7 Important Components Of A Great Office Interior Design

Do you agree that interior design plays a massive role in improving the productivity of the business and the overall attitude of workers? Nowadays, offices are being taken to a whole new level of beauty and functionality. Most companies aiming for competitiveness and dominance in the industry invest in smart office designs.

But what are the things you should look into when designing your office? Listed below are the important components of a good interior design for offices:

The Floor Layout

Different activities are accomplished in the workplace daily. Note about comfort and function. Make sure that work tables and other equipment are placed just right for the employees occupying a particular space. You would know that you have a smart floor layout if this allows the smoothest flow of operation.

Noise Reduction Implements

Soundproof glass windows and walls and other noise reduction features should be implemented. The sound of traffic outside, the click-clicking of women’s high heels on the floor, the conversations going on in a different room, etc are distracting. These sounds can be irritating to workers. Concentration is lost and quality of work is reduced.

Quality of Light

This is very important in any workspace. The quality of light should not strain the eyes. Choose a combination of natural and artificial light sources when designing your office. Natural lighting is eco-friendly and best of all help you save on electricity. Artificial light on the other hand are smart ways to illuminate an area effectively.

Windows and Curtains

Workplaces should not be blinded by darkness. Allow enough sunlight into the office by having enough numbers of windows in appropriate sizes. Big windows will give the room enough illumination and ventilation during the day. When designing, place the windows systematically into the direction of the sun. To control the amount of light coming through the windows, install curtains, shutters, or blinds. These interior pieces are part of the office decoration so make sure that you choose curtains that complement the overall theme.


Wall colours in particular can affect the productivity of employees. To create a calm setting, choose neutral colours for your walls.


Studies show that physical stress can be reduced and body aches are prevented using ergonomic fixtures. Buy ergonomic chairs and tables for your office.

Shelving And Compartments

Aside from the stock room, provide storage for your employees. They usually have a lot of things to keep. To avoid clutter, shelving and compartments are needed to help them organize their things properly.

Work with the best interior design companies to ensure that your workplace can help you achieve your business goals. They know how significant it is to carefully put together your interior while considering both function and aesthetics.

Baby Boomers Retirement Is Often Spent In Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities are one of the fastest growing segments in the retirement living facilities sector. One of the things that distinguishes most of these communities is the emphasis on wellness and activities for the senior residents.

In previous generations when any senior who had reached retirement age was considered a candidate for the nursing home, there simply was not any kind of meaningful choice when it came time to choosing a place for the seniors to live. The only real choice was a nursing home where you lived or a nursing home some other place. And that was about it.

Many retirees lived with their children, but for many retirees of the baby boomer generation, this is not a very appealing choice. Many of the boomers were raised with a firm belief in their ability to have options in every aspect of their lives. This is a long standing thought pattern in boomer psychology. And while it certainly is not a bad thing, that kind of thinking has already brought down many a societal institution.

Retirement living for the boomer generation is shaping up to be a very different idea than it was for their parents or grandparents. Now, the choice of senior living communities is vast and is differentiated mostly by what activities the community is based around and what level of care is provided to the residents.

Common activities to form a senior retirement community around are sports like golf or tennis. There are a few equestrian communities but these are not as common. Sometimes the retirement communities are formed around a group with a common characteristic. Something like a religious affiliation or maybe a specific national origin.

The other thing that makes a difference in the type of community is the level of personal or nursing care that is provided for the residents. Generally there are 3 types of communities where you can live and receive differing amounts of personal care. The most care is provided in nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities. And the least amount of nursing care is provided in active adult communities, where most of the people do not need any extra care at all.

In the middle ground are the assisted living facilities where the seniors need some care, but not much and so, they live independently in apartments or houses.

Before you make a final decision on where you want to live when you retire, it is a good idea to use the research available on the internet to investigate the different types of senior living communities. This can help you make the perfect decision for your situation.

Mom & Dad Fitness: Top 10 Exercises

Congratulations on getting a new bundle of joy, or maybe it is your second or your little one is now a toddler. Chances are fitness doesn’t top the list of priorities when you have a young one at home. Well, we are here to prove that you can maintain a healthy and fit life even with a newborn at home.

Here is our list of top 10 exercises moms and dads that don’t involve taking you away from your little one.

1. Pacing Workouts

What is that one thing every parent often does when trying to calm a newborn? It’s pacing around up and down, and guess what you can do a workout out of it.

Obviously, you don’t want to disturb your little one if they are peacefully sleeping, but if they are awake pace around the house holding them. You could also walk around performing lunges or arm raises., as your little one sleeps peacefully in their cot.

Some of the other ideal pacing workouts include walking lunges, hop squats, and walking kicks.

2. Doorknob Squats

How many times do you go to check on your baby while they sleep? Turn it into a workout by getting some doorknob squats done.

Every time you check up on your young one, do about five to ten doorknob squats. Work on increasing the number of doorknob squats you do each day, and you will soon be getting a great workout out of it.

3. Baby Bridges

Toddlers need a bit of entertaining, and you could kill two birds with one stone by doing ‘baby bridges.’

Baby bridges are essentially bridge workouts, only that you hold your child and lift them up every time you lift up into a bridge. Obviously, safety is paramount, and this exercise can be performed only by the mom and dad who have already been exercising for a while and built their core strength.

4. Mat Workouts

Myriads of mat exercises are easy to do with your young one by your side.

The mat exercises you can do include leg raises and leg extensions, crunches, sit-ups, and push-ups. Once again safety is vital, and you can have your baby on a baby mat nearby or place them in their cot while you workout. In fact, the best time to get in some mat exercises would be when your newborn is asleep.

However, in the case of toddlers include them in your workouts for some quality time spent together.

5. Jogging

When you want some fresh air and to get out of the house, take your child along for a jog. A tactical baby carrier for dad or a jogging stroller makes it easy and convenient to go for a run with the little one.

First things first, there is no shame as a father in taking your little one out in a carrier. With the right one, you can jog as fast as you can, and your little one will remain well protected. Jogging is a great cardio workout that both mom and dad can do together, and take the baby along as well.

With a toddler, go for jogging at the beach and kick-start their process of learning how to walk. Uneven, yet cushioned, surfaces like the sand at the beach provide good surfaces for babies who are learning how to walk to build the muscles on their feet.

6. ‘Milk-Run’ Exercises

When preparing some milk or formula for your little one, you will realize that you have a substantial amount of time to get some exercises done.

While waiting for the bottle to get to the right temperature, you can do some ‘kitchen workouts.’

Some of the ideal kitchen mini workouts include a wall sit, step-ups using your step stool, counter-top push ups, standing crunches, calf raises and arm circles using bottles.

7. Bathroom Workouts

Time is often the barrier when it comes to getting in a good workout as a parent. Play around with those few minutes you get throughout the day, and you’ll be working out more than you envisioned at the end of the day.

The bathroom offers vast opportunities to get in some workouts and let’s face it; the bathroom is one room in the house where you spend a substantial amount of time in without even noticing. Whether you are going in there for a number one, two or shower; you can squeeze in some exercises.

Some of the ideal bathroom workouts include toilet squats, sink push-ups, and you can even go big by transforming your bathroom into your personal yoga studio!

8. Baby Weights

For the dad who loves lifting weights, you will be happy to know that your child can double up as a ‘human dumbbell’ for those strength workouts.

Hold on tight to your young one, and you can go as creative as you can using your child for weight training.

9. Baby and Chair Exercises

If you are still quite new to working out, all your need to get started is your little one resting on your lap while you are sitting on a chair.

Lift your baby up and down and extend your arms out while holding your child to get a good workout out of it. You can also perform leg raises and leg extensions with your baby on your lap. Once you build on your strength, strap your young one using a baby carrier and do a wall sit as well.

10. Parents and Baby Workout Sessions

Once your little one is big enough, why not make working out a family affair. You will be surprised at how quickly kids pick up on workouts because after all, they learn from your example.

Whether it is yoga, swimming, mat workouts or even some hardcore outdoor exercises; you can do it as a family. It is never early enough to get them started out on a fit and healthy lifestyle. Make it fun to keep your little one interested, but make it as challenging as possible to get the best workout out of it.

There you go; with these top 10 exercises, mom and dad can get a good workout session right at home. When you get stronger, and your baby grows bigger, change things up by incorporating workout sessions that include the little one. Include outdoor workouts and fun activities such as swimming, cycling, and jogging for a change.

Coming Out to Yourself A Journey in Self Discovery

What does ‘coming out’ mean? For many it simply means accepting who they are, without preconceptions, without judgement, assuming an identity that is open and honest, both to themselves and to others around them. To others, it simply means accepting who they are in silence, not sharing with anyone their true identity with the possible exception of a few close friends. Whatever it means to you, what is important is that you accept who you are and are comfortable within your own skin, live in peace, and are not haunted by fears of being discovered and rejected by others. If you carry feelings of a deep dark secret you are not living a carefree harmonious calm life, rather one filled with stress and anxiety. Coming out to yourself in whatever manner you choose, will liberate you from a self-imposed prison and will lead you to living a free and more enjoyable way of life.

The Coming Out Process

Research indicates that people go through a range of stages before coming out and can remain in any one of these stages for an indefinite amount of time.

In the first stage, a person feels different from others, they know they feel different towards people of the same sex but it’s not always clear, if their feelings are of a sexual, romantic or of a friendship nature.

In the second stage they become more aware of their feelings and their attractions to people of the same sex. They may have had sexual liaisons with people of the same sex, but are not proud of their actions, have mixed feelings about their identity and may experience feelings of denial regarding their sexual orientation.

In the third stage, they begin to accept their sexual identity by mixing with other lesbian, gay and bisexual people, attending groups and events, and dating people of the same sex more openly. In the final stage, they begin to feel proud of their identity; they do not want to hide it, and want to share it with people they love, trust and respect. At this point, they may experience feelings of euphoria and pride, and truly feel they have ‘come out’.

Why come out?

Heterosexuals don’t have to worry about coming out as it is assumed in society that they date, love and marry people of the opposite sex. Homosexuals, however, don’t have this privilege, through their silence they are assumed heterosexual and thus are expected to behave accordingly by the current societal institutions that exist in North American societies. Feelings of isolation can ensue, causing social isolation and feelings of alienation. Through silence lesbians and gays have been kept in their place throughout history unnoticed, unseen and in an unnecessarily shameful position; hence the need for today’s Pride March events. Secrecy and silence leads to shame, self-depreciation and low self-esteem. It is for these reasons that coming out becomes vital if nothing else, to allow the true liberation of the human spirit, to free the inner core of any human being that feels confined. After all, do we not all want and crave freedom, whether it is personal or social? Coming out will set you FREE!

Nature vs Nurture

The nature versus nurture argument exists to explain whether or not homosexuality (or, lesbianism, bisexuality) in genetically based or not. The same research could easily be used to justify a heterosexual orientation. Does it really matter why you are who you are, genetically speaking; gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight? The challenge is to decide how you want to live your life, accepting whatever orientation seems natural and true to you. You may not be able to change who you are, but you can change your perception of yourself and through your behaviour, affect the way others see and relate to you. It all comes down to attitude and self-confidence, although your confidence will definitely improve as you assume your true sexual orientation.

If you’re reading this, it may mean you’re aware that you are not heterosexual and therefore, you’re already in stage two of the coming out process. You may now just need a few ideas, or tips on how to come out to yourself in a more holistic way. Remember, coming out is not a static, one-time event, rather, it is an ongoing process.

How to Begin

Research the following online or at your local library:

a. History of homosexuality

b. Your country’s (state, province) political position

c. Laws that exist that protect homosexuals in your (country, state, province

d. Gay and lesbian events local/national/international

Do the following:

1. Read a romance novels involving gays/lesbians/bisexuals

2. Watch a movie or TV show with a gay/lesbian/bisexual theme

3. Start a journal and monitor how you feel when you read information on lesbian/gay issues. Write on a daily basis what you’ve done that is gay/lesbian/bisexual minded and write your feelings about it.

Monitor your day and night dreams in your journal. Are they with people of your sex? Are you in a female or male role? Try to answer these questions in your diary. Don’t share your journal with anyone, these are your private thoughts and you need to feel free expressing them without anyone judging you.

Also, write down in your diary your relationship goals. Do you desire intimacy with a woman or with a man? Do you want to kiss, hug, and make love to that person? Do you feel happy, aroused at the thought of sexual intimacy with someone of your sex?

If you’re feeling uncomfortable and have conflicting feelings, you may want to call a Gay/Lesbian telephone help line to talk to someone anonymously. You may also want to seek out a gay/lesbian/bisexual friendly therapist. You can usually find one at your local LGBT community centre, or counselling centre; call in to find out if they have lesbian/gay/bisexual peer counselling.

Practice saying the following affirmations in front of a mirror:

For Women

• I am a lesbian

• I am bisexual

• I am a gay woman

• I love who I am

• I love myself

• I love the fact that I love women

• I enjoy sexual intimacy with women

• I desire women

• I am normal

• I am proud of who I am

For Men

• I am a gay

• I am bisexual

• I am a gay man

• I love who I am

• I love myself

• I love the fact that I love men

• I enjoy sexual intimacy with men

• I desire men

• I am normal

• I am proud of who I am

If it’s difficult to say these words, continue repeating them at least 10 times per day. Develop a routine, do it in the washroom in the morning or just before going to bed.

If you decide to claim your gay/lesbian or bisexual sexual orientation, and are feeling good about this decision, surround yourself with positive influences. Go to websites that are affirming, visit forums that gather likeminded people and participate in the discussions. Join face book or twitter and make new friends. Share your story and comment on the stories shared by others. Learn about the latest celebrity that just got married or are coming out. In this way you will find a sense of community and friendship and inevitably you will develop a sense of pride and self-worth that will resonate to others around you.

by Esmeralda Carvalho

Do What You Love to Do By Starting a Digital Franchise Business

Across the world teachers are telling their students to do what they love to do. Imagine back when you were in kindergarten or grade school and you did whatever you wanted to do (within reason). Meaning you did not have as many fears as you have now as an adult.

Possibly you desired to be a firefighter, a teacher, a doctor, an artist or even an actor yet as you became older for whatever reason you set aside the things that you loved doing to do something else. You actually settled.

Several artists will say “I do not want to be a broke artist so I will work a job and do my art on the side”. Often times the art is not only put on the side but it is not even an after thought. Years will pass by and the feeling of painting or drawing will rise until you feel an undeniable feeling that must be addressed.

This is where we are now as a global world. People across the country now know that they can position themselves to do what they love while they are working, or care giving, or teaching. Long gone are the days where you can only dream about doing one thing.

Doing what you love is an expression of who you are and why you were created. Doing what you love can literally bring you more peace than you ever imagined that you would have in your life.

In one particular industry called the “digital franchise business” there are people from all walks of life such as:

real estate agents and brokers

those disengaged about their careers




teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers

those hit hard with the economic system

college and university students

baby boomers and retirees

veterans and disabled veterans, just to name a few

The digital franchise business is a business that offers digital products and people purchase the business and resell it. The cool thing about this is people who desire to do what they love talk about the things that matter to them, they talk about the things that they love, they talk about their experiences and areas of expertise and attract others to do the same. In order for them to continue to do what they love they resell the digital franchise business and earn a good income depending on the businesses compensation plan.

Doing what you love and earning from doing what you love is a win-win for many people.

An Advice for Women Who Want to Be Taken Seriously

American society seems to be more divided than ever, and one of those divisions is between women seeking to be respected and macho “meninist” backlash. The whole society is steeped in two seemingly opposing, but similarly traditional influences upon women; one is religious pressure on women to be compliant and traditionally feminine; the other are ever-present mass-media models of girly and sexy behavior. Lately I notice those models are changing slowly, which is a good sign.

Yet it often surprises me how women in American-made videos, even those made by anonymous YouTube users, seem focused on their appearance, from over-the-top makeup to high-pitched or throaty voices that often sound childish or simply unnatural. Also their non-verbal language too often seems focused on how they look or how much sex-appeal they project, rather than the essence of what they are saying, or projecting their own personality. The whole impression makes it sometimes difficult to look beyond the facade and see an actual individual.

Just like boys and men often “buy into” models of toxic masculinity, girls and women often “buy into” models of toxic femininity. This might feel natural for people who grew up surrounded with such models, but for those who grew up in a more moderate environment, it all seems very fake and lacking personality. I dare say it would influence subconsciously even people who are used to this.

In most of Europe, it’s normal for adult women to talk in voices about an octave lower than American women, and to project much less sexy and much more “utilitarian” behavior. (Lately, there are plenty of young girls imitating American female models from mass media, complete with “voice burn”, but they usually grow out of it by age of 25 or so.) I’m not saying this by itself is enough to eradicate patriarchate, but it certainly encourages a more balanced relationship between genders.

Realistically, how easy is it to take seriously someone who sounds like they are 12 or even 5 years old, especially if they seem overly focused on their looks on top of that? I would like to believe it’s only common on television and in movies, but those few times I visited America it seemed that most women were following such role models. It was quite common to hear a 50+ ys old woman sounding more like a 5 ys old, at least from the perspective of a different culture.

Toxic femininity is not so often talked about compared to toxic masculinity, probably because it’s less threatening and less likely to have harmful consequences for others. Yet it has subtler but pervasive consequences for the women who follow that model (and, by extension, women in general). In theory, people should respect you and see you as a person no matter how you look and sound. In reality, people will form instinctive biases based on your looks and behavior, and if you seem focused on a shallow self-image, people will form a shallow perspective of you, too.

So my advice for women is: sure, use some makeup, but not so much that it makes you look like a plastic doll. When you talk, project your personality and your message into your speech, not the desire to be attractive (or even the need to appear overly confident, which can also come across as fake). Try to develop a deeper voice pitch, it instantly makes you sound more adult and more genuine. Michelle Obama is a good example, and she is widely respected and perceived as a complete person (at least among everybody who doesn’t harbor visceral hatred towards what she represents). To take an example from mass media, compare the voice and behavior of Catniss Everdeen in “Hunger Games” movies to the voices of Capitol women. Who is more likely to be perceived as a genuine person?

Focus on projecting who you are. Let go of the image you think society expects from you. If you are deeply steeped into such a role, you might first work on connecting to your real self, discovering who you truly are. This can make your life happier and more balanced on many levels.

Why Are Poodles Popular?

The Breed of Poodle’s Popularity

Poodles are a very popular dog breed. Poodles became the most popular breed in America maintaining the number 1 position from 1960 to 1982 according to the American Kennel Club. This is a reign of 22 years being the number 1 dog breed, the longest reign of any breed. Since that time poodles have been one of the top 10 most popular breeds in America. In 2010 the Labrador Retriever was the number 1 most popular dog breed in American.

In other countries Poodles are ranked in the top 10 most popular dog as well.

One reason is the choice in size. The poodle range in size from under 5 inches to over 20 inches tall at the withers. From a very small toy, called teacup poodle, to a royal poodle which is a large dog over 20 inches tall, there is size of poodle the matches everyone’s taste.

And poodles are smart.

They are ranked second in intelligence of dog breeds, right behind the border collie and before the German Shepard. This intelligence make Poodles an easy dog to train. The poodle also wants to be trained, as they enjoy learning new tricks and being active. Poodles are a favorite for circus acts and can be seen performing tricks worldwide.

It is very important to a poodle to please you and you need to train them on what pleases you in behavior and commands.

Not Shedding: A Major Reason For Poodle’s Popularity

A poodle’s coat is hair, not fur.

Having hair means the poodle does not shed fur. Not shedding, not leaving fur throughout the home is a major reason poodles have become a very popular pet.

Fur has a natural cycle of growing and shedding. Fur is constantly shedding as each follicle is in a different growth point.

Hair does not shed. Hair just grows and grows and needs to be cut to an appropriate length. The poodle’s coat does need maintenance otherwise their hair will become very matted.

Hypoallergenic: Another Major Reason for Poodle’s Popularity

Having hair also means people with allergies usually do not have a reaction with a poodle. Poodles being hypoallergenic is another major reason they have become a very popular pet.

The major allergens from dogs are the dander and saliva. Dander consists of dead skin cells that flake off when the outer layer of skin renews itself, a normal, ongoing process. As the pet licks itself saliva is deposited and dries. As fur sheds the dander and saliva goes with the fur.

Cats cause even more allergic reaction than dogs. As cats clean themselves often by licking, more saliva is left on their fur, which sheds copiously. The cat’s dander and saliva are lighter than a dogs and stay airborne floating to places the cat has not even been.

A dog that does not shed is easier for people with allergies to tolerate as there is less dander and saliva throughout the home.

Poodles do not have fur which naturally sheds, they have hair as their coat. The poodle is one of the easiest dogs to have for people with allergies. Their hair just grows and grows like human hair. Poodles do have dander and saliva and people with a high sensitivity may still have an allergic reaction. A very sensitive person concerning allergies will have an allergic reaction to a cat within 15 minutes by being in the same room as a cat. It is not wise for very sensitive people to have a dog or a cat.

For people with seasonal allergies and allergies to pollen, an animal’s dander and saliva worsen the allergic reaction. The allergic reaction include sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffed noses and in general feeling of being miserable.

As a person who has suffered from allergies, I have been able to live with poodles without having an allergic reaction for years. I sleep with my poodles and do not get itchy eyes or irritated throat or stuffiness. The poodle is an excellent choice for allergic people as they have a very little chance of causing a reaction.

Brains and Beauty

Poodles are brains and beauty. They are not a fancy sissy dog who is so delicate all they can do is sit and look pretty. The poodle is an athletic active dog genetically predisposed to be a water retriever of fowl and living well into the teens. In addition, the poodle makes an enjoyable companion willing to participate in any activity with you, are entertaining, amazing you with their intelligence, do not shed, are hypoallergenic and overall a great pet.

In my opinion, Poodles are the best.

Review of ASEA Max GXL and Protandim LifeVantage

I recently experienced the decision-making process of evaluating 3 Multi-Level Supplement Companies – all specifically focused on Antioxidants. Not being an expert in Network Marketing added to my comparison “shopping” chore – though as a Chiropractor, the science involved in the products were more familiar to me.

There were 4 areas of each Network Marketing Company that I wanted to compare:

1) the PRODUCT

2) the PEOPLE involved


4) the BUSINESS/INCOME Structure

My research wasn’t perfect by any means and I only personally tried 2 of the 3 products (ASEA & Protandim). However, by talking with others more experienced and knowledgeable in both the business and technical aspects, I felt my conclusions gave me a fair picture of comparing “apples with apples”.

The PRODUCT – All 3 companies pursue increasing antioxidant action in the body (quenching free radicals) though utilize different means of reaching that goal. Both LifeVantage/Protandim and MAX GXL, for instance, have tested the increase of Glutathione (a powerful free radical scavenger) related to their respective products. ASEA had research that showed the increase of VO2 Max subsequent to taking their product.

ASEA’s product is a liquid (taste like pool water, chlorine smell) in a 32 ounce bottle costing approximately $40 and a consumer could use 1-4 bottles per month based on the seriousness of the health challenge. MAX GXL ran about $70 to $170 per month, again depending on the severity of the problem. LifeVantage’s Protandim (30 pills, 1/day) ran about $48 per month, and that amount could be doubled if a person was taxing the body through heavy exercise and/or illness. All figures are approximate and serious investors should do their own due diligence.

The reason they differ in their monthly costs is that they have different mechanisms of action. MAX GXL has a patented delivery system for its antioxidants, while ASEA uses reactive oxygen species to increase antioxidants. LifeVantage/Protandim is the most cost effective in that it stimulates the body to increase its own production of antioxidant enzymes. These enzymes actually work many more times effectively, quenching a million free radicals per enzyme every second.

The PEOPLE – The standout research scientist among ASEA, LifeVantage, and MAX GXL is Dr. Joe McCord, Chief Scientist for Lifevantage. A winner of the Elliot Cresson Award (now known as the Benjamin Franklin Medal) Dr. McCord shares this distinction with Henry Ford, and Alexander Graham Bell as well as other notables. The Franklin Institute says,

“Among science’s highest honors, The Franklin Institute Awards identify individuals whose great innovation has benefited humanity, advanced science, launched new fields of inquiry, and deepened our understanding of the universe.”

The business management of all 3 marketing companies seem to be manned with strong, accomplished, and experienced managers, though not much time was spent on researching this aspect as much as relying on the opinions of independent business advisors.

The RESEARCH – Rare among supplement companies is Peer Reviewed Research studies on a specific product. This type of research is the gold standard which medical doctors use, depending on this information (and product) to use and trust. Major drug companies sponsor these studies to sell their wares.

The LifeVantage is the only company that has 9 Peer Reviewed studies of the product Protandim, and these were independent research not paid for by the company. Many more independent studies by universities are in process for Protandim.

The BUSINESS – In this area of analysis I relied on more experienced Network Marketing people and an independent business consultant. The IRS has questioned in the past the binary form of multi-level marketing, as being a pyramid-like scheme, more devoted to selling distributorships than real products. This is an area where each person must do his or her own due diligence. ASEA has a binary structure; LifeVantage a uni-level matrix, and MAX GXL structure is unknown to me. Although I did not find out about the percentage payouts of ASEA and MAX GXL, LifeVantage is just under 60%.

Lastly, remember all the network marketers have their best foot forward, “romancing” their prospective new distributors and customers. Temper their rush “to the altar” with your own research, ask others more experienced for their input and remember like any long-term relationship – it takes a lot of work. I think I chose the best candidate in LIfevantage, for its product is supported by research, a high level scientific experience, and credibility and performance.

On International Philippine Cinematic Milestones

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

A country’s cinema is a symbol of identity which represents the whole populace’ thriving potentials; its aspirations and its desire to institute global connections. The movie industry is a voice declaring that somewhere in this planet, are artistically conscious creatures armed with endowments set to participate within human race’s common interests. It is my honour to share these significant victories of the Philippine film industry.

The Philippine cinematic industry whether they are independently produced continuously reaps distinctive international citations drawing the Filipino nation’s artistry in the world map. These brilliant Filipino people’s potentials in the motion picture industry vary from screenplay writing, film editing, best film acting, film making, directing to cinematography gaining recognitions in the international race. These are manifested by the entries of Filipino films that are highly regarded in international competitions as results of rigorous screening by worldwide acclaimed connoisseurs in the field of motion pictures as well as in the performing arts.

In 2008, the 58th Berlin Film Festival featured six independent Filipino films. Consequently, many Filipinos reaped awards. This is a relentless sign that the modern day evolution of the Philippine movies from national isolation to worldwide acknowledgement thrives intensified by the emergence of independent film makers that add to set records of the country’s cinema into worldwide credits marking the 21st century Filipino film industry’s contemporary age. It was the same year, when Brilliant Mendoza’s Tirador received a Caligari Award, an honor bestowed to innovative films projecting worthy themes. In 2009, Jaclyn Jose won the best supporting performer in a female role in the Asian Film Award for her part in Serbis.

Earlier in 2013, the Philippines dominated the 1st ASEAN International Film Festival. The winning categories proclaimed were Best Male Performer bagged by Bugoy Carino, in the movie, Alagwa. The Best Supporting Performance by a Female Actor is the veteran Anita Linda while Alessandra de Rossi received the Best Performance by a Female Actor under the same movie, Sta. Nina which also bestowed the Best Director Award to Emmanuel Quindo Palo for his Best Picture in a drama category. In addition, The Kidnappers of Ronnie Lazaro received the Best Picture in a comedy category. On March 2013, veteran actor Eddie Garcia won the Best Performance by a Male Actor for his outstanding act in Bwakaw during the 7th Asian Film Awards held in Hong Kong. On July 2013, Joel Torre was privileged for the Best Actor recognition for his spectacular performance in the film, OTJ (On the Job) at the 17th Puchon International Film Festival held in South Korea. In the film, OTJ (On the Job) alongside with the major awards, the film too got the Jury’s Choice Prize. On September 2013, Filipino Child Star Barbara Miguel was praised with Female Performer Award for her portrayal in Nuwebe at the Harlem International Film Festival held in New York City.

In 2014, Mikhail Red’s “Rekorder” earned the Excellent Young Director Award in the Gwangju International Film Festival in Gwangju, South Korea.It was also earlier on September 2014 when this film offered the Best Male Performance by an Actor award to Allen Dizon at the 9th Harlem International Film Festival in New York City. This lucky year also bestowed Vilma Santos the Best Performance by a Female Actor credit for her role in Ekstra during the Dhaka International Film Festival held in Bangladesh. On October 2014, the New York Film Festival gave Best Actor recognition to Jake Cuenca for his part in Mulat and,Best Actress Appreciation to Liza Diño for her character in ‘In Nomine Matris’ in Manhattan, NYC. Diane Ventura, became the Best Director Award for the same movie. On November 2014, the Philippine House of Representative pleased writer and director Jason Paul Laxamana whose film, Magkakabaung won the Best Asian Film Award for the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) at the 3rd Hanoi International Film Festival in Vietnam. Allen Dizon, too attained the Best Actor Award for this film.

On February 2015, Aiko Melendez collected the Best Performance by a Female Role in the Foreign Language Film category during the 7th International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London, England. On February 2015, Filipino independent film Director Francis Xavier Pasion acquired the Grand Prize Award at the 15th Tokyo Filmex festival for his work, Bwaya in Japan. March 2015 was the moment for Richard Gomez to grab the Best Actor honor for his film, The Janitor at the 35th Oporto International Film Festival in Portugal. By April 2015’s, Asian International Film Festival in Malaysia, Filipino awardees captured the scene. The Best director was offered to Joseph Laban for his movie, Nuwebe while the Best Actress went to Cherie Gil for the movie, Sonata. Best Editing was bestowed to Benjamin Tolentino for the film, Bendor. The ASEAN Spirit Award went to the film, Purok 7.It was also on May 15, 2015 that the film of Perci Intalan, Dementia was awarded three recognitions at the Saint-Tropez International Film Festival in France for it captured the Best Foreign Language Film, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor in a Foreign Film for Nora Aunor and Emilio Garcia, respectively. Also, on May 16, 2015, Roderick Cabrido’s “Children’s Show” received the grand prize in the Asia-Pacific Young Filmmakers Awards at the Gwangju International Film Festival set in South Korea. Additionally, it can be recalled that this movie aside from its successes in May this year formerly attained other significant international awards last year in varied categories which were Special Jury Prize in the Orient Express Section of the Oporto International Film Festival in Portugal, Special Jury Prize, Grand Jury Award for Best Screenplay and Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Fantastic Cinema Festival of the Film Society of Little Rock in Arkansas.

World Premieres Film Festival Philippines was celebrated on June 29, 2015 known currently as the most prestigious international film festival in the Philippines, came out with the Best Picture and a first 1st Prize credit entitled, Ang Kubo Sa Kawayanan, a film directed by Alvin Yapan. On July 11, 2015, Best Feature Film, Mana by director Gabby Fernandez and Best Actress Cherie Gil were achieved, respectively at the Madrid International Film Festival in Spain. Followed by more winnings on September 2015 when Philippine film artists accomplished two prizes at the Guam International Film Festival. Buboy Villar bagged the Best Achievement in Acting in the movie directed by Paul Soriano, Kid Kulafu. Moreover, the romantic comedy category, That Thing Called Tadhana by Antoinette Jadaone was conferred the Best Narrative Motion Picture. Currently, on May 22, 2016 old-timer actor Jaclyn Jose triumphantly received the Best Actor prize during the 69th Cannes Film Festival for her enactment in the film, “Ma’ Rosa,” held in Cannes, France.

These winnings reveal that Filipinos in the Philippine cinema have their own right time to nationally and internationally prove their worthy crafts in almost all areas of the film making industry. Though these winning moments of Filipino performers are not exhaustive list to present its entirety, these reflect that indeed, the Philippine cinema has extended a meritorious stage of film making. Performers created milestones in the history of Philippine motion pictures through the international credits they as praiseworthy artists have garnered, not to mention their diverse nominations in varied categories defeating or beaten by other entries. Earlier than what are to be mentioned here, there were film artists who represented the Philippines as winners in different sorts from award-giving bodies overseas. It is best to disclose the latest as triggering factors to remind us of the past triumphs which add to the showcasing of thriving quality works in the Philippine cinema.

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