Baby Boomer Fashion – 6 Constructive Tips To Make Them Look Great?

Fashion, to some people, is everything. Though there are people who do not care about how they look, there also are those who care only about fashion trends. Those who are born in the span of 1946 to 1964 are called baby boomers and are known to be the affluent and most influential economists. Just like fashion trends, baby boomers aren’t ever left behind and some among them are trendsetters too.

The boomers are in their late 50s or early 60s now. They were hippies once, but now, they are facing their aging problems which cause problems for them when it comes to dressing and styling. They want clothes that have attitude, but their style that was trendy ages ago; look outdated in today’s trend.

Aging is a process that causes frustration to baby boomers. They look for ways that can slow the process of aging down and at their age of about 50 or 60, they are full of life, screaming and kicking to the world around them that they too can keep up with the trends of today.

This is precisely the reason why companies that are in business related to fashion expect huge increases in their yearly sales owing to baby boomers.

Have men baby boomers been sighted off late? May be you will have a good laugh just by thinking of seeing an oldie in hippies-style taking a walk in a street. Some of them do wear such clothes and receive comments that are not-so-good. If you wish to be in pace with today’s fashion, try these:

1. Wear snug shirts that fit easily across your chest and back trimly and ensure that you can wear a jacket that becomes narrow at your waist. Also use flat-fronts trousers with straight legs which will make you look taller, youthful and flattering too.

2. Blazer look-alike leather jackets add flavor to a wardrobe of a man and can go with jeans or trousers.

3. Wear eyeglasses that are small. Try rimless ones or lightweight frames.

4. Go for slip on or tie style shoes. You can even try low-heeled leather boots or western boots. Shoes that never become old fashioned are black shoes. Make sure you choose ones that have leather soles. Brown shoes also are a great alternative.

5. Navy blue and charcoal gray are flattering colors on older men. You also can try textured fabrics and color combinations.

6. As the hair becomes thinner, you must cut them short so that your best features are accentuated.

If these tips are followed, you will look more youthful. A confidence will be there in you as will be a feeling of being in trend.

Here are some of the biggest don’ts a baby boomer must keep note of:

– Never wear clothes that are too big for you as you will look heavier.

– Do not wear leather pants as it does not suit your age.

– Do not wear big lenses as it will give a droopy appearance to you and will not show your face

– Penny loafers and Oxford are old fashion already, so do not try wearing them.

– Do not wear black because you will look as if you are going to a funeral. This is also holds good for black sweaters.

– Do not cover bald spots with remaining hair. It will look horrendous.

There are lots of fashion designers nowadays who can take care of needs of baby boomers. Boomers can look hip and sophisticated inspire of their age. Designers like Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart and Under Amour can be found, and are quite good in their jobs. You always can visit them and can seek professional help from them.

Age should not be an excuse for not looking good. Looks of oldies will disappear as baby boomers start to set their fashion trends for themselves at their age. A more fulfilling and exciting life for boomers can be expected.

Not only are men attuned to fashion quite a bit but women boomers also have a very good fashion and style sense. The opportunities for baby boomers for keeping up with the trend are more thanks to the companies that invest on fashion business.

If you are an aging baby boomer, do not sulk in your bedroom and keep staring at your old out of fashion clothes. Go out and look for the right style that suits you. The secret to stay in fashion always is to simply wear comfortable clothes.

Baby Boomers Influence Health and Wellness Craze

Baby boomers have been influencing markets for years as this massive portion of the population moved from one stage of life to another. Starting with the success of baby food and baby products many years ago to the current market for senior citizen items, this demographic has created huge success for the companies with the right positioning to take advantage of the buying power of the baby boomers.

As the oldest of the baby boomers became senior citizens several years ago, the markets continue to be influenced by them. They are now having a profound impact on the health and wellness industry. This large segment of the population does not want to age in the normal manner. They want to stay young and vibrant. Biological age is not necessarily going to slow them down. They are willing to buy products which are going to help them to maintain the qualities of youthfulness even though the years have passed.

Although the baby boomers are generally more equipped for retirement and becoming senior citizens than generations past, many have seen their savings and retirement funds erode with the bad economy. Their investments and pensions have quite likely taken a big hit so that they are not as prepared as they had expected.

An increasing number of senior citizens are finding that it is necessary to find some way of supplementing their income. Many seniors are now working menial jobs at places like McDonald’s and Walmart to make ends meet. The younger seniors who are baby boomers may be looking for something which pays better. Many are turning to network marketing (MLM or multi-level marketing) as a means to earn extra money.

Since they are interested in health and wellness and a home based business, the nutritional supplement network marketing companies may be a good fit. They are able to buy some products they like at wholesale (albeit for a higher price than similar products would be sold in retail stores) and have the chance to build a residual income. If they like and believe in the product they are selling, they could find a good market for it among their baby boomer friends. They could find success in this new found venture.

During World War II, Americans and immigrants of Japanese descent were forcibly removed from their West Coast homes and placed in what have been called America’s concentration camps. They were incarcerated for the duration of the war. It was hard to be concerned with health and fitness as there was not a lot for the older people to do. Some who were born in the camps may be among the oldest baby boomers.

Many baby boomers are used to success in their lives, and they may have the motivation and determination to succeed in network marketing. If they find a company which has a product they like and a compensation plan to benefit them, they may find their place as successful network marketers.

Retiree Jobs – Baby Boomer Retirement Means Work For Most

Retiree jobs will be important to 72% of all baby boomers. According to a Del Webb, who should know something about retirement, survey of baby boomers… 72% is the percentage of baby boomers that plan to work in retirement.

Why is working in retirement necessary? Over 50% of boomers have saved less than $25,000 for retirement.

Since the average American family has over $8,000 in credit card debt…There is no incentive to save at 1% interest when you pay 18% or more on your credit card balance. Why are so many in debt is another story…it is reality that many boomers are facing.

Since almost half of retirees move when they retire, there is a lot of demand for retiree jobs in Arizona and Florida, where most retirees relocate. There are just so many Wal-Mart greeter jobs to go around. Some choose real estate; there are certainly those jobs available to proven producers.

For those planning to retire overseas for the much lower cost of living…you should not plan on traditional work. The jobs available will be given first to locals…the way it should be.

For most, a part time job will supplement their Social Security…again in the popular retirement states they will be lots of competition for these jobs.

Virtual retirement or retiring online will be sought for those who would like to work at the time and place of their choosing…doing what you want is why you retire in the first place.

Unless you are that rare person who actually knows, as much about computers as the average 12 year old, you will need some help in training for a productive online career. The learning curve is steep…but doable…for us baby boomers.

I found the answer to my knowledge gap in computing and websites after 2 months of floundering. Others are not so lucky…I hope you discover what I did early on. Interested in how I did it?

Two Important End-Of-Life Decisions for Baby Boomers

The baby boomer generation coming to the end of their natural life, need to make a few important decisions regarding their end of life. Decisions such as that would not only affect their own lives, but also the lives of their loved ones. Baby boomers in their 50s, 60s and above at one time or the other must consider about important issues such as Advance Medical Directive and Estate Planning. However owing to mere procrastination, most baby boomers delay unnecessarily and delay important matters such as these.

A good Estate Planning Attorney or a Will Attorney can help you tackle the legal obstacles surrounding the two important end of life issues for you in case you have not already taken practical steps for resolving these important matters. This is how they can help.

Advance Medical Directive

This relates to a health directive which words out your future decisions related to your medical care and other general end of life preferences in case of your incapacitation to take such decisions on your own at that time. This could include your preference of one type of medical care over the other, hospice decisions, and oral health care decisions. You have the option of either making all these decisions on your own now, or appoint some agent by giving him or her the legal power to take all such decisions on your behalf when the time comes. One good piece of advice when going for such important decision-making is to seek some true professional help by hiring a skilled estate planning attorney or a will attorney.

Legal matters are complicated, and need an expert to lead you, get the most benefit out of your advance medical directive.

Estate Planning

Just like the medical directive, estate planning also constitutes to your decisions in advance, about how your assets / estate are dealt with, at the point of time when you are no longer able to take such decisions on your own. An estate plan allows you to set your priorities straight as regards the passing on of your assets to your loved ones ensuring that the maximum of the benefit reaches them.

Here again your estate planning attorney or a will attorney can help you make sure that your assets or estate does not stand vulnerable to the claims of creditors or other claims on your assets at that point of time.

If you are a baby boomer and you have not taken these end of life important decisions now is the time to take the initial step to avoid discomfort and complications for your loved ones in the future.

Why Baby Boomer Business Owners Fail to Plan Their Business Exits

In working as a consultant to Baby Boomer business owners who want to sell, I often have people say to me, “Heath, I only wish I had started thinking about selling years ago.”

What they are saying essentially is that “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” Nowhere is this cliché truer than in the world of business exit planning.

The fact is: the majority of baby boomer business owners never take the time to plan for the inevitable day when they will want or need to leave their businesses. These successful business owners come up with every imaginable excuse to avoid this strategic imperative.

The net result of neglecting business exit planning, of course, is that when the time comes to leave (and it will come, no matter what you want) sellers are backed up against a wall and forced to make hasty decisions. These decisions seldom result in the most favorable outcome for the seller and create a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache.

Often, the same issues that make it difficult to discuss things such as funeral planning and life insurance creep into discussions of business exit planning. To some people, thinking about exiting a business is akin to thinking about death- the last great taboo in American society.

Boomer owners also fail to plan to exit their businesses due to inaccurate assumptions such as believing that a spouse, significant owner, child or grandchild will automatically take over the business, or that they can sell the business to their employees when the time comes.

Owners also assume that the personal estate planning they have done will factor in the issues related to their business. While the two things are certainly connected, the strategies for achieving success are quite different.

Your estate planning attorney may be exceptionally competent at keeping as much of your estate out of Uncle Sam’s hands as possible but he or she may know little to nothing about how to guide a successful business sale and create a lifetime stream of income in the process. It pays to have an acquisition expert on your team to create a separate and distinct plan for selling your business.

Another reason for procrastination in planning business exits is that the entire procedure seems overwhelmingly complex. Most business owners are experts at running their businesses, but they realize they haven’t a clue about how to successfully sell one.

Often times, owners approaching retirement realize they need to do something, so they read articles, listen to business experts, watch videos and… get very depressed.

An owner quickly concludes that selling a business in today’s economy is extremely complex. They take one look at their disorganized office and messy, incomplete financials, their neglected infrastructure and lack of systems and procedures, and become discouraged, with no clue where to even begin.

I am guessing the feelings are something like those of a housecleaner hired to clean a 50 room mansion that hasn’t been cleaned in 10 years.

Business exit planning doesn’t have to be this way, though. With a little help from some trusted mentors, you can start planning now and avoid most, if not all, of the mistakes other owners make when leaving their businesses.

Imagine, having a blueprint in your hands months, even years before your exit; a map of exactly what you need to do to achieve a transition that is simpler, faster, and more lucrative.

Imagine having a trusted expert’s guidance, someone who does the best job possible for you because he or she does not work on commissions and is totally versed in the procedures for successfully selling a business.

Only around 3% of businesses on the market sell successfully. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way to increase your odds of selling dramatically, and decrease the amount of time your business is on the market?

If you could sell your profitable business for more money, in less time, with a lot less stress, and create a stream of income for retirement that you could not outlive, is there any reason you would not want to do so?

There is a way to do all these things and more if you have the right guidance from seasoned professionals who can help you put together a realistic, workable exit plan.

Consultants and acquisitions experts know that you cannot overstate the importance of having a such plan in place before deciding to sell. This is especially true for Baby Boomer owners who are within 2-5 years of retirement, whether or not you plan on leaving the business to a family member.

An even better idea is if you build your company with a view to selling it from the get-go. After all, a business exit blueprint isn’t set in stone, it’s an organic part of your strategic planning process that can be changed and amended as your needs and desires change.

The most important thing is that you need to start.

To help you get started creating the perfect business exit strategy, Delta has produced a comprehensive check list you can use as a guideline. This list will do a lot to help you start putting together the resources you need in order to write your plan.

You can download it at our website or you can call Delta’s office M-F (Central time) to request a copy. (210) 369-4161.

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to us either through email or by phone.

Baby Boomers And Music – Reasons They Never Forget Rock And Roll

When the music gets too loud there is a problem for baby boomers. Baby boomers were part of a generation in music that defined so much of what is heard now. There are covers done by bands and rappers that borrow hooks from songs from the 60s and 70s. Baby boomers don?t need to cover their ears when they hear the music of today, but embrace what their generation did for modern music.

When baby boomers were growing up, music was an important part of society. Icons were first taking form such as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Music was about life and changes. Music had meaning and reached into the heart and soul of the baby boomers. Not much has changed in that respect. Baby boomer musicians are still creating songs about getting older. However, the music still stays the same. Baby boomers can rock out and enjoy the music now just as they did when they were younger.

The rock and roll lifestyle wasn’t always glitz and glam. The 60s saw the demise of several rock icons. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Freddie Mercury all succumbed to the lifestyle. There deaths were just as much as a part of the culture as any other thing that happened in that time. They went too far and took the rock and roll culture to a further point. Their music is still celebrated and looked upon as unique, trendy and still remains current to this day.

Baby boomers learned how to move on because it doesn’t pay to wallow in sadness. Musicians from that time are still making music. The Rolling Stones recently went on a tour that was one of the most successful in the country. They made money while young and old rocked out to their music. Music of the baby boomer generation transcends different cultures. Take at look at Aerosmith or Bob Seger. These are all musicians that maintained over the years and continue to rock even into their later years. Just because you?re old doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have fun. Baby boomers will argue they deserve it most because they have created a culture that won?t soon be forgotten.

Rock and roll isn’t just about the music though. Rock and roll is about an attitude. It?s a way of life. A life the baby boomers exemplify. They live life to the fullest, doing everything they can and never getting cheated. However, the ones that took this attitude too far are the ones that suffered. If you look at baby boomers and all they have done in life, you see this attitude. They have worked in the best jobs, enjoyed life by going on great vacations and have bought the best things life has to offer.

Rock and roll is about not selling out. That is why rockers have great contempt for anyone they have deemed a sell out. This doesn’t change with age. Baby boomers still aim to have fun even though their lives have gotten busier and they have more responsibilities. The more work they have to do just means a bigger reward in the end.

For baby boomers who have forgotten that lifestyle, there is still time to get it back. Throw on an old record or put on the classic rock station. You can even check out your grandson?s collection. There might be a band that reminds you of your youth. You will be able to listen to the bands and be reminded of the days that once were. Remember rock and roll is here to stay. You can always be a part of it.

Baby Boomer Cruise – The Only Way For Seniors to Travel

If you are a baby boomer and you are looking to head for an adventure then you should consider a cruise. There are many benefits out there for people your age that you should consider. In addition, a cruise will have everything you are looking for like activities, price, shows, food, and more.

Baby boomer cruising is one of the largest markets in the travel industry. This is because it provides for a comprehensive vacation without having to worry about planning additional things on a vacation like entertainment, dining, and things to do. In addition, this type of a vacation gives a safe sense of security financially knowing their vacation is aid for and they don’t have to worry about meals, activities, and entertainment.

Baby boomer cruises provide plenty of entertainment. You can enjoy plenty of shows that are Las Vegas style if you like. You can go dancing or enjoy live music. If you like to play at the casinos then there are plenty of cruise lines that allow you to gamble in the casinos. There are singles parties you can go to if you are interested in meeting people. Cruises provide plenty of activities to do while you are on vacation. This allows for you to be comfortable while you enjoy the nightlife instead of being in a strange city you don’t know if you are alone.

Cruises are perfect for baby boomers because they provide the perfect dining also. You can enjoy a formal dinner if you want to get all dressed up and you can also dine from buffet style dining too. You will eat some of the finest seafood you have ever had and some of the freshest fruits too. The food on the cruise ships is fantastic and you don’t have to pay additional money for your meals when you pay for a cruise. All of your meals are included in the cruise package. The only thing you have to pay for that is extra is alcoholic beverages if you like to drink.

The cruises for baby boomers are also perfect because they have plenty of activities you can join in. If you like to lead an active lifestyle then you should consider a cruise for your vacation. You will never get bored on a cruise. You can enjoy shuffleboard, water aerobics, dance classes, jogging, walking, and plenty of other activities. There are also singles activities if you want to meet people.

Cruises are perfect for baby boomers because they provide the perfect vacation without any worries. Most baby boomers are on a fixed budget and it is difficult to budget for a vacation when they have to worry about a hotel, dining, entertainment, and activities. A cruise provides all of these things in one package.

Baby Boomers Retirement Communities Are A Great Option For Active Adults

Retirement is a good thing for most people. And for members of the baby boomer generation, that idea has not changed. But one of the things that has changed is that now there is a choice of places where you can live after you retire. It isn’t just nursing homes any longer, now there are all kinds of baby boomers retirement communities just waiting for folks to come and live there.

It used to be that the only place where your grandmother could go to live, if she didn’t live with one of her kids, was in a nursing home. These still do exist and there a lot of people who do live in those places. But more and more people are retiring who have spent their entire lives being active.

Action was one of the bywords of the baby boomer generation. These are people who got up and took action I their lives to make a better world for themselves and for their children. They are not exactly the kind of people to site around and wait for their turn at the checkers board in the game room at the nursing home.

Boomer retirement communities are so popular that the companies that develop them are buying up prime time ad space on regular network television. And that is the most expensive ad space anywhere. There are literally hundreds of thousands of housing units being built for baby boomers right now.

And that is a good thing because it means you are going to have a great number of choices to pick front when you are thinking about where to live after your retire. Choice is actually another hallmark word for the boomer generation. Freedom, choice and action were really big ideas for this group of folks born between 1946 and 1964.

Many of them wanted to change the world form the one in which their parents and grandparents had lived. And one way to do that was to make different choices about life in general. At the risk of repeating that idea again, that is huge difference in the way the previous generation thought.

Personal freedom and choice over what you were going to do with your life were paramount in the thinking of the boomers. There is no reason at all to think that after retirement, things were going to be any different.

That is why there are so many baby boomers retirement communities being built all over the country, so that the people that wanted a choice of what they could do in their working lives can still have a lot of choices after they retire.

Navigating Baby Boomer Job Changes

Why Do Baby Boomers Have Trouble Getting Back To Work?

People over 50 do not suffer from a particularly high unemployment rate, but it does seem to take older workers longer than younger workers to get back to work after losing a job. In fact, baby boomers have one of the highest long-term unemployment rates.

This more difficult transition could be because of a number of reasons:

  • Some recruiters say that baby boomers are less flexible, and that is why it can be easier to work with younger job hunters.
  • Because they have years of experience, older people might expect higher salaries.
  • Baby boomers might lack job hunting skills because they have not searched for a job for many years and the market has changed.

Are Baby Boomers Less Flexible?

It might be harder for established families to pick up and move to find a new job in a new city. Baby boomers may also be somewhat less flexible about the type of job that they will accept. It is always good to exercise some caution before accepting a new job offer. Older workers have enough experience to know that new positions might not turn out to be as good as they seem at first glance. Still, it pays to be somewhat flexible. If you are an older worker who has lost a job, you might need to bend a bit to get your foot in the door of a new employer.

Salary expectations might also have to be adjusted too. It can be tough to switch jobs if that means accepting a pay cut. On the other hand, less pay could be better than no pay check at all. Instead of focusing purely on salary, it might be better to focus on opportunities for advancement and other benefits.

Can Boomers Adjust To Internet Job Searches?

The biggest issue might be navigating the 21st century job market. A lot more job hunting and job recruiting happens on the Internet these days. It is important for older job seekers to learn to use these new tools effectively. Social networks and online job boards have become much more popular ways to recruit than old-fashioned newspaper advertisements.

These new tools can be very powerful, and that is the reason that they are so popular. They can help job seekers connect with old friends and coworkers, and they can also expedite the introduction to recruiters and employers. If you need a new job, your online social network can be your best asset.

However, there might be some learning curve involved in using online job search tools effectively. The online job marketplace has changed the way that resumes should be created, and it has also changed how job hunters and employers network. It might pay to spend some time finding the best sites to help with your job search. There are plenty of good tips and guides to using big social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to find work.

Many Baby Boomers have plenty of work experience, but now it might be time to learn to use the Internet effectively for a successful job search.

Baby Boomers Are Facing a Financial Crunch

Young boomers are running out of time to save and facing a serious financial crunch. Social Security benefit expectations are currently in question as to whether or not young baby boomers will have enough money to cover even basic expenses in retirement based on what they have currently been able to save and invest. The boomers need to plan for long retirements in addition because modern medicine and a more health conscious society are resulting in longer life spans. The average American woman today can expect to live until 80, up nearly five years from 1970. Those who make it to 65 can expect to live until nearly 84.

To just turn the heat up a notch or two record low mortgage interest rates and soaring home values have caused Americans to refinance their mortgages in record numbers. The result of this will be that many Americans will be forced to carry their mortgages well into retirement. There may not be any money to place into retirement accounts if this is indeed the case. As a matter of fact once a boomer finally retires they will have to count on having enough money to live off of for 30 years or more. Even if a person had somehow managed to save a quarter million dollars the cold facts are that to make it last that long, they would only be able to live off of about $10,000 per year.

There is only one possible solution and that is for young boomers to save even more money. This might be nearly impossible due to the fact of rising college tuition costs for their children and a more than sluggish current economy. So baby boomers have to deal with a serious financial crunch that is looming with their retirement. The baby boomers are faced with one of two evils, cut their spending now or reduce their standard of living upon retirement. There is no doubt that baby boomers are in nothing less than a financial crunch with all of the elements stacked up against them, an extended life expectancy, caring for aging parents, children in financial need, the Social Security and Medicare programs in crisis. All of these factors could indicate that baby boomers will not be able to afford to live the second half of their life. It is in 2017 when havoc is expected to really take its toll as that is when the largest number of baby boomers will be retiring. These are people born between 1946 and 1964.

Baby boomers make up a good majority of the live for today generation, the ones who have overindulged for so long that it is extremely difficult now to look ahead to a future that could be possibly quite bleak. Within the next two decades many people will believe that they are ready to retire but once they start adding up the numbers a harsh realization will come over them and this will be a realization that they are not ready for because when their parents retired they received pensions, Social Security, and their house mortgages were paid off. Unfortunately, that will not be the case when baby boomers retire