My Baby Can Read! Discover the Secret, and Teach Your Baby to Read

I am always astonished by our ability to gain new knowledge and insight into everything we study. Around 9 months ago I came across one of those great advances in early learning and child development to date, and because of this advancement, my baby can read. If you have ever wanted to teach your baby to read sooner than later please read our story.

It all started when my wife asked me how we could give our children any extra advantage before they get into school. So I started looking around at every early learning system I could find and before long we found Your Baby Can Read!

My son Jonathon now has the ability to understand the written word using a breakthrough system developed by Dr Robert Titzer. Titzer is recognized as being an expert infant researcher along with being a great professor and educator.

He has extensively researched infant learning and development, he acquired a Ph.D. in Human Performance at Indiana University. His research on reading during infant and toddler years has really captured the interest of educators, researchers, parents, government agencies, and the media worldwide.

His approach is real straightforward; it is primarily a program that teachers children to recognize words by 'sight'. There has been some opposition because it does not teach children to read in the full sense of the word. Rather it teaches them to recognize immediately a number of words.

Your child will be using visual clues such as the shape of the word, and some other aspects of letter configuration, ie an initial letter, an unusual ending, to identify the word instantly. This is a program that trains children to recognize words instantly and it does that very well, my baby can read so well we can not wait to get started soon with our daughter.

I have been astonished by the results, it's unbelievable that my baby can read at only 12 months old. My wife and I have been applying these techniques for the last 9 months and could not be more impressed. You'll want to understand a few things before starting a program of this caliber.

My baby can read because the program was introduced a little earlier than recommended, children as young as 12 months is what Dr Titzer suggests. Understand that you will be introducing your child to formal instruction 3-4 years before this has traditionally been done.

When following a program like "Your baby can read!" you are devoting time to structured repetitive learning, and this could be replacing other forms of learning. I'm encourage any parent who is considering using this program or any early learning system, to ask themselves two simple questions:

What other things would I stop doing while I use this program? What would be the impact of the loss of this other activity?

Other then the two concerns I expressed, if you do choose to use this method to accelerate your child's learning do remember that they are still children. Please, do not forget to do all the other necessary and progressive steps essential to a child's development, this method works great but needs to be used with other proven techniques, (many of which are covered).

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