uñas decoradas baby boomer paso a paso. Uñas acrilicas 2015


uñas decoradas baby boomer paso a paso. Uñas acrilicas 2015
Mira paso a paso como hacer decoracion baby boomer en uñas acrilicas esculturales paso a paso. Decoracion baby boomer Nail art

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Baby boomer nails tutorial 2015 by Purrfecty Polished nails

Although i didnt film the prep, the products below are the ones i used to prep and prime the nails beforehand;

dehydrator: www.nsinails.co.uk/content/nail_pure_plus
primer: www.nsinails.co.uk/content/prepassortedliquidproduct/attract_primer

The products i used during the tutorial are in order of use listed below;

the white acyrlic used: https://www.nsinails.co.uk/content/radiant_white_powder
the pink acrylic used: https://www.nsinails.co.uk/content/new_purely_pink_masque
180 grit endurance file: https://www.nsinails.co.uk/content/endurance_files
white block buffer: https://www.nsinails.co.uk/content/white_block_buffer
Duster (blusher brush lol): https:// www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nail-Art-Powder-Dust-Cleaning-Brush-Remover-Brush-Make-Up-Manicure-Brushes-New-/311003948150?var=&hash=item486947a476:m:m_yGEjS_2yNl2UfoXyrg69Q
cleanse: https://www.nsinails.co.uk/content/balance_system_accessorie/nsi_cleanse
gel topcoat: https://www.nsinails.co.uk/content/glaze__go1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PurrfectlyPolishedKeighley
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/kayliecarterxo

Background Song: https://www.soundcloud.com/tirellmairsmusic/hold-you-tight

Step by Step Baby Boomer

Ho creato un naturalissimo french sfumato stile baby boomer con il gel. I prodotti che ho utilizzato sono un frech bianco da struttura (milky), un cover 2, più chiaro e semplice da sfumare dalla cuticola verso il margine libero (nella prima parte della bombatura) e il natural rosée 2.0, un gel da struttura rosato, nella seconda parte della bombatura. Tutti i prodotti sono della Nail One Philosophy.
spero sia tutto chiaro. La foto delle unghie terminate è stata scattata su una cliente alla luce del sole. Purtroppo nell’esecuzione del video non c’era la stessa luce ma il risultato del lavoro è lo stesso. Buona visione!!!

Baby boomer nails with nail polish


Products used:
YoungNails “Protein Bond” (This is really a primer for gel or acrylic nails, but i find that it keeps my polish on longer, and it can be used for this purpose as well!)
OPI “Nail Envy” as a basecoat
Sephora “Under the covers”
Essie “Spin the bottle”
SecheVite fast drying topcoat
Liquid Latex around my finger for easier cleanup – I bought mine from eBay.co.uk
A Makeup sponge for applying the colors – just the cheap ones!
Pure acetone and a thin brush for extra cleanup

If you have any requests for designs please let me know in the comment section!

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All my videos are filmed with my iPhone 6
I edit using iMovie for iPad or Mac

All the opinions in these videos are 100% my own, and I have not been paid to say it. If the products have been send to my by a company, I will let you know.

¿Cuánto sabes de los millennials, la generación X y los Baby Boomers? | #SB36

Seguramente ya te han llegado clientes pidiendo contenido para Millenials. Y aunque estamos seguros de que ya lo sabes todo sobre los millenials, ¿lo sabes todo sobre la Generación X y los Baby Boomers?
#SB36 es un Branded Content de El Cañonazo y de 2conleche.

Artículo: “Infographic: How Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers Consume Content Differently” de Amanda Walgrove. https://goo.gl/skpr4D
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