Baby Boomers Embracing Senior Sexuality – Discovering the Dating Game and Sex Over 50

Is there sex beyond our fifties? You bet there is!

Sexuality for single baby boomers is full of surprises! Stick around, and you will see!

We came from the rocking era, of sex, drugs and rock and roll, and now we are embracing the future, with a new set of rules.

While, for most of you, the music has changed and the only drugs you reach for now, are for your aching muscles.

But sex and relationships are running full steam ahead!

Are you a Baby Boomer, entering into a new relationship?

Have you concerns about taking the next step?

Wondering what the next step is?

The next step is enjoying and experimenting with your sexuality, with hardly any rules!

Sex is so different from when we were in our twenties and thirties, and most of us did not have a clue what we were doing. As we have matured our sexual freedom has blossomed. We have learned to unleash sexual inhibitions, and enjoy sex more than ever.

Finding myself single again, a question had kept popping into my head.

Was it the right thing to be doing? To sleep with someone in my fifties? Were we not meant to hang up our "sexual" fantasies, and be more worried about our health care and paying the bills, instead of exploring our sexual freedom and sexy undies?

I do not think so!

Relationships, love and sex, do not just disappear as the years go by.

After all, we are human, and we still desire touching, closeness and intimacy. And yes, we can still enjoy great sex, however unappealing the idea might be to our children and grandchildren!

When we look towards the future, we think that sex and falling in love in our fifties, sixties and seventies, will cease to exist as the wrinkles appear and our bodies add those few extra pounds (or more).

The fact of life is, we are NOT DEAD! We are very much alive and kicking! Bursting with all the needs, desires and passions of years ago (probably even more!)

The rules have changed. We no longer have to be married to enjoy sexual pleasure. Many Baby Boomers may never marry again, but can enjoy a sexual relationship with a partner.

Explore the amazing benefits of a sexually satisfied relationship!

Baby Boomer Skin Care – 5 Tips For A Glowing Skin

Baby boomers, who are now in their middle age, have developed a passion for looking young. This is reflected in commercials, especially those that target women, which maintain that it is possible to maintain a youthful skin irrespective of your age.

Vanity could be the reason for a baby boomers passion for youthful skin; however, it can not be denied that baby boomers consider working toward a youthful skin worthy of their time, energy, and money. Another goal of baby boomers is to maintain physical fitness. They want to be fit and beautiful because they are traits of youth.

Just as baby boomers have enhanced their awareness of coronary disorders, cancers, and other medical disorders that come with age, they should also inform themselves of the changes in lifestyle that can make their skin remain in a healthy condition and serve them well throughout their life .

Usually, we do not bother about our skin. We take it for granted simply because it can take care of itself and heal itself of minor ailments. Not many of us ever bother to think that the skin is the largest, most vital organ of our bodies and that it deserves our care and love just as much as the other parts of our body do.

Of all the organs of the body, the skin receives the toughest treatment. But tough though the skin may be, it can become wrinkled, dry, and susceptible to a number of skin disorders. Here are some skin care tips for baby boomers:

1. Protect your skin from extremes of temperature. Extreme heat or cold can dry the skin and can age the skin faster.

2. Be cautious about exposing your skin to the sun. Getting a tan will make you look beautiful for a short time; however, the long-term results are not that great.

3. Do not use a harsh soap to clean your skin, and dont 'scrub your skin too hard. You must maintain cleanliness; at the same time, you must bear in mind the fact that being too aggressive with skin can destroy it utterly by stripping it of its natural lubrication and the natural cleaning agents that it releases.

4. Quit smoking because it destroys your skin. Just observe the skin of a person who has been smoking throughout his or her life. The wrinkles and the damage suffered by the skin should be enough to make you decide to toss your cigarettes out of the window.

Skin care is just as important as tooth care or the care of any other part of your body. To take adequate care of your skin, you need a dose of common sense and good habits. If you brush your teeth, you will damage them; similarly, if you wash and clean your skin too much, you will damage it. Taking care of the skin is a lifestyle issue; in other words, it should be incorporated into your life.

5. Use coconut oil every night because it will make your skin smooth and healthy. Moreover, massaging your skin with coconut oil can be a very pleasing experience. Take a diet rich with vitamin A. Include plenty of carrot juice, fruits, and vegetables into your diet.

If you follow these simple tips, you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful, and youthful skin throughout life. Baby boomers can reap the benefits of a lifetime of regular skin care as they move into the evening of their lives.

Retiring Baby Boomers May Want to Become Locum Tenens

Baby Boomers are continuing to age, many will be considering retirement within the next few years. With this large segment of the workforce leaving there will be many industries that will be affected and also a large number of immediate vacancies to be filled immediately. One of the biggest industries that will be greatly affected by this vacancy in the workforce will be healthcare. The Physician crisis will only grow further with a large number of physician's retiring.

There are more than 79 million Baby Boomers who have reached the age of retirement and are planning to leave the workforce in the next few years. According to the Kansas City Journal many of those 79 million retiring Baby Boomers are physicians. However, some doctors are concerned that there are not enough physicians who are qualified to take the places of these retiring physicians.

"Retirement for a physicians practice creates all sorts of complexities," David Thompson, a director for CBIZ Accounting, Tax & Advisory Services, told the news provider. "And you really need to plan for how you're going to deal with those."

There are some other options for a retiring physician that might not be ready to completely step out of the workforce when he or she has reached the age of retirement. For the many physicians who are planning to retire within the next few years, some may want to consider entering a locum tenens practice as a way to ensure patients are still being treated and also ease themselves into retirement.

Review – The Baby Boomer's Guide to Online Income

Wow … Look at him go! That must be some yummy grub! Oh, sorry … I was distracted for a moment, watching the dog devour the food I gave him a minute ago. He sure seems to enjoy it … I just hope I will not have to fight him for it in a few years.

It does sound kind of funny, does not it? A guy eating his pet's food .. Everyone's heard a joke about "Grandma eating dog food" because her social security check does not stretch far enough. And yet, when you think about your own retirement someday, you cringe at the thought of not having enough money to live comfortably. Suddenly, there is not much to chuckle about, is there?

What makes this even more disturbing is the financial condition the country is in today. It's not just a matter of a few companies having trouble or a small group of people making bad investments. This time EVERYONE is getting hit .. It does not seem to matter where your nest egg is – IRA, 401K, mutual funds, stocks .. We are ALL getting spanked!

So what can you do about it? Do you wait for the government to magically fix it? Hmm … based on past experience, I somehow do not feel real confident about that! And I do not think any of us want to rely just on Social Security! The real trouble is time. Odds are that things will get better with time, how MUCH time is another question! For the "Baby Boomer Generation", there simply may not be enough time for our investments to recover before our retirements. Some of the "Boomers" are starting to enter retirement right now, MILLIONS more will retire in the next few years!

The only real way to assure yourself a comfortable retirement is to develop new sources of income and the sooner, the better. You really can not count on your employer to provide all the income you need … Just ask any of the MILLIONS of currently unemployed folks out there. How many of those jobs will come back? It's anyone's guess.

There is however, a bright spot in all this gloom! There has never, ever been a better time than right now, to start your own business! Think about it for a minute … What choices did people have during the great depression? Selling pencils from a cup on the corner? Pushing a cart down the street, peddling fruit and veggies? Today, ANYONE can start a business on the internet, right from their home, with little or no start up costs! There are thousands, if not millions of people earning money on-line RIGHT NOW … And there's plenty of room for you too.

Research forecasts that on-line retail spending will exceed $ 140 BILLION in 2010. How much of that would you need to be financially secure ?? You've already heard of the giants on the internet – eBay, Google, Amazon … The list goes on and on. But you do not have to be a large company to earn a substantial income on-line. With the right program, you can develop a fantastic income stream, all by yourself!

The secret to starting a successful online business is choosing the right system or plan. There are hundreds of "junk" programs out there, just waiting to separate you from your money! Some plans are outdated or not practical, some require more time than you may have, some are just scams!

I have bought more junk than I care to admit, looking for the right program. Then recently I found a system that actually delivers what it promises!

While Googling for info on the Baby Boomer Generation, I found an eBook called "Baby Boomers Guide To Online Income" It is a clear, concise guide that shows you exactly how to get started online, in an easy to understand form. It gives you a step-by-step road map to creating a large internet-based income. With it's proven methods and insider shortcuts, this guide is the most comprehensive book I have read on earning a living online!

Although anyone can benefit from the valuable information this book provides, it seems to be especially targeted to the Baby Boomer Generation. And the price is surprisingly low, less than what it costs to take the family out to dinner! Frankly, I've spent hundreds of dollars on other plans that did not contain a fraction of what this guide covers. Additionally, the publisher offers a 100% risk-free guarantee if you're not satisfied with the program.

If you are ready for financial independence and a better, more secure standard of living, I highly recommend that you check out the "Baby Boomers Guide To Online Income."

Some Baby Boomers Need The Help An Assisted Living Residence Provides

An assisted living residence is also sometimes known as an assisted living facility. This kind of care for elderly residents falls somewhere in between the 24 hour a day care that is provided in a skilled nursing facility and a senior retirement community.

In general, the folks who live in assisted living facilities need some help during the day and at night but they do not need or want the kind of personal attentions that comes with being a resident in a nursing home.

In the past couple of decades, the amount of people who are living to retirement age and better has increased tremendously. Not only are there more and more baby boomers as a group, but because of increases in the quality of medical care and increases in the general standard of living, more people are living longer.

In some cases people are living a lot longer. The median life expectancy for people who are retired has increased nearly 5 years across the board just in the last few years. This means a big increase in the number of people who are in need of a place to live when they retire.

Its not that folks can not simply stay in their homes they have lived in for the other parts of their lives, it's that sometimes they need some extra help and care in dealing with the activities of daily living. In some cases, this means they might need help with getting the washing done, or the meals prepared or the apartment cleaned.

In other cases, it means that a nurse has to help with giving the medication that they need. Most of these things are regulated by the states and the different states in the US have different rules about what kind of care is not allowed to be given in an assisted living residence.

In general, if retirees are in need of 24 hour a day care, they need to be in a nursing home type of facility, not an assisted care facility. But some retirement communities are quite large and inclusive and have a policy of aging in place, so that the residents can stay there in that community no matter what kind of care they need.

Baby boomers will soon be retiring in very large numbers and this will add a lot of people into the population of folks who are in need of the care they can get in an assisted living residence. That makes it a very good thing that so many more places are being built to accommodate all the people who need places to live.

The Baby Boomer Retirement Revolution In America

A recent documentary just aired on PBS called the “Retirement Revolution”. It addressed the many issues,worries, and concerns for those in the Baby Boomer generation. Some of us are already at the age when our parents were beginning to retire or,at least, slow down a little. Many of us wonder if we will ever be able to quit working.

Aside from the fact that the Baby Boomer generation has been the worst generation at the practice of saving money, I am always reading of couples who have saved & managed their money meticulously, only to be wiped out by an emergency or a turn of the economy. Of coarse, when we put some dedication, effort, and sacrifice into a savings/emergency fund, this will get us through the majority of smaller emergencies or crisis that may come our way. Most of us, including me, certainly will consistently fall back on credit sources or borrowing when we hit those bumps in the road. Since our daily cost of living keeps creeping upward (Yikes, just look at gasoline ) and many of our incomes are not, most of us are setting ourselves up for a disaster.

I think that the majority of our parents managed their money very well and used credit sparingly. They learned many financial lessons very well from their parents of which many had gone through the Great Depression. I definitely can remember my parents trying to teach me lessons or principles of money management (especially by example) But, it’s amazing how little of that I retained or put into practice in my individual life as I’ve grown older.

I’m think that many of us Baby Boomers are very much the opposite of our parents in the way we manage our money. Most of us were raised in relatively affluent times and have been accustomed to getting what we want and getting it now.

Personally, I have always struggled to manage my money, or finances, effectively. Savings has never been the proper priority it should be. As a consequence, I will be one of the many who will need to work in some capacity as long as I am capable. Since we were a generation that was largely pampered and spoiled as we grew up, it caused many of us to become the “I want it Now” generation. While some of us are able to support that lifestyle, I fear many of us are not.

Tips For Baby Boomers – Retirement and Panic

If you’re a Baby Boomer, you know that you are part of a great generation. There are more of you in your generation than in the generations before or after you. Yet, many of you are wondering how you are going to fare from age 65 and going forward.

There is a lot of uncertainty in Medicare, social security benefits, pensions. Younger works fresh out of college seem to scoop up the jobs, get paid more than you do, and have a handle on skills that you do not have.

How can you rise above your worries to create a significant and abundant time for yourself in the years ahead, especially from a financial standpoint?

Get Clear About Your Strengths

When fear takes over, it’s easy to forget the wealth of character traits, talents, and skills you have developed over the years. I’m guessing you have a treasure trove of abilities and skills based on your years in the work force.

The challenge is to take an inventory. Put together a portfolio of your experience. Make a list of your many accomplishments and achievements during the past decades of your life.

Get Clear About Your Mission, Vision, and Goals

Many of you, I’m guessing, have a good handle on the practice and discipline of strategic planning. Go back to the drawing board and reflect: Over the course and seasons of your life, your mission, vision, and values may change. But you can’t chart a course if you don’t know where you’re going.

Consider Hiring A Career Coach

If you live in a metropolitan area, you may want to look into some of the community colleges or universities in your area. Or you may want to do some online research into career coaches who specialize in working with the Boomer population. Having an impartial coach on your side can help you through the process of defining who you are and where you want to go.

Consider Starting A New Business

Cash flow is often the top concern for retirees when they find out that they have not saved enough, or that their pension is not what they thought it would be.

I encourage you to start increasing your financial intelligence. I’m not only talking about traditional financial planning. I’m talking about the type of financial IQ laid out by Robert Kiyosaki in his Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books.

If you can think and act like an entrepreneur, you will be on your way to creating possibilities for increased cash flow in your life. In order to do this, you will need to know your values and passions; you will need to know the type of customers you want to serve; you will need to learn to listen to your potential customers so that you know their problems; and you will need to design solutions that can help them in their lives.

This may seem challenging, but there are resources all around you! So what if you need to take a job at Starbucks, or a retail store, or elsewhere. That part-time job will put money in your pocket while you go about the real job of creating a business you can own and leverage.

I encourage you to start making a habit of learning about small business at your local library; hanging out at business networking groups; and dreaming and planning for your ideal business.

Consider Becoming A Freelancer or Consultant

In the course of talking with your career coach, you may realize that you have specific skills and work experience you can leverage into consulting jobs. Go to your library, once again, and read up on becoming a freelancer or consultant.

Make These Resources Part of Your Daily Financial Diet

I am including no links here: I am not an affiliate. However, I have found these authors/bloggers to be very helpful to me as I develop an entrepreneur’s mindset:

Type these words into Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines on your internet:

The Four Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss.

Multiple Streams of Income, by Robert Allen.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich, by Ramit Sethi.

The Smart Passive Income Blog, by Pat Flynn.

I hope these strategies will give you hope. You did not learn the skills you have learned overnight: they took years of practice. Devote the next 10 years, I challenge you, to becoming the best that you can become in your area of endeavor. Change you mindset from that of a victim or a cringing senior citizen to that of a victor and sage warrior.

You can do it!!

Baby Boomer Issues – Health, Money and Retirement

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to grow older, their primary concerns have shifted to their health, money and retirement. The days of idly wondering where their next vacation should be and whether their bonus check will be as much as they deserve are quietly passing. Today, Baby Boomer issues are mostly about concerns with maintaining their dwindling health and having enough money to live comfortably through their twilight years.

Health Concerns For The Boomers

As people grow older, they often experience problems with their health. Their bodies grow more fragile and susceptible to diseases and bacteria. In addition, many people 50 years of age and older are reporting health problems that were not experienced by people in their same age group long ago.

This problem is exacerbated by rising health care costs. As the Boomer generation begins to require more medical care, the cost of that medical care continues to increase. Health issues and their ability to cope with them and find the proper medical support is a major concern for Baby Boomers.

Money And Retirement Concerns For The Boomers

Along with rising health care costs, Baby Boomers also worry about money and retirement. During the last several years of their careers before retiring, people usually enjoy salaries and bonuses that are larger than at any other point in their career. As a result, money is rarely a major concern.

However, many people fail to save that money. Instead, they spend it on vacations, their families and in the pursuit of living fun and fulfilling lives. This can lead to a rude awakening when they retire. Because they have not saved much money during their career, a lot of people discover that they do not have enough money to live comfortably during their retirement years.

When they retire, they no longer earn a salary. They no longer receive bonus checks. Instead, they are forced to live off the income that can be generated by the investments they have made throughout their lives. Unfortunately, many have not invested any money that can generate this income.

Other Baby Boomer issues complicate this money problem. People live longer lives today. When a Baby Boomer retires, he can expect to live many years in retirement. In the past, a 65-year old man could expect to live approximately 10 years in retirement before passing away. The financial requirements of living comfortably for these 10 years were manageable for most people.

Today, financial planners use a life expectancy of 90 to 95 years. That is, when a person retires at 65 years of age, he can expect to live up to 30 years in retirement. With dwindling health, rising health care costs and a lack of savings to generate a fixed income, the financial requirements of living 30 years in retirement are out of reach for many people.

These health, money and retirement concerns will grow as more of the Baby Boomer generation moves into retirement. Some will choose to work part-time jobs to keep active, stay healthy and generate supplemental income. Others will require the aid of family and friends. Still others may require more help than is available to them. As the Baby Boomer issues are beginning to emerge the Boomers will experience the issues that have been quietly gaining momentum for years, their health, money and retirement concerns will continue to grow.

Careers-Employment – Why Baby Boomers and Older Workers Are Looking For Retirement Jobs?

Over the years, more and more Baby Boomers and older adult workers have been looking for retirement jobs, while more and more employers are now in need of older workers for their retirement jobs. In former times, the answer to retirement jobs used to be a strict ‘no-no’ when the line between work and retirement was clearly defined. In those days, most people worked until the age 65 or so, saved up a substantial amount of money, and then headed to their rocking chairs to relax and bide their time.

So, why are more Baby Boomers and older workers seeking retirement jobs?

Today, whether or not they retire before the age of 65, or perhaps after the age, an increasing number of baby boomers and older workers are now choosing to make retirement jobs a steady part of their retirement years. According to reports by the National Council on Aging, it is estimated that almost one out of three Americans aged 65 or more has a retirement job and at least works part-time.

This trend is more or less likely to increase as the years go by since more and more baby boomers are preparing to retire from their regular jobs. According to a survey:

  1. A staggering 85 percent of baby boomers have claimed to be working in retirement jobs.
  2. Only 10 percent said that they expected to work full-time in a retirement job.
  3. Roughly 60 percent said that they would rather work part-time either for fun or income.
  4. Nearly 15 percent of them said that they’d rather start their own retirement jobs.

Top 6 Characteristics of a Baby Boomer Retirement

Baby Boomers Impact Culture and Economy

Baby Boomers have had a history of making a major impact on American life and society, and now, as they prepare to retire, we can expect them to have an equally significant impact on that time-honored phase of life known as “retirement”.

The following six things are likely to characterize the way Boomers live out their retirements:

1) Time Freedom

People are living longer these days than in previous generations, which means that the retirement phase of life will also be extended. Boomers, now aged 50, can expect to live another 35 years.

2) Self Actualization

For years, Baby Boomers have been known as the “Me Generation” and their earlier self-indulgences have transformed into a passion for self-actualization, as defined by Abraham Maslow. Many will go back to school and earn an advanced degree. Others will finally take the plunge and become entrepreneurs, or pursue some other job or career that they’ve always dreamed of doing.

3) Leisure Activities

With all this time to fill, Boomers will actively pursue a variety of leisure-time activities, from travel to sports to home entertainment games and systems.

4) Active Consumerism

Just because they’re aging, doesn’t mean that the Baby Boomers will cease being a dramatic economic force in America – they control more than half the U.S. discretionary income and spend $2 trillion annually.

5) Search for the “Fountain of Health”

It’s true that Boomers want to look young, but even more importantly, they want to “feel” young. They are passionate about health and fitness and will do whatever they can to maintain their health and vigor.

6) Culture of Social Isolationism

Although they intend to remain actively involved in the world, when it comes to their social life, they tend to stick closer to home and spend their time with small groups of intimates – primarily family and extended family circles.

If you’re one of those people wanting to start your own business, consider starting an affiliate or other online business. The problem with most online programs, however, is that their training is limited, and generally focused only on teaching you about their product(s). Unfortunately, you’ll need more knowledge than that.