Facebook for Grandparents, Seniors & Baby Boomers FREE Short Course & Preview

Facebook for Grandparents, Seniors and Baby Boomers:

Are you a Grandparent or a Senior struggling with Facebook? Do your parents ask you for help with basic Facebook questions? Find answers to the most common questions and frustrations in this complete beginner’s guide for grandparents, seniors and baby boomers! See everything included in this free online course by reading more below. Get access to the full course on Udemy at https://www.myvideovoice.com or directly at https://www.udemy.com/facebook-for-grandparents-and-boomers/?couponCode=YT29. Gift this to your parents or grandparents by following the link, then choosing “More Options” under the Coupon Code.

First, this video begins with an overview the questions grandparents, seniors and baby boomers sent to me about their issues with using Facebook. Use the times below to go straight to the question.

06:47 What is Social Media?
11:32 My family says I need a Facebook – what is that?
13:58 I just got used to email, why do I need Facebook too?
16:34 Who can find me on Facebook?
19:04 Can everybody see everything?
20:33 Can you get a computer virus from Facebook?
23:10 How do I post?
29:37 When I write the name of someone in a comment, what does that do?
33:56 How do I create my Facebook profile?
39:14 What are the ads and notifications on the right side of my Facebook page?

Gift this to your parents or grandparents or other seniors by following the link, then choosing “More Options” under the Coupon Code.

I’ve been teaching social media for more than 6 years to entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits, and I’ve helped many of my friends who are grandparents and seniors get set up and familiar with the basics of Facebook. I’ve been waiting for a class made for grandparents and boomers to come out so I could pass that along – and then I realized, why am I waiting? So I reached out to a couple of dozen grandparents and seniors asking them what are your main questions and frustrations around using Facebook. And that’s what this course- Facebook for Grandparents, Seniors and Boomers – is all about.

In addition to the videos included in this free preview video, the full course teaches parents, grandparents, seniors and baby boomers Facebook basics like:

How do I share a picture or video on Facebook?
How can I use Facebook without being a “Facebook stalker”!
Is Facebook safe?
Can someone steal my Facebook identity?
How do I change my Facebook profile picture?
How do I comment on someone else’s Facebook post?
Do I have to accept every Facebook friend request?
Who can find me on Facebook?
Can I leave Facebook if I want to?
How do I change my privacy settings on Facebook?
How do I change my email notifications from Facebook?
How do I tell Facebook who can write on my Timeline?
Can I send a private message to someone on Facebook?

Facebook for Grandparents, Seniors and Baby Boomers is a full 62 lecture course with over 3.5 hours of video lessons. Using screen recordings, I’ll walk you through each answer. In the full course, I’ve also included documents you can download or print out with step by step walk throughs of what you’ve just learned.

Get a discount for this course by following this link: https://www.udemy.com/facebook-for-grandparents-and-boomers/?couponCode=YT29 or by visiting https://www.myvideovoice.com.

Gift this to your parents or grandparents, or other seniors by following the link, then choosing “More Options” under the Coupon Code.

You may have more questions about using Facebook as a grandparent, senior or baby boomer – you can use the Discussion section to ask a question – and get additional help from me and your fellow students.

This course can be your community with other grandparents, seniors and baby boomers for the basics of using Facebook, or a simple step by step guide for the questions you need most.

You can take this course at your own speed, skip to lectures that answer your main questions first, or take the lectures in order to build your knowledge base.

So are you ready to have fun and learn about this Facebook thing? Enroll today – and I’ll see you in class.

10 reasons Baby Boomers are the worst generation

(Language warning:) Gen-Xer Gavin McInnes calls Baby Boomers “the worst generation.” Ironically, his parents, who are also Boomers, hate their own cohort and passed this along to Gavin – who passes it along to you! MORE:

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Nailtorial: French Ombre (Baby Boomer) Tip and Coffin Shaped

Hello! I have a quick tutorial on how I like to achieve the French ombre/baby boomer acrylic nail effect. It was difficult for me to record and get a perfect application but overall, you get to see my method and also my nail prep 🙂 Excuse the camera shakiness -_-

I used YoungNails Cover Pink and Peach mixed together for the nail bed color

I used a natural/sheer white from a local nail supply brand (I plan on purchasing YoungNails soon)

I used Poochiez Nails #16 Kolinsky brush

Ceramic safety bits from TodacUSA

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Uñas Acrilicas Baby Boomer | Natos Nails

Uñas Acrilicas Baby Boomer, Natos Nails

Comenta, Suscribete, Comparte, Dale me Gusta 😀

Hermosas aqui les traigo este Diseño muy Facil de realizar y muy vendible… Espero les guste, gracias por ver mis videos, las quiero!!

Video de Como Limar:

Mezcla Ice:

Diseño Estilo Sinaloa:

Diseño Aqua con rosa en 3D:

Musica de Youtube:

Editor de Videos:
Windows Movie Maker

BABYBOOMER/UV Gel/4 Varianten

Das ist ein Video für Anfänger die Probleme mit dem Babyboomer haben ,ich zeige euch 4 Möglichkeiten mit versch. Gelen den Babyboomer möglichst einfach zu modellieren ,step by step 😉
Ausserdem gebe ich mein Abschlussfazid zu den Gelen von Nails.de .
Würde mich freuen wenn das Video dem ein oder anderen hilft 😉

Babyboomer – RUSCONA

Babyboomer je novodobá, veľmi obľúbená technika zdobenia gélových nechtov. Jedná sa o tieňovanie, ktoré vytvorí nádherný a najmä prirodzený vzhľad gélových nechtov.
Na videu je biely gél na väčšej ploche nechtu, no každý si môže zvoliť či chce jemnejší alebo výraznejší babyboomer 🙂
Ja som zvolila teda ten výraznejší nakoľko bol u mojich zákazníčok najžiadanejší 🙂
Verím, že Vám môj postup pomôže pri práci a tiež že sa Vám bude páčiť. Ak by ste mali akékoľvek otázky, kľudne mi napíšte, rada Vám odpoviem 🙂


Použitý materiál:

Štetec Flat 4.5

Štetec Liner 7

Camouflage Sahara

Dust Storm

Milky White French Gel

Unique Builder

Sapphire Glanz Gel

Video edit: