abc nailstore Step by Step: Der Baby Boomer Nagel

Step-by-Step-Anleitung: Der Baby Boomer Nagel

Design und Idee: Melanie Beutler
Musik: Maximilian Bleß | Musikkomponist

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Ombré/Baby Boomer nails tutorial

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✿ French Manucure BABYBOOMER | GisèleRodrigues


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Baby Boomer & ice mylar sotto bombatura su sfondo bianco latte

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HOW TO BABY BOOMER NUDE OMBRE ACRYLIC NAILS shows you how to do ombre style mix of milky white with nude pink colored acrylic powder. Start off base with cream or white white
acrylic powdered nail. Apply nude acrylic or pink acrylic powder inside and pull to make a fade ombre nail look. Results will be a milky creamy ombre nail design. Very elegant and simple.
Natural white and nude cream ombre look.
Pink and white ombre.

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Baby Boomer Nails with UV Gel Tutorial and Video | – Baby boomers nails are great and very natural nails. Today, our nail technician Peggy will show you how to do a baby boomer enhancement with UV gel. She creates great soft gradients with white soft gel and make-up gel. Everything looks really natural. Afterwards she does a build-up and files everything into shape. Finally, the nails are sealed in matte. That is how this stunning natural look is achieved.

Baby Boomer | Faded Ombré French Acrylic nails | Ink London Acrylink



My take on the Baby Boomer/Faded Ombré French acrylic nails using the new ACRYLINK from Ink London.

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