Top 4 Baby Boomer Goal Setting Mistakes

One of the biggest reasons Baby Boomers fail as they get older is not because they are unproductive people. Rather, what happens to Boomers is what has plagued generations of people for years. They get comfortable and fail to do what they did in their younger years when they were active, successful and productive.

Everyone knows that as you get older, you should still make goals for yourself. Many Boomers have accomplished great things in their working lives. As they begin to retire, some will take that same gusto and apply their expertise towards businesses of their own. Others will become world travelers. Yet and still many will be constrained by fears over money, debt and health worries.

At this time I want to share with you a surefire way to make this next step of your life the best years ever.

There are four principles that we'll discuss, namely Be Specific, Make It Measurable, Keep It Realistic and finally, Take Action Today.

We all have been exposed to setting goals at some stage of life. In Ministry, some congregations make a goal of pooling funds together to build a new building. This is commonly known as the "Building Fund." Others may be league bowlers and have a tournament that they want to do well at. So, they practice extra, which requires more time, money, and travel all in pursuit of a goal.

Be Specific
It does not matter what you are aiming for, you have to be specific first. If you do not have a specific target in mind, you really do not have a goal. Rather you have a wish. It is far better to have a goal of losing 15 pounds by your forty-third high school class reunion, than the opposite of saying, "Oh I need to lose some weight." This is just not specific enough. How much weight do you need to lose. You will never known what you are striving for unless you be specific.

Make It Measurable
Any goal, and I many ANY goal, needs to be measured. Post why? You could have the noblest of goals and not know if you are there or beyond it. The greatest example of this comes not just from the business world but can be applied to raising a family or taking a vacation.

Just suppose you have a goal of earning $ 14,779 per month. If you hit $ 14,778 you have not hit your goal, right? But who would not be satisfied with that? Most Boomers would. Especially as retirement years loom and Social Security looks to yield little to live on. Now, if you have added measurable elements to your goals, you would know in this instance when you were half way to your goal by merely looking at your bank deposit slips or some pay stubs from your income sources.

Keep It Realistic
You should only set goals that can be accomplished. Sure, the gurus say you need to set stretch goals. Stretch goals are those that are "slightly" or in some instances totally out of your reach. This is really controversial, because goals are meant to usher growth. But when you set goals you know you will never reach, they really do not inspire but depress your efforts.

Take Action Today
This final step is really the icing on the cake. Without it nothing really matters with the other steps. You've all seen those commercials that the athletic shoe company talk about "just do it" right? Sure you have. Well that is what this is all about. Getting your goals off the paper and into your life is really about getting you into ACTION.

All you need to do after you have set your goal is to take some time to write out a basic plan of action and get going. You need to schedule it into your planner. When you do, you will avoid the biggest problem of all goal systems which is not taking action.

Your goals will not just leap off the page and make themselves happen on their own. You've got to take action. As a Boomer you've got loads of experience at doing many things well. Why not allow those things to fuel your latest efforts to grow even further.

Journalism Tips For Writing to Baby Boomers

If you have even thought about article marketing online, the baby boomer generation should be a key target for your writing efforts. Baby boomers have vast influence in our culture and have experiences and prosperity levels that makes that make them unique prospects for article marketing.

The baby boomer generation consists of children born between 1946 and 1964. The parents of this generation survived the great depression and World War II and provided this generation with prosperity and freedom like no other generation before them. This generation enjoys better health care than their parents and is living longer. Boomers also grew up before the age of computers but is educated well enough that they are very prone to read articles written online.

The older baby boomers today are recently retired or about to retire and generally have disposable income or are living on very fixed incomes. They are very concerned with health issues and if they are on a pension are likely concerned about how the current economic crisis will affect their fixed income.

Baby boomers born in the early 1960’s are just beginning to think about their future retirement and many are dealing with the incredible cost of college tuition for their children. The specter of increased health care costs and maintaining their standard of living is also a significant concern.

Some journalism tips for writing to baby boomers would necessarily include the above factors. If you are looking to make money through article marketing to baby boomers, your articles should target issues such as health, finance and lifestyle issues. Baby boomers have lived through many significant events in world history and are therefore fairly skeptical and not easily fleeced. Your article writing should be very honest and informative for this demographic.

If you are targeting baby boomers for an online or home business opportunity, you should realize that this is perhaps one of the best times in modern history to target boomers for an additional income opportunity. Baby boomers have many contacts, are generally self confident and have the ability to excel at a home business. Since most home business opportunities do take a significant effort, the maturity of boomers and the credibility that they have because of their age give them a unique ability to excel at a home or online business.

If there is one area that boomers struggle with it is technology. If you are writing to them about subjects such as online marketing, you will need to be very clear and instructive in your prose. There are, for instance, few boomers that will be interested in learning html unless their main profession has given them technological skills and confidence to learn a computer language.

The most important journalism tips for writing to baby boomers would be to be very honest in your writing. Boomers can see right through exaggeration and hyperbole and will not likely spend money on a scam.

You're a Retired Baby Boomer – You Need to Change! How Do You Change Your Life After Retirement?

What you should know when you want to change your life.

"How to change your life?" Who has not asked this question?

Yet how many of those who would like to change their lives do not know how. Indeed, our life "outside" is a consequence. And if we want a change, we will have to change the cause.

Unfortunately for many, the failure is down the road because they only alter the exterior without changing the source that creates it. Because the Secret of human life is what we carry within us, within our being that externalized and creates our lives. It is therefore futile to try to change conditions without changing yourself.

Yes, how to change your life also has its own laws. And someone who really wants to engage on this path will have to go discover for himself. Here is an extraordinary adventure: Getting to know yourself – The Master Key to Life.

So how do you start?

First, you must understand that changing your life is not done bu waving a magic wand. You must be realistic. It's not because we speak of the human spirit and its extraordinary capacity, that you should be caught up in some sort of miracle one minute recipe.

To know oneself in order to change is a real journey, but how extraordinary a route if you know how to track properly.

First, it implies you understand that any effects comes from a cause. So what is our life is today has been produced by a cause. And all the time this cause remain the same, it will continue to produce the same result.

Then you have to discover that you are not your thoughts but we must use our thoughts as tools to live what we desire.

Too many people are just slaves to the multitude of contradictory thoughts that cross their mind, without even knowing that it's what creates confusion and the inability to materialize their most legitimate and profound desires.

How to change your life involves to … change. But to change yourself because it is yourself that is the source of the creation of life. We are the creators of our lives through our thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Often at this stage, we hear that we just have to think positive for our lives become better. This is true for some but not for everyone. Indeed many who want to start thinking positive get exhausted and even often see the situation worsen.

And yes, as if changes to your life was made just by thinking more positively when you could not have done so far, everyone would change his life with he greatest of ease.

It would be great, but it's a bit more complicated than that.

Careful now, I'm not saying we can not begin to think more positively. I'm just saying that sometimes it is not possible because … there may exist in the unconscious beliefs that will not let you change so easily.

We must therefore look to dissolve blockages and heal the wounds that are barriers to change.

Then it will be good to know what we want as a life purpose and stay on course to reach destination.

Obviously, there is a key ingredient to change life and it's action. But do not act in any old fashion. Act on all the points we just mentioned above.

To change your life takes some "work" on oneself. But the gift that is down the road is the most wonderful gift that you can be offered: It's happiness

But the real happiness has a condition.

It's not just wanting to change your life just to change your life. You have to want to find yourselves, to be truly yourself. Then changing your life takes a sacred meaning, that of personal development that we express in the conditions of the life we ​​lead.

That is what will give all the value to the fact of wanting to be happy by changing life. because it does not mean to leave an unsatisfactory life to enter another equally unsatisfactory.

It is to really understand how to change your life to be truly happy at last.

Menopause Baby Boomers – Strip That Fat Weight Loss

Attention Women Baby Boomers – you came into the world pure and naked. You either lived life or it lived you. It is up to you to be comfortable with the stage you are at physically, emotionally, and life style. We, each and every one of us, programmed where we are today with the choices we made living each day. Our era began after World War II when our parents were emerging from the depression and in a day that possibilities birthed expectations. With our emancipation we either were stay at home moms or journeyed into the business world seeking a career and gratification. The sixties were a crazy and different time when free love surrounded a rebellious generation. We were going to do things our way.

Has it worked for you? Women Boomers wanted more then just Motherhood and so we juggled our time with career and the situation was not all it was cracked up to be although, we took the reigns of our obligations to heart and stood by our decisions. We made the effects of time work for us, and now as we look back on our lives we somehow wonder where did the time go. Looking in the mirror we remember a once trim, toned, body as we take in the view of the middle age spread we had heard stories about way back when. Urgency stirs within, and we are determined not to settle for the effects of time passed.

What do we do? First thought is to sign up at a gym and begin working out again, remembering the old phrase: "No Pain No Gain". Restructure diet by counting calories, reading labels, and eventually give way to trying some of those diet pills we once firmly did not believe in. We are hooked by any diet promotion that comes our way because we want back what was taken from us. Our youth has slipped, our stomachs are bulging, the once rounded hips have definitely put on more padding, and this causes our behinds to protrude out. We are out of proportion. Yikes! We are women in menopause and not loving it!

Although, we are a take-charge era, menopause has us mystified but we do not intend to shout UNCLE … On the search for a healthy way of reducing the pounds and inches after trying the conventional methods we shift gears and consider a life style change to maintain a healthy attitude, body, mind, and soul. There are resources all over the planet that give advice on weight loss and how to lose sensibly. The best one I found teaches how to use food combination to strip and stop the fat weight gain once and for all. What to eat, and when to eat are the foundation to healthy weight loss success.

It is possible to lose 2lbs of pure fat each day when you lean to eat the right metabolism burning foods, and with the right exercises that burn fat fast and continue the burning effects while you sleep you can not fail. Sound unbelievable? Well, I am here to tell you, believe it!

When your body is functioning healthy your attitude is lighter, your mind clears to optimism, and your soul revels in the overall change.

The Coarsening of American Culture – From a Baby Boomer Perspective

Well, it was predicted in the Bible. At some point we were all going to see civility challenged in society and in the culture. I can not speak of other countries (although what I have read is not good). But here in America it has been happening for some time now.

We Baby Boomers have been witnesses to this decline in morals, in language, in loss of respect … even in basic manners. At the same time, many things are improving here and around the world to make living conditions better than they were yesterday. Technology, medicine, and transportation come immediately to mind.

But how we deal with each other seems to be losing ground. Morality has taken a hit in the last 50 years or so. As Ted Koppel once said on his Nightline program, they are the Ten Commandments … not the Ten Suggestions.

There are over 40 million lives that have been snuffed out by abortion in the United States. Young people live together in greater numbers without ever getting married. Gay marriage is paraded throughout society as just an "alternate lifestyle" (no, I am not homophobic).

Some degree of greed in society is certainly acceptable. Some corporate greed (done at the expense of others) is appalling. Previous generations did many things on just a handshake or your word. Now, people seem to bring lawsuits at the drop of a hat.

Political correctness is way out of hand. The government wants to control your smoking, your eating, your health insurance, the car you drive, the air you breath, and the radio shows you can listen to.

So much of what we see on TV and cable becomes a sewer entering our homes. News sources make everything opinionated instead of separating news and opinions.

Worst of all, we are taking God out of society and our culture. This country was founded on Christian-Judeo principles. Our Founding Fathers knew that if God was not in the fabric of our society, it would not last. Now, we are testing that theory.

History has shown that when God is removed from a culture, God eventually abandons that society. Are we crazy?

Health Insurance For Baby Boomers Who Are Too Young For Medicare

Who Needs Private Health Insurance In Middle Age ?

Actually a lot of younger baby boomers are concerned about health insurance today. Many get covered through group major medical plans, but millions more do not have that luxury. The issue of finding affordable private health plans is a large one, and it is a growing one. I know many middle aged people who are counting the days until they turn 65 so they can enroll in Medicare!

Health reform promises some relief, but it has not been fully implemented yet. So what can you do, as a middle aged baby boomer, to find a private health plan today?

Some Issues With Finding Cheaper Private Major Medical Insurance For 50 to 64 Year Olds

  • The fact that a person is older will put them into a more expensive premium band all by itself. As you probably know, a 30 year old will generally be much cheaper to insure than a 55 year old, even if they are both in good health.
  • People who are over 50 start to develop some of the problems of middle age. Issues like high blood pressure or diabetes are more common. So a middle aged person has a much higher chance of being rated up or declined because of a health condition.

Be Wary of Guaranteed Acceptance Health Plans

I see a lot of products that are being marketed to middle aged people as guaranteed acceptance health plans. Clever marketers make these seem like these plans are the cheap answer to your health coverage needs. The issue here is that these health plans are usually discount plans, and they are not health insurance at all! The old adage about being careful about anything that seems to good to be true will certainly apply here.

Limited or Structured Benefit Insurance

Another product that is a bit better, but not much, are some structured benefit plans that promise easier acceptance. Often the limits on benefits are so low that these plans are not that valuable, and they still come with fairly hefty premiums. These are, technically, health insurance plans , but they are not major medical plans. The distinction is very important.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and High Deductible Major Medical Insurance

Here ls a solution that I do like for some older people who have trouble affording higher premiums for their age group. These HSA plans come in two parts. One part is a savings account. The first part is a savings account where any deposits are tax deductible up to IRS limits. The second part is a higher deductible major medical insurance policy. The idea behind the plan is that the consumers can save money by paying less for a higher deductible plan and by taking tax deductions.

  • HSA plans tend to work well for disciplined savers who like control over their health costs.
  • They will not work as well, of course, if the member never makes any contributions to the savings account.
  • They will also not work if the applicant has a serious health condition, like diabetes, and can not get accepted to the major medical plan.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Every state has some way to deal with high risk people who have been declined for a major medical plan. In some states, these plans are quite expensive and they do not accept everybody either. Health reform promises some relief with the new federal high risk plan, but that is just beginning to get implemented. To get current information, please search for your state's high risk health plan or pool.

Baby Boomer Singles: Five Tips for Survival

Were you born between 1946 and 1964? Over 35 million single people born in those years are called Baby Boomers.

There have been numerous conferences for a call to action for the graying of America. The statistics and demographics of what is shifting in our culture cause us to have to examine every social agency and public policy in a different light.

But if you are a Boomer Single, how are you most affected by the predictions for the future?

The major opportunity and challenge facing you today is the fact that you will live longer. Within the next two or three decades, advanced medical and scientific discoveries will increase life to an unprecedented length. Not only will it be relatively normal to live to be 100, some people may go to 120 and beyond. It is now estimated that over one million Boomers will live to be 100.

Since you will be living longer, here are Five Survival Tips:

* Choose your mate carefully.

If you live to the age of 100, you obviously will have many years with your partner. It is more important than ever that you like that person as well as love them. If you retire at 65 or 70, you will be home alone with them for many years.

* Have enough savings.

Statistically, Boomers have not proven to be good at saving. You are going to need more savings, investments, and planning for your economic future than people had in the past. You may need more training, a new career, and planning for working longer.

* Single Boomer women need to pay careful attention to their finances.

Women who are Boomers may have earned less than men, or stopped working for periods of time to care for their children or aging parents. Their security for their senior years may be in jeopardy. If you are a single Boomer woman, you should look at living on less and saving more.

* Think about your attitude.

Traditionally, we are a youth-worshipping society. While some cultures revere their elderly citizens, many of our older Americans languish in nursing homes, feeling forgotten and invisible. Ask yourself how you view old people. Look for all the qualities and characteristics about them that you admire. When doing this, you will be shifting your own attitude about yourself as you age.

* Become technology savvy.

Boomers will be moving into a wired retirement. You will be better connected than retirees have been in the past or are today. It will be easier for you to meet others, and to stay connected and informed. You will have more choices than ever before .

If you are a Boomer single, you have your challenges and work cut out for you. You also have more opportunities than you could have imagined. Are you ready for the rest of your life?

Medical Travel – A Boom to America's Aging Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomers are best known for the non-conformity of the 1960s when they stood up to a government and a society that they found oppressive. It comes as no surprise that the Baby Boomers continue to redefine what it means to stand up and say no in today's world through their fight against unfair healthcare fees in the United States.

More than ever before, Baby Boomers are flooding south into Mexico hospitals for procedures ranging from the complex and cutting edge to some of the oldest standards that medicine has to offer. In fact, some are even choosing to receive checkups during medical travel to Mexico rather than maintaining a regular doctor stateside. These changes save Baby Boomers hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medical bills every year, even after considering the low cost of airfare between the US and the Mexico hospitals in question.

Financial Wisdom: Lower Costs across the Border

In America, any doctor has to contend with a myriad of financial constraints that threaten his or her practice and livelihood. Insurance agencies have a large industry presence, crowding out doctors that try to avoid participating in the insurer's costly plans. The result is rising prices for the patient, and increased co-pay amounts due to lower insurance coverage. In short, the amount covered by insurance is falling just as the amount charged by doctors and hospitals is rising. For many Baby Boomers, retirement expenses do not allow them to cover this gap.

Luckily, there are hospitals available just across the border. With medical travel in Mexico, these men and women are able to get the care they need without paying too much for it. They are able to maintain their health without completely losing control of their finances. The main differences between Mexico hospitals and US facilities are the control that insurance companies have over the market and the general cost of living in the area.

In Mexico, the medical care industry is not dominated by private insurance or the publicly traded corporations behind it. Doctors are free to set prices as they choose, based upon what they believe their services are worth. There is no upward pressure on prices, and so they remain at a reasonable level. The best hospitals typically charge 40% -60% less than the best American hospitals, and 90% of medical travel patients reported in a survey by the Medical Travel Association that the level of care offered was not only comparable to the US, but many times superior .. Because of the way Mexican health care is structured, doctors are less burdened and thus able to pass on the good prices to medical travelers.

Lower cost of living also plays a role. Doctors tend to charge partially based on what they need to survive, and on what their practice needs in order to stay abreast of the latest technology. In Mexico hospitals, all these costs are lower. From the cost of medical school education to building construction, wages and daily utilities, to some of the most recent equipment technology purchases, Mexican doctors pay less, and medical travel in Mexico reflects those savings as well.

Skilled Surgeons

One of the strengths Baby Boomers are noticing in Mexico hospitals is their ability to offer cutting edge treatments, such as spinal stabilization surgery and multifocal LASIK for presbyopia. Many of the doctors these Boomers choose have actually trained alongside the leading US experts, and have the same degree of skill. The Boomers are getting the same quality of care, but because they choose medical travel in Mexico, the cost is tens of thousands of dollars lower.

A Comfortable Place to Recover

In the past, some Boomers might have been concerned to spend the night so far from home. But as hospitals have continued to develop, they have become almost indistinguishable from any American hospital. Spending the night after medical travel in Mexico is no different from the night after a surgery stateside, the only difference is that home is a plane ride away rather than a car trip.

However, few Boomers seem to be bothered by the idea of ​​distance. In fact, many report better treatment in private Mexico hospitals than in US facilities. Staff is said to be more attentive, doctors more caring, and nurses more focused, with a lower ratio of nurses to patients. Overall, medical travel in Mexico produces as many positive responses in the Boomers as medical treatment in the US and in many cases produces far more.

The Big Picture

The Baby Boomers are the first aging generation to have access to the excellent private Mexico hospitals provided by medical travel in Mexico, and they are taking full advantage of everything that America's southern neighbor has to offer. From dental care to checkups to major surgery, the Baby Boomers are filling Mexico's state-of-the-art medical facilities and reaping the rewards. And in the face of rising costs at home, it seems unlikely that they will be returning to their local doctors any time soon.

What the Perfect Baby Boomer Fitness Program Should Look Like

This is the perfect baby boomer fitness program, and I wanted to give you an example. This is a perfect program for you if you are a baby boomer and your goal is to have good health and general fitness. The baby boomers are ageless, I have been a personal trainer for over 25 years and I know since that is the majority of my clients, so I know what works.

Most people have no clue how long you need to work out each week to be fit. If you watch what you eat you can control your weight with diet, which I highly recommend, then you do not have to work out that much to stay in good shape. If you are an active person then you are already half way there.

Your main goal should be to increase your lean muscle mass, improve your cardiovascular system, and keep yourself flexible and agile. To improve your cardiovascular system you should do some form of aerobics two or three times a week. To improve your muscular strength and increase your lean muscle mass, you will need to be doing resistance training two days a week. Then to improve your flexibility and agility you will be moving in all plains of motion a couple a times a week.

If you are eating a healthy diet made up of whole natural food, you don`t have to spend hours and days in a gym burning off unwanted calories. You can go work out to improve our lean muscles, a stronger, heart and a flexible body instead of trying to get rid of calories.

Your perfect baby boomer fitness program should look like this:

* 30 minuets of aerobics 2 or 3 times a week. Swim, bike, walk, anything aerobic for 30 minuets at your target heart rate.

* Do resistance training 2 days a week. You can train your whole body with resistance exercise, you can train at home or at a gym with resistance bands or free weights for 30 minuets.

* 10 minuets of dynamic movement for 10 minuets 2 days a week. Callisthenics for the whole body is a good way to keep you flexible an agile.

For example

Day 1- 30 minuets aerobics training

Day 2- 30 minuets resistance training

Day 3- 10 minuets dynamic training

Day 4- 30 minuets aerobics training

Day 5- 30 minuets resistance training

Day 6- 30 minuets aerobics training

Day 7- 10 minuets dynamic movements

You see the if The So you are On a by baby boomer and you do this by baby boomer fitness for a program A it does not take much to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Best- Mike Cola

Vacation Rental Homes – Baby Boomers Lead Luxury Vacation Rental Travel Trend in Costa Rica

Baby Boomers set their first travel trend in the 60's when they strapped on backpacks and explored the world. Travel was an intoxicating, powerful drug. It was an ever changing high from the Gringo Trail in South America to the beaches of Costa Rica. Boomers were hooked.

Travel as a primary essence of living defines the 78 million-strong Baby Boomer generation as much as feeling "forever young" and being born between 1946 and 1964. Now that Boomers have more ka-ching they reminisce fondly about their tattered backpack days but their taste in travel has evolved. They feel they've earned the right to be pampered a little. Boomers have traded their sleeping bags for luxury vacation rental homes.

Heather Blanchard is the owner of Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica and represents some of the finest luxury homes in this beach community. She says, "In the last 3 years our number of Baby Boomer clients has sky-rocketed. They began as a trickle in 2007, now they dominate our guest list."

Read on and decide if Baby Boomers are onto something here.

They Work Hard for the Money

Putting everyone up in luxury hotels rooms just does not make economic sense anymore, especially for Boomers traveling with multi-generational families. A party of 6 paying for 3 rooms can add up to $ 8400 or more for 7 nights. Tally up 18 meals a day, tours, activities, entertainment, tips and incidentals and costs could top $ 15,000- $ 20,000 for one week.

If you plan to travel to Costa Rica with family or friends the money you'll save by renting a vacation home will be significant. Luxury vacation rentals range between $ 3,500 and $ 7,000 per week for 3-7 bedrooms. You'll save even more money when you are not forced to entertain out every night. Most luxury rentals come equipped with DVD players and libraries, games, private swimming pools and hot tubs with no "closed" hours. You'll also have the benefit of being able to eat as many meals at home as you want to and the kitchen is open all night.

Sweet Home, Costa Rica

Baby Boomers love the intimacy a home provides, especially when they travel with family. There are no austere hotel lobbies or generic rooms. A vacation rental feels more like a home-away-from-home. There are pots and pans in the kitchen and private gardens to enjoy.

D'Arcy Rudnay from Philadelphia, PA recently spent a week with her family including grown children in a beachfront luxury villa in Manuel Antonio. She says, "Staying in a vacation home allowed us to reconnect as a family since we now live in different parts of the US We all got to enjoy each other."

Taking Care of Business

Like many of us, Boomers feel time-deprived. When they travel they like a little help with the details. They've stumbled upon a great luxury vacation home rental perk – most of them in Costa Rica include concierge service or offer it as an option. A concierge saves precious vacation time by presenting the best options for tours and activities. Booking services are free.

Susan Ranger, the concierge for Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica says, "Our Baby Boomer guests have discovered luxury vacation rental home stays allow them to fulfill all their family and work commitments within their limited time. Amenities like free wireless Internet mean they can take a few minutes to connect with work or responsibilities at home without feeling like they're missing out on vacation activities. "

Baby Boomers are still high on travel and still setting travel trends worth paying attention to. From great amenities to great values ​​Boomers have discovered perks that free them up to enjoy stress-free, quality time with their family and friends. Check online for the many luxury vacation rental home options available throughout Costa Rica. The home you find just may change the way you travel forever.