eBay for Baby Boomers, Pre Retirees, Retirees, and Seniors

eBay for Baby Boomers, Pre Retirees, Retirees, and Seniors

If you are planning to retire soon, or are already retired, eBay is one of the BEST ways to have an interesting, income-producing home business, AND declutter and downsize at the same time.

This is a time when your age and station in life (retirement!) works in your favor!

You have the stuff, your kids probably don’t want the stuff, you don’t really need the stuff, you know all about the stuff, you can use the money from the stuff, and you have time to deal with the stuff! Yay for retirement!

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23 replies
  1. Norma Coronado
    Norma Coronado says:

    Ditto on everything you said in the video! I've been selling our old Palm Springs Life Magazines. My cousin in Vegas has decluttered her home and has now opened an antique store with all her stuff! The kids do not want our stuff😊
    Have a great day!

  2. Jerry Zimmerman
    Jerry Zimmerman says:

    A whole stack of memories on this posting. And we have been looking at all that stuff to sell, along with the blue-jeans that I am "specializing" in. When my wife saw this, she said: "See. That's what I've been telling you. Start getting rid of some of our old stuff. And do it NOW! " (Gee, thanks Suzanne). LOL . Thanks for the teaching.

  3. Cathy Eller
    Cathy Eller says:

    I work with a young man that is selling on Ebay also. The lack of knowledge is a hindrance to him. While I don't know much about electronics, he has no idea what somethings are. We have a head start on knowing what to pick up.

  4. Donna O'Shaughnessy
    Donna O'Shaughnessy says:

    Three years ago we moved from our 3000 SF farm house to our 620 SF grain Bin Home. Still sorting through all the stuff we accumulated over the years. (I'm 58) Although I do thrift at stores, I also "thrift" in our barn where we have lots still stored. It feels so freeing to be getting cash for stuff, our kids really don't want. Still have things of MY parents to go through and sell. Love the idea of a Junk Drawer Lot! 2018 is going to be a fantastic Ebay year. Great video Suzanne

  5. LadyLibertyStacker
    LadyLibertyStacker says:

    Thanks for this video and the walk down memory lane! Newly retired from a business I find that job hunting is most unpleasant and have started selling on eBay with some success. With some planning, organization, and scheduling my time i think I can be taught how to succeed at doing this. I booked an appointment for Saturday and look forward to speaking with you. Thanks again!

  6. dragunn tiss
    dragunn tiss says:

    The cartoon of the old man and his son in front of the garage, well that was what my garage looked like after my mom passed in 2000. WISH I'd known about selling on ebay back then!! Donated probably $$thousands… Then I de-cluttered for a move in '11 which never happened, and again not thru ebay…lol Now that I'm retired I have the time but not the transportation, but am determined to get this going!! TY for the video and Happy New Year!

  7. Kicky
    Kicky says:

    Another truth, Suzanne. I had popular perfumes, limited edition makeup sets, expensive skin care products that I would received as gifts each year. They were just packed away in my dresser drawer and in my closets. Last year, I decided to list a lot of these items and was surprised how much they sold for. I made the most money on the perfumes. I found things I had forgotten about tucked away in my closet. Even some empty tin cans and perfume bottles, especially the quaint ones, I've sold.

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