In this video, I’m sharing all different ways to do french fade nails with acrylic.


Crystal Nails Cover Pinks
Easy pink +
& Cover pink master powder:

Ugly Duckling #110 Pink Acrylic:

Glam and Glits:


In the nude:

Perfect Peach:


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The Baby Boomers Never Did Anything For Anyone

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The Baby Boomers Never Did Anything For Anyone
The Boomers Never Did Anything For Anyone
The baby boomers are the worst generation. Baby boomers vs millennials and the boomers look worst. When some ask, who are the baby boomers, the response should always be, the worst generation in history.

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Ombre/Baby Boomer/ Acrylic Design/CJP/GLITTERARTY

This client requested Ombre so here is what I created!

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CJP Products used
Coconut Milk
Slush Fairy
Various colour crystals
Ultra Adhesive Monomer

Glitter Planet UK
Aqua Brush size 10
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Glitterarty Nails
Metallic Mesh in Silver

The Glitter Fairy
Rainbow Gold Shine in Multi-cut

Babyboomer con AcrilGel

In questo tutorial spieghiamo tutti i passaggi per un Babyboomer con AcrilGel.
Buona visione!

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[Quloo] Edyta Kruczak znów szarżuje! Dziś Baby Boomer!

↪ Edyta Kruczak znów szarżuje! Dziś postawiła na Baby Boomer!

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Acrylic pearl baby boomer almond nails

Acrylic pearl baby boomer nails on Russian almond shape. In this video I will show you how to create baby boomer with acrylic and make it shine. Traditional nude and white baby boomer is never out of date, but when you add some pearl shimmer, it looks even better.
What do you think?

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YouTube Does Not Care About Baby Boomers – Steve’s Vlog #19

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Schneller Babyboomer mit Gel

Babyboomernails – Der Modellagetrend hat immer mehr Liebhaber(innen) und löst in vielen Nagelstudios die klassische French Maniküre komplett ab. Viele Kundinnen bevorzugen den sehr dezenten und natürlichen Look für Ihre Kunstnägel.
Wie man sehr schnell und einfach den Babyboomer Look mit Gel im Studio nacharbeitet erfahrt Ihr im Video.
Für einige sicherlich nichts Neues – für andere Gold wert 😊

Verwendete Produkte im Video:



Frenchgel für Babyboomer:

Babyboomer Pinsel:

Aufbaugel milky rosa:

Non Sticky Glanzgel Rosa:

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