The Baby Boomer Refrain: They’re Really Going to Miss Us When We’re Gone

American Business, say goodbye to the Baby Boomer generation as we begin our march into retirement. Yes, you are lightening your payrolls as higher paid workers leave. But, a lot of hard-to-replace knowledge and expertise also is walking out of your door. The generations that follow will be very different from what you have seen. You will not be replacing like with like. You will be getting people with very different mentalities and perspectives on life and career. So, how do the generations differ in the workplace?

THE BOOMER GENERATION (Born 1946 – 1964)

Boomers are distinctly different from the younger generations. Work is a special activity for this group. Many “live to work” versus other generations who “work to live.” Money and title are affirmations of both their accomplishments and their value to the company. However, the paradox is that while they see title and rank as affirmation of their own value, they don’t necessarily respect the title, but rather evaluate the person behind the title. You must earn the respect of a Boomer. Respect is not ascribed by position.

Because of the importance of work to this group, many are described as workaholics and their work ethic is strong. Being part of a team and being a team player is important. Boomers are involved, focused on quality, and are looking for fulfillment – a lot of which is provided by the job. Boomers are driven to accomplish, but don’t micro-manage these people unless you want a very disgruntled worker. Also, don’t ignore their accomplishments or their need to be valued.

GENERATION “X” (Born 1965 – 1980)

Generation “X” is very different in style and perspective compared to Boomers. Let’s start with a very clear difference. Talk to a Boomer about a project or task and they will interpret this as an order that needs to get executed immediately. However Gen “X” will interpret the same conversation as an observation about something that needs to get done, but not necessarily in an immediate time frame. You see, Gen “X” demand the freedom to determine when, how, and where an assigned task is completed. As a group they are very self-reliant, but are open to direction and they do want some structure in the workplace. Having said that, they very much want to do things their way, forget the rules. Providing this freedom is important if you want to retain these workers.

They are very intolerant of bureaucracy which they see as an impediment that gets in the way of their freedom. This group considers the workplace as just a job versus the Boomers focus on “Live to work.” The other important thing is how they respond and are motivated by rewards. For a Boomer, a reward provided at any point is welcome. Not so for Gen “Xers.” For Gen “X” rewards for a job well done must be immediate. Delayed rewards are confusing and do not work as well. As a group, Gen “X” is much more laid-back in respect to Boomers. Fun and informality is important. Gen “Xers” are looking for new skills and experiences and will change jobs if their employer does not offer these or if the job gets stale.

GENERATION “Y” (Born 1981 – 2000)

This is the newest generation entering the workforce and man, are they different from what you are used to. This generation grew up with everything electronic and they are wired. Preferred communication channels for this generation are e-mails and instant messaging. This group is comprised of multi-taskers with one hand on a keyboard or I-Pad and the other on a Smartphone.

At work, this group is described as very tenacious, goal-oriented and entrepreneurial. However, unlike the Boomers who “live to work,” Gen “Y” believes that work is just a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. They are motivated by meaningful work, but don’t try to give them tasks that are “make work” or trivial, because this will only turn them off. How does this group like to be recognized and rewarded: When they want it and immediately. Delayed rewards do not work. Everything in their world is instant and immediate. They are described as loyal, technologically savvy, socially responsible, and oriented towards work-life balance.


The reality is, if you are an employer, there is no best. There are only differences. But here’s the point: All of the policies and reward structures that have been in place for so long have been directed to the characteristics of the Boomer generation. As Boomers head for the exits, many of these policies will no longer work and you will need to adapt to the new reality if you want to maintain a happy and productive workplace. “Live to work” is leaving the building!

Why ‘Baby Boomer’ Women Can’t Afford to Retire And Tips To Bounce Back

A shocking report in the Los Angeles Times showed that single women are at the greatest risk of living in poverty. Why? This is due because of lower wages, more spending and only bringing in a single paycheck. Many of us Baby Boomer women have to dramatically downsize our lives as we grow older. Instead of basking in retirement, many of us cannot even mutter the word ‘retirement’ let alone think of it. Instead, many of us have to work three jobs to stay afloat. But why?

Boomers Spend, Baby, Spend

‘The American Dream’ portrays the idea that having more is equated with being more. The bigger the house, the bigger the car and the bigger the shoe collection is correlated with being higher on the socio-economic ladder. Susan Sterne of the Economic Analysis Association notes that, “The consumer spree arose because consumers between 35 and 44 spend about 20% more than average consumers. Those between 45 and 54 spend about 30% more. Put these two age groups together and you have 40% of US households. This same group is responsible for half of the nation’s spending”.

Breadwinning Women?

In the past, many ‘Baby Boomer’ women in their relationships had no direct control of their finances. I know that I fell victim to indirectly to this same feat. It was not that we did not care; we were just not educated in managing and budgeting our capitol. Many of us feel and act uncomfortable around the topic of money. We (and I find myself guilty of this) wish that there was a man to come to the rescue and save the day.

What Rainy Day?

Hmmmm. What to do? Do you buy a new pair of Cheetah print Sling-backs or put an extra $100 in savings? (My closet has the tell tale signs of my shoe addiction.) Instead of saving for retirement, Boomers have spent their lives ‘living in the now’. Unfortunately, many of us have not saved enough to support our lifestyle leaving us in debt.

A recent Los Angeles Times article reported that, “Ellen Tucker Emerson cut short her nursing career to help raise her children, but money was never a worry. “He bought me furs and jewelry. We stayed at the best hotels.” Once her marriage was over, her financial life looked very different. Instead of taking glamorous trips, she sweats bullets to pay her bills. At age 51, Ellen wonders how she will get by in retirement

Bounce Back and Bounce Better

Regardless of your age or situation, the time to take action is today! It’s NEVER too late. It has been gratifying to see that even if you have had a rocky financial road, you can make a change anytime you decide. Trust me, I know. I had $88,000 of corporate credit card debt as the result of losing my marriage and business the same year. In four years I paid off my debt and moved from a pool house to a lovely home.

As a life coach, it has been extremely rewarding to me to see women in their 60’s make successful career changes. You are never too old to take control of your life!


o Get Real

If your financial goals and needs are fuzzy, you will never be able to get ahead. Take a month and track all of your expenses and your income. If credit cards have been a problem, take a month and just use cash for your expenses. It is astonishing how cash will wake you up. When it’s gone it’s gone. I have found it helpful to put cash in separate envelopes. Groceries, gas, entertainment, medical, etc.

o Write Down Your Goals

Seeing is believing. When you write down your goals, you are first acknowledging the situation, the first step to a turnaround. By putting your goals on paper, you are creating your plan of action and that you will achieve.

o Do Not Let Fear or Shame Stop You

Many women feel ashamed of being in tight financial situations. Remember there is strength in numbers, so take refuge with a friend. Many times, money problems are more strenuous and difficult to talk about than relationship problems. Step up and get out, seek the help you need. Just speaking to another woman can help you get back to enjoying your life.

o Get Help

Seeking Financial Assistance will help to alleviate the problem. By speaking to experts who are trained in this field of expertise, they will be able to give you hands on information and support to steer you in the right direction. The NABBW has many superb resources. You will learn there are other ‘Boomers’ just like you dealing with the same issues.

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The Secret to Optimal Baby Boomer Health and Wellness – A Healthy Endocrine System

The first “Boomers” will turn 65 in 2011, and according to a report published by the American Hospital Association, more than 37 million Boomers – six out of 10 – will be managing more than one chronic condition by 2030. In addition, by the year 2030:

1) 14 million Boomers will be living with diabetes – that’s one out of every four Boomers.

2) Almost half of the Boomers will live with arthritis and that number escalates to just over 26 million in 2020.

3) More than one out of three Boomers – over 21 million – will be considered obese.

These statistics are alarming, but is there anything that can be done to avert this medical crisis? Many experts believe that there is a solution and that the answer lies in the improved health of our endocrine system.

Our bodies have two ways of controlling our body tissues. One way is through the nervous system with its neural pathways. The other way of controlling body tissues is through the endocrine system. Our endocrine system is an information signal system much like the nervous system. Whilst our nervous system uses nerves to conduct information, our endocrine system uses our vascular system to carry sex hormone and non-sex hormone agents to the 50 trillion cells in our body.

Our endocrine systems comprise a network of glands that produce more than fifty different known hormones to maintain and regulate basic bodily functions. Hormones are chemical messengers – this is the way our bodies communicate at a cellular level. The main function of our endocrine system and its hormone messengers is to maintain homeostasis (a stable internal environment in the body) and to promote permanent structural changes.

The most important part of our endocrine system is the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, or the HPA axis as it is referred to commonly. HPA axis dysfunction has been shown to lead to conditions such as abdominal obesity, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, mild depression and anxiety, anorexia, poor sleep patterns, bone mineral loss, high lipids, loss of lean muscle mass, altered cognitive performance and decreased sexual behavior. The list goes on.

According to Donald R. Yance, an expert on the subject, “The disruption of the HPA axis is often central to most health problems, syndromes, diseases, and even aging itself.”

When we are young, the communication between cells is excellent and our bodies operate at optimum efficiency. However, as we get older, our endocrine system falters and the system becomes less responsive to the needs of our body. Our body’s cells begin to function less and less efficiently as we age and our normal bodily functions begin to falter. The end result of this progressive dysfunction is the “disease of aging” and ultimately death.

Ninety percent of all adult illness is due to the degenerative processes of aging. This includes heart disease, most cancers, adult-onset diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, autoimmune disease, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s.

“Aging is characterized by a general decline in most physiologic functions, and in particular, by a decreased capacity to maintain homeostasis during episodes of stress. These changes are believed to reflect the accumulation of damage to cells and tissues resulting from a variety of toxic factors, either produced endogenously during normal growth and metabolism, or derived from the environment. Normal function and survival are dependent on the cell’s ability to resist or adapt to such stress and to repair or replace damaged molecules. The need to enhance adaptation is critical,” says Yance.

One of the ways we can help our bodies cope with such stress is to supplement with a powerful adaptogen. An adaptogen is a natural herb product that increases the body’s resistance to stresses such as trauma, anxiety and bodily fatigue. They normalize the HPA axis. Adaptogenic herbs are unique from other substances in their ability to improve balance of endocrine hormones and the immune system, and they help the body to maintain optimal homeostasis.

“If we can improve cellular signaling as we age, we will be able to better support our cells, tissues and organs. If our cells are healthy, we will be healthy. Restoring balance to the HPA axis and supplementing with a powerful antioxidant and bio-energetic nutrients is the key to cellular rejuvenation and restoration,” comments Dr. Tim Chapman of Murrieta, CA.

The key to optimal health is balancing the HPA axis and by doing so we are effectively harmonizing the entire endocrine system. When this occurs, our bodies begin to balance and produce hormones at more youthful levels. This leads to improved cellular signaling, homeostatic balance is reinstated and cell receptor site sensitivity is improved.

The combination of improved cellular signaling and a powerful antioxidant will result in improved cellular rejuvenation and our bodies will be able to operate with improved efficiency. In this manner we are able to support the age-reversing process at a cellular level that ultimately translates to an improvement in longevity, vitality, health and wellness.

“Once the human body is in a state of homeostasis it has the potential to heal just about anything, especially those age-related diseases and illnesses that are confronting the Baby Boomers,” says Dr. Chapman.

The Best of the Best Anti Aging Products For Aging Baby Boomers

Aging baby boomers are determined to fight the aging process. They spend millions of dollars a year on what they perceive as the best anti aging products money can buy. They are being very short sighted in their quest for youth. Just as a well maintained car eventually breaks down, our bodies do the same. Aging is a chronic and ongoing condition we all face.

Successful aging requires planning. The baby boomer generation has made it loud and clear that they want to remain in their homes and communities as they age. Yet they ignore the most important factor that will help them achieve the goal to age successfully at home.

The home environment most boomers reside in was built for the young family. A young body can run the stairs, stand at the sink and get on a stool to reach things. These are activities that become difficult or even impossible for some as they age. Falls are the number one robber of independence of the aging body. Yes, all the exercise, good nutrition and Botox cannot help one from falling and breaking a bone.

Eventually the body slows down and being mobile can be an issue. It becomes hard to get into the bathroom. Many aging seniors stop taking baths because of a fear of falling. No matter how hard we want to stay young or we will our bodies to maintain a youthful appearance, eventually we will slow down.

So what is the best investment for successful aging at home? It is simple. Adjust your present living environment to meet the needs of your aging body. Many aging seniors end up in nursing homes or assisted living because their home environment could not accommodate their needs.

More on Investment for Successful Aging. The Best Anti Aging Products for Aging Baby Boomers.

There are simple things we do now that we take for granted. Turning a door knob or reaching for the light switch are functions that can become difficult as we age. By making small changes in your present environment, over time, you can make your home livable for your future needs.

If you are going to plan any remodeling or home improvements, it is important to seek the advice of a certified aging in place specialist. These are individuals that utilize the basics of universal design house plans to meet the needs of everyone: the disabled, the aging and the young. They will assist you in making the right choices for your needs.

There are eight factors to keep in mind when you are considering making changes to your home. I will cover four of them here.

Safety is the first and foremost concern as we age. You cannot prevent accidents from occurring, but you can create an environment that will decrease the chances of one occurring. The concept of universal design considers this in every area of the home from the entrance way to the bathroom and kitchen.

Mobility is a factor as we age. Some will require walkers or a cane; others may require a wheelchair for mobility. Getting in and out of the home is always a priority that does not change as we age. How we get in and out of the house does become a problem.

Mobility in the house is also a factor one must consider when considering remaining in the home as you age. Using stairs, using the bathroom for toileting and personal care, cooking and preparing food can become difficult as we age. Addressing the home environment and making changes using universal design concepts will assure successful aging in place.

Bathroom accessibility is a key factor. For many, as we age we will require other assistance from a care giver with our personal care needs. Safety and accessibility to allow one to be as independent as possible is the goal for this room of the house. Simple changes such as grab bars, hand held shower heads and scald guards on the faucets are benefits the entire family can enjoy.

Yes, aging baby boomers, the best anti aging products to invest in are the products and changes to your home that will promote independence, safety and security for you as you age. Unlike most anti aging products these products work and are a key for successful aging.

Active Living Communities Hold Great Benefits For Baby Boomer Seniors

When its time to retire, where would you rather spend your golden years? In one of those nursing homes like the ones that you always hated to visit when you were a kid and had to go see grandma; or in one of the new breed of active living communities for today’s modern seniors?

If you are like the millions of baby boomers just starting the retirement part of their lives, then you surely answered that you would prefer one of the senior retirement communities for active adults. You have spent most of your life being active and there is no reason why you should have to stop now.

Many of these new retirement communities are centered around a particular sport like golf. Trilogy Homes are usually like this, with a big golf course in the middle of them. But there are some that are centered around activities like horseback riding and the stables are the centerpoint of the communities.

Others like the ones that Del Webb builds feature a variety of activities so that pretty much no matter what you enjoy doing, you can find it at one of their developments.

The active adults communities are often gated and provide 24 hour a day security. This feature alone has convinced many people to move to one of these retirement villages because then they have an added level of protection in their homes.

Because of the security features at these places, many of the residents are able to relax completely and feel safe in their communities. Not that everybody moved there from dangerous neighborhoods, but it is nice to know that you are basically living in a small town. And you have your own onsite private security force to help make sure that your small retirement town stays nice and safe for you.

This is an advantage that not everyone enjoys anymore, to be able to go out for a stroll around the village at night without having to worry that you will run into any problems while you are simply out taking your walk. In the long run, it’s probably almost impossible to stay completely safe anywhere, but the fact you have an extra layer of folks watching out for your in your retirement village can bring a lot of extra peace and happiness.

Retirement used to spell the end of things for a lot of people, and now it does not. What it really means these days is that if you move to one of these active living communities, you are really beginning a whole new chapter in your life. And that is fantastic benefit.

Baby Boomers and the At-Home Business

Baby boomers have a lot of life and business experience to bring to whatever we do these days. We’ve already had jobs and careers, we’ve raised families-and let’s not forget all of the hard work we did changing people’s expectations about what’s possible for women and minorities!

Now, many Boomers are entering a period of our lives where we’re questioning what we might want to do next. We know that job security went the way of the dodo many years ago, and that corporations are no more loyal to us than we should be to them. The financial services industry has failed us, and many of us think that our government is failing us, too.

At any rate, Boomers are well aware that we aren’t going to have the luxury of guaranteed pensions to draw from as we enter the next years of our lives.

And all of this is where starting a home business comes in. Depending on the kind of home business Boomers choose, we can have the freedom we’ve been dying to trade our corporate jobs to have. At the same time, we become the ones responsible for our own success. We don’t have to worry whether or not our jobs will be history tomorrow, because we’ve become the boss!

That said, you’ve found this article because you’re probably a member of the Baby Boom generation and you’re at least interested in checking out home businesses. With that in mind, here’s a rundown on the kinds of home businesses you can own:

  • Franchises. There are home franchises out there that cost far less money to start than opening a brick-and-mortar franchise, and some of them will still give you the freedom to set your own schedule instead of being on your customers’ schedules. But be careful-one kind of home franchise, commercial cleaning franchises, are well-known for having a lot of questionable business practices.
  • You can also do service work from home-everything from sewing to opening a childcare center. If you’re a Boomer woman who has chosen homemaking and being a mother as your career, you may want to think about this opportunity. You’re going to have some up-front costs in terms of getting licensing if you work with children or with food, but the fun and profit you can earn may well be worth it!
  • Do you do arts and crafts? Have your friends sworn they’ve purchased items that were half as good as what you’re doing in your spare time? Boomers are lucky-we have the Internet, and you can use the Internet to open up your own Etsy store to turn your hobby into a business.
  • In fact, you can own a lot of different kinds of Internet businesses without having to leave the comfort of your home! Boomers have expertise, and we can sell that expertise online in the form of everything from instructional videos to e-books. But that’s not the only kind of Internet business that Boomers can do. You may choose to market a company’s product through an affiliate relationship or direct marketing, for example. And the best part is an Internet business is among the least expensive businesses you can start!
  • Finally, if you love people and are passionate about a certain product line, you can go into old-style network marketing-demonstration parties and selling products person-to-person. And these days you can even do network marketing online and reach out to huge markets!

The point here is that we Baby Boomers have a wealth of experience to bring to our own businesses. At the same time, creating at least a second income stream has never been more important than it is today.

If you’re one of my fellow Baby Boomers, don’t let today’s economy get you down. After all, we’ve seen recessions before, haven’t we? But if you’re creative and willing to put some consistent effort into it, a home business will at least give you a second stream of income-and at best, it will free you from an uncertain corporate job and give you the freedom you’ve been craving. I know-I have an at-home business, and I’m having the time of my life!

A Speed Reading Tip For Baby Boomers

It is no secret that baby boomers are growing older. Many of them are now seniors or soon will become seniors. These baby boomers are looking for ways to maintain their mental health as they grow older. In this article, I will describe how speed reading can help them accomplish this goal and much, much more.

If you are interested in staying mentally fit as you grow older, then you need to read the Baltimore and Seattle Longitudinal Study On Aging. Let me share with you some of the important information contained within these studies. The individuals in these studies were all octogenarians, seniors aged 80 years or older. What was revealed by these studies is quite important for anyone wanting to stay mentally fit as they age.

The study found that individuals who continued to read maintained a higher level of mental acuity than their coach potato friends. It appears that the brain works a lot like a muscle. At least in the sense that it is a use it or lose it part of our body. People who continue to read, and learn new things as they grow older are less like to exhibit many of the problems associated with aging. These individuals had a lower incidence of dementia, and Alzheimer’s then those who sit in a chair and watched television. Let me explain why this happened.

It is believed that the extra stimulation that came from reading and learning helped their aging brains to form new connections. Although you are continually losing brain cells as you age, you can offset the effects of this loss by creating new connections. That was precisely what reading was doing for these octogenarians. And it gets even better.

Apparently, starting to read at this age also helped to keep the brain’s functionally longer and better. This is good news for people who haven’t pushed themselves to using their brains for many years. Some of the effects were reversible. Simply starting a vigorous program that included reading helped to keep their brain’s functioning at a much higher level than seniors who simply sat and did nothing.

While reading appeared to be one of the main ways for keeping the brain young, it was also discovered that some card games also helped. Games like Pinochle and Bridge were found to help preserve mental acuity as well. The researchers believed that the memory needed to effectively play these games helped to stimulate the brain and kept it functioning at a higher level.

If you are a baby boomer, or are friends with a baby boomer, you will want to share the information contained within this article. Knowing that something as simple as reading a book, or playing card games that utilize memory can help keep the brain functioning as you age, can be a true life savior for those who want to live life to its fullest as they grow older.

A Baby Boomer’s Thoughts on Turning 60

When my first Australian Government superannuation payment arrived, I commented to my daughter that it wasn’t all that bad being ‘middle-aged’. She laughed and said, ‘Dad, you’re not middle aged … nobody lives ’til 118!’

She was right. We laughed and I remembered that I’m actually somewhere near, or in, the Eighth Age of Erik Erikson’s ‘Eight Ages of Man’. Noted German psychologist Erikson said in the Eighth Age – Late Adulthood:

… as older adults we can often look back on our lives with happiness and are content, feeling fulfilled with a deep sense that life has meaning and we’ve made a contribution to life, a feeling Erikson calls integrity. Our strength comes from a wisdom that the world is very large and we now have a detached concern for the whole of life, accepting death as the completion of life.

Well Erik, I have news for you … I’m not ready to go yet. I have far too much unfinished business. That’s right, as I’ve lived I’ve discovered that there is more to life than paying your mortgage payments, educating your kids and working for someone you don’t necessarily like, doing an unfulfilling job. There’s a whole world out there to discover and now I have the time and resources to discover it. To me, 60 is just a number … like 20, 35, 80. Who cares about what number you are? It’s what lies within that matters. While people talk of ‘not feeling 60’, we have no idea about what it ‘feels’ like to be a number any more than we know what it feels like to be dead. I feel as good now as ever. Better in fact. I’ve resolved some of life’s challenges and unravelled a few mysteries, I’ve got a long line of successes, a healthy bank balance, and some very close, life-long friends including my wife. My life is more wonderful today than it has ever been because I’m free; free from worries, from narcissism (I don’t care that I don’t look like Tom Cruise), I don’t give a rat’s bootlace what others think, or feel insecure and concerned that I might die and leave young children.

Today I have few regrets and don’t mind having a touch of arthritis in my fingers and legs, or that my hair is greying and thinning and that it takes me a little longer to do things. These are a small price to pay. I still play squash and go to the gymnasium … I enjoy every day and make the most of it. As some wise person said, ‘It’s not the years in your life that matter, it’s the life in your years’.

Every day I live with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the wonderful life I’ve had. Every new day is a bonus. If I die this afternoon, I’ll still have had a wonderful life.

If you’re turning 60 soon, remember Richter’s words that, … life becomes more bright the longer we live and the reason of everything appears more clear; what has puzzled us before seems less mysterious and the crooked paths look straighter as we approach the end.

Copyright Robin Henry 2007 | Published March 2007

Network Marketing and the Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers is a term given to the generation of people that were born between the years 1946 and 1964 – a rise in births immediately following the return of the soldiers from World War II. The needs of that generation have produced some interesting trends starting 63 years ago. Trends that might be of value to someone interested in network marketing.

In 1928 the Gerber Baby Food Company was started. Twenty years later sales had gone from 1 million cans per week to 2 million cans per day. In 1948 the company slogan became “Babies are our business … our only business.”

In the 1950s Schwinn Bicycle sales spiked. Hula Hoop became a household name. Mr. Potato Head, Slinky, Erector Sets, Rin Tin Tin and Lassie all became common names in every household.

In the 1960s the baby boomers became of age to drive. You guessed it, the Ford Mustang rolled out on the floor. Fast cars were the craze of the day and “GTO” by Ronny and the Daytonas was a popular car song among the teenagers.

In the 1970s disco dance became popular. Mini skirts and platform shoes were seen everywhere. The baby boomers were making their mark on the world. Drugs and “free love” was a discussion brought on by parents who objected to their use. As the baby boomers began to have children of their own, Pampers, Binky and Hot Wheels started coming off the shelves.

In the 1980s the baby boomers began to become more affluent. They had been in the workforce now for a period of time and incomes were rising. Rise in incomes created a desire for nicer homes and thus we have the housing boom of the 80s. People had money to invest and so the stock market began its rise.

The demand for more and more products created a need to go overseas to purchase items and thus we see the introduction of Toyota, Datsun, Panasonic, Sony and others. The market became more global because of that need. Baby boomers were needing more room for their children in the vehicles and so we see the need for the Minivan. Dodge introduced the Dodge Caravan in 1983.

In the 1990s we see the growth of the world wide web. Microsoft got its start and soon provided the operating system for most of the world’s computers. Technological advances allowed for worldwide communications and so mobile phones are introduced and by the late 90s the mobile phone was in almost every household. Network marketing reached maturity in the late 90s. Corporate America had started downsizing and job security began to fade. The need for a home based business became a reality and network marketing was here to stay. The IRS now recognizes that network marketers are independent contractors.

The 2000s are upon us and indeed almost over and have crated a “need of its own” for the baby boomers. The boomers are aging and beginning to retire. This creates more needs and greater opportunities for business that can be filled in network marketing. What is in the minds of the baby boomers? Number one – they want to feel good. Age has caught up to them and they want something to help with that.

We have certainly seen a surge in health and wellness products, Diabetes and other health issues are prevalent and so you see a rise in health and wellness establishments. Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies are on every corner or at least is seems that way. Advertising on TV is all about feeling or looking better. Network marketing has jumped all over that market and has been promoting health and wellness products for over 15 years. Donald Trump is even getting into the health and wellness business. Because of all of these products and an active lifestyle, people are now living longer.

Number two – people want to look good. Once again age has caught up to the boomers and they are seeing wrinkles and crows feet appear and their waste lines increase. If you go into Walgreens or CVS you see that a good portion of the store is set aside for beauty aids and weight loss. Network marketing has jumped all over that market as well.

Number three – people are retiring and want to travel. The boomers have earned their money and want to spend it on things that they like to do. Travel is one of those things. The world today has such easy access. Airlines make it easy to get to any part of the world in a reasonable amount of time. Families are spread out all over the world and so a need for parents to travel to visit them.

Beaches and mountain tops and golf courses and amusement parks are very enticing to people who are retired or will soon be retiring. The travel agencies in all the malls are gone now and replaced with the internet. Anyone can book online. Network marketing has not established itself that well in the travel industry. The opportunity is there and a few companies are beginning to jump on board. With the 8 trillion dollar industry out there to capture a part of, home based travel is poised to be one the best opportunities for a home based business.

Number four – many people who are at the age of retirement and younger are not financially able to retire. We live in a world of instant gratification and many have spent their resources. The need for these retirees to supplement their income is there. What better way to do that than to have a home based travel business where they can enjoy the benefits of both an income and travel.

It is this writer’s opinion that the home based travel business is the best opportunity today in network marketing. All the other network marketing opportunities combined pale in comparison to the 8 trillion dollar travel business that is there to be developed by those with an entrepreneur spirit. The travel business is expected to double in the next 10 years and someone has to be there to fill that need.

Baby Boomer Dating, Honesty Brings Better Dates

It’s quite a powerful feeling when you first sign up to a baby boomer dating service online. You get to decide who you are as far as the internet is concerned. If you want to say you are 6 foot 3 when you are really 5 foot 2 or weighing 110 when you really are 175 is very tempting if you think it is better to be less than truthful.

Well, that would be a big mistake.

If you wanted to lie about stuff like that, get a blog and post anything you want. But if what you are looking for is someone to go on a date with, someone to invite into your life in a real way, it is very important to be truthful when you are writing out your profile.

When you join an online dating service, you are looking for someone who will like you or even grow to love you, for who you are. And in order for this to happen, at some point you two will have to meet. And if you have not been exactly forthcoming in how you look or what you like in life, you are going to run into an issue of credibility.

As in, the other person thinking that if you are willing to lie about something so simple, what else are you going to be lying about. And this is why it is so important to be truthful when writing the online dating profile, so that is easy to be truthful when you go out on a date.

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to fill your profile with all kinds of weird stuff about yourself, like you enjoy having salami, sardine and strawberry jam sandwiches on toasted rye bread.

You want to tell the potential dating world about yourself in the best possible way. Got a few extra pounds, OK, click that button on your profile. Do you smoke on occasion? Make sure you include that as well. Do you burp uncontrollably in church? Probably better to leave that one out.

Fill your profile with good things about you. The things that others might be looking for in a dating partner. When you actually get to the step where you are going out on a date, then you can figure out what to other things to reveal about yourself.

But if you tell the truth about yourself in a good way in your profile and resist the temptation to lie, you will find that the people who you get matched with on the senior dating site will suit you much better and you will have a much better time on your dates.