Funny Baby Boomers Song

Funny Baby Boomers Song

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8 replies
  1. Ray Carr
    Ray Carr says:

    If you’re a Baby Boomer, ask why you protest WAR, occupy the street and sleep in the park?

    W.T.F. (Wake up & Take charge For God’s sake)

    Get a life. Get a job. Any job. Find a mentor. Take time to worship.

  2. Ray Carr
    Ray Carr says:

    Sacrifice. Regularly donate your time or money.

    Most important, stay positive. Don’t blame others.

    We all make choices. It’s up to us, which path to take.

    Life is short. We’re not meant to live forever. Learn to protect yourself and family.

  3. Ann Baskervill
    Ann Baskervill says:

    This is hilarious – hope I die before I get old!!! I'm 54 & I'll Kid Rock it till the day I kick….I have no job, no retirement & Social Security is a sick joke, so when it's all gone, I'll have to croak!! Best of luck in your endeavors….Peace Out….

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