My Baby Can Read! Discover the Secret, and Teach Your Baby to Read

I am always astonished by our ability to gain new knowledge and insight into everything we study. Around 9 months ago I came across one of those great advances in early learning and child development to date, and because of this advancement, my baby can read. If you have ever wanted to teach your baby to read sooner than later please read our story.

It all started when my wife asked me how we could give our children any extra advantage before they get into school. So I started looking around at every early learning system I could find and before long we found Your Baby Can Read!

My son Jonathon now has the ability to understand the written word using a breakthrough system developed by Dr Robert Titzer. Titzer is recognized as being an expert infant researcher along with being a great professor and educator.

He has extensively researched infant learning and development, he acquired a Ph.D. in Human Performance at Indiana University. His research on reading during infant and toddler years has really captured the interest of educators, researchers, parents, government agencies, and the media worldwide.

His approach is real straightforward; it is primarily a program that teachers children to recognize words by 'sight'. There has been some opposition because it does not teach children to read in the full sense of the word. Rather it teaches them to recognize immediately a number of words.

Your child will be using visual clues such as the shape of the word, and some other aspects of letter configuration, ie an initial letter, an unusual ending, to identify the word instantly. This is a program that trains children to recognize words instantly and it does that very well, my baby can read so well we can not wait to get started soon with our daughter.

I have been astonished by the results, it's unbelievable that my baby can read at only 12 months old. My wife and I have been applying these techniques for the last 9 months and could not be more impressed. You'll want to understand a few things before starting a program of this caliber.

My baby can read because the program was introduced a little earlier than recommended, children as young as 12 months is what Dr Titzer suggests. Understand that you will be introducing your child to formal instruction 3-4 years before this has traditionally been done.

When following a program like "Your baby can read!" you are devoting time to structured repetitive learning, and this could be replacing other forms of learning. I'm encourage any parent who is considering using this program or any early learning system, to ask themselves two simple questions:

What other things would I stop doing while I use this program? What would be the impact of the loss of this other activity?

Other then the two concerns I expressed, if you do choose to use this method to accelerate your child's learning do remember that they are still children. Please, do not forget to do all the other necessary and progressive steps essential to a child's development, this method works great but needs to be used with other proven techniques, (many of which are covered).

Nutritional Supplements Become Important to Baby Boomers

As the first of the baby boomers have now passed the once normal retirement age of sixty-five, the oldest of this huge segment of the population has entered the design of senior citizens. Many are not leaving work just yet, however. The economy and extended life spans have caused many baby boomers and those older than the boomers to continue to keep their spots on the work force of the nation or even go out and find a minimal job after having once retired. Continuing to work means having to maintain good health and activity which makes a larger market for nutritional supplements.

The middle and younger baby boomers have long been interested in health and nutrition. Fitness centers are extremely popular as people try to maintain their health. The value of taking vitamins has been touted for decades, and today nutritional supplements come in many different forms. Nutritional supplements have become an important part of the regiment for much of the population as they realize that these products may be beneficial in their quest and desire for longevity.

Baby boomers, even as infants, have always had a large impact on buying habits and have made some companies extremely successful. Now it is the turn of the nutritional supplement businesses to cash in on the baby boomers.

With such a multiple of supplement products available in the market place, there is huge competition for sales. While many are successfully sold in retail outlets, it will be difficult for new and smaller companies to make it in stores. Therefore, many nutritional supplements are sold through network marketing. The owners of these companies have come to realize that they are able to control a significant market share by signing up distributors who become their customers who are committed to the product largely because of the promise of substantial earnings which may be possible.

This huge market is growing due largely to the baby boomers who are buying these products. Many of the network marketing companies which sell nutritional supplements are becoming hugely successful. This does give baby boomers and others the opportunity to find success in network marketing within the nutritional supplement arena.

Baby boomers and everyone else are shopping on Amazon. Many products which are touted as being only sold through network marketing are now available on Amazon. If someone is interested in the products but not the business, they now have a way to secure them. Amazon has become a market for all kinds of products.

Sudoku – 7 Easy Steps to Win Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku puzzles have become all the rage now. They are quick time fillers when you're waiting for a bus or taking a break at work.

And even better this type of game may help to keep your brain healthy. Boomers are always on the lookout for fun games to exercise those brain cells. Sudoku fills the bill.

But Sudoku puzzles are fun for anyone at any age. Here is an simple strategy to win easy type of sudoku puzzles.

1. The object of Sudoku is to fill in the missing numbers and there is only one correct place for each number in each row either across or up / down.

2. Start with the upper left block of 9 squares. Always work with just one block of 9 squares to fill in missing numbers.

3. Decide on the number you want to fill in. It may be best to look for the lowest number missing and go up as needed. In this example we'll use number 1 as the first missing number. Look across and down in all 6 rows for number 1. If you find 1 anywhere in any row, then eliminate that square (or those squares) as a possible choice for number 1.

4. After doing this with all 6 rows, if only one square remains as possible in that block of 9 then put number 1 in that square. This is the main point of this strategy . You are looking for numbers that have only one possible choice of squares to fill in that block of 9. This is done by the process of elimination. Remember there is only one correct square for each number.

5. If, after checking all 6 rows across and up / down, there are 2 or more possible choices for number 1 then skip that number for now. You must reduce the number of squares that number 1 can be placed in to only one possible square. You do that by checking all 6 rows for that number and eliminating squares in rows that already have number 1. You will go back later and fill in any numbers you had to skip.

6. Repeat steps in this block for each missing number. Then proceed to the block below (or next) to this block in the sudoku puzzle . Repeat steps.

7. As more blocks are filled in you can go back and fill in the squares you had to skip. You'll find it much easier to fill in now.

This simple strategy will help you complete easy Sudoku puzzles …. have fun!

Part Two: Taking Care of Your Health

The more I converse with people the more I understand that you really need to take an active role in your healthcare. We all assume that the Doctor we choose knows exactly what is going on with our health issues and knows best how to keep us in tip-top shape. I have not met anyone yet who will give me the thumbs up in this category. We need to be pro-active in what our physical, mental and emotional body needs. Part one deal with attitude adjustments and in this I will attempt to guide you in a direction to decipher some of the physical needs.

A good honest rapport with your doctor is a must. If you have a doctor you fear or will not work with your choices of care such as nutritional supplements and / or chiropractic, you may consider the need to change doctors. Some do not believe in what supplements can do, yet behind the scenes they use them for themselves and their families. You can also agree to disagree and keep them to do your blood work and perform the necessary tests to help guide your success in this aging process.

The place to begin this treasure hunt of health is with your blood work. Mid Life offers a great deal of change in all aspects of your life. Finding out your baseline in all areas of body function will guide you in the necessary changes you need to make concern diet, exercise, meds or supplements and whatever therapies would be beneficial for optimum aging performance.

What do I mean by baselines?

For bones: Dexa Scan

Colon: Colonoscopy

For Women: Mammogram and Pap smear

Blood Work: on top of the usual add C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, Fibrinogen, and HGBA1C, Also a complete hormone panel that includes DHEA

Teeth; Complete dental assessment

Eyes: Complete exam and check for Cataracts, Macular Degeneration


It would be really great if you have been health conscious all along but whether you have or not the above is really a great way to determine where you are now and what is necessary for quality of life for the next chapter of your anti-aging process . Knowing is half the battle and no matter how hard you try denial does not do a positive thing for you. You need to give yourself permission to take care of yourself as well as you do others in your life. Start removing negative things from your life whether it is food, friends, stuff or inactivity. Get excited about yourself. Dress for living! Wear all those clothes that you know look good in but only save for special occasions. Today you are special and wait no longer. Make better choices of people you want around you, foods that will taste good and offer your body a helping hand. Do not be afraid to take an active role in yourself. Do not wait for it to be asked of you or to be in trouble before you find out you need to alter your lifestyle. Get quiet, self evaluate and do not think you're above needing changes. There is always something you could improve on. Aging does funky things to everyone and knowledge along with action is the only things that can keep your changes to a minimum. In the process of aging, ignorance is not bliss. See you for Part 3 or head over to for more right now!

Retirement Planning – Is Long-Term Care Insurance Necessary For Baby Boomers?

Many people think wealth creation is what enables people to retire with confidence. In reality, what makes people confident in retirement is knowledge they have planned well for life's contingencies. Until you have an adequate plan for inflation, healthcare expenses, life expectancy, etc. etc. you can not really assess how much wealth you really need.

Long-Term Care Insurance is a difficult contingency to plan for because it's expensive, you are never sure if you will need it and in final analysis it may not make sense to own it.

Long-Term Care Insurance is for individuals who have lost their ability to live independently. This could be due to a disability or a prolonged illness (mental or physical). The insurance covers people that need help to carry out the six activities of daily living, which are dressing, bathing, toileting, pollution, transferring (move from place to place) and eating. Typically you need to lose the ability to perform two of these six before coverage starts.

The average cost of a nursing home is $ 70,000 – $ 80,000 per year . Since it is so expensive, everyone should consider long-term care insurance as part of the retirement planning process. That is not to say everyone should buy it.

Here are three reasons to consider long-term care insurance:

Protect your assets: With this insurance you can avoid having to depend on other family members for your physical and financial well-being.

Medicare is not a solution: The cost of long-term care (without insurance) can wipe out your net worth in a hurry. Medicare is not allowed to be a long-term solution. Medicaid is an option but you only qualify for Medicaid once your assets dwindle to almost zero.

Act before health problems surface: The best time to buy long-term care is in your late 50's or very early 60's before premiums get too high or health problems keep you from qualifying.

Before you commit consider these statistics:

Sixty-Six percent of people will never enter a nursing home facility. There is a good chance you will never need the insurance you paid for.

Only nine percent of the people that enter a nursing home will stay more than five years. You need to determine if you think you can self fund this expense.

Eighty-Eight percent of the people entering a nursing home are at least 70 years old. Once someone enters a facility, only twenty-five percent return home.

If you draw conclusions from the above statistics you would conclude that you will probably never enter a home. If you do it will be after age 70, but your stay will be less than five years and it is illegally you will return home. It would be reasonable to assume that self-funding would cost $ 250,000 in today's dollars and you could expect that figure to double in the next 10-15 years.

If you have a high net worth (greater than $ 1 million) you should consider self-funding. Once you are in a nursing home your expenses drop considerably in most categories. If you have a spouse you need to consider their ongoing expenses as well. All this needs to be weighed against premiums of $ 1,000- $ 2,000 per year depending on your age.

When you consider long-term insurance be sure you understand how long coverage lasts, how much money is paid per day and will that amount increase with inflation. Make sure the insurance company is solid (preferably AAA rated) and understand if the coverage is for more than nursing home care. Know how long you have to wait to receive coverage and are the paid premiums refundable at death if you did not use that amount as benefits.

Any decision with this many variables is difficult. This is a personal decision based on your own unique situation. If you spend time adequate time evaluating your options you will most likely make a smart, informed decision for your family … Good Luck.

Baby Boomers Are Retiring, Unhealthy and Broke, But It Does not Have To Be That Way

Ok. I've got to share. I'm writing this article because I have discovered a company, a product, and a simple plan that can help you stay or become healthy, and at the same time make you some serious money.

Many of you are like me, a member of the Baby Boom generation. There's a lot of hoopla over the fact that not only are we terribly unhealthy, but we have just entered the era of our retirement.

Many of us are either at retirement age, or being forced out of our means of employment, but we still need to supplement our income, if we even have an income.

With downsizing, rightsizing and capsizing, many of us have been left out in the cold by the very companies we thought would take care of us after we worked for them for 30+ years.

When we should be at the beginning of our 'Golden Years', some of us are beginning to look for new employment. We're wondering if we will ever be able to slow down and actually enjoy any semblance of retirement.

I live in a part of the country where generations of families worked for textile mills. Those mills have since shut down and moved their business off-shore. Now what do these people do? Many have turned to fast-food restaurants and work for minimum wages. That's fine if what you want is another JOB, but there is another option.

There are those of us who have worried ourselves sick over being unable to meet the bills every month. Too much month at the end of the money. Trust me, I've been there.
For Some Of Us I Have a Solution

Baby Boomers have been know to 'fix it' when it comes to challenges. I have found a way to 'fix' my health concerns and lack of finances.

Within the last three years I have totally changed professions. Now I am a Network Marketer and I really believe in this industry.

Yeah, I know I just lost some of you. So be it. Closed doors sometimes must be opened forcefully. Opening that door takes being open to new information, but the people I'm writing for already understand that and are seeking a way out.

Unfortunately many of us have been left with a bad taste in our mouths due to some unwitting Network Marketer who botched a presentation, or maybe we joined a disreputable company, lost a lot of money and vowed 'never again'.

Many reasons keep us from exploring the profession and I am here to tell you outright, that is a big mistake. Find the right company and you can achieve all of your dreams. Even those that have been put on hold.

My goal with my articles is to provide anyone who needs it, the opportunity to 'catch up' with their retirement goals and be able to retire comfortably within 5 years. It is possible if we apply certain techniques.

Network Marketing is not for everyone, by far, but if you think it is for you I seriously urge you to at least check it out. Like I said, I'm writing to Boomers, but this is for anyone who wants to better his or her self.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. Hope you're having a prosperous life.

If this article interests you Email Me Now . You are about to discover a way to possibly rescue your retirement. Click on the link in the resource box and see what I have found. It works for me.

Pre-Boomers Are in a Dangerous Financial Position

We are the recent retirees, or are soon to be. So pre-boomers are most vulnerable to the taxes, fees and extra costs the federal, state and local governments plan to impose on us. Few of us have pension plans that will allow us to live exactly as we did while working, but we thought there was enough money for us to live comfortably in the years ahead.

Included in many retirement portfolios are IRAs, the values of which have declined significantly in the past year, at the age of 70 and a half withdraws become mandatory and are taxed as regular income. Couple this with lousy interest rates on savings and the specter of inflation looming over us, and there’s little reason for those born between 1930 and 1945 to feel comfortable about our financial situations.

We are on fixed incomes or dependent on returns from conservative investments and can’t go back into the workplace to earn more money, making pre-boomers vulnerable to a variety of outside influences. Besides the depressed financial markets, there are a multitude of unforeseen costs that will bite into our nest eggs. Due to government intervention or outright takeovers, there are potential new taxes that will that will likely make the things we use cost more. We hear and read about the escalating national debt without knowing how we are going to eventually balance the budget.

Blaming the federal government is easy, but it’s just part of the story. As you read this state and local governments are scheming to find ways to pick your pockets, too. In Los Angeles, California, where I live, we are faced with massive deficits at both the state and city level. Our much publicized system of placing propositions before the voters, rather than leaving it to elected represents, has resulted in the citizens calling for added programs and services without raising taxes.

So, we end up approving propositions that call for the spending money we don’t have; and the legislators can’t stop it, even if they wanted to. Either we have a representative government where those who we elect are supposed to listen to their constituents and are responsible for the way they vote, or we have a direct democracy and relegate elected officials to the role of implementing the will of the people, with the door being opened for special interest groups to hijack the election process. What appears to be a way of keeping politicians under control and getting important issues before the public leaves no one in control and eliminates true checks and balances.

Let’s face it any individual, or business, or government (at every level) that spends more than it takes in is in trouble; so income must be increased and/or what’s going out must be reduced. Americans are smart enough to know this, why can’t we get the politicians to embrace this simple concept? Maybe our voices have not been loud enough or often enough to drive home the point that we can’t spend our way back to good financial health. Please let your elected representatives know how you feel, and keep telling them until they act; because we pre-boomers are caught in the middle and no one seems to care.

Unusual Baby Names – Finding a Unique Baby Name

Naming a baby is generally a landmark ceremony for the parents and the society. A person under normal circumstances retains his or her name throughout the life time. The name gives an identity to the person. It distinguishes a person from another.

Choosing a baby name is influenced by various factors such as religion, culture, and region etc. It also depends on the preference of the parents. Some parents keep the religious, cultural, or regional flavors intact by choosing the common names unique to their culture, religion, etc. On other occasions, parents may want to give their babies a name which is unique. Of late, this trend has caught up with the parents and they are using more and more unique and unheard of names for their babies. Like many other aspects of life, unusual names too have their advantages and disadvantages. Unusual names are sometimes difficult to remember. But at the same time, they provide a unique identity to the individual. Common and popular names are easy to remember. But they too have their disadvantages. They can sometimes create confusions.

Like normal baby names, unusual baby names too differ from country to country and region to region. A name which is unusual for an American parent may be quite common in India. Similarly, a name which is unusual for the Japanese may be a house hold name in a country like Hungary. For example, Yuri is a common male baby name in the erstwhile Soviet Union, but it can be regarded as an unusual name in a country like India. Parents have the option of choosing a name which do not belong to the top 300 or top 500 common names, or they may prefer a name which is unique. Hollywood celebrities have popularized the trend of giving their babies unique names.

The interesting fact about unusual baby names is that they do not remain unique or unusual for long. Over a period or time, they too have the danger of becoming a common name if more and more parents use them. Some of the parents still stick to the traditional naming methods, whereas, some other parents prefer unique names for their babies. The decision is entirely dependent on the preference of the parents.

You Really Want A Baby Boy or A Baby Girl

Society has such strong opinions as to what gender baby you should have. In most cultures a boy is highly revered because it carries on the family name. In other cultures a girl is more of a gift because of their helpful abilities and “lobola” possibilities presented when they get married. Consequently, so much pressure is put on women to birth either a boy or a girl, depending on cultural stigma. Many women resort to extreme measures to get the desired result.

No matter what you try, the gender of the baby is merely a result of chance. It could go either way, male or female. It is interesting to note that it is the male sperm that determines the gender of the baby. The male carries both the X and Y chromosomes which are the female and male chromosomes, whereas the female only carries the X chromosomes which are the female chromosomes. The female body has no control over this process; it is purely the sperm cell that fertilises the egg which determines the gender.

There are so many old wives tales that give women false information about how she can influence the gender of the baby. Many of these tales involve eating certain fruits or vegetables, whilst others reference to taking certain supplements and others tell you what type of actions you should take. In reality, none of these tales will have any influence on the gender of the baby.

There have been certain advances in medical technology that are able to affect the gender of the baby, but these trials are not accepted by many institutions across the world. In most countries gender manipulation is illegal and cannot be practiced. If you consider undergoing IVF fertility treatments and you think that this might be your chance to get what you want, you would be wrong. The fertility doctor will advise you that the purpose of IVF is only to fertilise the egg and to implant it in the uterus. Any type of gene manipulation is not allowed and is illegal in most countries. IVF is a treatment that can help certain infertile couples with conceiving a child if they weren’t able to do so naturally. It is a method that has been advanced in the medical field to help couples with creating their own family. Considering all that such couples go through, they are hugely appreciative of receiving either a boy or a girl.

Do not let society and culture make you feel inadequate about the baby’s gender. Enjoy the little one and love them all the same.