Lewis Black: The Baby Boomers Gave the Millennials a New Drug. Technology.

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Transcript – This whole idea of millennials being this or that or the other I find it ludicrous to be critical because you’re talking about the generation that was the tipping point of why the Supreme Court past the marriage for gays. They’re the tipping – they’re the ones going are you kidding me? They’re the gender fluid group. I mean I don’t get that at all. I mean it was hard enough for me just to be a guy, let alone I’m going to figure that I’m fluid about this. I don’t get it but it doesn’t disturb me. A lot of my generation, I might as well of been born on a different planet than some of these pricks. I feel like they’re dinosaurs. Really, you’re going to carry this stuff from the ’50s on with you? Really? You’re going to stand there in Congress? That I find more enraging. My real anger is is that they scream about these kids and the way in which they operate and interact and socialize and the way that they are, and yet this is the generation that had the phones dropped on them and the computer dropped on them and things changed. And so you’ve got a whole generation that is living in a different world than we are. And they live on screens. Their whole life is on a screen for most of them. When I was a kid I did LSD. And they said you can’t really do a lot of LSD. So they made it illegal and then they took it away kind of. You couldn’t get really good LSD after a while. But it was like you can’t do that. That generation turns around and drops on these kids something that was just as potent as LSD. That phone and the amount of apps and the amount of crap and the computer, it’s the extension of the human nervous system. It’s a drug and it’s not treated that way. And then they go boy, I can’t believe they’re doing that. Well schmuck it’s because you didn’t. Because you didn’t do it. And that’s it. And I think that’s, going back to politics, that’s part of the reason we live like we live now. That’s part of the reason things are the way they are. We are in the midst of a total sea change. We have gone from one age to another. We have not entered the new age and we haven’t left the old age, but boy it’s happening and it scares the shit out of a lot of people.

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29 replies
  1. Homini Lupus
    Homini Lupus says:

    The two previous generations lived on screens as well. Television screens. Yes, they were just as bad about it, and still are. And before that it was radio and comic books. If you go back far enough you'll find some paleolithic douchebag complaining about how much time the new generation spends drawing on walls and whittling toys.

  2. Ladida386
    Ladida386 says:

    What the F is this guy talking about? Computer, phone are to us just the same as field and tractor are to farmer. This is the only working space where we can exist because my CV is not good enough for these babyboomers.

    And the headphones and the .mp3 … Please give the Nobel prize for peace to these inventors, they saved us from constant nagging.

  3. 4Greyhounds
    4Greyhounds says:

    When we first brought these miracles of communication to the public, I began every class talking about how revolutions in communications invariably lead to revolutions of society.
    Writing, the printing press, the telegraph, radio and television, and now what will be the next wave. We have, in essence, eliminated the barriers between individuals, and eventually that's going to be amazing.
    However, until we get there, it is going to be really messy.

  4. canaweb
    canaweb says:

    If Boomers or anyone else has an issue with Millennials – they need look no further than themselves.

    Awards for participating instead of reserving the trophy for winners, time outs instead of a slap on the butt, and paying too much attention to being PC and attempting to be aware of every possible butthurt. What a load of crap.

    The child rearing methods of the 1930s created the 'greatest generation', who at 17 and 18 years old won a world war. They were responsible adults, did what they had to and didn't whine about it.

    In trying to make a 'better life' for their kids (what we now call the boomers), they actually made successive generations weaker and more dependent. The boomers continued with that method and were even more lax in their parenting – and now here we are.

    So – you reap what you sow. And – no – a smartphone might be like crack – but it isn't like LSD.

  5. ytubeanon
    ytubeanon says:

    Yes, I hate millennials and those who say nothing is new about them, did you know for the first time ever older music is outselling new music? It's cuz millennials suck more than any generation in modern history and I'd bet ancient history too.

  6. mountain mommy
    mountain mommy says:

    Boomers gave us inflated college tuition, divorce culture, the mortgage crisis, the ensuing bank bailouts (funded by future generations), GMOs, they are the first generation that fully embraced the idea of putting parents into assisted living rather than let them live with the family in old age, they are the MOST materialistic generation that America has produced to date. Boomers have, as a generation, doused our K-12 education system with lighter fluid and watched it burn. To fuel their consumerism, the boomers abandoned the majority of millennial generation children to a combination of public schooling and day care, while most still managed to amass an incredible amount of debt. Now they are refusing to retire, leaving an even bleaker job market for millennials to pick through after the richest boomers have outsourced what they can to India and China. Take a look at insurance and what that industry looked like during the world wars. Nothing like today. Compare the rates, and even with inflation you will get the picture. The boomers did that too–allowed insurance and medicine to go to bed together. That's what drove the cost of medical care up. Most greedy and corrupt generation alive, period.

  7. Eric Loesch
    Eric Loesch says:

    I'm super interested to see how this (my) generation turns out. A lot of cross generation criticism is certainly cyclical but, as Lewis Black points out, this generation has the largest technological gap between the previous ones.

    I wonder if there will be a fundamental shift as the older generation dies off and the current generation takes over, or if we age into conservatism just like ever generation before.

  8. Fish in a Barrel
    Fish in a Barrel says:

    I know every generation thinks the ones before and after them are the worst, but I think Generation Y might just be the best of the living generations. We possess the old-world sensibilities of the last generations Boomer and X, while possessing the forward-thinking and adaptability of the Millennials.

    Think about it – I deal with people of all ages all day, every day, and have for 17 years. Baby Boomers and many Gen Xers are old-school, they refuse to adapt and learn, moan about new things and change, and hate things they don't understand.

    Millennials easily jump to new things and adapt, but I've met so many who can't think critically, who take things personally, who can't think for themselves.

    But many Gen Y people seem to possess the best parts of both ends, without the downsides. Anecdotal anomalies notwithstanding.

    And this isn't just a 'my generation is better than your generation' kind of thing, before any boomers (though, let's face it, how many boomers would be here?) or Millennials get butthurt over it. I'm seeing this completely critically.

  9. NeoYojik Hedgehog
    NeoYojik Hedgehog says:

    I believe, that generation gap grew not because of all the technological or societal changes, we've had in XX century. It grew due to people living longer. Centenarians never saw their great-grandparents and only knew their grandparents in very early childhood. Thus they mostly learned "the way" from parents. Making the gap mostly happen between children and parents, directly connected generations. However, XX century allowed people to live twice as long. Thus those in their 60-70s knew grandparents through significant share of their life and now have grandkids and great-grandkids. The generation gap of today is 3 generations wide: from grandparents of the elders to kids of their kids.

  10. jlrockafella
    jlrockafella says:

    he's right though. social media can be scary. just the death threats alone explain this. people need to get offline for a while and get out of the house a few times a week. i turn off my phone sometimes because if i don't i know I'm gonna fuck with it.

  11. ImpaKtZero
    ImpaKtZero says:

    Technology is not a "drug" it's a natural part on the evolution of advanced species, you don't see aliens like in the movie avatar travelling through space, for that those would need to advance technologically, the only problem here with phones is that it's still on early stages where any fool gets to do a ton of stupid things with it for companies to get money so they would be able to invest on better technology, see, without the trillions of hours per city spent in facebook that company wouldn't have grown as big enough to buy skype, oculus rift and a bunch other technologies which would have them take many more years to become a thing, take VR as an example, if facebook hadn't bought oculus this VR boom wouldn't have taken place as early as 2016, no PSVR, no HTC VIBE, nor any other lower budget VR
    what you are seeing here, sir, is the (slow but steady) reborn of our civilization as a type 1 civilization, and you are dislinking it because of the sacrifices it takes to achieve it
    in my case if I didn't have internet at home as a kid I wouldn't be able to write this without a ton of grammar errors since I learned only the basics at school and all the rest playing online videogames which in my country weren't common at all back in 2002 but I wanted to try new technologies mixed with my early-age-given love for the videogames which I accquired playing when I was a bit over 2 years old

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