Stunning Ways to Wrap Presents With Ribbon

Celebrations happen throughout the year, the most popular and common celebrations are birthdays. When you find a great gift for a loved one, friend or family member, you want to present it in the best possible way and that is what gift wrapping is for.

Ribbon will be your best friend when it comes to gifting wrapping. The ribbon gives the gift extra charm and allows you to experiment with your creativity. You could, if you wanted to, make your own ribbon. Making ribbon is the best part of this task. You can think of interesting ideas such as making the ribbon strands out of newspaper thus giving the gift a retro look. The headlines won’t be the noticeable part but it will look great as part of the design.

You can create ribbon decoration from colourful paper strips. It won’t have that nylon bouncy effect but you will be able to achieve a neat appearance. To give it a similar effect to the nylon, take a pair of scissors, place the paper between one blade and your thumb then pull it outwards. This will curl the material giving you that curly playful look. Be gentle when you do this as to not tear the paper strips.

Stick the ribbon in a diagonal pattern. Take multiple colours and put them against white wrapping paper. Notice how the colours will stand out. No amazing tying techniques will be required to do this nifty wrapping trick.

Lace is perfect for decorating presents. It might be slightly more costly than ribbon but it can be reused by the gift receiver. The patterns on the lace are so detailed that two strips of it will be enough. Try and pair it up with the simplest paper to avoid any decorative clashes. All you need to do is stick to lace strips across the whole present in a parallel manner. This will give the gift a wonderful vintage appearance.

Twine, string or cotton is a stunning technique you can use to detail your presents. The simplicity of the material gives you leeway to play with different colours as the base. There are also many ways to give the string more character. Braiding is a fancy yet pretty way to detail surfaces as well as twisting and looping.

Sometimes doing projects and tasks for another person at home is the best way to tell them how much they mean to you. Show off your skills with these craft objects that can be easily found in bulk at a cash and carry wholesaler and be creative with those gifts.

The Fun Way With Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns were initially developed by the Parker Brothers. It was marketed as a foam ball that can be played indoors but cannot hurt old people or babies. It became known as the world’s first official indoor balls and a Nerf Gun Review could testify to that. They are a totally fun and exciting gun toy which is totally harmless. The foam ball is made from polyester resin which eventually reacts with a compound causing the emission of gases. These gases are what make the ball soft and light.

Likewise, it is not an expensive toy as compared to other toy guns which are more expensive but does not warrant the excitement brought about by Nerf guns. The accuracy is so much better as well especially if the player has a good aim. The rate of at least 2 rounds per seconds depending on the type of gun also gives it a high rate of fire. In addition, it is especially suited for a surprise blitz attack on your opponent.

The materials are also highly sturdy and durable that even a strong pressure on the gun would not cause it to break or snap. In addition, there are no small materials that could be easily disengaged from the toy making it a safe option even for younger kids. Refill packs for the foam balls or darts are also available and can be easily bought if you want to have more ammunition ready. So this makes it a better option than other toys which have a limited supply of ammunition.

In addition, it could appease the children’s curiosity as well as that of the adults on how it feels to shoot a gun. Although this is not an educational toy, it could be considered as such because it would tend to teach children how to handle guns in a playful manner and without being hurt. They are also not limited to a particular age group. In fact, anybody could enjoy them from kids as early as 4 years old to adults. Likewise, these toys could be a fun game for at least two people who do not belong into the same age group. Accessories for the Nerf Guns are also available. These are best for those people who love playing with Nerf Guns and would want to accessorize themselves to totally feel the part. Ammunition belts and caps are just a few of the things that you could accessorize yourself when playing with them.

Moreover, Nerf Guns come in all shapes and sizes depending on your intentions in playing with them. Some guns come with just at least 6 ammunition storage within the gun while others have up to 20 darts or shells within them. Also, the they provide varied choices depending on the age groups who are going to play with them. Nerf Guns are truly a fun and exciting game that you can play with anyone. It allows people to have a free hand with shooting but at the same time enjoy it without hurting anybody.

Early Childhood Development and the Benefits of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

The American Academy of Pediatrics defines early childhood as the ages between one and five years, encompassing the toddler and pre-school periods. Early childhood development occurs rapidly and is widely recognized as extremely important in setting the foundation for future learning, including the social, cognitive, and motor skills needed to handle the demands of pre-school and kindergarten. During these formative years, parents and other caring people in their lives, have the ability to enhance this development by wisely choosing activities that stimulate and challenge their minds.

While there are a plethora of references regarding the benefits of reading books, playing games, etc., this article focuses on the value of wooden jigsaw puzzles as a catalyst for learning in early childhood. Even with the many electronic gizmos and gadgets, oftentimes children are attracted to simple things like a bouncy ball, interesting book and well designed, intriguing jigsaw puzzles.

The benefits of jigsaw puzzles can be grouped into the two early childhood periods, toddler (ages 1-3) and preschool (ages 3-5).

Toddlers should be given jigsaw puzzles having large pieces and with simple content. As they master the simpler ones, caregivers can introduce puzzles with greater complexity and more/smaller pieces. As a result, these youngsters will receive the following benefits:

  • Hand-eye coordination by grasping and placement of puzzle pieces
  • Knowledge of various shapes and sizes
  • Problem solving skills when they master the assembly of each puzzle
  • Sense of pride in a job well-done, enhancing self confidence/self image
  • Enhanced memory capabilities, as they recall what they did and learned
  • An understanding of the concept of sequencing in puzzle piece placement
  • Recognition of various colors
  • Identification of objects, animals, and other jigsaw puzzle contents

In addition, jigsaw puzzles offer opportunities for parental/caregiver interaction with a toddler, especially as a new jigsaw puzzle is introduced. While a valued bonding experience, it is also a chance to assess the appropriateness of each puzzle, including whether they are too difficult or too simplistic, potentially frustrating the toddler. In addition, by having more than one jigsaw puzzle available, other children can be included in this quiet time activity, providing an excellent opportunity for social interaction.

Preschoolers will continue to benefit from jigsaw puzzles, with increasing number of pieces, and more complex/challenging content. While furthering what they learned as toddlers, they will receive the following additional benefits:

  • Recognition of geometric shapes, such as squares, triangles, circles, etc.
  • Familiarization with letters of the alphabet and the concept of spelling
  • Ability to recognize and spell their names, as well as simple words
  • Identification of basic numbers and the concept of counting
  • Knowledge of more complex items in puzzles; e.g. shape of the USA and its regions/states, dinosaurs, birds, marine life, etc,

To ensure that the above benefits are achieved to the greatest degree, it is very important for parents, or anyone else considering “gifting” a wooden puzzle, to be aware of the purchasing considerations noted in the following “checklist”:

  • Age appropriateness to provide the right level of challenge
  • Educational value
  • Bright and varied colors
  • Lead-free paints (Note: made in the USA suggested)
  • No sharp edges & sizing of pieces to preclude choking risk, especially with toddlers
  • Excellent quality and durability; paints/colors should not fade or crack and puzzle pieces & frames should not break from frequent and hard use over time; quality wooden jigsaw puzzles are generally far better in meeting this criteria
  • Solid reputation of craft persons; how long have they been in business? Check a number of testimonials/references for consistent customer satisfaction. Are they willing to refund or replace product if not completely satisfied

How to Strip Cloth Diapers 101

Stripping cloth diapers sucks. My partner and I had to learn how to strip cloth diapers the very hard way. I have a very vivid and very smelly memory of my first strip. It was about ten weeks into my cloth diapering experience, and an internet forum advised me to strip our diapers after my partner and I noticed that walking into the boys’ room in the morning was almost like stepping into an alternative reality and ending up in stable with about one hundred horses. Puuuuh! My eyes would practically water from the strong smell of ammonia. I really felt for my poor dears, having to actually sleep in it.

So we had to quickly learn how to strip cloth diapers or throw them away. The throwing away was not an option really, but we made a major mess after mixing dishwashing liquid and bleach (damn you internet!) in the same wash, forcing us to run away from our own home for a weekend, plus we ended up three dozen diapers short. But memories made, lesson learnt and that mistake was never repeated.

Why Strip?

Stripping diapers is essential to remove the buildup of ammonia, bacteria, detergents, minerals from hard water, and oils in diapers. This is because there are parts of the diaper (like inserts and pockets) where sufficient water does not reach during a regular wash. Hot water works to remove this accumulated dirt and bacteria during stripping and will eliminate that funky smell, increase absorbency as well as reduce the risk of rashes and yeast infections for your baby.

Before Stripping

The first rule of stripping diapers is: never to strip dirty diapers because that will leave your diapers looking like junior did an enthusiastic paint job in yellowish-brownish colors. You don’t want that to happen because if it does, you can forget all about your pristine white inserts and liners that were the pride and joy of your diaper drawer.

Clean your diapers before stripping

  1. Remove any solid waste by shaking it off into the toilet;
  2. put your diapers in the washer and run a cold rinse to remove any remaining waste particles;
  3. add a little (quarter to half cup should do) of your regular diaper detergent;
  4. run through one wash cycle with hot water. Run through a warm water rinse followed by a cold water rinse and ‘voila’ your diapers are ready to strip.

Tip: After the wash, you can soak your diapers overnight in a wash pail (or good ol’ bathtub) with a few drops of peppermint oil for an extra touch of freshness after stripping.

Stripping Cloth Diapers in a Washing Machine

What You Need

  1. Washing machine (of course!)
  2. An additive (like dishwashing liquid)
  3. Extra hot water that you can heat on your stove in a stock pot
  4. Flashlight (for front loading machines)


Time: three to four hours

  1. Put your pre-washed diapers in the washing machine with a teaspoon of dishwashing Liquid. Do not add any detergent. You should do an average twenty diapers per wash.
  2. Run a hot wash cycle with the most hot water possible and at the highest temperature setting. If your machine does not run enough hot water, heat some water on your stove and add it to the wash during the hot cycle. This only works for top loading machines not front loaders.
  3. Run a hot water rinse if your machine has this setting. If not, run a warm water rinse. Follow this with a cold water rinse and another warm water rinse.
  4. If you have a top loading machine, open the top periodically to check for the presence of bubbles. If you have a front loading machine, use your flashlight to check for bubbles.
  5. Run alternating warm/cold rinses (four to five should do) until there is no more effervescence (bubbles). Agitation bubbles will quickly disappear once you stop the machine but soap bubbles will stay around for a bit, and this means you need another rinse.
  6. After thorough rinsing, take out your diapers and hang to dry in direct sunlight (if possible) for that extra touch of freshness and natural bleaching.

Tip: If dishwashing liquid does not work for you, you can try other additives such as stain removers as a replacement.

More Diaper Stripping Tips

  • With stripping, you will find that you need to try one or two methods before you get the right formula that works for you. If you use a washing machine and the funk refuses to go away, one of these could be the problem:

    • Not using enough detergent during your regular washes.
    • Not using enough hot water during your regular washes or during stripping.
    • The water itself not being hot enough during the stripping process.

Try adding a full extra cupful of detergent when stripping, or adding extra hot water (if you use a top loader washing machine) boiled on your kitchen stove to the wash cycle during stripping.

  • Grapefruit or grapefruit seed extract are effective at killing yeast and can be added to the overnight soak before stripping your diapers.
  • Try to separate natural fibers (cotton, hemp, bamboo) from artificial fibers (microfiber, fleece, PUL) when stripping because some artificial fibers cannot withstand extremely high temperatures and additives such as bleach.
  • Check on warranty guidelines for your cloth diaper as some diapers, especially artificial diapers come with warnings not to immerse in extremely hot water.
  • You can use apple cider as an additive instead of vinegar if you have hard water. Half cup of apple cider should do the trick.

Absolute Don’ts

  • Never ever mix bleach with vinegar. The reaction between the two produces chlorine gas which is highly toxic. Either add bleach alone to your wash but not the two together. Do not try this at home.
  • Never use vinegar as an additive during your stripping routine if you use hard water. The various minerals in the hard water will react with the vinegar, and if you thought the stunk in your diapers was bad before, then you will need to fumigate your house when vinegar meets hard water. With hard water, opt for another additive or use a water softener.
  • Avoid soaking your diapers overnight in your washing machine as this might lead to rust build up in some machines.

Tracking Gorillas in the Wilderness

Deep in Uganda's south-west lies the forested region of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. There are numerous ways to access the nearby town of Kisoro but the most popular option is an adventure on its own.

I make the ten-hour journey from Entebbe in a four-wheel drive. The road is long, dry and bumpy, my driver jokes about the free African massage. There is no air conditioning and with the windows wound down a film of orange dust settles on my bare arms.

Uganda's climate is perfect for growing fresh food and there is an abundance being sold at kiosks along the dusty road. Whilst the food bowl is full, there is still a lack of access to fresh water and therefore women and children in the searing heat walk for kilometers balancing plastic yellow containers above their head.

I spend the night in Kisoro but I am anxious as I can not wait to head into the jungle to search for a Silverback Gorilla.

The morning begins with an education session. The essential number one rule is "whatever you do, do not run" – okay that sounds easy enough.

After leaving the education room, a guide explains the topography that consist of three volcanoes nicknamed "the guide," "old man's teeth" and "small pile of stones." I umm and ahh in agreeance. Our self appointed guide discusses re-forestry and the lack of education about soil and regeneration within local villages. As interesting as it is I have one thing on my mind. He weighs over two hundred and fifty pounds and an arm span of about two point three meters.

The weather conditions are fine and our guide is confident that the trackers know the general area of ​​the gorilla's whereabouts.

We begin our trek through the dense forest. Our guide uses a machete to help us weave through the thick growth of vines, stting nettles and harshness of overgrown vegetation. Heading uphill it's quite an exhausting walk but fortunately only an hour and a half we hear rustling in the distance. I can barely breath at the distinct sound of an animal. A resonating roar and the crushing of leaves echoes through the mountain.

My heart is pounding under the pressure of excitement and fear. I pause to see what is happening. By standing still I have unintentionally broken the group into two and exposed myself to the path of a wild male silverback gorilla. His monstrous knuckles thump the ground. Barking and pounding he sees irate.

Without warning the giant silverback leaps directly in front of me. Arms poised in defense, standing still in my tracks I recall the number one rule 'whatever you do do not run.'

At the pinnacle of my fear I turn my back towards him. The ape swings his 2 met arms at me. With only a camera bag strapped over my back for protection, the gorilla raises his awesome hairy hand and I feel the wrath of his anger on my tush!

My saving grace, gorillas are easily distracted. My good fortune is another's terror. A training guide who has accommodated us on the trek dashes down the side of the hill, the Silverback turns towards her. Fortunately she slips and again he loses interest. Phew we're all still alive.

Shaking, I struggle to gain my breath. I am standing next to a German who appears strong and tough. I show him my trembling hands and he replies with "I think I pooed my pants, seriously" I nervously laugh, scared but yearning to see more.

With an air of in trepidation we slowly, quietly walk through the jungle observing these incredible creatures in the wild, they're human like faces are filled with emotion. All up we see a family of 9 including a few playful youngsters eating and playing they are mostly unfazed by our presence.

But that does not last for long as again we hear the rustle and roars of the tussle of gorillas. Near the commotion we realize that two of the gorillas are engaged in a scuffle. The commotion is right in front of us. At first it appears they are play fighting but I am reminded by how fiercely these creatures can be. Once the silverback notices us he stands at full height. This time the guide tells us to stop and back away.

Instead of running away I slowly walk backwards until I am safely nestled against a tree. Breathless but intrigued I watch as the silverback mimics a scene out of King Kong. With nostrils flared he displays his long fangs, the roars are spine chilling. With fists clenched he raises his elongated, muscle-clad arms high above his head. Fists clenched he beats his chest. I do not know if it's through fear, astonishment or pure entertainment but nobody moves, not even to reach for camera. Just like the previous encounter the gorilla loses interest, lowers his body and with knuckles clenched bounds back into the jungle on all fours.

Still reeling in the close encounterers we move away from the gorillas and trek along another unspoilt path until we are safely out of the jungle.

At the end of our tour guide guides us that we have not upset or aggravated them in anyway. They are usually happy for tourists to observe and take photos, and it's not uncommon especially for the babies to be quite playful. On our visit a silverback was protecting his family from an intruding male who was rummaging on his turf.

To spend just an hour or in our case and hour and a half observing and seeing these amazing creatures in the wild is one of the most incredible experiences you can have. It also made me appreciate how important it is for them to remain in a protected environment, out of the harmful way of their biggest predator – humans.

Apple Has Something in the Air

Ology is a suffix denoting a field of study or academic discipline. Appleologists, as indicated in Ars Technica, would there be people studying the field of Apple. Contrary to logic and belief, there are many who could fit this description.

As the buzz about Macworld 2008, Apple's annual shindig, is building to a crescendo the air is full of speculation as to what new products will be announced. After all the iPhone was born a year ago. What will it be this year?

The latest hype in the 'Apple media' is about the first banners being put up at the conference venue in San Francisco. It says: '2008 There's something in the air'. What could that refer to? New laptops to be announced could be so light that they could float? Images of Muhammad Ali's 'Float like a Butterfly' spring to mind.

Possibly it's another fabulous hand-held device that is a cross between a PDA, phone, movie viewing gadget, sound machine and camera kind of thing. You know what I mean do not you?

Or maybe it has more to do with wireless and convergence. And remember if you do the convergence thing right you are entitled to call it Convergence 2.0. As silly as Web 2.0 surely. It's all a progress after all. Moving on, have ranted about that before.

Apple has perfected the art of buzz and hype building. Just think of the rent a crowed staff who sole purpose, it seemed at the time, was to applaud shoppers for their iPhone purchase during the launch week-end. Never mind the folk who queued outside the shop doors all night enjoying their moment in the spotlight.

On the other hand it could of course be an American thing – the whole hoopla, rah-rah and the 'have to be the first to buy the gadget' obsession. The iPhones have not sold that well in the UK. I would hazard a guess that the Brits are spoiled with their mobile internet access speed and non Apple addicts were not that enthusiastic to downgrade for a funky toy.

Having been an Apple addict myself since 1996, that operating system did it for me after DOS, I am with the buzz and enjoying the speculations. I go onto Apple's website to check the latest 'I'm a Mac, I'm a PC' TV ads! Pathetic I know.

It's been many a time that I have wondered how a company, such as Apple, could foster such unbelievable loyalty by its customers. I have never met anyone who cherishes their PC as Mac owners do their computers. Every one of my Macs has had a name after all my computer is my buddy. Ok, worse than pathetic.

The question that I ask myself every now and then is at what stage does the company move from being loved to being tolerated and finally to being hated. For me Google is a company that is starting to move through these stages. Google's standing amongst its consumers was pretty good until a year or so ago.

Slowly but surely the mood and sentiment has started to move away from the universal love vibe to one of slight mistrust and wariness. At what stage will mistrust transform into something stronger?

Does it have something to do with the size of the company? Possibly people start to dislike a company when it is making huge profits. Nobody takes note of the small boys and what they get up to. Maybe mistrust and dislike happen when the company seems to use some shady business ethics. It could also be symptoms of concern the consumer has if the company is a monopoly. This could be why Microsoft is disliked. And if not disliked, it's certainly not loved.

For a while now I have noticed that Apple is starting to head towards the tolerated stage in the love cycle. There are more articles against Apple than before. People in general, whether on blogs or in discussions, are starting to mumble about Apple.

Apple has been doing some strange things laTely. Consumers have not been that happy that the iPhone came with a compulsory service provider contract. Then Apple knocked off $ 200 off the iPhone not even three months after it's launch.

And then Leopard, the new operating system, is doing some strange things on a Mac near you. With other words, contrary to Apple's promises of just plug in and play, Leopard is not playing well.

Is Apple starting to become a bully because it can afford to? Maybe it's no longer the maverick kid on the block that produces some wonderful tools and toys. It has of course also had its share of Edsels. Time will tell about that. In the meanime I wonder what's in the air?

Natural Juices Not As Healthy As May Seem – Study

Natural juices are rich in fructose, unlike water or low fat milk, according to Dr. Richard Johnson from the University of Florida College of Medicine. Researchers believe that fructose may trigger obesity for humans.

Previous studies connected excessive drinking of soft drinks and fruit juices with a high risk of diabetes, blood pressure, or obesity, said Johnson. Glucose sends signals to the body to produce insulin, a hormBMI calculator, calorie counter, carbs counter, calorie calculator, diet planner, menu planner, workout planner, weight loss, weight loss tools, nutritional information, nutrition labelone that tells the brain when to stop eating and turns sugar into energy. Fructose does the opposite and causes resistance to insulin, said Johnson.Weight gain may appear when large amounts of fructose are consumed over a long period of time, according to Peter Havel, an endocrinologist at the University of California.

Some natural juices have larger amounts of sugar than sodas. For instance, apple juice has more fructose than a soda, said Havel. A cup of apple juice has twenty more calories than the same amount of soda, according to the Department of Agriculture Nutrient Data Laboratory.

High-fructose corn syrup or fructose may lead to high levels of uric acid in the body. Dr. Johnson and his research team showed in a previous study on lab mice that a high-fructose diet leads to insulin resistance and the body produces more uric acid. Glucose does not cause the same problems, said Johnson.

Too much natural juice may also increase the children's risk of bone fractures.

(c) Project Weight Loss 2007. All rights reserved.

Modifying a Home for a Senior

Most seniors want to live independently for as long as they can. Moving into a nursing home or assisted living center, or moving in with children or other relatives, may make sense for any number of reasons, but one must take into account the senior's self-esteem. Very few seniors are comfortable in situations where they feel they are a burden on someone else, either financially or logistically. In the United States, over 90 percent of those who own their own homes want to "age in place."

There are various ways to modify a house to make it safer or more accessible to a senior who is beginning to lose easy mobility or who already suffers from physical limits. Modifications can sometimes be problematic; Many seniors will be living in homes that were built decades ago, well before builders were thinking about design considerations for the elderly. We might not think twice about a narrow doorway or a staircase, but for a person with physical limitations, these can be impassable barriers.

In order to determine whether a house can be appropriately appropriated, do a room-by-room assessment, taking into account safety and accessibility issues. There are several detailed safety checklists available online that address issues such as electrical supply, electrical appliances, smoke detectors, and the like; Many of these are common-sense issues, such as keeping electrical cords close to walls wherever possible and ensuring that circuits are not overloaded. For an older house, consider having a licensed electrical inspector come over and ensure that the system is safe and up to code.

Is everything in the house accessible? A senior with restricted mobility will likely not able to access the highest shelves in a closet or cabinet, so be sure that only sold-items are stored there. If most of the home's storage space is inaccessible, you may need to add additional storage space. And all plugs and switches should be easily reachable. Current code specifes the proper placement of plugs and switches, but older homes may have these in odd places.

If the senior will continue to cook in the kitchen, then this is an important room to check thoroughly. Are all the cabinets easy to reach? The top shelves may be inaccessible, so put commonly used items on lower shelves. Are the countertops at a comfortable level? If they are too high to work on comfortably, they may need to be lowered. This will likely involve installing at least some new cabinetry. Are the stove controls easy to manipulate? You can install a device that will automatically turn off an electric stove, via a timer or motion detector. Such automatic switch-off devices are not yet available for gas stoves, so if you have gas, you might consider switching to electric. Also, make sure that the range hood completely covers the stove top and effectively sucks out all the cooking smoke. If the hood is too small, quantities of smoke may escape into the kitchen and the rest of the house, creating hazardous conditions.

The bathroom is another place to check carefully. In most cases, you'll want to install grab bars both along the toilet and in the shower area. The toilet should be "comfort-height," slightly higher than ordinary toilets. The bathroom should have plenty of elbow room to move around in; if it's cluttered, you might want to move some things out. And pay attention to the floor; If the floor is made of slippery ceramic tile or marble, you should install small, textured, non-slip ceramic tiles, or some other surface that is not slippery when wet.

If the home has a staircase and the senior is incapable of safely mounting or descending the stairs, you will need to install a stair lift. For straight staircases, lifts are fairly simple devices; some can be easily removed and folded up for storage when not in use for long periods of time. A straight lift will cost around $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 and is easily installed. If you have a curved staircase, a stair lift will need to be custom built; this can cost from $ 7,000 to as much as $ 15,000, so if your budget is tight you may need to find alternative solutions.

Another consideration is interior doorways, especially if the senior uses a wheelchair or walker to get around. Some interior doorways may need to be widened. You'll need to talk with a building engineer to determine what modifications may or may not be possible. If too many doorways need widening or if it is structurally impossible to enlarge certain doorways, your home modification project may not be feasible.

Outside, you may need to install a ramp to the front door if you currently have stairs. The most important consideration is to blend the ramp in with landscaping; an obvious wheelchair ramp in front of a residence is a glaring indication that the occupant may be an easy target for crime. Think about a concrete ramp that blends in with the aesthetics of the house, or a wooden ramp that blends with a wooden deck around the front door. You may be able to "hide" a ramp in the garage or in the back of the house.

Modifying a home for a senior can be a big job, but if it allows the senior to continue living independently, the job can be well worth the expense.

How To Get A Guy To Fall In Love With You

Do you feel like fate has singled you out to be alone the rest of your life? Would you like to meet a guy and fall madly in love? If you don’t want to be single forever, do you know how to get a guy to fall in love with you?

When I was young it seemed simple to have lots of boys around. I thought they were all in love with me because it seemed they never wanted to go home. Now that I am older, I think I have a different picture of the situation. My Dad was a cowboy, he told great stories, and we had horses. Those boys might have been smiling and friendly, but I don’t think their visits were about me. They were in love with Dad.

Getting a guy to fall in love with you is more complicated that owning a horse. What will help you is understanding how to develop your personal attraction and magnetism. When you do, it will be easy. But if you are stuck thinking love will never happen for you, you need the following:

*Self assurance

Confidence is magnetizing. This is how you get who you want. Confidence starts with knowing you can take care of yourself wherever you are. Whether you need social skills, a career path, new friends, financial planning, or counseling to handle your emotional issues, help is out there for you if you ask for it.


Becoming a trust-worthy person starts with trusting yourself to do the right thing, no matter how difficult the situation. Do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Are your thoughts and words in alignment with your actions? The man you want will fall in love and stay in love if he can trust you.


Feminine women have great power. Men flock to them. True femininity has substance. An attractive woman cares about her spiritual center, her competency at what she does, and the quality of her friendships. She also cares about her appearance, takes care of her health, and stays fit from exercise.

*Words of endearment

Men like women who pay attention to them and pay them compliments. Sincere compliments will attract men to you like bears to honey. If you feel secure with a man, and have been dating him for a while, he will also like to hear terms of endearment like being called sweetie, sugar, darling, and baby.

*Larger purpose

Extremely attractive women know they are fulfilling a greater purpose and are serene about it. They have an inner-based spiritual center that is the foundation under everything they do. They have the kind of energy that calms people and everyone wants to be around them. Wherever they are, they make a contribution, just by their presence.


If you have the qualities mentioned above, and you know how to laugh, play, and enjoy yourself wherever you go, you are irresistible.


If you want to fall in love and stay in love, you need to take the steps to make that happen. If you don’t know how to get on track to do that, get yourself a coach.

When you do the above, you will know how to get a guy to fall in love with you. And you won’t even need a horse.

Fashion After 40

With so many designers and trends targeting the svelte body
of the twenty-something, is it possible to look fashionable
as the years pass and your body begin to tell the tale?


In fact, with a little ingenuity and sleigh-of-hand, it's
easy to be fashionable and stylish regardless of how many
candles are on your birthday cake.

Now let's be frank: unless you work out religiously, you
probably do not have the same body at 40, 50, or 60 that you
did at 25. Time, gravity, and pregnancy all take their toll
on the female body, as does menopause. And when you mix a
mature body with fashions obviously made for a younger
person, it can lead to self-doubt, frustration, and

But it does not have to be that way. Getting older also
means getting wiser, and like a fine bottle of wine, you're
improving with age. So you do not have the same body as
those twenty-somethings you see in magazines or on TV. So
what? Would you REALLY trade everything you've learned
Since your twenties for the body you had back then?
Probably no sooner than you'd like to re-live puberty,
thank you very much.

So how can you be fashionable without wearing all those
body-conscious clothes so en vogue these days? By
remembering the "3 C's" when you dress: clean, classic, and


Clean lines create a clean silhouette which makes the body
appear more youthful by skimming the trouble spots instead
of calling attention to them. Complicated cuts, seams, and
details usually call for a killer body to pull off, so if
you have not got it, steer clear of those styles.


Classic styles are called classic because they remain in
style year after year. Why? Because they look good on so
many bodies! Sheathes, A-line skirts, flat front pants –
all tend to flatter a variety of shapes. What's more,
because they remain in style year after year, classics are
easier on the budget than trends.


Covering approbably is the key to aging gracefully. If
your upper arms, thighs, and décolletage have all seen
better days, it's time to cover them up a bit instead of
sharing the wear-and-tear with the world. Now I'm not
talking about draping yourself in a tent for the rest of
your life. Far from it. I'm talking about wearing short
sleeves instead of going sleeveless, Capris instead of
shorts, and modest necklines instead of plunging necklines.

Now I know that covering up the parts that used to turn
heads and draw envy can be tough to take for some women.
Which is precisely why beautiful jewelry and fine fabrics
are the revenge tools of choice for many well-dressed
mature women.

So your bustline is not as perky as your twenty-something
daughter or granddaughter. So what? Add a beautiful
necklace and draw envious glances from women of all ages.
Do not have the same backside you did as a teen? Encase it
in a fine fabric and see how many men go out of the way to
hold the door open for you. People will look where you
focus their attention, so use that knowledge to redirect
their interest to the parts you want them to see.

Or, as actress Cybil Shepard once said, "I like to flaunt
what I have left. "

Do not flip through fashion magazines and bemoan the fact
that you do not look like the models. Instead, look at the
various fashion elements to determine what will and will not
work for you. Are printed scarves all the rage this year?
Grab a few and be trendy. Are mini skirts the style of
choice? Pass and bank your money.

See how easy this is?

"A woman has the age she deserves," Coco Chanel once said.
You do not have to go under cover and dress "like a little
old lady "just because that's what your mother or
grandmother did. You're your own person.

If you remember to dress in clean lines and classic styles
and cover appropriately, you can still be fashionable – AND
draw long, lingering glances from handsome men – whatever
your age. And if THAT does not make you feel like a
blushing girl again, then honey, nothing I can say will!