What Are the Odds? Finding a Mate After 40

I wonder who ever started the myth that women over 40 do not stand a chance in hell of finding a mate and marrying, whether for the first time or the 5th. It seems to me that there are loads of women over 40 who are not only extremely attractive, but also much more comfortable in their skin than their youngger counterparts. They're more confident, more compassionate and certainly more capable to love completely than they might have been in their earlier years. So why do such myths continue?

If I were given a magic lamp and offered the opportunity to 'go back' to any age I like, I would not go back to any of them. I like being where I am. I like the feeling of knowing who I am, and not having to subscribe to anyone else's version of who I 'should be'. I love the feeling of calm that comes over me when confronted by anyone who feels the need to 'get in my face' for whatever reason they feel compelled to pick a fight. Most of all, I love knowing that when push comes to shove, the one person in the world I KNOW I can count on is ME. It comes from living. It comes from settling in to my Self. It comes from having loved and lost and lived the heart-ache, even though at the time, I thought it would kill me. It did not. I'm still standing. And, truth be told, I'm a far better woman now than I ever was at 25 or 30 or 35. In fact, when I was 25, even though I THOUGHT I had the world in my hands and nothing could ever stop me From doing anything I wanted, I was a train wreck. Really. A train wreck. I was outwardly confident to the point of arrogance. I was ruthless in my honesty. I had very little, if any, patience. And I really thought I had my 'stuff' together. Sheesh. What I did not know was A LOT.

So now, here I am at what is most commonly called "Middle Aged". I have a lean, strong body. I have a few lines around my mouth. I have strong, useful hands that are as eager to soothe as they are to create. I have a wicked sense of humor and a heart of gold. I have friends who I've known since I was a train wreck, and they still love me. I have the freedom to be, do and have anything I choose, and I'm much better at the choices I make for the wisdom I've acquainted. What's more, I have vision beyond what my eyes can see. And that vision allows for truths that I could never have seen in my earlier years. So, with all that I have, and all that I know, why would it be impossible for me to find a mate, even at this age?

I believe there are 2 kinds of men in the world. Those that know who they are and those that pretend to be someone else. I've seen many a marriage torn apart after 20 years because he found someone younger. He'd leave his wife, who put him through college, bore his children and put up with his bull while he was working his way to the 'top', just so he could feel good about his virility or his waning good looks. He tossed it to the wind so he could marry the young little chickadee who made him 'feel like a man'. One friend in particular, who recently went through this agony, called me up one day to tell me that she was going in for plastic surgery and needed a ride to and from the Doc's office. This is a 41 year old women who could pass for 30 any day of the week, with a brilliant mind and a lovely heart.

Yet, because the knucklehead left her for a younger woman, she decided to 'get younger' herself and go under the knife. I did my best to talk her out of it. Kept saying, "Honey, just wait a little while longer. Wait until you're not feeling so devastated. But she would not hear of it. When, at last, I realized she was going through with it, whether I was there or not, I did what I did for all the people I love. I stand by her and stayed until she was able to get out of bed on her own and actually feed herself. It was a long, brutal 6 days and every time I heard her cry out, I wanted to kill the guy. But, of course, it was not really his fault. It was her all along. And she made the choice based on her own insecurities. Maybe he left her for reasons she did not even know about.

The men I've met who are not afraid of their mortality are the ones who would not dream of leaving their wives. They're the ones who see her for who she is, in all her aging glory, and love her even more. The ones who understand that her beauty goes far beyond what can be seen with human eyes. The ones who were there when she was a train wreck, and stayed for the party anyway. The ones who went through as many changes as she did but stuck it out because they made a promise. These are the very men who'd marry a woman over 40 and be grateful to have the chance. But, the question is, where are they?

They're with their wives, that's where. The reason women over 40 MAY have a bigger challenge marrying is NOT because she's over 40, it's because most of the men who would love to marry her are already married and would not think of leaving their beloved wives. The other men, the ones who left their wives for youngger women, are likely to be divorced again (because the young chickadee got tired of his 'old, tired self') and ran off with a younger man. So now the old man is divorced, his first wife has gotten on with her life, and he's the loser sitting in a bar looking for some lonely old woman who's 'settle' for less than she deserves. Problem is, that woman, the 'older woman', is wise to his ways and will not have any part of his nonsense. Stalemate.

These scenarios I describe are merely scenarios. There are probably lots of terrific guys out there who'd be honored to have (and appreciate) a woman over 40. And there are probably just as many women over 40 who would find those men delightful. The question is not whether or not women over 40 stand a chance in hell of marrying. The question is, does she KNOW how utterly valuable she is? Does she hold herself in high esteem? Does she know that she's a queen deserving of a prince who will adore her and lavish her in love? Does she know that for all she's lived, all her scars and lines and wrinkles, she's even more beautiful than she was when she was 25? It is this woman's observation that this is where the myth arises. And it's up to us to eradicate that myth. Women over 40 unite! Look in the mirror and sing your praise. You ARE so beautiful. And once you really feel that, you'll be as irresistible as you were the day you brushed on your first smudge of blush. Love YOURSELF. Then you'll see who shows up to treat you like the queen that you are.

Caring For a Pregnant Akita

Caring for an Akita bitch during pregnancy is basically commonsense. She should be watched carefully and made as comfortable and happy as possible. You should ensure that she has a dry bed, ample clean drinking water and regular feeds of good quality. For the first five weeks she will probably behave quite normally. She may have her “off” days. She may be extra hungry. She may display a slight change in temperament and be more careful how she carries herself, but so long as she is obviously healthy and happy, that is all that matters.

As soon as you suspect that she is pregnant, it is a good idea to contact your vet so he can enter the date of the expected birth in his diary and monitor the bitch’s progress. Akitas do not carry much water with their puppies, nevertheless a considerable amount of weight will have to be carried as the weeks progress. It is generally not advisable to give lots of extra food in the early weeks. Experience has taught us that overloading a bitch with food will put weight on her puppies, and she will also put on extra weight. This causes two problems. Firstly, she will not exercise so well, and so she will not be keeping her muscles toned up. Secondly, the puppies will be fat, which means they will be larger and will experience a more difficult passage down the birth canal. And when they are born, they will be fat and lazy.

It is far better to have an active mother and lean, vigorous puppies, who will fight to get to the teats to fill themselves with that all-important mother’s first milk. We have found the best policy is to feed a balanced diet with an increase in food after about five weeks. Naturally the future mum will be hungrier, but rest assured that whatever food you give to her she will pass on to her unborn babies before she takes it herself. She is a natural in parental care. Additives in the form of calcium and perhaps iron are a good idea, again after the five-week deadline. These days most foods are carefully balanced and numerous additives should not be needed. Indeed, the general view is that they can do more harm than good. But if the bitch suggests that she may have a deficiency, you should take her to the vet so that proper tests and analysis can be undertaken.

Akita bitches “hide” their puppies very well until at least five weeks, more often six. They may show no signs at all that they are pregnant, and this can be extremely annoying to the owners, who obviously want to know if they are to expect a litter so they can make the necessary preparations. Probably the best indication is a swelling of the bitch’s teats. From as early as three weeks these can “pop”, or enlarge slightly and become pinker in appearance. In our experience this is the only “sure” sign. Ultra-sound scanning can also give a definite diagnosis, but this is costly and sometimes the hair on the bitch’s side or underside has to be removed.

Your bitch may show signs of thickening in the rib or loin earlier, but it is most unlikely. Akita Inu bitches do not generally carry their babies across their loin like most breeds. They hide them under their ribs and then later “drop” them and carry them in the belly, rather like a cow carries its calf. Whether you observe positive signs or not, it is wise to contact your vet and book the expected date of birth into his diary so he will be available if necessary.

Seven weeks into the pregnancy, introduce the bitch to her whelping place. A suitably sized box should be prepared and the absolute minimum measurements for this would be about 4ft 6ins by 3ft. This will allow the bitch to lie fully stretched on her side. The box can certainly be larger, but not so big as to allow the puppies to crawl away from their mother and so get lost. Make sure the bitch is happy with the box and its position. After a few days she will welcome the peace, quiet and solitude of this area and so will accept it as the natural place when the time comes to give birth. If she is at all unhappy you must give in to her and make other arrangements. She probably has a good reason for not wanting things the way you do. So listen to her and adjust. She may accept the box, and then on the day of whelping, she changes her mind and wants to go somewhere else. Again, you must give in to her request. She may return to the box after she has had her first puppy, but let her decide. It is worth all the upheaval to have a happy, contented bitch who comes through her pregnancy successfully and delivers her puppies safely, without causing you – – or herself – – any undue anxiety.

Thinking Outside The Baby Shower Gift Box

Baby Showers are thrown to “shower gifts” upon the mother to be. Adding a baby to the family requires adding a lot of new inventory to the medicine cabinet and food pantry. It also means you have to fill dresser drawers and changing tables with the many supplies that will be used in the care of the new baby.

The new baby will likely receive all sorts of baby bottles and tiny little one piece outfits with cute pictures on them. There will be bottle upon bottle of lotions and soaps to keep the new arrival smelling fresh and sweet. Then there will be the tiny socks in the soft pastel colors to make those little baby feet nice and warm.

Stop just for a moment, if you will, and think about mom. While I am sure that mom will be 100% grateful for all of the above-mentioned shower gifts, these gifts are technically for the baby and not for mom. It is time to think outside of the baby shower box and remember mom.

Mom’s bath time will now be cut by 80% (note: not a scientifically proven number) with the new addition so how about helping her enjoy that little time she does have by giving her a bath set of her own. She would love to have some bath salts and oils for the tub. When she gets out of the tub she would relish being able to enjoy some fresh body lotion that was in her favorite scent. Oh, that most comfortable feeling she could have being wrapped in a plush soft new bath towel after her relaxing bath.

Adult only time will be a precious commodity that will have a 97.8% reduction after the arrival of the new baby (note: once again not a scientifically proven number). You could be the one that helps the new mom enjoy this time the most by giving her a gift of a new set of wine glasses or cocktail glasses.

Kitchen help would also be a wonderful gift for the new mom. More than likely the time mom has to spend in the kitchen will not be reduced. In fact, there is a good chance that mom will have to spend and even greater amount of time in the kitchen. Why don’t you be the one to help her here? There are many outstanding baby shower gifts that could make kitchen time a breeze. A well-made cutlery set could save mom time and energy. There are a plethora of small kitchen appliances that can make mom’s life easier. Coffee makers, food processors, blenders, kitchen tool sets. The ideas are almost limitless

I have supplied you with some unscientific numbers just to prove another fact that very well may be scientifically backed up. 1000% is the increase in enjoyment that the new mom will get from baby shower gifts that are for her to enjoy in her new, limited mommy time. I don’t want you to forget about getting things for the baby but I do want you to also remember mom.

Please make sure you think outside of the baby shower gift box!

17 Hot and Sexy Love Notes to Send Your Man

A love note doesn’t have to be sweet and romantic, although those are certainly fun to give and get. But a sexy, mouthwatering little secret love note can be just the ticket to inflame and excite your husband or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day or any time.

You can let the things that you love about your man be your guide as you write your first sexy secret love notes. For example, write a note that says, “You look incredibly hot in these jeans. How can I possibly resist putting my hands on you when you’re wearing them? Or not wearing them…” and leave it tucked into the pocket of his favorite jeans.

You can use one of the ones below or let these inspire you to pen your own delicious declarations and sexy invitations. Be as naughty or as nice as you like!

  1. I might forget the score of the big game, but I’ll never forget the hot and sexy action you and I got into after all our guests left. Here’s to more… scoring, baby.
  2. I find you to be absolutely mouthwatering.
  3. Thank you for the incredible bath and massage last night. I can’t decide whether it’s more exciting to get dirty or clean with you!
  4. You make me feel warm and wet in all the right places.
  5. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you and I make love; I still want to do it with you again. Here’s to another 10 years of fabulous sex.
  6. Are you ready to feel me wrapped around you again tonight?
  7. I’m a little sore, but I can’t seem to wipe the incredibly satisfied smile off my face today.
  8. Let’s meet at our favorite restaurant tonight. After that, I can be dessert.
  9. I have several places I would like to have lightly bitten. Know anyone who could handle that for me?
  10. How fast can you get me out of my clothes? I’ll help.
  11. I completely forgot to wear any underwear today.
  12. Would you like to see me on my knees, mouth open, ready and waiting? Meet me in the bedroom at 10:30 pm.
  13. My hands are so warm and I wonder if you have something I could… play with?
  14. I’ve been quite naughty. What are you going to do about it?
  15. I can’t stop thinking about the hungry way you were looking at me last night at the office party. Still hungry?
  16. The way you kiss me on the back of my neck makes me want to take all my clothes off.
  17. After the kids are in bed tonight, I have an ache I need you satisfy.

6 Tips for Buying a New Baby Pram

Babies love strollers. If you are a parent, you can’t skip buying this great equipment for your lovely baby. Since there are lots of baby prams or strollers out there, finding the best one can be a bit challenging for you. However, with a little research, you can find the best baby prams. With the 6 tips given below, the buying process will become easier for you.

Overall Budget

Prams are available for any budget. For instance, umbrella strollers are for you if you can afford to spend a good deal of money. However, if you buy second-hand, you won’t have to spend as much. So, you have to have a clear idea of how much you can shell out for the product before you set out to buy one.

The Ease of Use

Often, you have to buy strollers that can be folded without any problem. After folding them, you can put them in the back of your car. Therefore, you should look for a pram that you can slide into your car with ease. As a matter of fact, convenience is the number one factor that you should consider when investing in a baby stroller.

Match Stroller to Local Terrain

Ideally, you need a pram that can be used on crowded streets as well as on streets. However, if you reside in a rural area or if you love hiking with your baby, you should get a stroller that can work well on gravel and dirt roads. Buying the best stroller based on your environment is a great idea. On the other hand, if you live in an urban area, we suggest that you look for an umbrella stroller.

Look for a Pram That Can be Folded

Some baby prams feature a one-hand fold. This feature is great. It allows you to fold and unfold the product in the blink of an eye. So, you can put in or take out the pram out of your car without any problem.

Consider a Double Stroller

Most strollers are inexpensive. Some are sturdy and spacious enough to accommodate 5-year-olds as well. If you have more kids, we suggest that you look for a double stroller. The additional seat may keep your shopping bags or backpacks.

The Language of Strollers

Before you buy the best stroller, make sure you understand the language of different strollers. For a start, you can visit a local store and take a look at strollers in the aisles. However, if you understand the difference between different types of baby prams, you can easily find out which one may work for you based on your needs.


Although you may get overwhelmed by the tons of baby prams in a store, you can find the best one with a bit of research. Once you have considered all your options and determined the best pram type based on your budget, lifestyle and family size, you can find the best one in your price range. Just make sure you don’t make the price your only deciding factor.

How to Select an Agility Tunnel

Okay, so you’ve decided you want to do some agility training with your dog. That’s great! You’ve seen some competitions, know you need some dog agility equipment, and decide to go to the pet store looking for some of the standard training items such as a tunnel. When you get there what you find is there are a lot of options to choose from but you really have no idea which one would suit you and Fido best. Not so great.

Well fortunately, here is some information that can help. This is the information you need to know how to select an agility tunnel.

Tunnels come in several different types. The basic selection for competition comes in 10 ft, 12 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft lengths. They can be 4 inch pitch or 6 inch pitch. The Pitch refers to the amount of space between the metal that structures the tunnel inside. It can be heat sealed or sewed. Sewed is better for a hot climate like Az. The rip stop industrial strength fabric is very durable. The sun can actually make a heat sealed one fall apart after a while.

Various Agility venues have different requirements for the pitch. AKC, and USDAA, for instance requires 4 inch pitch. The pitch lends durability, stability, and weight to a tunnel. The heaviest weight may be required when hundreds of dogs are running through one, but for your own training needs at home to practice, a 6 inch pitch will usually work just fine. It really depends on your level of competition and the wishes of your trainer for you and your dog.

All sizes of tunnels are used on an agility course. You need longer ones to do a U or L shaped tunnel. You also may bend them underneath other pieces of contact equipment like an A frame or dog walk to teach the dog to discriminate between two obstacles. Most dogs find tunnels really tempting, so it is a distraction of sorts.

There are also collapsed tunnels or they are also referred to as Chutes. These are attached to a barrel and clamped on to form a flat or collapsed tunnel which is usually more challenging for the dog and it also takes longer to get through. You should never leave a chute unattended in your back yard as a dog can get tangled in one and there may be dire results of injury or worse. It is only to be used with handler supervision. Most dogs like these with practice.

If a person is in a puppy class or has a young dog and they want to do some back yard fun training, a practice tunnel made of light weight nylon type material is available for this type of activity. It is less expensive and easy to transport or store.

In order to stabilize your tunnel, you should ideally have tunnel weights or fasteners that look like straps on both ends and possibly the middle to keep it from moving or pitching when a fast dog runs through it. Milk jugs filled with sand and a rope or cord may have the same effect if you don’t want to immediately purchase tunnel bags, but that is what they are designed for-to keep your tunnel stable.

Tunnels can be a multitude of colors. You can mix and match and have fun making your course colorful.

Now a trip to the pet store to purchase dog agility training equipment won’t be so overwhelming since you know how to select an agility tunnel.

Some Infant Formulas Contain Omega 3

Are you aware that Omega 3 DHA is being added in the infant foods? Top experts recommend the addition of both, omega 3 DHA as well as omega 6 AA in the infant foods. This recommendation came from a group representing 11 different countries. Although breastfeeding feeding is considered to be the best, but if due to any reason, it is not possible, then supplements containing omega 3 DHA and omega 6 AA are the best options.

Omega 3, DHA falls in the polyunsaturated fatty acid group. It is considered to be a good fat. Omega 3 fatty acid in the diet is very important for the proper development of a child's brain. Did you know that DHA accounts 97% of the omega 3 fats in the brain which is 60% fat?

The infant food should contain between.2 to.5% of the omega 3, DHA fatty acids and it should also contain AA at an equivalent percentage to the DHA level. Omega 3 is also present as an additional ingredient in baby food.

Getting enough omega 3 in the baby's diet is not only important for the development of its brain, it is also important for the baby's eyes and nervous system. An expecting mother should consume sufficient omega 3 in the form of supplements or otherwise while she is pregnant. Third trimester is the right time to do so. That is when the baby's brain is developing the most.

AA, or arachidonic acid is relatively easy to consume. It is readily available in our daily diet. AA can be obtained from meat, eggs and milk. It is reliably easy for a pregnant woman to get sufficient AA in her diet, but getting enough DHA omega 3 is much more difficult. DHA is found in oily cold water fish. Most of the people in the US do not really like fish so there is a lack of getting enough in their diet.

A lactating mother can pass on these vital nutrients to her breast fed baby, if she eats a proper diet. In case the baby is bottle fed, then these nutrients have to be added externally. Adding omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to a baby's formula has made it a lot closer to being just like breast milk.

Researchees have shown that babies getting enough omega 3 in their diet performed better in the cognitive tests, they also slept better and were not nearly as restless as babies fed formula without omega 3.

As soon as you find out that you are going to have a baby, be sure to add cold water oily fish to your diet. If you are unable to eat fish, then you can take fish oil supplements, or flax seed oil. Make sure your flax seed oil supplements are in a dark colored bottle to keep them away from light.

If you are pregnant, getting enough omega 3 could reduce your chances of premature birth.You will also know that you are doing what you think is best for your new baby. Getting them started out in life the best you can.

Cradle Song And Their Origin

A cradle song, or lullaby is a sweet and soothing piece of music, which is sung or played to little ones to lull them to sleep. These lullabies are often used to pass down cultural values and tradition. In addition, the cradle songs are also beneficial in developing communication skills and maintaining infants’ undivided attention. Cradle song is often repetitive as it is a sleep aid for infants and easy for moms to sing.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is a popular English cradle song. The lullaby was first published in 1806 in “Rhymes for the Nursery, a collection of poems” by Taylor and his sister Ann. It is often sung to the tune of Ah! vous dirai-je, maman, a French melody. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” English lyrics have five stanzas, but only the first is widely known and sung across the globe.

Rock-a-bye Baby

“Rock-a-bye Baby” is one of the well-known lullabies. Various theories have been related to the origin of this song. One of the theories identifies a song as a first rhyme written on American song, by an English immigrant, who observed how the native-American women rocked their little ones in birch-bark cradles, which were tied to tree branches.

One of the theories suggests that the song refers to events immediately preceding the Glorious Revolution. The “baby” is referred to be the son of James VII and II. “Wind” in the lyrics is said to be the Protestant coming from Netherlands bringing James’ nephew and son-in-law William of Orange, who would throw out King James II in the revolution. The “cradle” is said to be a resident of the royal family. The earliest recorded version of a song in print appeared with a footnote, “This may serve as a warning to the Proud and Ambitious, who climb so high that they generally fall at last”.

In England, the local legend relates the rhyme to a local character, Betty Kenny (Kate Kenyon), who was surviving with her charcoal-burner husband, Luke and their eight kids in a huge yew tree, where a hollowed-out bough served as a cradle.

Hush Little Baby

“Hush Little Baby” is a traditional cradle song for infants, sung by moms to lull their little ones to sleep. An author and date of this folk song is unknown. It is believed that it was written in the Southern United States. Simple and sweet lyrics in the rhyme promises all kinds of rewards to the kids if he or she is quiet.

Visiting Disney World With A Baby? It Can Be Magical!

My initial thought… this is crazy!

When my son and daughter-in-law told me they were taking my grandson, age 10 months, to Disney World, I wisely held my tongue. But I thought to myself that this was would be a waste of money — not to mention a little bit crazy! There was no way the baby would remember anything of the trip. And I had seen enough crying or soundly sleeping infants during our own trips there over the years to “know” what was ahead of them. But I also knew that my son, who was stationed in Alabama, had vacation time he had to use up. And there really wasn’t much for them to do with a baby where they lived. So I supposed it would be a welcome diversion for the two adults, but I hoped they weren’t expecting too much for the baby.

Well, was I ever wrong!

Things that Worked For Them

During the trip and afterward, they called us with all the details about what a wonderful time they were all having. Now admittedly, the trip was a LOT easier for them because they were able to drive. Flying with a baby and all the essentials that they require can be difficult and complicated. Driving also made it easier for them to work around the baby’s schedule, rather than a flight schedule. And having a car can make going to and from the parks more manageable as well. So I’m sure that had a big part to play in the relative ease of their vacation.

Another big consideration was staying at a hotel on the Disney property. With or without your own car, it can be less of a hassle to get back to the hotel for afternoon naps or pool time if the hotel is in close proximity of the parks. The room also had a fridge — a must for storing baby formula and opened jars of baby food. It also helped that they went in late September. Since it was no longer the peak season, prices were lower. Smaller lines meant less time waiting with the baby; plus they were able to take in more of the rides, which is not always easy when you have a little one along. And thankfully, although still very warm, the extreme heat of the summer was over.

Lessons Learned

One of the few “mistakes” they made was to not schedule a day off mid-week just to relax around the hotel and enjoy the pool. They were so exhausted by the end of their stay, they decided to stay a day longer just to do that before driving home. (Their big advice here was to be sure you bring or buy baby “floaties” for the pool).

There were a few other things they learned they had to do differently when touring Disney with a baby. First of all, you’ve got to take it a lot slower. When it was just the two of them, they were able to get an early start to get to the parks. But when working around a baby’s schedule, it often meant leaving a lot later than they would have preferred. On the other hand, they were fortunate in that they didn’t need to come back to the hotel during the day. Because they brought their own stroller, which was a lot more comfortable for their son, he was able to simply nap there. Plus he often fell asleep in some of the “dark” rides.

Although they visited the Animal Kingdom, they said later that they should have skipped that. There wasn’t much there for a baby his age. And for that reason, they did not even try to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They discovered that when you go to Disney World with kids, it’s all about the kids and what they can and want to do. They were able to go on some “adult” rides, but it was difficult to try to “schedule” them while he was napping. For the most part, the “baby swap” worked well. But it was sometimes difficult to handle the baby alone. Fortunately, the lines were not long, and this was another plus of going off-season. And Fastpasses helped keep the wait short as well.

Positive Experiences (For the Most Part)

Even though there was not much for babies at the Studios or Animal Kingdom, there was more than enough at the other two parks to entertain a baby for days. Even though their son was very young, there were plenty of rides he thoroughly enjoyed: “The Magic Carpets of Aladdin”, “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, the “Mad Tea Party” spinning teacups, the carousel, and the train. “Pirates of the Caribbean” was another favorite — especially the little “dip” at the beginning. And in Epcot, he particularly loved “Journey into Imagination with Figment”.

But he didn’t care for “Peter Pan’s Flight”, which makes sense, since you have to look down to see what’s going on: there’s very little to see at a baby’s eye level. And Ellen’s Universe of Energy in Epcot was too long to keep his interest. It really was a matter of trial and error to pick rides he would enjoy.

As far as the essentials, it turned out the baby stations were a real plus. More than just a changing area, they had everything you could possibly need for an infant: areas to breastfeed complete with rocking chairs, high chairs, changing tables, bathrooms for adults, a play area for toddlers, and even water available from a cooler. Plus you could purchase any supplies you might have forgotten or run out of such as diapers, food, formula and juice. The only downside was that they were not always centrally located or convenient to get to.

The Characters

For the most part, meeting the characters turned out to be a positive experience. He was already familiar with some of them from watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. So he took right away to Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald. But he wasn’t too sure about Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore, until they ate at the Crystal Palace character meal. This turned out to be their favorite meal, both due to the experience and the really excellent food.. And after mingling with the group from the Hundred Acre Wood there, he loved those characters as well. The only characters that scared him were Lilo and Stitch, because he had never watched them on TV. (And personally, I think they’re kind of scary anyway)! But in spite of that, it was felt that all the characters really knew how to handle kids… even young babies.

The Food — a Big Part of Any Disney World Trip

Speaking of restaurants, Chef Mickey’s (a favorite character meal for our family for many years), turned out to be a disappointment. Mickey didn’t walk around as he had in previous years — you could only have a picture taken with him (expensive); and the food was not as good as what they had in the past. My son and daughter-in-law also tried a couple of adult-oriented restaurants with some success. There were no problems with bringing a baby along. Menu items suitable for babies were available, although they still fed him his baby food too. But restaurant favorites included macaroni and cheese, turkey, bread, and especially the vanilla ice cream at Ghirardelli’s!

Going to Disney World With A Baby? Why Not!

So it turns out, there’s plenty for a baby to do, enjoy, and experience by going to Disney World. The pictures we saw later from their trip showed a baby whose expressions ranged from awe to absolute joy. And as my son and daughter-in-law went on and on about their trip during their weekly phone call home, I knew it wouldn’t matter that their son would never remember his first visit to Disney World — because the parents would never forget it.

Has Your Baby Seen a Chiropractor Yet?

The earlier you start chiropractic adjustments the better off you will be for the rest of your life. When babies are born, passing through the birth canal can be a traumatic event for the body. Doctors and nurses can add to it by pulling and pushing in order to get the baby fully into the new world. It is very easy for the spine or other adjoining bones to slip slightly out of alignment.

This brand new little spine – aligned or not – is what that child will have to grow from. Our Spine and the nerves housed in and around are our life-line to our brain. It is responsible for every system and organ, every conscious and automatic action. When in alignment it all works perfectly. But putting a kink in the line slows or stops electrical impulse, leading to problems. Sometimes a baby who constantly cries or fusses is not just a fussy baby, they are legitimately uncomfortable due to a misalignment.

Babies can be adjusted as early as the first day of life. Though it is a good idea for all newly arrived children, here are some symptoms you may notice which are signs that they could benefit from an adjustment:

Future dental work can be avoided by your new baby visiting a chiropractor. They can adjust the roof and palate of the mouth allowing teeth their very best shot at coming in straight.

Arching of the back – Babies natural shape is an adaptable flexible body position which allows them to hug tight to their mother. If your baby seems stiff or keeps arching, it may be a sign of pain or tension.

Trouble breastfeeding – If your baby is having trouble latching on comfortably or can only tilt their head to one side an adjustment can help increase the range of motion.

Colic – Though there is no known accepted medical cause, often times an adjustment will help them feel better overall and ease the body’s tension and sooth them to stop crying.

Tilted head – If your baby has a tilt to their head or rotation it can indicate restricted neck movement. This can also contribute to flat spots on the head. Seeing a Chiropractor should help unlock a full range of motion.

Constipation / Diarrhea / Sick to the Stomach – Possible ileocecal valve that needs to be adjusted. If it is stuck open, these are exactly the symptoms it will cause.