Hilarious Baby Boomer Video

http://www.DennisLively.com Just HAD to share this Walt Handelsman video. There’s PLENTY more at http://www.newsday.com/walt

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24 replies
  1. GroovyGranny Joy
    GroovyGranny Joy says:

    It makes perfect since..you'd have to be an old hippie or HippyChik for this to be clear, Allison. How old are you ?? We did trip like crazy, a lot !! Now our acid is acid reflux..getting old changes a body, but the spirit is still what it wants to be, so scoot over, you little  one. still  want to Rock-On, & we will !! Enjoy your life ♥

  2. crypter27
    crypter27 says:

    Ofcourse Russia has a budding economy because they threw off communism,I'm a big fan of Putin but when you think of communism. The first thing that comes to mind is Soviet Russia,but its not that simple communist come in different stripes and. Different nationalities & they're very deceptive,for example the weathermen of the 70s plotted a communist take over of America also. The leader of that plot was Bill Heirs.

  3. Tori wozere
    Tori wozere says:

    You serious, communism is still your enemy? Wtf? The Russian people have a better economy than the now bankrupt America, your country is in a mess, why would the Soviets want a bar of you? America is a joke….Has your Government openned for business yet?

  4. crypter27
    crypter27 says:

    Sorry I'm an American so I don't know how things played out in your'e country but I certianly know how things came about in mine Tori. And our enemies are communist,they didn't just go away after the fall of the soviet union & just look up the Frankford School and you might. Understand what I'm talking about!

  5. Tori wozere
    Tori wozere says:

    Im not a baby boomer, and where do you get you info from? What enemies through the gate? Im the generation after the baby boomers, so back off and put your hatred to good use and do something about it, if your so upset with the state of the country. It just sounds like you have been listening to your old man for too long. What bloody good life. This country is no holiday to live in…

  6. crypter27
    crypter27 says:

    There are many reasons why were in this mess that is true,but your'e generation destroyed freedom and embraced socialism & an ever more intrusive state. And you destroyed it by letting in our enemies through the gate 1×1 decade by decade all because you wanted. The good life,so excuse us for thinking your'e a generation of traitors.

  7. Tori wozere
    Tori wozere says:

    Im sorry about your mum, but you can't seriously blame one generation, its a combination of all evils. Greed and power usually at the root of it. I feel sad at the state of the world but it took every generation to make it such a mess. And yes it it wrong that your generation has to now try and fix it. We all need to try and fix the mess.

  8. crypter27
    crypter27 says:

    The silent generation was the the generation that came up just before the baby boomers,my fathers generation faced real hardships. My mother is a baby boomer but she's mentally ill,like most of your'e generation!

  9. crypter27
    crypter27 says:

    It was your'e generation that brought this superficial society into being moron,I'm just glad my dad was part of the silent generation & my uncle of that same generation. Agree's,the baby boomers sold us out!

  10. Tori wozere
    Tori wozere says:

    You disrespectful little twats, what great stuff has your generation done for humanity.But bitch and complain about everything. Your generation has lead to people feeling isolated and totally bored….unemployable before hitting forty and having to have plastic surgery to function normally in such a totally superficial and replaceable society. Go fuck yourselves Generation yuk.

  11. alexander wanda
    alexander wanda says:

    No. I'm not a boomer, but I'm close enough to it,(Within one year of official Boomdom),So I certainly witnessed that spoiled rotten generation from the start to the present, and I KNOW who they ARE. They are the cause of the present national cultural financial, educational, and moral decline.If not them, then WHO ELSE? They birth'd the drug culture, the sexual revolution, the abortion explosion, the feminist/lesbian revolt, the destruction of the family, etc America is OVER, thanks to THEM.

  12. machupichu818
    machupichu818 says:

    What makes you think the boomers aren't/weren't married? A VERY SMALL percentage of them dropped out and turned on. All you know is what you read about. You didn't grow up in that generation, and that's obvious. You grew up in the bullshit generation, and boy are you full of it. The only thing you're good for is an advertisement for abortion or birth control. Nobody ever wants to have a spawn like you running loose.

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