How Baby Boomers Can Find Themselves Again After Life-Altering Events

Do you feel like you need to find yourself again? Baby boomers can go through a lot of major life changes that throw your sense of self. Retirement, caregiving, empty nest syndrome, divorce, or the loss of a loved one can change your life forever.

After my mother's death, I got a letter from the hospice bereavement coordinator that helped my family care for my mother in her final days. They acknowledged that family members who have spent most of their time caring for their loved ones for months or perhaps years often ask themselves after their death, "Where do I go?" Egypt "What do I do?"

That's exactly how I felt after my Mom died. I was the primary caregiver for my Mom who had Lewy Body dementia, a combination of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's that rendered her helpless both physically and mentally. Being a caregiver was the hardest job I've ever had – by far. When she passed away, I assumed that while I would grieve for my Mom, I would also feel a sense of relief that my job was finished and my life could get back to normal.

Instead, I felt lethargic, depressed, and yes, lost after she died. My life, my thoughts, and my feelings had revolved around the care of my mother. I discovered that when your roles change drastically, you lose a sense of who you are. Your self-image is shattered.

This uncomfortable feeling can happen whenever you go through a major change in your life. Perhaps you've recently retired or become an empty nester. After dreaming of all the things you'd do when you had more time after child returning and working 9 to 5, you feel lost instead.

Remember, although you may no longer be a caregiver, part of a couple, an employee, or full-time parent, you are still 100 percent you. You just need to find that person again.



If you have suffered a loss, be kind and patient with yourself. Acknowledge your feelings instead of sweeping them under a rug. Everyone is different. Emotions can range from anger, loss, guilt, sadness, lethargy, regret, confusion, and depression.

Whether you lost a loved one, a stranger in divorce, or a job, you may have lost your lifestyle and identity as well. It's okay to mourn that loss.

However, be careful not to isolate yourself during this process. You'll need a network of support. Healing may mean lots of heartfelt prayer, talking out your feelings with a support loved one, and / or focusing your energy in a healthy activity you enjoy.


Avoid getting stuck in all the "I should have …" or "I wish …" feelings that often comes with grieving but can interfere with your recovery. Do not allow sorrow, stress, resentment, or bitterness to become a way of life. Take all that negative self talk out of your head like, "I've lost everything" or "My life is over." The fact of the matter is that your life is not over; it's just a new beginning for you.

The goal is not to wallow forever in negative feelings but to move on, be there for the people who need you, have a meaningful and productive life, and enjoy living once again. Be grateful for what IS working in your life right now. Live in the present and focus on the positive. Learn from your experiences and prepare yourself for the next exciting chapter of your life.


It's easy to get lost in caring for your family and children or elderly parents or nurturing a career. You may have given up a lot of things that you enjoyed. Make time to get to know yourself again.

"To move your life forward, it has to start by focusing on yourself," wrote Mark Branschick, MD in an article, Seven Ways to Thrive After Divorce, for Psychology Today. "Use this precious opportunity to rediscover who you are." Think of this time in your life as an adventure to explore the real you. "

You can lose sight of your unique gifts if you're focusing on what you do not like about yourself or your life. Think about your qualities and skills and how you can best use them. What really makes you happy? What really matters to you? What do you feel is your true purpose in life? What hobbies and activities did you enjoy before becoming a caregiver, a married couple, or a parent? What is it that will make you excited to get out of bed every day? Make a list of what you can do to reach your goals.

Rediscover what welcomed you fulfillment, satisfaction, fun, and joy as a way of rebuilding yourself and your life.


My life changed overnight and that can be disconcerting. In my case, we had recently moved into a new home we had built to be closer to my Mom (who unfortunately died the week before it was finished). My husband and I went from being empty nesters to a house full of grown children and grandchildren. Plus, I had to find new clients as a freelance writer and begin working again. It was a tumultuous year in other ways as well. My mother-in-law lost her fight against ovarian cancer and my son began going through a nasty divorce and custody battle.

Let's get real, between all these events and changes in my life, I was shaken. I felt fragile and scared depression for the first time in my life.

It's been a journey, but I am beginning to recover and heal. In the process, I'm learning to embrace all the new changes in my life. My new job writing magazine articles does require meeting strict deadlines, but the subjects are fun and it's exciting work. We are a multi-generational family living together, but I've come to enjoy having the cocoon of family love around me during this difficult time. My oldest son is going through many of the same emotions as I am as he finds his way after divorce and we've connected on a whole new level. When our three grandchildren are with us, they bring us joy and keep us young.

So, do not be afraid of change. Get out of your comfort zone and discover a new side of yourself. Maybe that means a new career, trying a new sport, traveling to a new place, changing your hair, or taking classes. Shake things up a little.


You will go through several stages before this step can happen. However, the time comes when you make a choice. You can move on and discover possibilities that a life change presents you or get stuck in negative emotions.

Find a way to put one foot in front of the other. If you can move forward, you'll probably see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know this from experience.

In time, you'll reconnect with old friends or make new friends, go to work, back to school, or volunteer, rediscover what once you thought you joy, enjoy new adventures, and find your way. You'll look at the changes in your life in a positive way, feel more confident and in control, and become more productive and optimistic about your future.

The time will come when you will find yourself again, embrace your new role in life, and feel like your new shoes are a good fit. You will breathe a sigh of relief. Life will never be perfect but eventually you will not have to struggle so hard to "make your life work" again. It just will.

How Honey Can Help You Stay Young

Honey is a great antioxidant. Studies conducted on the beneficial properties of honey have established that it protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Honey also helps in the rejuvenation of the skin. Free radicals resulting from the metabolism in your body when oxidized are responsible, along with other things, for aging. Being a natural and superb antioxidant, honey fights the free radicals and decelerates aging. You can either consume honey or apply it topically to reap its many benefits.

Honey has a high sugar content, moderately high acidity and therefore low pH and low protein quantity. Add to these its antioxidant property and the presence of Hydrogen Peroxide in it, and you have a wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent in honey.

To stay, feel and look young, you should have maintained your face, your skin and your hair. They must have a good and young appearance. Honey will help you do this extremely well. You may not have either the time or the mood to spend a lot of money to go to a spa but that's okay because honey provides you with an easy and effective alternative.

Honey in history

Legend has it that even since the times of Cleopatra, honey has been used for enhancing and maintaining one's youthful looks and beauty. As you grow in age or when affected by exposure to unfavorable environmental factors, your skin tends to lose its elasticity, softness and supple character. Honey is a good natural product with excellent properties for restoring these very qualities to the skin. It has the capability of retaining and maintaining the moisture in the skin. Honey inhibits scaling and smoothes the wrinkles on the skin. Because of this, the skin looks naturally young.

Uses for honey

Mixed with some other things, honey can work as a facial mask, a hair conditioner and a skin clarifier. To make dry skin smooth, apply a mixture containing four tablespoons of honey and three tablespoons of milk. After about ten minutes, rinse the skin for a smoother look. Mashed apple mixed with five tablespoons of honey is good for tightening your skin. These mixtures can be topically applied anywhere, face, neck, arms or anywhere you need a healthy skin boost.

Of course, you can use also honey alone. Apply it directly on your skin when it is rough, scaly or dry. Leave it in place for a few minutes and then wash it off to find revitalized skin.

Home facial

A recipe for a home domestic consists of two egg whites and about three to four tablespoons of honey. You can make a paste out of these with the help of a little flour. Liberal application of the paste on your face and washing it off with lukewarm water after ten minutes or so will leave your face look squeaky clean.

Honey can be used as a hair conditioner too. Combine c cup of honey with c cup of olive oil and add a few drops of the oil of rosemary. Apply this to your hair and hair roots. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse well. You may also use a good shampoo to wash your hair. You will be left with excellent condition hair.

Understanding "Income Purpose" Investing

After 45 years of investing, I've come to the conclusion that the equity (or growth purpose) market is a far easier medium for investors to understand than the safer, and generally less volatile, income purpose securities market. As counter intuitive as this sounds, experience supports the promise.

"Understanding" boils down to the development of reasonable expectations: just how do you expect the market value of your income purpose securities to react to varying market, interest rate, economic, political, atmospheric, and "other" conditions "… and , does it really matter?

Few investors grow to love volatility as I do, but most expect it in the market value of their equity positions. When dealing with "income purpose" securities, however, neither they, their guru / advisors, nor market commentators are comfortable with any downward movement whatever.

  • Not to make excuses for them, but most professional and media folk think in terms of the individual bonds and other debt securities that Wall Street markets to brokerage firms and other large investment entities. Bond traders hate to discount their inventory due to higher interest rates … it's bad for year end bonuses. But their bond market disaster is the individual investor's opportunity to buy the same amount of income at a lower price.

Most investors are also more receptive to loss taking advice on income securities than they are with respect to equities … always the effect of a "market value" rather than an "income production" focus … and a well kept Wall Street secret .

The list below describes some important characteristics and concepts involved with investing in income purpose securities. Familiarization with these will assist in the development of valid "performance" expectations. Doing so will also help develop an appreciation of this important (and somehow not too often mentioned) relationship: changing market values ​​(in either direction) rarely have any impact on the income being generated by the security.

  • Confucius say: keep your eye on the ball, you can not buy groceries with market value or total return, only income pays the bills … without depleting sacred capital

General attributes of income purpose securities:

  • They generate a predictable stream of interest, divide, rent, royalty or other income.
  • They pay income in specific amounts on specified dates.
  • Their risk of financial loss varies dependent upon security type, issuer quality, and liability, BUT, all normal income securities are considered far less risky (financially) than the common stock of their relevant issuing entities. State government paper is less risky; federal government issues carry no financial risk at all.
  • The purpose of the income asset allocation of an investment portfolio is the production of income in an amount large enough to insure: annual growth of income producing capital and annual growth of income production.
  • High dividend common stocks (utilities, etc.) are not included within the income purpose security definition, although they may be less risky than other equities.
  • Bonds, loans, and other interest bearing securities are issued by both corporations and government entities and have maturity dates upon which the principal is returned to investors.
  • Income securities that are guaranteed as to principal and interest, or protected by "safety mechanisms" of any kind always bear a lower yield than other similar securities.
  • Generally, fluctuations in market value have nothing to do with the financial viability of the security issuer. Most often, they are the result of anticipated changes in the direction of interest rates, or the tax code.
  • Any form of either market value or total return performance analysis in a predominately income purpose investment portfolio is counterproductive, at best … particularly when comparisons are made with any form of equity index.
  • Bonds, mortgages, notes, and other "debt" instruments are generally illiquid securities with wide price "spreads", and difficult to either sell at "statement" prices or add to from the marketplace.
  • Income closed end fund ports are liquid containers for illiquid securities, thus eliminating the major drawbacks of owning individual bonds, mortgages, loans, etc.
  • Higher interest rates (lower prices) are good for income investors because they produce higher yields from new (and existing) securities that are available for purchase.
  • Lower interest rates (higher prices) are good for income investors because they can provide "reasonable" profit taking opportunities on securities already owned.
  • A reasonable trading profit on an income purpose security is anything in the vicinity of "one year's interest in advance", keeping in mind that three 7s always beat two 10s.

Theoretically, income purpose securities should be the ultimate "buy and hold" security blanket within retirement income ports. But if you examine the average retirement portfolio, especially 401k portfolios, you would find a remarkable low "income purpose" asset allocation. This seemingly nonsensical behavior is as much the result of government regulation as Wall Street manipulation. For example:

  • The Vanguard Retirement Income Fund (VTINX) , with approximately $ 17 billion in assets, is one of the most popular and well-respected funds in retirement income ports, particularly 401ks. The five individual funds inside yield just 1.75% in actual spending money to investors … but they are dirt cheap.
  • A diversified portfolio of income purpose Closed End Funds (CEFs), with payment histories stretching back more than twenty years, would yield well in excess of 7.00% after somewhat higher expense (that the security owner never actually pays).
  • CEFs are never found in 401k plans and rarely appear in IRA and other retirement jurisdictions created by investment professionals; please tell me if you know why.
  • Confucius say: if you buy cheap, you get what you pay for

The focus of an income purpose portfolio needs to be: the amount of realized, expendable, income produced irrespective of market value fluctuations. The operative investment management objectives need to be: growing both the productive working capital and the spendable "base income" produced by the portfolio.

Wall Street has you believing that lower market values ​​are always bad and that higher prices are always good. This is the conventional wisdom we've all had thrust upon us for decades. But price volatility is the very nature of securities markets, the very reality that creates both buying and profit taking opportunities, particularly in income purpose securities.

  • Higher income purpose security prices mean lower yields, but also increased realized profit potential; lower income purpose security prices mean higher yields and buying opportunities. I see no bad or good; just the opportunity created by either scenario. (The same is true, incidentally, with Investment Grade Value Stocks.)
  • It is the inherent safety (ie, lower risk of financial loss) of income purpose securities (and IGVSs) that creates this almost perfect relationship. Price volatility is always good.

"It's OK, it's natural, every market value fluctuation is satisfactory" is what I've been singing for decades … particularly since since the creation of income CEFs. Rarely, even in the three major meltdowns of the past 40 years did any high quality company or government entity default, regardless of tremendous price fluctuations in all securities. Each time, the vast majority of CEF income payments kick rolling in, unscathed by the surrounding chaos.

Baby Nursery Furniture – Buy The Best For Your Baby

When your baby enters the world, you want it to be surrounded with the best. So, when you look for baby nursery furniture, you search the furniture that is safe, aesthetic, and comfortable. All parents want their newborns to enter the most sterile and pleasant atmosphere.

Different Baby Nursery Furniture Available

* Cribs: Drop down bars would help you manage midnight baby feedings more easily. Ensure that the paintings used are free of dangerous substances and that the entire structure is sturdy.

* Bedding: It should not be too soft or too hard. As the baby will not be able to communicate its comforts to you, you will have to consider all angles yourself.

* Hi-chairs: Food time can be a messy and long affair for some. Having cool and interesting chairs to help distract your child will aid your task to an extent. You can check for adjustable heights and foldable chairs. It would help you use the same chair as your child grows.

* Changing units: Another key item of baby nursery furniture is the diaper changing board. Again the main feature of the board would be its steadiness and strength. There should not be any scope for the baby to topple over or tilt it to precarious positions.

* Colorful Curtains: These give your nursery a cheery and fresh ambience. As your infant will spend most of its time there, a warm and friendly aspect will be a good influence.

* Storage: You will be astounded by just how many things you will collect for your tiny bundle of joy. Storage space will be very useful at any age – the more you have it, the better.

Points to Keep in Mind when Purchasing Baby Nursery Furniture:

* Do not buy too many items. When the baby starts to move around by and by, you should leave some space for its locomotion. A cramped room will make it difficult for the baby to move without bumping into things. At the same time, a very empty room can make the room appear desolate. You do not want to make the baby feel lonely.

* The main feature of nursery furniture that would interest parents would be its safety. There should not be any sharp edges, loose nuts and bolts, poisonous paintings on the wood, or any other aspect that makes it insecure. The magic word where children are concerned is sturdiness.

* Buy baby furniture that can be used over a period of time. Babies grow at an amazing pace making the furniture redundant very soon. Convertible and adjustable features will make your purchases last longer.

* Ensure you buy from reputed brands like Cosatto baby furniture. You do not want to play around with safety or quality when your infant is concerned.

* Furniture that can double up for more than one purpose can reduce the space consumed in your nursery as well as be more resourceful. For instance, cots with drawers at the bottom for storage will be immensely useful.

Baby nursery furniture like wardrobes, chests of drawers, and toy boxes are also tremendously practical. Do your research well and get your baby the most suitable furniture to welcome it into your heart and house.

CNA Training Program Opportunities

One of the fastest-growing job markets in the United States, the need for certified nursing assistants is a strong one due to increased numbers of Baby Boomer adults getting to the age where they'll need a bit of assistance and extra health care options. The desire to become a CNA has a marked increase as the country's youth and experience adult workers alike realize the profitable health care industry career growth potential that starts with a CNA certification. With the demand constantly on the rise for CNA professionals, the future looks great for those who take up the many different offers for free CNA training.

With a free CNA training course, the source of training can come from many institutions. Often times the CNA hopeful will first look at local hospitals and health care organizations to find free training. There are also options at online courses with adult community colleges or online universities, job training groups offering free CNA training through a partnership with a medical facility, and other state-funded free CNA study programs geared to either introduce or improve CNA training throughout the state . With a number of learning methods, from traditional classroom instruction to clinical lab work, the CNA training is a fully-fledged educational experience that gives trainees a hands-on look into the career of a health care specialist.

As an effective means of hiring the right CNA candidate, there are many local opportunities to find a great free CNA training program by researching hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other long-term care organizations in a local area. In tandem with a local community college, these health care organizations will provide free CNA training as a mutually-beneficial act to keep their facility staffed with the latest CNA trainees who pass the CNA certification exam successfully. Prospect CNAs benefit by getting free training and having a secured job waiting for them after completing their programs, and the health care organization gets a steady stream of the best employees at the same time.

In cooperation with state-funded concerns, there are also many local job-training organizations that will offer free CNA training. For the most part, these programs are limited to medical school scholarships, but can also represent a unique state government provision to providing superior health care. Military personnel are also given free CNA training options, in addition to a wide variety of other free educational programs, and often the minor of an active duty military personnel will be eligible for such programs as well.

Online courses for free CNA training is a final option that many prospective CNAs can utilize to get started with their health care industry career. These online courses are typically designed to work in tandem with a community college clinical lab elective or hands-on hospital experience, as simply having an online classroom training by itself will not satisfy the requirements of the CNA certification process. Speaking of certification, it should be noted that the costs of the CNA certification exam is not part of the free training process. Without a hospital or health care organization is willing to cover the cost of the exam, the fee will have to be paid by the CNA trainee in order to begin their new CNA career.

The Big 3 Birthday Bashes in Life

For almost a century now, birthday experts have quarreled over which birthdays are the largest in your life. Is it 20? 30? 40? Or even 50? Baby Boomers would even argue that 65 is pretty nifty these days, since Social Security kicks in.

If you're birthday friendly and love a party for any reason, then almost any birthday is worth celebrating, whether it's your very first or your 81st.

At Happiest Birthday, we believe that all births are important and need to be celebrated with gusto. At the same time, we also know that some birthdays are just more important than others and deserve to be recognized officially as our: "Big 3 Birthday Bashes".

Being Sweet 16

Few girls would disagree that the 16th birthday is a big day. It certainly was for Miley Cyrus, as 5,000 of her closet friends gathered at Disneyland to celebrate her Sweet 16. Even if you can not afford to rent a theme park for your birthday, turning 16 is still a memorable day for young women. For guys, well, it's not quite as big as a deal as it once was. Back in the day, you could get your driver's license on your 16th birthday that they did not have any of the restrictions they have now. Your 16th birthday was your ticket to hi-jinks on the highways.

Turning 18

Wow! Who does not remember turning 18? For most of us it's time to graduate high school and enter the adult world. And if that were not enough, you get to vote for the first time and any restrictions on driving a car are lifted. Now that's worth celebrating! You can also join the military, but you'll have to wait for the final Big Birthday below to hoist a brewski with your unit.

The Big 21

If you've been waiting to get into a bar legally, your 21st birthday bash is the day you've been waiting for. You no longer need the fake ID you borrowed from your brother and you can tie one on with your friends until all hours of the morning. Turning 21 also is a right of passage that makes you feel like you've left the teen years behind forever and are now an adult.

And there you have Happiest Birthdays'Big Three – 16, 18 and 21! What we consider to be the Big 3 Birthday Bashes you can look forward to in your life. Of course, if you've already passed these miles, that's OK Any birthday today with family and friends is a good one!

The Difference Between a Casio Baby-G and a Casio G Shock Watch

Are you looking for the perfect watch that can stand up to your tough lifestyle? There are two that come to mind: the Casio Baby-G and the Casio G shock. These two watches are remarkably similar. They are both tough and durable. They can withstand large falls and impacts that other watches would crumble under. They can both be used in water, and they both have sleek designs that set them apart from other watches.

Their similarities make sense, though. After all, the Baby-G is just a smaller version of the G shock. Despite their similarities, however, there are a few unique differences you should consider before you decide to make a purchase.

Analyzing the Differences

  • Men vs. Women – One of the biggest differences between these two watches is that the G shock is made for men, and the Baby-G is made for women. The sizes of the straps and the watch's face are different because of this. The Baby-G's face is generally about the same in length, but it is usually not as deep as the men's version of the watch.
  • Water Resistance – AG shock watch is generally (although not always) water resistant for up to 200 meters. While some Baby-G's are as well, many are only resistant for up to 100 meters. Without your favorite activity is snorkelling or deep sea diving, however, this should not be a problem.
  • Color – The men's version of this watch generally comes in very few colors, like black, red, silver, gray, and white. The women's version, however, is much more colorful. You can find these watches in red, pink, green, white, purple, black, blue, and silver. This allows women to pick and choose different and vibrant colors to match any outfit they put on.

What do These Watches Have in Common?

Aside from their sleek look and unmatchable durability, these two watch styles have several features in common, including:

  • Temperature resistance – Some of the watches can withstand temperatures as low as-20 degrees Celsius.
  • Electro-luminescent backlight – The backlight on these two types of watches allows you to enjoy them anytime- no matter what time of day it is.
  • Auto-Calendar – These Casio watches are programmed so you will not only know the time, but the date as well. While the number of years the auto-calendar is programmed until will vary, depending on the exact version you purchase, some are programmed all the way until 2099.
  • Long Battery Life – The Casio G shock and Baby-G both come with long-lasting batteries. You can use these watches for up to two years before you need to replace them.
  • Stopwatch – Are you in training or simply trying to lose weight? These watches can help with one hour countdown timers, complete with an auto-repeat option, and a one hour stopwatch.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you are going to enjoy all of the unique features available to you from Casio's line of G shock watches. If you are a woman, you can enjoy the traditional G shock gives a masculine flair and has all the bells and whistles you need, and if you are a woman, you can enjoy all the same great features, but with a more feminine and colorful accessory.

Things To Look For While Searching For That Online Degree College

Education is the most important arsenal in a person's life. Globally, education has turned into a necessity in every job aspiring person's road to success and glory. However, there are several people among us who had to leave studies mid-way and opt for jobs due to certain reasons. Given an option these people would love to start studying all over again but due to their crunch job timings they are unable to continue with their studies. To help out such individuals there has been a surge in online degree colleges and online education. But before opting for any such courses one has to search for that right online college degree course that suits their needs.

For your online college degree you must search the internet to find that perfect college that provides accredited online courses that meets your demand. Accessing and searching only your local or community colleges would not help as online courses are widely offered throughout the world and since it is online, such courses can be accessed from anywhere in this world. You need to go through every online college and select the best courses available for you. Although searches may take time and get frustrating you have to go through them carefully as your future education depends on your choices.

The internet allows comparison of online courses offered by several colleges making it easier for you to search for online degree colleges. There are several online services which will provide you the best search results for your online college needs. On top of that such searches also provide in-depth reviews of the colleges, details of the courses offered, subjects you can major in as well as details about your college fees and scholarships. Once you select on the course that meets your requirements you can simply download the admission form from the college website and get informed to an online degree course.

Accreditation of the college is very important as accredited online courses have greater value and quality compared to non-accredited courses. So opt for colleges that offer accredited courses and make sure to read the reviews before getting yourself admitted to any course. Searching for online degree college courses has become far easier with the Internet providing all details about the colleges. So make use of the internet and search for the best online courses before finalizing on any online college degree course.

International Income From Home

When considering an international business you need to consider existing market ties, market size, and the ability to market your products effectively. Just imagine all the legalities that are required to set up a business, for example in Hong Kong. The need to meet the countries rules and regulations, dealing with currency exchange, taxation and you would need to repeat these demands in each and every additional country, if you wanted an international business. I am exhausted just thinking about it!

There is a way to Fortify Your Income with an international business while eliminating these concerns. Align yourself with a global network that supports a seamless compensation plan. What is a seamless compensation plan? A company that embracees such a plan basically converges your earnings from foreign countries to a point system that in turn pays you on those points in whatever country you stay. Some benefits of being affiliated with a company that has a seamless compensation plan is the ability to see exotic places, and have the ability to embrace different cultures as you work your international business.

Network marketing or relationship marketing is here and here to stay. No time like the present to start a home-based business that you can grow as fast as you choose. The trick is finding a company of integrity that has a product line that is consumable. Remember, when you consume a product you love, you need more of the same! So, how do you go about selecting this integrity based, international business that has consumable products?

Let's begin by understanding buying trends. No single group in history moves trends faster and stronger than the Baby Boomer Generation. You have heard of these Baby Boomers your entire life. They have made millions for companies around the world by consuming the trends they pursue since the 1950's. Currently those Baby Boomers are most interested in maintaining and maintaining HEALTH and increasing or saving their FINANCES. The amazing thing is these particular trends are the concerns of all generations! Statistics show the main concerns for ages teens-20's Gen Y's, 20's-40's Gen X'rs, and 40-60's Baby Boomers is categorically HEALTH and FINANCES.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey says, "I think network marketing has come of age. It's become undeniable that it's a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people." So, when searching for a home-based business, consider these qualities:

o International Opportunity
o Seamless Compensation Plan
o Unlimited Earning Potential
o No Inventory Necessary
o On-Going Professional Training and Support
o Available in Multiple Languages
o Products EVERYONE Needs
o Paid Weekly on Sales Volume
o No Boss (Yay!), No Set Hours, No Set Workplace
o No Employees
o Potential Tax Advantages
o Minimal Start-Up Costs
o Time Leveraged; Residual Income
o Exponential Growth
o Online Tools and Training

To learn more visit or call 1-800-477-6494

Cosmetology Graduates Have Many Exciting Career

Cosmetology is a 60 billion dollar industry that is stable, provides endless opportunities, and can not be outsourced to another country. A cosmetologist can work anywhere in the country, full-time or part-time, work for a large corporation with multiple locations, in a local salon or for themselves as an independent contractor. Last year, there were an estimated 600,000 salon posts filled in the United States. However, for those of you who may want to explore other exciting career choices, here are 10 Cosmetology Career options you may want to consider:

  • 1) If you love to travel, why not consider becoming a stylist on a cruise ship or at a luxury resort. Imagine following the sun by working seasonally at a resort hotel salon in Mexico during the winter, then finding a cooler seasonal locale for the hot and humid summer months.
  • 2) A beauty school education could lead you to the exciting worlds of fashion and entertainment. Become a celebrity stylist by working with local, national or international models and celebrities. If you have the talent, creativity and stay current with beauty & fashion trends, working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry could become a reality!
  • 3) As a licensed Cosmetologist, you could also choose the management track in the corporate world. Corporate soldiers in the beauty industry offer lucrative sales positions that could lead you to a high paying Regional or National Sales and Marketing position.
  • 4) Perhaps the corporate world is not for you, but you are still drawn to the business side of the beauty industry. You could become the manager of a large salon where you'd be responsible for personnel management, training, inventory control, payroll, sales and marketing.
  • 5) Want to be your own boss? You have a couple options. If you're not averse to taking some financial risk, you can open your own salon. Another alternative, is to lease booth space or a chair from a salon owner. You will be working with your clientele on your own schedule. You can work as few or as many hours as you like – a great option for moms.
  • 6) Teaching is a rewarding and satisfying career pursuit. Many experienced Cosmetologists take advanced courses to become a cosmetology instructor at a private beauty school, voluntary school or community college. As an Instructor, you can share your knowledge and skills with those just getting started in the beauty industry and experience the gratification when your students succeed.
  • 7) You've always been a very good writer. You can leverage your Cosmetology education and experience with your writing skills to "pen" articles in your free time. With hands-on experience, you will have a lot of interesting tips, advice and anecdotes to share with readers interested in learning more about the beauty industry. This could lead to a full-time career as a writer or editor of a beauty industry magazine, newsletter or website.
  • 8) The huge, aging population (there are 78 million baby boomers – those born between 1946 and 1964) has responded in the rapid growth of nursing and other residential care and assisted living facilities. Many of these facilities have onsite salons. If you like working with the elderly to enhance their appearance, which, in turn, greatly enhances their quality of life, this type of work can be very gratifying.
  • 9) You have a flair for selling and would like to be rewarded for your performance with bonuses and responsibilities. There are many opportunities to work for a beauty products' manufacturer or distributor selling products to salons, department stores and specialty shops.
  • 10) Working in the non-profit sector interests you, but you do not know how you could use your cosmetology training in this sector. After spending several years in the beauty industry, you could work for your State government as an examiner for the State licensing board.
  • There are many more career options for cosmetology graduates that have not been listed here. The myriad of opportunities is only limited by your imagination, motivation and perseverance.
    If you're thinking about a career in the beauty industry and live in the southern California area, consider training at the highly regarded Salon Success Academies. To receive a Free copy of the Salon Success Beauty Industry Career Guide, visit

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