Does The Big Chill Capture the Baby Boomer Generation?

“The film is like a home birth movie, in which a group of insufferable Baby Boomers midwife a neoliberal fever-dream about the moral sacrifices that adulthood should entail.”

Scott Beauchamp of online political magazine The Baffler doesn’t pull any punches in his disdainful assessment of Lawrence Kasdan’s 1980s Baby Boomer ensemble. And, for a film that won more than its fair share of plaudits at the time, Beauchamp’s 2015 article is an extreme but not unrepresentative look back at The Big Chill’s artistic and cultural legacy some thirty-plus-years on. There’s nothing less hip or woke than admitting to admiring The Big Chill. That the film’s modern defenders include Lena Dunham (her essay “These Are Your Parents” appeared alongside the film’s Criterion Blu-ray release), an initially acclaimed but increasingly divisive cultural figure accused of naïve white privilege, arguably only adds fuel to the bonfire of Kasdan’s supposed vanities.

The judges, juries, and executioners of today’s polarized social media are rarely interested in nuance. You’re either for a public figure, trend, or cause, or you’re against it. A film, book, record, or comedy stand-up routine is either the greatest thing ever, or a risible, retrograde disaster. I loved The Big Chill when I saw it as a teenager (years after it released, I hasten to add). As I eventually caught up to the age of its protagonists I continued to admire its writing, its cast, and its ideas. I gradually noticed the backlash (thanks, High Fidelity) though, to be fair, even at the time some critics panned it. And as I got older I began to understand some of the criticism. All of this seems to make it, as the film itself hits the rough age of its characters, wheezing into a quarter-life crisis as it hits its 35th anniversary today, it’s the ideal candidate for in-depth deep dive!

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Babies & Boomers | Sketch Comedy

Forget Dungeons & Dragons, this new board game let’s you role play a REAL fantasy: Life as an American Baby Boomer! – The Fun Police is a sketch comedy troupe based out of Los Angeles, California featuring some of the funniest actors you’ve never heard of. Come see our live monthly show at The Clubhouse in Hollywood every 4th Saturday of the month at 9pm.

Written by Andy Sheffield
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The Baby Boomers Should Hedge Against Another 2008

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How to Sculpt a Baby Boomer / French Ombre With AcryGel

Hey, guys. So in today’s video, we are going to doing an old favorite. Yes, that’s right. We are going to be doing a Baby Boomer French Ombre, but with a twist, because we like twists on this channel, don’t we?

Well, let’s get cracking. First of all, we have the wonderful JJ in the house and she has been irresponsible and has accidentally cut into her finger whilst chopping vegetables up so we are going to be extra careful with her today. So to begin, we are going to attach a tip to JJ’s poorly nail and squeeze it into a lovely pipe shape and then we are going to file it down into a ballerina shape.

We are going to wipe over the tip with Gel Residue Wipe off solution because we want it to be abrased and that way the AcryGel will stick to it. Put a layer of topcoat onto the nail and then we’re gonna crack out the Just White, Tempting Fate and Plush Peach AcryGel’s. Get a blob of the Just White and lay it onto the tip of the nail. You are then going to feather this down nice and thin so that it covers the whole of the nail whilst also bringing the bulk to the end. Cure that and then get a tiny bead of Plush Peach and place it directly onto the back of the nail. Blend that in and also slightly feather it into the white to create a lovely blend.

Cure that and then get the Tempting Fate AcryGel and apply it to the middle of that nail and then blend that down to create a lovely contrast between the pink and the white. Finally, file that down using the usual filing technique i.e. sidewalls and then the cuticle area. Add a layer of topcoat to it and then cure. To finish add a bit of cuticle oil and bing bong boom, you have successfully created a Baby Boomer French Ombre using AcryGel!

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Buffer –
Gel Residue Remover 120ml –
Lint Free Wipe –
Cuticle Oil –
AcryGel Tube 30g – Just White –
AcryGel Tube 30g – Plush Peach –
AcryGel Tube 30g – Tempting Fate –
8g Brush-on Nail Glue –

🏪🏪🏪🏪 – Products Commonly Used – 🏪🏪🏪🏪

Clear Acrylic Powder –
Natural Beige Cover Pink Acrylic Powder –
Urban Graffiti Top Coat –
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel –
Nail Prep/Dehydrator –
Acid Free Nail Primer –
Acid Based Nail Primer 15ml – –
Maximum Adhesion –
240ml Medium Speed Acrylic Monomer –
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