5 Tips for Baby-Boomer Nurses Who Precept GN’s

5 Tips for Retiring Baby-Boomer Nurses Who Precept New GN’s

What better thing is there for a baby-boomer nurse to fantasize about than retiring? Throwing away that darned alarm clock is one of the best parts of that fantasy! And how about taking a drive to enjoy God’s green earth? Stay out as long as you want to! Be sure to take a picture of your first retirement sunset. Baby-boomer nurses will be retiring very soon!

Are you a baby-boomer who loves camping – but hasn’t been able to squeeze it in for the last 10-20 years? Does hiking, biking, or sailing capture your heart? How about horse-back riding? Swimming in the ocean? Ahhhh…

When you are retired, you wake up when you wake up – and get up when you want to. You go to bed when you get sleepy – and wear any colors you want to. You can plant a garden – and tend it. You can finally get that puppy you’ve been wanting – and have time free to train it properly & in person. You can even move out to the country if you want to.

As a retired baby-boomer nurse, you never again have to get a stranger’s barf, NG drainage, blood, snot, pee, or poo on you. You won’t have to torture your poor back any more either. No more getting clubbed or kicked for trying to help a confused patient. Nor will you ever again be required to administer Dilaudid to drug seekers or be told to come in just 10 minutes after being put on-call.

Yeah – those are some of the memories you can leave behind. But first – your most important job, before you retire, is to convince the next generation that nursing is a great career. Its to your benefit to do an awesome job teaching the next crop of GN’s, because they might be the ones who will be taking care of you when its your turn to be the patient. Here are 5 tips that will help you help the new GN’s turn out great.

Soooo… 1. Tell them the good stories. What memories have you stored up that helped you stick it out all these years? Those are the stories you want to share with the new nurses. They see all the garbage that this job entails already. They need to hear from you what has kept you hanging on until retirement age.

Did you meet your beloved spouse on the job? If so, that’s a good thing to pass on. Did any of your “codes” or “close-calls” ever come back to thank you? Do, by all means, tell that. Absolutely share some of the funny stories and insider jokes. Laughter is good medicine!

Then there are the tender stories. Did your heart totally melt when that 100-year-old lady took five seconds, that you thought you couldn’t spare, to take your hand and kiss it? Do you remember that handsome-enough-to-be-a-model patient who was dying with AIDS – and how you bonded with him, laughed with him, brought him special snacks, and gave him your best – and then cried when he passed?

Did your crusty-mean nurse-manager come find you, hug you with tears in her own eyes, and send you home for the week, when she heard your mom had just passed? And did she also make the arrangements to cover your schedule and make sure you would get bereavement pay?

Maybe, at one of your jobs, the nursing staff was close and used to party together? Maybe you even went on a wonderfully fun vacation with some other baby-boomer coworkers – and got a great discount because of the group rate. Tell it. Telling these kinds of things, plus what is in the following paragraphs, could make a big difference in a young nurse’s attitude.

Then… 2. Don’t let them lose their first love. This is the best thing you can do. Because the real world is seldom like what they told you in school, do try to find some similarities to point out. In school, we all learned terminology, A&P, meds, and a lot of theory. But most nursing schools don’t teach the practical duties well at all. Tie it together for them. Make it real. “We do it this way because… “

The culture shock from knowing – to doing – can be staggering! Teaching GN’s tasks from merely a task-oriented base is not going to help them in the long run. But when you tie it together for them, they don’t feel that their four years of college were a waste – and they aren’t as likely to say, “Hey! This isn’t what I signed up for!”

Do you remember how frustrated you felt when you discovered you graduated with just a lot of head knowledge and were not prepared to do your job? As a brand new GN, I didn’t know how to start an IV, place a Foley or NGT, safely transfer patients from bed to chair, or even the proper way to help a patent with a bedpan! I graduated with nothing but theory! I also didn’t know how to protect my back or my feet – or how to manage my time so I could get lunch and go pee. I NEEDED my preceptor.

Please… 3. Say it with words. Its also important to encourage the use of medical terminology at work, so new nurses can speak more intelligently and fluently with other medical professionals. Then they will become more comfortable and confident with using medical jargon and feel more like a professional. So use technical terms with them – except, of course, when talking with patients.

Often, when a baby-boomer nurse knows they will retire soon, they stop using technical verbiage and start using layman’s – or even slang terms. While this can be humorous and fun, it doesn’t create the level of respect that a budding new professional could enjoy. So promote them in their new vocabulary. They need to become as familiar as possible with these new words.

Always… 4. Remember to be humble. Its so cool when new GN’s teach their preceptors things and offer an alternate (maybe easier) method. Consider what they offer – seriously. Staying humble will help you to enjoy the learning. You, as a seasoned, baby-boomer preceptor, are pouring into them day after day. They might start to feel like a leach. Let them pour something useful into you as well sometimes – if they want to. Its so good for their self-esteem, and they might teach you something you really can use.

Don’t do what I once did. Once, when I was precepting a new nurse, while I had a cold, she told me a family cold-remedy recipe that always worked for her. I couldn’t wait to tell my coworkers about this disgusting-sounding recipe when I thought my GN was at lunch. We all had a good laugh. But she wasn’t at lunch. She heard me and was so hurt and embarrassed that she quit the next day. Boy, that’ll put some humility in your heart – and fast. She was bright too – and would have been a good one to keep.

Finally… 5. Teach them how to save their back & their feet, how to manage their time so they drink water, take lunch, and get pee breaks.

New GN’s are treasures. They have high hopes. They see a bright new world opened up to them, and many want to further their career and education. Each one is valuable. They will touch many lives. They will make a difference. They are worth the time you spend with them and all the frustrations you experience together. They might even become a friend. And, with any luck, they’ll become your clone – and you can finally retire in peace.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah – we were getting ready to talk about tubing down the river, fishing at the lake, skiing in the mountains, watching clouds, traveling, playing with grandbabies… You are baby-boomer nurses. You have precepted well. Now its time to leave it to the new GN’s. They’ve got you covered.

Baby Boomers – How They Impact American Society

Demographers defined “baby boom” as a rise in the number of births that began in 1946, just after the Second World War, reached a climax in 1957, and declined only in 1964. The enhanced economy is believed to be responsible for the rapid rise in the number of births during these years. Many people use the word “generation” with reference to this phenomemon, but demographers use the word “cohort,” which means a group of people experiencing similar events within a specific time frame. The social changes of the times have a great impact on the lives of baby boomers.

Baby boomers are classified into two categories–early boomers who were born between 1946 and 1955 and late boomers who were born between 1956 and 1964. The last of the late boomers arrived when the Beatles were on their first tour in America and when the early boomers were around 18 years of age. Baby boomers are worth noting because of their large numbers. They literally filled educational institutions and labor markets.

Economic and Social Changes

According to studies, societal impacts have played a great role in shaping the characters of baby boomers, which, in turn, have reshaped the society. Baby boomers think differently. Due to their large numbers, their thoughts and beliefs dominated almost everything in society.

There is a great difference in the economic status of early and late boomers. The energetic job market and rise in economy enjoyed by the early boomers gave rise to a need for economic adjustment on the part of late boomers. This was basically due to the rapid growth of service sectors, instability in employment opportunities for the middle classes, changes in locations for workers, and adjustments in the career market.

Many baby boomers felt that economic security was elusive. Studies on the baby boomer generation revealed several differences among the incomes of Hispanic, Asian, African-American, and white Americans. For example, the black baby boomers were considered to be inferior to the whites, although all the baby boomers did extremely well in school.

Baby boomers were impacted by the ways in which society changed after the post war years. Ideas about gender, family, and sexuality underwent a great change. Concepts such parenthood, aging, retirement, labor, and so on were redefined. Even when they were old, baby boomers preferred to be active and involved. Many remained in the workforce to support their families.

Stereotype and Conservation Boomers

Both stereotype as well as conservative baby boomers such as Seth Grossman created a number of changes in society. The stereotype baby boomers protested on the streets while the conservative baby boomers protested through leaflets, student magazines, and public forums. Their activities might not have attracted public attention; however they achieved great success when they brought into force a referendum that caused the Duke students to withdraw from the National Student Association.

Conservative baby boomers might not match the usual image of a baby boomer, yet they comprise a powerful force in society. They did not make it to the headlines of the newspapers because they quietly attended class when the rest of their classmates were participating in a boycott. But in 1968, they were the ones who supported conservatives such as George Wallace.

About a third of the baby boomers served in the Vietnam war. A number of other boomers achieved a lot of success in a variety of other fields. Joyce Johnson, an African-American stereotype baby boomer, was famous as an activist in her college days. In Duke School, she fought for the good of her race. She was very much involved in the activities on the Duke Campus in the sixties. Johnson and Grossman contributed a great change in the society.

It is very important to understand baby boomers, especially since they are now advanced in years. They have had a profound impact on the economy of the country. Baby boomers have not only reshaped society, but have also had an impact on a number of people beside themselves.

Are You a Baby Boomer Who Cannot Retire?

The Baby Boomer Generation is finding themselves in a “Perfect Storm.” This may possibly be the first time in history where the corporate Boomer and the entrepreneurial Boomer find themselves in the same boat.

3 Reasons That Are Converging to Cause This “Perfect Storm”:

1. The lending climate has put many long term successful businesses in jeopardy of closing their doors. Along with the banking changes, the current recession has put many successful entrepreneurs in jeopardy. . Banks are calling loans in record numbers on business owners who had been great customers for decades.

2. The dramatic economic downturn last fall created the tenuous financial situations for businesses. While operating these businesses with the new banking requirements has been tricky, another issue for many of these Boomer Owners is that they now find their retirement plans in shambles.

3. The Boomer corporate executives find themselves losing their once stable jobs at a record pace due to “downsizing.” The result is that these careers which had been considered stable are no longer viable. These long term corporate Boomers are thrust into a world where their career options have shrunk or are non existent. These same Boomers also find their retirement accounts so dramatically reduced that their planned exit from the work world will now have to be extended.

The Baby Boomers Dilemma: Boomers will, in many cases find themselves without an income or a job. During this recession, the prospects of boomers replacing their incomes or jobs, along with their retirement nest eggs, are bleak at best. What are the boomers to do? Well to begin with the boomer must mourn the losses they are facing. It is not easy to have had what was thought to be a path to finish your career and your plan to retire go up in flames. But the reality is that most people will have to find a new career…so the Boomers have to pick themselves up and develop a new plan!

This story seems pretty bleak up to this point. But there is some great news inside all this. First off, the Boomer has been through difficult times before. They have incredible experience that they have gained in 30 plus years in a chosen profession that can never be taken away. They are resilient and in most cases the Boomer has raised their children and they are on their own. They can now concentrate on the end of their working lives as well as planning for retirement. Now they just need to find that new opportunity.

A Possible Solution: to the problem is really quite simple in scope, but to embrace this new path the Boomer needs to re-frame his mindset and be open to opportunities that are out there that they may never have considered before. Many of these new opportunities are likely not in the traditional business areas they might look to, but could be in areas that are wonderful vehicles for a “reinvention” of themselves. A solution is to find an opportunity that will allow Boomers to not only use their skills and experience, but would offer excellent income potential as well

Career Options: I just said that jobs are few for the 50 somethings looking for work. But the opportunities don’t always lie in the traditional jobs. Especially now! This is the time to explore areas of business that may never have occurred to us before.They are plentiful and many of these businesses will provide a way to not only replace income, but also a way to replenish those ever sacred retirement accounts. Those opportunities are out there you just have to look and be open to investigating new areas of the business world. I found many of them and many are proven money makers. There are countless ways to carve out a wonderful living with some of the legitimate home based businesses on the Internet today.

Like any new business you must do your research and due diligence. The Boomer may be at first a bit wary of these types of opportunities especially if they feel that don’t have the technical or computer skills. But here is the short answer on that perceived road block, today’s successful Internet marketing is not all the code and “techie” knowledge of just a few years ago. The technical side of this Internet world has become more and more automated. Their biggest decision is not even what opportunity to choose to pursue on line. The biggest and I believe most important decision is which group and mentor you will choose. You should look for like minded entrepreneurs who have a vested interest in your success. They will show you just how to duplicate what they have done to be successful and are happy to share their knowledge with their new partners. This path will allow you to get started quicker and avoid some of the frustrations and pitfalls you can experience when first getting started online.

Work Ethic and Financial Success: We already know what kind of great work ethic the Boomer Generation possesses. So between working hard and having a successful mentor coach, you will be able to achieve success in the on line world of business much more quickly than if you try to go it alone. It’s exciting and the financial opportunities can be limitless. Your retirement plans can get back on track and you can feel the excitement and enthusiasm you did when you first got into business. So Boomers in need of a new path…check out these Internet world business opportunities and discover the excitement when you reinvent yourself and choose a new and wonderfully fun career. In Donald Trump’s last book he spent an entire chapter on the idea that if he was just starting out in business today he would get into this Internet arena because that is where he believes the fortunes will be made. Whether you like “The Donald” or not, you know that his business success is undeniable and this may just be the time to take some advice from this guy!

Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) – Baby Boomer

This type of flower is becoming increasingly popular with customers. This is an ideal plant to give as a gift or buy for your own home. When seeing the Dutch auctions figures, consumers seem to appreciate the new variety.

Even if the Anthurium Baby Boomer was introduced in August 2006 it was in April 2007 that was on the market for sale. Throughout the 2007 over 40,000 specimens were sold. In 2008 the number was doubled to reach 100,000 units. So far the plant has not yet managed to occupy a place in the top ten most popular varieties, but it is expected in a few years to reach the peak due to the rapid growth, to the beautiful flowers and for its long lasting flowers.

The Anthurium belongs to the family, Araceae. Anthurium is also known as the “Flamingo Flower”, referring to the structure of the spadix.


There are two important species: Anthurium andreanum and Anthurium scherzerianum.

The first group often has a heart-shaped orange, red, pink, brown, white or bicolor spathe and a white spadix. The stems are long and with shiny leaves. The second group has a curly red or orange spadix, a round spathe, and is short stemmed with opaque leaves. The assortment of Anthurium andreanum is in constant change; especially in regards of the shape, compactness of the plants and flower colours. Particular attention is given buy the companies regarding resistance and production of flowers in winter. It is very important that the flowers snack on the leaves and that the leaves are compact. They are also trying to create plants with new special colours such as brown, black or purple and also in new forms.

Even if supplies at the auction of Anthurium scherzerianum are limited, breeders are working hard to create new colours such as purple and pink along with the existing white, red and speckled cultivars. Breeders’ criteria also include that the leaves are compact and the flowers snack on them. Additionally the flowers should be robust, without the need for support sticks.

Tips for care

• Always store the Anthurium at 15 degrees Celsius.

• During transport the plant should be wrapped.

• Avoid draughts, cold and unsteadiness temperature.

In the shop:

• Remove the wrapping and put the plant in a shaded place and avoid direct sunlight.

• Check that the room temperature is tolerable.

• This plant is very susceptible to cold and draughts.

• Use room temperature water, if possible rainwater and water the plant from below so the leaves doesn’t get wet.

• When sold, wrap the plants well so they do not get damaged with the cold.

At home

• But the plant in a shaded place.

• Keep the soil moderately moist.

• The plant can go outdoors in summer.

• Always remove dead flowers.

• It is important that it is repotted every two years.

Baby Boomers Explode Travel Industry

Following World War II, thousands of G.I.s rushed home and immediately married and started families. The result? There are over 76.1 million baby boomers alive today—roughly 28% of the U.S. population. A baby boomer now turns 62 years of age every 7 seconds, and as this generation ages, the number of people in the United States aged 65 and over is expected to roughly double by 2030. Quick statistics show that the fifty plus age group of baby boomers are earning roughly two trillion dollars, in control of more than seven trillion dollars of wealth and own 77% of the financial assets in United States. That is not all, baby boomers also control 50% of the discretionary powers in both government and private organizations.

Okay, so big deal. Baby boomers are a huge and influential population beginning now to retire. But guess what many boomers intend to do during retirement? You guessed it—they plan to travel the globe. In fact, they have already traveled more than any other generation in U.S. history. And, in retirement, well over half of baby boomers plan to travel regularly, and a fourth of them already have decided to go on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday during the next decade! Believe it or not, this group places travel as a higher priority than spending more time with friends and family (48%), getting fit (37%), or finding a healthier way of life (31%).

As experienced travelers, expect boomers to seek out exotic destinations, less structure, and more ‘hands-on’ ways of experiencing the world. They will not typically book herd-like bus tours, stodgy sight-seeing tours, or the most common destinations. Unique experiences turn them on. They desire a stimulating, cultural/social experience, lots of interaction, and ‘adventure travel’ experiences.

Adventure travel is defined as either physically challenging outdoor activity or an off-the-beaten-path destination and experience. Boomers want to find the stuff of real life, the nitty gritty of how people throughout the world actually think and live. Boomers want to learn and to better themselves—therefore, intellectually stimulating travel also holds significant appeal to this group.

While most baby boomers plan to travel with a partner or with friends, over 11% indicate they wouldn’t mind traveling solo. Australia and New Zealand tend to test out as most popular sites at the moment, but Europe isn’t far behind, then come China, Russia, Africa, the Antarctic and, of course the good ole USA. What are some of the activities boomers are excited about? Adventure goals include off-roading, flying a helicopter, scuba diving, and attending various music festivals….

Baby boomers don’t mind letting someone else deal with booking details, but they want to know that their travel agent understands exactly the sort of travel experience they envision. They want agents who know the full panoply of travel fun and travel adventure available in the industry and how to help them access these treks. Travel planners, you have now received fair warning. So here’s to baby boomers and the next three decades or so. May the road rise to meet you; may the wind be always at your back, and may all your retirement adventure dreams come true.

Over 50 Dating Tips for the Baby Boomer Singles: Where Can You Find Mature Senior Singles Locally

The Baby Boomer Generation has its own share of happily single-again mature men and women. Many singles in the Boomers demographic are single-again after having divorced or been widowed after a former marriage. These senior singles are in midlife dating again with a mature well-seasoned and practical understanding of what it takes to create a real relationship. Sure the senior online dating sites are a great place to meet boomer singles. But what about where to meet singles in their 40s, 50s, and 60s offline in the real world locally near where you live? Read on to discover where you can find mature single seniors like yourself in your local area.

One of the questions that comes up when I lead internet dating workshop in the offline world is where are all the attractive and available over 40, 50 and even early 60s single men and women? Certainly single men and women joke in person about reading people’s online dating profiles citing that they are 61 but looking to date someone as young as 20 years younger than they are. Both men and women have this as a challenge. Whether you want to consider this to be “Dirty Old Men” or jibe about “Cougar Dating,” this is the 21st century and a lot of the former social taboos about age differences in serious relationships have gone by the wayside. I find that refreshing and generally a good thing. Because then people can open themselves up better to looking for and finding a serious lasting love relationship based upon real attraction, caring, shared values, and aligned lives. Not based on the number on their birth certificate or the number of candles on their birthday cake.

However, the same dilemma which many of the single never marrieds face in their 30s, “Where are all the quality singles?” is the same dilemma which mature singles over 40, over 50, and over 60 encounter. “Where are all the quality available singles around my own age?”

Just as singles in their 30s actually must go out and seek out establishing a social life and finding appropriate social venues to meet singles in their social peer age group, so the singles looking to date after 40, 50, and 60 must do so as well. Additionally, yes, over time, there are fewer singles in your precise age group and demographic. This is one of the reasons to loosen up what might be your strict search criteria. Could he be a few years younger than you? Couldn’t he be? You like baseball, she likes hockey. Well at least you two both enjoy sports and can engage in conversations about your sports at different times of the year.

Whenever there is a major sports underway, that means you just have a wonderful opportunity to go watch the games at a Sport Bar. Now, I received questions from some very attractive mature single women in their 40s and into the 50s and 60s about which sports bars to go to where they would at the same time meet men in their 50s and 60s. There isn’t exactly 1 Hot Over 50 Singles Bar precisely in any metropolitan area. The market is just different. However, what you can do is start to place yourself at the Sports Bars which are more of a locally owned and operated venue in your town or city. You will encounter some folks in the 30s, their 40s, their 50s, and their 60s at cool local bars like these. But it’s likely not going to be like when were in our 20s and early 30s where we go to a bar or dance club on a Saturday night, and come home with several phone numbers, squealing about the cute guy we just met and hoping he really does ask us out next week. When you go to a local watering hole, you want to dress attractively while yet casually. Have as your goal not “to meet THE one for me” which would just put way too much pressure on yourself as well as on the folks there. Instead, take a smaller goal like, “I want to meet 3 new people and converse with them. And just maybe 1 of them will be single and about my age, too.” Just do begin to open things up socially and comfortably, and you’ll have gotten things started for finding senior mature love right where you live.

Three Issues Facing Baby Boomers Today

Being born between 1946 and 1964 automatically includes you as a member of an elite group known as the baby boom generation. Almost 77,000,000 people are included in the baby boom generation comprising roughly 27% of the U.S. population.

According to a 2005 Mature Market Survey of MetLife, 32 million baby boomers are at least 50 years old with the anticipated life expectancy for men of 87.4 years and 90.3 years for women. That puts us almost smack in the middle of our lives – looking toward our next fifty years.

There are several important issues baby boomers will be (or are) facing including:

1) Planning for retirement:

If your wage has been caught up and used up while raising a family and paying the mortgage you had better pay attention. Do you have an investment account or 401(k) through your employer? Are you self employed? Have you contributed to a pension fund and/or social security? Get your financial house in order with particular emphasis on the future. Consider several scenarios such as a) working until age 55, b) working until age 62 (early social security benefits), or c) working longer if physically able. The future of social security is constantly scrutinized and the baby boomer may be affected by any changes brought about through current and future administrations.

As baby boomers many of us have an advantage in that we were raised by parents who either lived through or were exposed to the depression years. They taught us the value of a dollar, working hard, and saving for the future. Hopefully some of us acted on their words of wisdom.

2) Life insurance:

Although we all would hope to achieve at least the statistical average there is no guarantee we will live to enjoy our 80s – or even our 60s. Those of us with children should be even more cognizant of the need to provide life insurance. My husband died of colon cancer at the age of 52 leaving two young children. Without life insurance we would have no home and our children’s future would be quite different than it is today. As I said, there are no guarantees.

3) Empty Nest:

Baby boomers with children might experience the empty nest syndrome on a different level than others. We have been brought up to understand and appreciate the importance of the familial which was instilled in our character from childhood. Family is a high priority to baby boomers as it was to our parents. We may remember the family sitting around the supper table every evening and more often than not that supper table is also an important part of the boomer home. When our children leave home for college, marriage, or the service it will, no doubt, be difficult for a period of time while you adjust to your empty nest.

Now what? The next fifty years is for you. Now is when the coast begins to clear toward the hopes and dreams that were so much a part of your life during the first fifty years. What did you dream about in your 20s? 30s? 40s? Let your dreams take shape and act on them.

Baby Boomers and Women Over 50 on the Internet

The baby boomer generation is the cohort of babies born between 1946 and 1964. There were 75.8 million babies born during this period in the US (ygoy.com). In 2010 they are turning 46 to 64 years of age.

Keep in mind this surge of births took place after the 2nd World War (WWII) so this increase in births was not limited to the USA. There are citizens considered part of the baby boomer generation in other countries like Canada, UK, and Africa etc.

The Internet boom took place less than 20 years ago and is widely recognized as a younger person’s media. The World Bank reports that 72.4% of the US population uses the Internet. 79 million women use the Internet (per small Biz Trends.com). It is estimated by internet retailer.com that in 2008 73.7% of Baby Boomers from 50 to 64 years old use the Net. Only 34.1% of the older generation of seniors uses it.

In general women use the Internet for research, networking and blogging. They research products and services and buy online. Men use it primarily for news, sports and games, and buying products.

Pew reports that baby boomers use the Net for such things as researching health information, for financial information, answering emails, financial education, spiritual and religious interest and also use the government sites. It’s as if they have more of an appreciation for the media. They were growing up they used libraries spending time searching through books, resource guides and magazines for school papers and personal interest. The Internet offers a level of ease, flexibility, and accessibility that they can enjoy.

The baby boomer generation has been seen by many as a marketing group that sets trends. Many marketers consider this group to always be in front of in terms of products and services. For example as the boomers were nearing retirement age people started investing in the development of retirement homes.

The implications for this growing trend of baby boomers and women over 50 using the Internet are intriguing. It stands to reason that home based businesses are also on the rise as boomers are comfortable with the net and leaving their jobs and continuing to work. Businesses that are Internet based are attractive opportunities.

Baby Boomer Health Insurance – Save Money

Before baby boomers get on Medicare health insurance, they are fending for themselves in the health insurance market.

That does not mean there are not ways to save money on your baby boomer health insurance prior to age 65… it pays to shop around.

I am now 67, so I have been on Medicare for two years… and I will admit having nothing but catastrophic insurance for 16 years prior to turning 65… I took advantage of the savings that Medicare offers me right now.

There is certainly no guarantee that the savings that I am enjoying now will continue… especially with the new health care legislation looming… do not be surprised if everyone’s rates, including those over 65 go up when that kicks in.

So how can baby boomers save money on health insurance prior to age 65?

The simple answer is to go online and do your research… if you are reading this article that means that you are familiar with using the Internet for research and you should take advantage of the resources that the search engines offer.

My wife is 60, and noticed that her monthly health insurance bill went from $168 a month to $246 a month. after finding out online that cheaper programs offering essentially the same service were available from her current insurer… we called our current insurance carrier and signed up for a $182 a month policy. All with one simple phone call.

These money-saving opportunities are available to anyone willing to do some basic research online and spending a little time on the phone.

There are certain obstacles that prevent people from saving money, some of the most common are:

  1. Fear of having to find a new doctor
  2. Reluctance in changing from a company you are familiar with
  3. Not willing to put up with a hassle of shopping around

You can find out online what insurance plans they accept… if in doubt call the office of your current Dr. and asked them what plans they do accept.

Some are reluctant to change from an insurance company that they have been with for a long time… Insurance companies are not dummies and they know that people are reluctant to switch… the reality is that companies often offer much lower rates to obtain new customers… it makes a lot of sense to switch insurance companies every three years or so.

The last reason that baby boomers are reluctant to attempt to save money on health insurance… is the hassle of spending the time on the phone… with your current insurance company or a new one.

I don’t like to spend a lot of time talking to salespeople on the phone either but when you look back on the opportunities to save money by doing so it seems to be a wise investment of time.

Learn how we saved $64 a month on my wife’s insurance… with a 20 minute investment of our time… well worth it don’t you think?

Baby Boomers Now Labeled Zoomers

Gerontologist Coins New Term, “ZOOMER”

Did you know that there is a new term for baby boomers?

According to Gerontologist Dr. David J. Demko they are called zoomers. These are a totally new kind of boomer, they are boomers who break retirement tradition.

Demko says these new boomers are coloring outside the lines, zig-zaging and zoooooming toward a bright new horizon chock-full of possibilities for reinventing retirement and redefining what it means to be a mature adult in the new millennium.

Are you a BOOMER?

You are if your birthday falls between 1946 and 1964. That birth period defines you as one America’s the Post-World-War-II Baby Boomers. However, birth dates alone don’t tell you much about how a person thinks or acts. Not all Boomers think and act the same.

Some Boomers are breaking new ground, re-defining aging and re-inventing retirement. That’s why Demko coined the term ZOOMER to identify this trend-setting group of Boomers.

It is anticipated that there will be one million boomers that will live to 100 years of age. The question is, will you be one of them?

There are some things you can do to ensure that you will be someone who will be living a long, satisfying life of a zoomer.

  • You will know difference between primary (inevitable) aging and secondary (reversible) aging.
  • Daily exercise (aerobics for endurance, anaerobics for strength, and neurobics for brain power
  • You will be aware of your daily nutritional and caloric needs based you age, gender, and weight
  • You will be involved in a social support system of companions, close friends, and confidante
  • You will have a positive self-concept, and a passion for living life to the fullest
  • You will have the necessary resources to live an adventurous life thanks to sound retirement plannin Become a part of the Retirement Renaissance… a bold, new brand of maturity… advocating spirited, adventurous lifestyles