I hate Baby boomers A Generation of Sociopaths

Expect me to do a series of videos on this because I have a lot more to say. Some of the topics I bring up I’d like to cover it in Greater detail in the future so stay tuned for future videos on these fuckers that destroyed our future.

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14 replies
  1. Thomas Riley
    Thomas Riley says:

    Love when you do these videos. You and I share similar political stances. Baby boomers were suppose to change everything back when they were hippies but they just morphed into the people they fought. I love how the baby boomers are blaming everything on the millennials. Hell they would have to let us rule in order to blame anything on us. It's suppose to be our time to lead!

  2. Thomas Riley
    Thomas Riley says:

    I work 70 hours a week to make $20,000. Had to drop out of college because it cost too much and was a time death trap. Look up the cost of college for baby boomers back in the day it will make you sick. They were basically giving college away for free back then compared to now. Your so fucking right we can't even get gen X in the house or senate because of these assholes. Gen x may never get to lead. Obama couldn't even get anything that he wanted done because of the boomers in the house and senate.

  3. Thomas Riley
    Thomas Riley says:

    My grandfather fought in WWII and despised the baby boomer mentality which his own 3 children were a part of. He grew up in the depression and said his children were born privileged to not have to grow up in depression.

  4. Thomas Riley
    Thomas Riley says:

    Elon Musk is already giving them the finger. I love when politicians say oh he can't do that and he basically is like watch me mother fuckers. They told him electric cars were not feasible lol he's proving them wrong.

  5. Thomas Riley
    Thomas Riley says:

    They laugh at the fact that millennials are living in tiny homes. Well it's the only thing we could really afford thanks to them and another thing they need to all fucking retire so that we can all get fucking jobs

  6. StanWilks
    StanWilks says:

    The only positive thing you could take away from Baby Boomers is that they've made us appreciate everything we have. As you said, all you want is a roof over your head, clothes, food, water, and extra things if possible. These are things that are necessary for our survival, and survival is the key word here.

    But then is that appreciation for the smallest things a result of Baby Boomers ruining our chances of achieving anything greater? In a way, yes. And I have dreams of filmmaking; I'd love to express my creative vision. But I'd like to go to University to gain experience and explore film. But DEBT is a huge issue. Like yourself, I don't want to be spending the rest of my life paying off a course.

    Great video, Darksnovia. I appreciate you taking the time to let out your frustration. I feel the same way.

  7. Masked Panther
    Masked Panther says:

    This is how I see current America ….our generation …have no decent job opportunities…everything is part time jobs ….cars and houses are set so high it's ridiculous ….kids , to damn expensive to have them …I can barley afford to live on my own …im not a lazy person either …but I'm not waste my entire life working …working …working and have no life of my own …we pretty much are debt slaves …bastards .

  8. Masked Panther
    Masked Panther says:

    Also with the school systems ….Americans invest sooo much money into the school systems yet the kids are become dumber and dumber …it's insane ….the More money going into the schools …the worse and worse the children become …that's insane .

  9. Masked Panther
    Masked Panther says:

    As like I said before …I'm not lazy …I just do not want to work a job where I work 8 hours a day making only $9.00 an hr …jobs claiming you will work full time (40 hr weeks ) when in reality you only work like 30 tops ….so you mean to tell me after taxes …I will only have let's say $ 230 ….I have stretch $230 to pay part of rent …buy food …pay for gas …have maybe $30-$40 for myself and make that last the entire week …it's very hard to do this …yet society expects you to BE HAPPY you have a job …WHY ??? I will NEVER have enough money …I'll always be in the hole my entire life unless I hit the lottery or a rich family member leaves me money in a will …this world is really fucked up and depressing …they wonder why almost half of Americans have depression or some mental illness …the game called life …it's rigged against us …we are basically donkeys on a treadmill , with baby boomers holding a carrot in our faces saying …your almost there ….when in reality ..we are failing ….im not looking forward to Americans future at all …that's if we have one .

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