a full 20 minute routine every day – I am sure you have enough to worry about without feeling guilty that you haven’t done massage too! Try to fit in a full massage a couple of times a week, yes, that is great, but also be creative, and fit it into your routine not the other way round. I’m passionate about massaging the feet (since I am a trained reflexologist) so I would recommend massaging the feet every day, and a good time to do this is during a nappy change (and there are enough of those in the day) and when they are having a little kick about.

Tip #5 Be Happy

If you have a baby who isn’t so keen on being massaged, it can be easy to feel tense prior to starting, especially in a group situation. Your baby will pick up on this through your body language and their own sixth sense! Stretch, get comfy and relax yourself before starting. Make sure you have everything to hand (oil, wipes, towel). maintain eye contact and smile! If you are concentrating hard and looking at your hands rather then at them, then they can get a little concerned. Eye contact, smiling and singing silly songs all help!

I hope the above helps if you have a baby that isn’t so keen on being massaged. You may also find that as time goes on different moves are preferred and disliked so it is important to try again in a few weeks and see if things have changed. Enjoy your baby!

Getting a Life While Being Single

"I'm available, since I do not have a life," Cathy, my client told me when we were trying to schedule our next coaching session. When I probed further, it turned out that although she worked a full time job, had occasional acting assignments, volunteered at a museum, was active with friends and her family-she still considered herself – life-less. Translation: She had no man in her life.

As my fellow Baby Boomers will bear out, I learned at an early age that the right life for a woman was to finish school; become a teacher, nurse or secretary; get married; have kids; stay home and live happily ever after. That was certainly not the life I ended up with and yet some of those old commonorms continued to haunt me.

I'm now 62, it's been twenty years since my last divorce and I acknowledge I may never find Mr. Right. For many years I hoped to find Prince Charming who would save me – or complete me.

Here are three myths I've come to dismiss:

1. Being single means I'm not enough ~ If only I was prettier, thinner, younger etc., a man would love me. How many times have I looked at a woman and said to myself "If she can get someone – how bad am I?"

I finally realized there was nothing wrong with me; maybe too much was right with me. The fact is I do not want just anyone. I want the right one and I am willing to wait. Picking another wrong one is much worse than being alone.

2. Being single means less fun ~ I dreaded going alone to company functions and weddings. I fantasized having this perfect partner-having an in-depth conversation at dinner then dancing up a storm when the music began.

Through the years, I watched many couples spend most of their evening apart. Often the woman wanted to dance and the man did not. And after spending their days and nights together, each of them found others that had not seen in awhile to converse with.

3. Being single limits your social options ~ I can remember walking into a movie alone and was pleased when someone sat next to me so people would not think I was a loser. I've gone to dinner by myself pretending I'm on a business trip – so of course, it's acceptable I'm alone.

While I do prefer having someone along to share most experiences with me, if it's something I really want to do, I'll go alone. Between movies and dinner, I have taken vacations by myself and attended concerts alone (I confess – my friends make fun of my taste in music).

Who could have known that these previous solo adventures would enable me to create my dream life and relocate to a warmer climate? I remember that most people were amazed when I told them I was moving to North Carolina without knowing anyone. I've learned not to waste time waiting for someone or something before I can truly live.

It is your time to get a life, find your passion and create a life that brings you joy and purpose. Live your best life now!

PrimeTime Women Are Prime Consumers

We in the Western world have a bad case of youth myopia. Because marketing as a discipline came of age about the same time the Baby Boomers did, a lot of our marketing thinking is rooted in how to market to young people. As an extension, we market to people as though they wish to be young. Any woman above 50 is invisible to most marketers (Or worse. Some marketers insist on addressing these women as "mature").

Evidence shows that Americans are getting over their youth obsession, though. The Boomers have grown up. According to the results of a new Adweek Media / Harris poll *, "Given the choice, most Americans would rather be richer and thinner than smarter and younger."

But as marketers, we've let ourselves fall behind this trend. Stuck in the stereotypes of a bygone day, we're letting our outdated language and imagery get in the way of our biggest opportunity – the PrimeTime Woman.

Why PrimeTime Women?

People have been at a loss to describe "consumers over age 50" in ways that do not conjure up negative associations. Terms like middle-aged, mature market and senior marketcome furnished with unappealing overtones. Middle-aged calls up images of dowdy, lumpy jumpiness. Mature suggests someone who is serious, sober, sedate and neatly- in other words, no fun. And while being a senior in high school or college is a status that underclassmen aspire to, perversely, senior citizen in the context of older consumers connotes a nominal acknowledgment to the tottering old dies, a condescending head nod, a senior discount- gee, thanks .

People say Boomers are resisting growing older. That's not it at all-in fact it completely misses the point. Boomers, particularly women, are fine with growing older. What they're resisting is being labeled with language loaded with the patronizing images and attributions above- frumpy, sedate, tottering. It's not how they feel; it's really not who they are, and they're not inclined to put up with anyone claiming otherwise. What they're resisting is being talked down to.

Unfortunately, so far, these words are all we've had to work with. We needed some new lingo, words that tell it like it really is; words that capture a personality that is positive, dynamic and savvy- in short, words that make a woman feel good about saying, "Yup, that's me!"

So I coined the phrase PrimeTime Women. These are women 50-70 years old. I like how it connotes vitality and integrity, which aptly describe this group on not one, but two levels:

  • They are in the prime of their lives. It comes as a surprise to most pre-Primers that people in their 50s and 60s report these two decades are the happiest of their lives, and women experience this phase even more positively than men do.
  • They are the prime target opportunity for marketers in almost every category, because they handle 80-85% of the spending decisions for households in the peak years of their income, wealth and spending power.

Viagra Manufacturer Peep into Boomers' Bedroom

The baby boomers spend only 15 minutes in a day and less than two hours in a week! What happened to the baby-boomers who were icons of sexual revolution and celebrity peace and love and lived with wildest passion?

This is the finding of a survey named Boomers in the Bedroom: Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors of the Boomer Generation, a landmark Ipsos-Reid survey of 2498 Canadian baby boomers (aged 40-64), which was commissioned by Pfizer Canada, the Viagra maker . The survey shows that both male and female survey respondents devote 4-5 hours a day to TV watching and the Internet, more than 30 hours a week in total. And as per the surveyed report they spend only a fraction of that time being romantic or having sex with their partners.

Although most of the respondents believed that the baby boomers started sexual revolution and they were much more liberal compared to their previous generation, so what is the reason behind the lack of sexual activities at this point of their age? The respondents have given some reasons behind their present sexual behavior.

o Majority of the Canadians at the age of 40 years and older say fatigue, work and stress are their major obstacles to sexual fulfillment.

o 40% say that they do not have time for sex.

o The majority of the respondents say that as they age and go beyond 40, the sexual satisfaction decreases distinctively.

o They enjoy a night in the gourmet restaurant more than a passionate sex with their partners.

However, the boomers in Canada agree on a point, although they do not have wild sex as they used to do in their 20s, but their pleasure in sex have increased. Men and women say that having sex makes them feel loved and appreciated and deepens intimate in their relationship.

While Pfizer's research group builds a strong history of research in the area of ​​sexual health, Boomers in the Bedroom: Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors of the Boomer Generation provides unique insights into the factors that influence people's views towards physical intelligence and sexual relationships. The causes of less sex may include other reasons than stress and tension. Physical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and many other diseases are responsible for erectile dysfunction. When Viagra can take care of your erectile dysfunction, the stress and relationship related problems can be sorted out by learning to manage stress and straightening the differences within the couple. If required, one should seek help from the counselor.

Owing to the fact that sex is not just an animal instinct, but a vital factor with which human emotion and a deep sense of satisfaction is associated. We can of course ignore the sexual needs but unsatisfied sexual life leads to a sense of emptiness and loneliness later in life.

Flower Pick-Up Lines That Work (or Not)

Have you ever wondered why you still spend night after night with pizza and whatever it was on TV? You think that life doesn’t get better than that. True, enough. But, have you ever thought what the night could have been if you are with someone special, who cooks sumptuous dinner and watch these movies with you? And now you realize that life does get better than eating sloppy pizza and feeling sorry for yourself.

So, here are 6 cheesy pick-up lines inspired by flowers that will help you score a date. Try not to get tongue tied!

If you were a flower, I would pick you.

This is a pick-up line shows that you think she is the best from among her girl friends. It will help boost her confidence and will definitely give you the chance if this makes her smile. Be careful though! She can be secure and confident in herself and does not need reminding of her awesomeness. Save yourself by saying that you were voicing her thoughts.

If you hold 9 roses in front of a mirror, you’d see 10 of the prettiest things in the world.

She may find this sweet or call your bluff to score from her. Nevertheless, this sweet line may charm her into getting that her number. What’s the harm in trying, right?

If I have a garden I’d put our two lips (tulips) together.

Did I just hear a slap? She may find this line to be bordering on rude. A funny pick-up line should be treated as it is, a joke. You should deliver it well only meaning to make her laugh. This may be the funniest thing she heard for the day.

If a flower grows every time I think of you, I’d have a field of them.

It is creepy how much you think of her. This can both ways, she thinks it is disturbing or flattering. If she thinks the former, then you may have lost your chance. If the latter, then go for it!

Are you a eucalyptus? Because you’ve achieved my koalafications.

It is a perfect segue for inviting her to a spa weekend. You can both have fun in this elaborate pick-up line turned romantic date.

Roses are red, violets are blue, the moment I saw you, I knew the one is you.

This is as sweet as pick-up lines can get. It may sound like a bad case of poorly thought wedding vow. But, for a guy who is seeking for his significant other, the one might just be in front of you smiling from that statement.

After reading (and laughing) all through these uber sleazy pick-up lines, you will realize (I hope) that being yourself (although cliche) is the best conversation starter. Do not be afraid to compliment her or say hi or even smile. She can see sincerity even from afar.

How to Survive Turning 50!

On Monday morning August 17 2009 at approximately 4.40 am I entered my 50th year. On waking I pilled on a pair of old track pants and jumper against the seasonal westerly winds, collected the dog lead and roled up newspaper and heading out to take Lucy, the kelpie cross red cattle dog that I have recently inherited from my daughter – for a morning walk. Or rather Lucy will be taking me for our morning walk – hence the need for the roled up newspaper. – to remind Lucy to pretend she knows who's boss. Maybe today it is a mourning walk – because I somehow I have lost about 25 years. I remember my 25th birthday, my husband wave me a surprise birthday party and it was lovely as surprise birthdays go. I got to celebrate with people I had not seen in ages and some of them I have not seen or heard of since. Bless his soul he did mean well! So here goes – my list of survival tips for those of you who are turning 50 soon, have turned 50 recently or who are yet to turn 50.

Survival Tips

1. Embrace the idea! – Accept that it is inevitable so you might as well have a good time while you are at it. Going into denial will not cut it! This means telling people, whoever will listen that you are turning 50. This will bring forth various comments about how you do not look your age and this will make you feel good. At the very least it will increase the number of people who now know it is your birthday and a special one at that and ensure that the number of presents you receive will increase.

2. Take control of the "The Do"

Your husband, your children, your well-meaning best friends will all want a piece of the action when deciding how you will celebrate, because they all think they know you better than you know yourself. So decide what it is you want to do and tell them. This includes what you do not want as well.

So if you are not into such rituals as bungee jumping, tandem sky-diving, male strippers or karaoke – mind you karaoke is a lot of fun and certainly on my event list – then make sure you make it to stay grounded and you do not wish to be subjected to any foreign male stripper bodies. Once you have done this leave the planning to someone else – that's right, give up the control.

3. Give your list of invitees to whoever is orgainisng "The Do" and then forget about it. It is not your fault if that annoying friend you have known for 25 years and drives you insane with her incessant whinges and whines does not get invited because – guess what? Oops you did not send the invitations out and you had no idea that she was not on the list. Yes finally give up control!

4. Take at least a week off work – because every birthday should take at least a week to celebrate and you would not want work to get in the way of a good time. Accept all the invitations to breakfast lunch or dinner and let it last as long as you can. Accept all gifts gracefully taking good notes on whoave you what because you would not want to end up re-gifting to the wrong person.

5. Be grateful – take a big deep breath of gratitude – for the last 50 years because this is what has made you the person you are. The experiences you have had, the struggles you have bought and won or even lost, the mistake you have made, the successes you have had – these will all help you appreciate that it's really not such a big thing – it's just another day – right ? And really age is just skin deep, it's how you feel on the inside is not it? At least that's what I tell myself – and guess what – it's not that bad – I really do not feel any older – did I really expect to? Here's the next 50 years or so!

Choosing Baby Shower Cakes

Organizating a baby shower party can be a very tedious task. You’ll first need to

define the guest list, then conceptualize the theme, then print and send the

invitations, and then prepare for the special date itself etc etc

For the party, you will need think about what decorations to use on the place, what

will be the programs, what games to have, what baby shower favors to give, and,

what to serve etc etc

During the baby shower party, the table centerpiece is most likely to be a baby

shower cake. The baby shower cake cannot be similar to the cake that can just be

bought from the local bakeshop.

It’ll be better if you or one of the guests baked the baby shower cake yourself.

Doing so will also assure you that the cake that will be served as a table centerpiece

is in accordance with the theme that you have conceptualized.

Of course, preordering the cake will also be fine as long as you give enough time for

the cake to be prepared and that you have discussed with the person who will

prepare the cake the concept of the baby shower party and how you would like the

cake to look.

However, if you have some baking skills, or if you can follow instructions from

cookbooks well, it is much better to prepare the cake yourself. You can use your

creativity for the design and you can always ask for help from friends. Needless to

mention, it is also less costly.

To prepare the baby shower cake, check online for tried and tested recipes and

designs. You can also choose the flavor of the baby shower cake.

Usually, the designs and shapes of baby shower cakes are nursery items. These are

flowers, birds, butterflies, baby-shaped, toys and other kid stuff. The most common

icing colors are yellow, pink, blue, green and white.

In addition, if you have scheduled the baby shower after the baby was born, you can

also ask for the babyís picture and have professional cake decorators create and

edible cake design using the babyís picture.

Another idea for the baby shower cake is to use diapers. Thatís right ñ diapers. Of

course, this cake is not for the guests to enjoy. However, the mom will definitely

appreciate it if there is already a stack of diapers prepared for the baby.

To prepare a diaper cake, all you need to do is carefully stack rolled diapers into

several levels (having three levels is suggested). You may use laces and ribbons to

keep the diapers in place. However, make sure that you did not tie the diapers too

tightly together to prevent them from being deformed. Deformed diapers will be

useless and will just end up in the garbage bin.

The diaper cake can also be placed as a table centerpiece. If you still prefer to have

a real cake for the baby shower, you can bake or order a simple cake from the


After preparing the table centerpiece, you’ll need to combine it with good baby

shower food. Most of the time snacks, tea, desserts and punches are served. You

can also have some barbecues and grilled foods, in case you have invited some male

guests. The dads can bond and have some conversation while attending to the

grills. This way, everyone can participate in welcoming the new member of the