Many Baby Boomers Choose Senior Retirement Communities As The Perfect Place To Live

We live in a world of options these days. And this has never been more true than with the amount of options for retirement living. Senior retirement communities are just one of a great variety of living facilities that are available to the generation of retiring baby boomers and they are one of the most popular.

Senior living communities are found in all of the state in the US. This is different than it used to be with almost all the retirement villages being located in either Arizona or Florida. Nothing wrong with either of those places, and thousands of retiring baby boomers choose to move to each of those states every year.

But if you are in the mind to live some place where it is not warm all the time, some place that the seasons change and you can look out the window and tell that it has changed, then the internet can be your very good assistant in finding the perfect retirement community for you.

Many times the boomer retirement communities are found on the outskirts of a larger city, like Mesa is located close to Phoenix. This allows the residents of the community to travel a short distance to the city to go out to restaurants or a movie without having to deal with the traffic congestion on a daily basis.

Senior retirement communities are often focused on a particular interest that many of the residents share. The game of golf is a very popular theme for many boomers living in these communities, although there are some that focus on tennis or horseback riding. In the case of these themed communities, many of the facilities and the community events are centered around those activities.

It isn’t that you can’t live there if you are not a golfer, or a rider or a tennis player; it’s just that it is good to be aware of this situation before you move there.

Most of the time there is no way to tell by looking at the community residences that these are retirement communities. Unless, of course, you think that fact is being given away by the well manicured lawns or the perfectly clean streets or the happy smiles on the faces of the residents as they are headed to the onsite restaurant for a delicious dinner.

Senior retirement communities nowadays are full of baby boomers who are very active and youthful thinking people who are not ready to give it all up and move in with their kids. And while that kind of arrangement can work for a lot of people, it does not work for everybody.

But retirement living in a community full of like minded people that you can share a meal with or a trip to the city, now that is something that makes retiring a really good thing.

Retiring Baby Boomer Dentists – Less Dentists, More Patients

The baby boomer generation were a massive group of people seeking professional jobs. They created an influx in many businesses including dentistry. Many of them went to medical school and entered the dentistry field. This changed the way people found dentists because of the amount of new practices opening.

The dentistry world became competitive through advertising and discounted offers on dental care. In addition, the number of clinics that were opening up increased, which gave local community members options when it came to finding a dentist. The rise of the baby boom population gave dental hygiene a boost and forced insurance companies to take notice and offer care. However, the baby boom generation is coming close to retirement age and there aren’t enough new dentists to replace the baby boomers.

The number of people who graduate from dentistry schools decline every year. In a few years when all of the baby boom generation is collecting social security, more and more dentist offices will be closing. This will cause an influx in some offices where clients have limited choices on where to go. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the best care is going to be a choice when it comes to finding a dentist. A main criterion for choosing a dentist will be based on location. Without competition from other local dentists, the price of dental care could skyrocket. A dentist with no one else to worry about could start charging any price they want because there is no one to tell him that he can’t.

If you think this is the old problem that is the result of the baby boomer generation getting older, you’re wrong. Dentists’ offices are going to be inundated with patients.

However, the baby boomer generation has an ever bigger effect on the dentistry market. They are clients as well. As they get older, their needs are going to change. The baby boomer generation has different problems. They are going to go from needing cleanings and basic dentistry to more severe problems that inflict many older people such as gum disease, dentures and other dental problems.

The truth is that half of the people that visits a doctor’s office are over the age of 45. This means that the older generation care as much about their health as anyone else. They are going taking a huge percentage of the dentist’s time and create a massive demand in the market. But more dentists aren’t going to pop up because of the lack of students interested in the field.

As people get older, their teeth tend to fall out. This is due to a number of issues such as lack of care or improper hygiene. However, the root also gets weaker for a number of reasons. Medications can cause the root to weaken because of the decrease of the flow of saliva in one’s mouth. Different medications can cause these problems. Speak to your doctor or dentist about any side effects the medications can cause.

Missing teeth can either be replaced individually or a person can opt for dentures. Either way it’s a costly and timely procedure. Baby boomers are going to need these procedures done. If there aren’t enough dentists, an office could become extremely busy to the point where it will take weeks, if not months, to get an appointment.

The baby boomer dentists are creating a double fold problem. However, it’s not their fault. By retiring from their dentistry positions, they are creating less and less offices because there are fewer people in dental school. Even as they get older, they are going to need care as well as causing a demand for dentists.

Baby Boomers Expect a Retirement Filled With Satisfying Leisure Time Activities

Baby Boomers Are Retiring!

Baby Boomers are moving into retirement in increasing numbers. Already, approximately 1/3 of adults in the U.S. (over age 21), is a Baby Boomer, and every day, 10,000 more people hit their 50th birthdays. But they consider this period of their lives to be “Middle” Age – not “Old” Age. Boomers tend to look 10 years younger than their chronological ages, they’re stronger and healthier than previous generations at the same age, and consequently, they’re going to remain active for many years.

Baby Boomer Characteristics

As a group, Baby Boomers tend to play hard, work hard and spend hard – and this characteristic is likely to continue into retirement (the “Me Generation” is at it again). About 80% expect to work (either full or part-time) past their 65th birthdays; however, when they play – they’re likely to continue to play hard and spend hard, just like always.

Baby Boomer Retirements

So how do they plan to spend all this leisure time?

  • They will continue to be interested in things like luxury travel and vacation packages at preferred hotels and resorts around the world.
  • They are heavily invested, even obsessed, with health and fitness, so things like spas, health clubs, active sports, etc. will also be highly sought after.
  • Their nostalgic tendencies will continue to popularize music and entertainment 50s and 60s style.
  • They’re also committed to being lifelong learners and will actively pursue a variety of educational and learning opportunities, whether serious ones (such as graduate school and advanced degrees, or starting their own businesses) or more informal such as those related to hobbies and other interests.
  • Many members of this generation are grandparents, and heavily invested in their roles as grandparents. Consequently, they’ll spend lots of time with their grandchildren.
  • Many will be retiring “in place,” rather than relocating to the Sunbelt or other traditional retirement venues. Consequently, they’ll spend lots of time and energy redecorating and upgrading their homes – in ways that make life easier and more comfortable on a daily basis.

Baby Boomers Are a Motivated Generation

In general, the Baby Boomer generation is highly motivated to fill their retirement years with interesting and exciting activities that will help keep them young and allow them to express their unique gifts and talents, socialize with family and friends, travel to exciting locales around the world, or even, start their own internet businesses.

They are definitely not going to be relegated to the shuffleboard court or the bingo parlor!

Baby Boomer Retirement – When is it For You?

As the financial situation shifts daily around the world, people are wondering if this is a good time to retire. New fears about the future make it appear that one shouldn’t even consider retirement. Whether there are concerns about money, healthcare, or creating a new life, one thing is for certain this isn’t our parent’s retirement.

If you believe the latest press reports, baby boomers have done a poor job of saving and preparing for retirement. The United States does have one of the poorest saving rates in the world. But, is it realistic to expect people to work forty years and simultaneously save enough to fund another thirty or forty years of retirement.

When the retirement age was established in 1934, the age life expectancy was 65. The thinking at the time was if an individual lived that long, it was appropriate to provide a pension to see them through to end of their days. Social Security was never designed to support a majority of the population for a third of their lives.

The model for retirement needs to change. The idea of working thirty or forty years and then not do anything except get a pension is unrealistic. The new extended longevity of life opens up options that need to be evaluated. Deciding on the right time to retire involves a number of factors, not all of them financial.

Like people in the military, police and firefighters, Mark retired from the entertainment industry at a young age. While some of his financial needs were met with a pension, he started a home based business, which allowed him to raise his son and contribute additional income to the family.

Now his son is graduating from high school and Mark is looking for a new challenge. He would still like to earn money from his new endeavor, but the focus is shifting to work that is contributing to society. He is looking for work that is challenge and rewarding, as well as provides income. A reported 77% of baby boomers expect to continue to work, at least part time, past traditional retirement age.

While some will never retire due to financial reasons, many baby boomers are exploring working part time, making a career change to more fulfilling work, starting a business and altering their lifestyle to accommodate new interests. People who experienced a happy retirement report that money was not the primary factor in their well being. Understanding what you need to be satisfied in life is a key factor to plan for the future.

Single Baby Boomers Want a Different Relationship For Dating: This Isn’t Ozzy and Harriet Anymore

I’m just back from presenting two separate computer dating workshops which were 2 hours each. Both of the singles workshops covered different phases of online dating at a Live Singles Conference in Las Vegas. Most of the singles in attendance there were 40 years old and older. Pretty much everyone in attendance were all members of the Baby Boomers generation. The internet dating workshops were very interactive. This turned out to be just great because the participants really got their money’s worth in terms of their investment of time. As a group, the midlife daters over 40 years old and over 50 years old have a lot of questions about dating again in their mature living stage of life. Additionally, Baby Boomers are a generation who is used to an interactive and responsive experience. They desire to receive attention and have their questions addressed and answered.

Baby Boomer Singles After 40 Years Old and Over Fifty Years Old Want Different Things In Their Primary Love Relationship:

Over the course of the weekend conference and the two separate and related online dating workshops, one of the themes which emerged from both sessions as well as was point of conversation then at lunchtime was that Baby Boomers at this stage in life, singles who are over fifty years old for the most part, want a different kind of primary romantic relationship than when they were singles in their twenties or even singles looking to get married in their thirties.

Many of the mature midlife dating singles in their forties and fifties in the Baby Boomer generation of singles have already been married before. These mature singles are likely to either be divorced or widowed.

When that is the case and you are dating after likely already having children and owning a small house, townhouse, or condo, those are important things to discuss in the dates 3-5 and beyond. What do you want? Now that you have already had kids… what do you want now in a relationship?

Not only are these important things and questions to ask your date once you first determine whether or not their is the all-important imperative of In-Person Chemistry (not just the fantasy from Online Email exchanges). These are also important questions to pose to yourself! And Dating is the laboratory for vetting out the truth, testing, and refining.

Until you are well-matched for LIFE partnership… which may or may not at your age result in marriage

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

After 50 Dating Expert

What the Baby Boomer Generation Should Know About Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss

As the baby boomer generation retires, many are concerned about dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Modern technology and scientific advancements in health care are helping individuals live longer and healthier lives than any previous generation. The statistics of past generations indicate that 10 percent of individuals over the age of 65 years of age develop memory problems. By the age of 85 years of age, the percentage of memory problems increases to 50 percent.

Baby boomers are a generation that expects to grow old gracefully, physically and mentally. They expect to remain youthful and full of vitality as they age. Boomers do not want to know or experience the ill effects of aging, such as mental decline. This has been a driving force resulting in the research and studies done on the cognitive (thought) processes of the brain.

Although there is still much research to be done, there are some very promising findings being reported. Science now confirms that memory loss is not a normal part of aging. Proper nutrition, physical exercise and challenging the brain frequently are linked to brain fitness.

The causes of memory loss can occur gradually over time. The symptoms are not the average forgetfulness we all experience. As a society that is inundated with audio and visual stimulation everyday forgetfulness is a result of multitasking and stimulation over load.

It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of early memory loss, as intervention can prevent or delay the process.

What the Baby Boomer Generation Should Know about Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Causes of Memory Loss

Some causes of loss of memory for the aging population can be due to alcohol abuse, use of illicit drugs, smoking and poor nutrition. There are many health related medical conditions and prescription medications that can have a negative effect on the aging brain. Many of these conditions and the effects they have on the memory can be treated with early intervention.

The aging baby boomer generation can be proactive in preventing memory loss from occurring. Studies show that physical activity such as aerobic exercise helps brain fitness. A study, done on a group of individuals over the age of 55 years old, used brain imaging on individuals that were active versus a sedentary group of the same age. Over a period of 6 months the physically active group exercised 3 hours a week. Both groups had brain imaging studies done prior to the start of the study. At the end of 6 months, the results were astonishing. Several areas of the brain showed an increase in the brain volume of the physically active participants.

The increase in brain volume occurred in the areas of the brain responsible for memory and thought process. Scientists are not sure why this increase in brain volume occurred, but it is thought that an increase in blood supply and connections between the neurons of the brain. Research scientists now feel that an active life style can prevent or delay dementias and Alzheimer’s.

Baby boomers are a generation of ground breakers. They have pushed themselves to the limit and have tried new and different things. This is an important trait to continue to possess as they move into their retirement years. The brain can continue to form new connections between the neurons. This improves the ability to communicate, store and retrieve memory.

Being open to experiencing some new and different often is a key to maintaining a good memory and brain fitness. If you do crossword puzzles or Sudoku and become proficient at that task, you are no longer challenging your brain to continue to form new connections. Take a proactive approach and get out of your comfort zone. Your memory and mind will be glad that you did.

Traveling, meeting new people, dancing and even learning to use the computer are ways to keep the brain growing and firing up those neurons! Consider a brain fitness program.

A brain fitness program should test your abilities in a variety of different categories and identify your strengths and weaknesses. A good program will then build an individualized program based on your initial results. It will assist you to build your weak areas and continue to maintain or improve upon your strengths. A brain fitness program should also be able to give you feed back on a regular basis as to where you have improved and what changes your have made. Research shows that developing new connections occur and the brain can be revitalized by participating in a brain fitness program just 20 minutes three times a week.

The baby boomer generation should know that dementia; Alzheimer’s and causes of memory loss can be prevented or delayed by taking a proactive approach to their health. Physical activity, trying something new and challenging can not only be fun but help your brain remember the good times you have!

Women Oakville Baby Boomers – Sorry Plight Exposed

America, and also the countries surrounding it, comprise a vast population of baby boomers. Irrespective of their location, all baby boomers now face a common situation, old age and retirement. Like baby boomers in other parts of the world, those in Oakville, Ontario are also experiencing age-related problems.

Women baby boomers can be classified into two categories–those who hold jobs and a small minority that are not employed. Each category faces its own problems with life.

Women Boomers in Careers

Employed women baby boomers are less likely to retire in spite of reaching the age of retirement. The jobs held by women baby boomers include short hours and lesser traveling hours. Some women have changed jobs often, and most of them take up a job that promises flexible hours. Women usually tend to take such jobs to get more time to manage their responsibilities at home. In addition, they also have duties toward friends, family, and other people. These women baby boomers hardly get any time for themselves.

Statistics have revealed that women live more than men. Due to this, they often run out of their life savings and resources. Since they are now close to the age of retirement, they seek more ways of securing their future by making a number of insurance and health plans.

Unemployed Boomer Women

A minority of women baby boomers who are not employed anywhere will probably continue to live a life fraught with difficulties. Currently, they are struggling with life. Since they do not hold a job and have selflessly taken care of their families all their lives, they cannot retire and enjoy the benefits of retirement savings. They live below what is commonly termed as poverty line. Moroever, they suffer from poor health and poverty. Even the usual government aid will not be of much help to them in the years to come.

Biased Social Structure

Due to social, political, cultural, demographic, and economic factors, many women baby boomers can’t have a secure retired life. Most of the public and private sectors are male dominated, which means that most policies favor men. Women baby boomers, therefore, have no guarantee with regard to employment, healthcare, pension, housing benefits, and retirement benefits.

The country should understand the needs of women baby boomers. Public and private sector policies should be modified in recognition of the changing structure of the family and to meet the requirements of single parents. It is high time that workplaces eliminated discrimination on the basis of gender and age.

Nature of Boomer Women

In spite of the fact that many women baby boomers suffer from age-related health disorders, they are also a happy-go-lucky people. They enjoy shopping and are also beauty and health conscious.

They pay special importance to their looks. Now that they are getting older, they would like to look younger. Many of them, therefore, color or dye their hair to hide the fact that their hair is turning gray. About seven percent of the baby boomers dye their hair to hide the presence of gray hair. Some of them do their beauty treatments at home while others prefer salons. Soon they realize the utter futility of hiding the aging process and learn to accept themselves as they are.

Here are some facts about women baby boomers:

They have discretionary incomes; however, they are more worried about their financial conditions.

They do not inherit any wealth; average women baby boomers receive only 25-50K.

Several women baby boomers are members of AARP.

They do not really bother about brand names.

Older women baby boomers purchase more perfumes, jewelry, furnishings, computers, watches, and luxury cars.

Middle-aged baby boomers have more parents than children.

A number of baby boomers have become grandparents.

They believe that they can outsmart salespeople.

In spite of being old, women baby boomers still impact society in several ways. Their advent into the world was quite noticeable. Now that they are aging in large numbers, they are once again creating history. The generation of baby boomers is indeed unique in this sense.

Retiring Baby Boomer – How They Take It

Baby boomers have led such active and eventful lives that they feel retirement is quite absurd. Yet retirement has become a reality, more so now that the baby boomers are in their fifties and sixties. Now it is time to seriously think about retirement and its significance for us.

Traditionally, people consider retirement with relief and joy. Most people look forward to living the rest of their lives comfortably and peacefully. The vision of sleeping late, participating in sports such as golf or fishing, taking up hobbies that they had put off for a long time, and living a leisurely life is alluring indeed.

Retirement can also bring a lot of fear and anxiety. If a baby boomer is drawing close to the age of retirement and has not yet done anything to prepare himself or herself financially for retirement or has still not reached his or her career goals, retiring is not a pleasant idea.

We have seen two extreme visions of retirement. Both have been fed by equal doses of reality and myth. Baby boomers, however, are quite adept at redefining myths as well as reality. Now that they are moving closer to retirement, baby boomers are about to redefine the very concept of retirement.

Baby boomers like to be prepared for everything; they hate being caught unawares. They did not have the privilege of working under employers who were loyal to them and wanted to keep them employed for long years. Naturally, they cannot expect a hefty retirement packet from their employers. But, thanks to their nature of preparing themselves for everything, they have prepared well for their retirement.

Many of them are members of the AARP, which offers a number of opportunities and resources to enable baby boomers to create a more financially secure future for themselves. The fact that they received absolutely no benefits from previous employers, therefore, does not make much of a difference. For baby boomers, however, becoming financially secure is not the be-all and end-all of life.

A popular myth that surrounds retirement is that it marks the end of a person’s productive life. The idea of living leisurely, allowing younger people to provide for us, is neither appealing nor healthy. People are happiest when they are creative, productive, useful, and when they are trying to achieve a goal. It has been observed that if a senior citizen retires and ceases to participate in life, his or her will to live declines. Their life, therefore, ends sooner than it is intended to end.

Many baby boomers are still financial set back, which might require them to work well beyond their retirement age. This could actually be a blessing in disguise. It will give baby boomers an extension on life and enable them to live a longer, healthier, and more productive life. Baby boomers who actually retire have dreams of a second career more suited to their taste and age. Besides, a second career would also bring in a steady stream of revenue.

If you are a retired baby boomer, you could revive your interest in a cause that you have felt strongly about. Throught their lives, baby boomers have fought for one cause or the other. The best way for most of them to spend their retirement years is to become activists and work toward creating a better world. After all, they had done the same in their youth, when they were pursuing their college degrees.

Baby boomers will make the world a wonderful place to live in only if they remain active and productive all their lives.

Senior Independent Living For Active Baby Boomers

Baby boomers were raised to be action takers, not the kind of people who are content just to sit around at home waiting for life to come visit them. That is why senior independent living places are so very popular with the baby boomers at large.

This kind of retirement community is one where when you walk down the street and look around; there is no way to tell that you are in a senior retirement village. Well, you probably can tell that because everyone around you appears to be of retirement age, but as far as what is going on in the community, you could never tell.

People are riding their bikes down the streets, running by in their jogging outfits, playing tennis, walking on their way to the pool for a few laps, driving in golf carts to the clubhouse for a drink and a snack before their round. There is so much going on; it is as if, you are standing in the middle of a resort complex, instead of a place full of retirees.

This type of facility is so widespread and so in demand by baby boomers, that more and more of them are being built each day. Just turn on your TV during the afternoon talk shows sometime and count how many commercials you see in an hour which are selling spots in an active senior community.

This is not the world of your grandparents’ retirement, this is a new stage of life that is just waiting for the new breed of retiree to come and take part in it.

True enough there are some people who are not in the kind of physical and mental shape that they would need to be in to participate in an independent community like one of these. But for those folks, there are alternative housing options. It’s just that nowadays, more and more people are staying healthier and invigorated for more and more years of their lifetimes.

You see all kinds of people who are officially at the retirement age starting new businesses, entering politics for the first time or even not retiring but instead taking on new careers. The mindset of the baby boomers in retirement is very different from the old stereotypes. Many of those ideas are gone and good riddance to them.

Senior independent living communities are here to stay. Full of youthful thinking baby boomers, the only thing that is going to happen with these facilities is that more and more of them are going to be built. And that will certainly benefit everyone when it is time to find a retirement place to live.

Benefits of Baby Boomer Health

With baby boomers retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day well into 2029, we all need to step it up in the natural healing arena. Information I am getting from several different reliable sources says that drugs (statins more specifically) are ruining an otherwise good retirement. Last February, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration placed a warning label on all statin drugs stating that they may cause diabetes, muscle disorders and cognitive problems such as memory loss and confusion.

The best advice is to get off statins if at all possible. There are alternatives to lowering your cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol and your doctor has you on Lipitor, Crestor or Zocor, you may want to get another opinion. Only about two percent of people are helped by these drugs.

If you are concerned about cholesterol levels, take some time to educate yourself about cholesterol. The liver produces about 75 percent of cholesterol, while 25 percent comes from food. It is only slightly water soluble, so it is carried through the bloodstream via lipoproteins, a blend of proteins and lipids (fats).

You do not get elevated cholesterol from eating fat. Dietary cholesterol (from food) accounts for no more than ten percent of blood cholesterol. Cholesterol is so important, the body produces 3,000 to 4,000 mg of it each and every day. Ancel Keys, the “father” of the cholesterol-heart disease hypothesis, said in 1997, “There is no connection whatsoever between the cholesterol in food and cholesterol in the blood, and we’ve known that all along.” Makes one go hmm, doesn’t it?

The medical profession generally defines hypocholesterol as being below 160 mg/dL, but recent research suggests that people with cholesterol levels below 200 are unhealthy. A range of 175-275 should be considered within normal, non-pathological levels. The dangers of low cholesterol include: depression and suicide; violence and neurological disorders; cancer; infertility; and death by heart attack or stroke.

If you’re a baby boomer, review your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight and glucose levels with your doctor. Ask if you would benefit from taking niacin supplements to raise your good HDL cholesterol. You should also consider these health tips.

Get serious about your diet.

Lose weight for good.

Exercise is crucial. Try to get in a good hour-long walk each day.

Get a least eight hours of sleep each night. Don’t get into sleep debt.

Add cholesterol-lowering foods to you diet. Fiber-rich foods, oatmeal, almonds and fish (at least once or twice a week) are all good. Also, plant sterols, flaxseed, organic grape juice, apples and other foods that contain pectin can help.

A good vitamin and mineral regimen will greatly improve cardiovascular protocol.

Vitamin C to bowel tolerance-titrate, up to a range of 5,000 to 10,000 mg per day.Collatrim – three capsules three times per day to prevent plaque formation.

Niacin (B3) – one capsule at lunch and two capsules at bedtime. Gradually increase based upon risk assessment to decrease production of Lp.

CoQ10 – 100 mg twice per day to strengthen the heart muscle.

Magnesium complex – two capsules three times per day, reduce to bowel tolerance if necessary. A natural balancer to help the body regulate cholesterol needs and demands for repair.