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Baby Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964, currently aged between about 52 and 70. They’re approaching retirement or have already entered it, and there are a bunch of tax-related things they would do well to know, as some could save them a lot of money. Read on, for five tax facts every Baby Boomer should know.

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It’s not too late to save big with retirement saving plans

If you’re already in retirement, this tip will help you less than those Boomers still working. Imagine you’re a young 52-year-old, though, still working and saving for retirement. If you’re not saving in a Roth IRA (or a Roth 401(k) at work, if one is available to you), you’re probably paying Uncle Sam more than you need to. Roth accounts accept post-tax money and let you withdraw funds tax-free in retirement. If you’re planning to retire at 62 or 67, then you have 10 or 15 more years of saving and investing ahead of you. If you can make the maximum annual contribution (currently $6,500 for those 50 or older and $5,500 for younger folks) each year and it grows by 8% annually, you’ll end up with $101,700 after 10 years and $190,600 after 15 years. Those are hefty sums, and you may be able to avoid paying any taxes on them!

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There are some financial benefits to getting older

For starters, as mentioned above, you can contribute an extra $1,000 per year to your IRA if you’re 50 or older. With 401(k) accounts, you can contribute an extra $6,000! (That’s the catch-up contribution allowed for 2016, on top of the regular maximum of $18,000 for most folks, giving older workers a hefty cap of $24,000.) Meanwhile, those 65 or older get a bigger standard deduction for their taxes. For 2016, a single filer has a $6,300 standard deduction up to age 64 and a $7,850 one beginning at age 65. This can cut your taxes. Medical deductions are also easier to take for those who are 65 or older (and their spouses) — for 2016. Most people can only deduct the value of qualifying medical expenses that exceeds 10% of their adjusted gross income, but in 2016, older taxpayers can deduct whatever exceeds 7.5%.

Prepare for RMDs

You might not realize it, but most tax-advantaged retirement accounts (such as traditional IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, and most 401(k)s — including Roth 401(k)s) feature “required

minimum distributions” (RMDs). (Roth IRAs are RMD-free.) You can generally begin tapping any of these retirement accounts beginning at age 59 1/2, but once you turn 70 1/2, you must be making withdrawals of a certain minimum size. There are online calculators that can help you estimate how much you’ll need to withdraw. The one from the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA), for example, spits out an RMD of about $7,800 for a 72-year-old with a balance of $200,000 in the account. It’s not uncommon for your IRA custodian (such as a brokerage), to do the math for you and you can often set things up so that checks of the correct size are automatically sent to you. Still, stay on top of the matter yourself, because the administrator might end up randomly selecting some stocks to sell from your account to generate the needed funds and you might prefer to decide which shares are sold. The amount you must withdraw is tied to an IRS formula based on life expectancy, and the penalties for noncompliance are steep. If you forget to take an RMD, or don’t withdraw the full amount, the IRS will seek 50% of the amount you didn’t withdraw.

Avoid taking retirement-account money too early

In most cases, if you take money out of your IRA or 401(k) before you hit age 59 1/2, you’ll likely regret it. That would be considered an early withdrawal, meaning that you’d be taxed on the withdrawal and you’d also face a 10% penalty charge. Double-check the rules of any account you’re planning on drawing money from and know that there are some exceptions to this rule, such as if you’re disabled and withdrawing early.

Social Security Benefits Money

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Know that your Social Security benefits may be taxed

It’s easy to assume that your Social Security benefits are free from Uncle Sam’s grasp, but that’s not the case. In certain circumstances, they may be taxed. Here are the current rules:

  • If your “combined income” (which includes your adjusted gross income, your tax-exempt interest, and half your Social Security benefits) is less than $25,000 for a single filer or $32,000 for a married-filing-jointly filer, your benefits won’t be taxed.
  • If that income is between $25,000 and $34,000 for single filers or between $32,000 and $44,000 for joint filers, then you may be taxed on up to 50% of your benefits.
  • If your combined income tops $34,000 for single filers or $44,000 for joint filers, then you may be taxed on up to 85% of your benefits.

Getting old isn’t always fun, but there are a few financial upsides to it. The more you learn about taxes and tax strategies, the more you’ll likely save.

Los Baby Boomers

Los Baby Boomers son la generacion que surgue entre los años de 1946 y 1964.
Actualmente poseen un gran poder adquisitivo lo cual se ve reflejado en muchos años de trabajo
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Some Interesting Facts About Menopause

Menopause is actually three distinct phases: perimenopause, menopause and post menopausal. In the United States, the average age of menopause is 52 years old.

There is wide age range for menopause, it can occur naturally between 40 and 60 years old. If menopause happens earlier than 40 years old, this is considered premature menopause.

If menopause happens earlier than 45 years old, this is considered early menopause. Early menopause can occur due to genetic disorders, illness, medical treatment or surgery.

Women who have early menopause due to surgery usually have more serious symptoms such as hot flashes due to the sudden hormone imbalance.

Due to the aging baby boomer generation, about 6,000 women are going into menopause very day, this makes 2,000,000 women each year. Since baby boomers are the largest generation in history, this is unprecedented. This number will decrease dramatically for the next few generations.

Not all women get menopause symptoms

In women that do report symptoms, hot flashes are the most common, with 90% of women with symptoms reporting hot flashes.

Hot flashes are usually the worst at the beginning of perimenopause, this may be due to the body adjusting to the hormone imbalance that is taking place.

Women with more education and higher incomes report better overall health and fewer symptoms.

Employed women fair better than unemployed women, they also report better overall health and fewer symptoms.

Only 10% of women report depression, anxiety or other negative emotions about menopause.

Depression and anxiety are reported more in the US than in other countries.

In 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative stopped a study into to the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in menopausal women. This study was stopped before its conclusion because it revealed serious health risks involved in HRT use, these risks included heart disease, breast cancer and blood clots. Prior to this study, HRT was the treatment of choice for menopause, but after this study, HRT use dropped almost overnight.

Menopause might not be as bad as you expect, over 80% of women say that menopause didn’t impact their quality of life at all.

Menopause is unique for each woman, many factors such as diet, exercise, stress levels, genetics and outlook can all influence menopause.

Women who smoke go into menopause earlier than non-smokers.

Post menopausal women have an increased risk of heart disease and osteoporosis.

Asian women who live in Asian countries have virtually no hot flashes. Studies have been done to determine why this is the case, it has been widely attributed to higher consumption of soy products.

Soy may or may not work to control hot flashes. Some studies have shown that it reduces the intensity, but not the frequency of hot flashes. Other studies have shown that soy consumption may interfere with the body’s ability to produce estrogen and progesterone, the hormones responsible for controlling menstruation and ovulation. This would mean that soy is actually working at cross purposes with the body.

In cultures where older people are more respected and aging is viewed as a positive experience, women have less symptoms and problems associated with menopause.

According to a Gallup poll from 1998, 51% of post menopausal women between the ages of 50-65 reported a greater sense of happiness than women in other age groups. The other age groups reported as follows: only 10 % of women in their 20s reported being happy, 17% of women in their 30s and 16% of women in their 40s.

3 Super Boomer Expert Dating Tips

With over 57 million Baby Boomer generation American women, and of those, almost half, 25 million, are single women. In their mid-40s to mid-60s year old Baby Boomer generation Women cohort, many of those women, are like myself, single again, either by the result of divorce or death of a spouse. For the group over 55 years old, a number of the Boomer single women have even been married more than one time, with multiple divorces or death of their husbands. Dating again now that you are divorced or a widow? With so many Boomer Women dating again after divorce or the death of spouse, is dating the second time round all about competition with your best girlfriends? Or are you hoping that you can you take a different approach?

With women dating younger men, aka Cougar Dating, and women dating multiple men before she decides which suitor is worthy of her heart, no longer are single Boomer women socially stuck waiting for men to make all the romantic relationship dating initiation decisions. Afterall, at this time in your life, when you want to date again, isn’t it about what do you want? No longer is wanting to have children and settle down a driving force for dating, coursthip, and marriage for you. As a matter of fact, many Boomer Women have careers and assets of their own. They are not 100% dependent financially on men for their lifestyle and livelihood. That translates into your dating life, too. That’s so freeing, isn’t it?

Single Boomer Woman Dating Tip #1: Do Surround Yourself With Romantic Beauty

It ‘s the 21st century and you have money of your own. No longer to you have to wait for Saturday night to roll around to see if your gentleman caller brings you roses. Instead, you are the captain of your own ship. Go ahead and while you are doing your weekly food shopping, purchase a bouquet of your favorite flowers for yourself. Take a look at the floral section. It is often quite close the entrance of the store. Look at the beautiful colors and shapes of the flowers. Inhale and smell their fragrant perfume. Which ones are calling to you to take them home and enjoy? Stores from the range of Costco to the neighborhood grocers all a variety of wonderful floral bouquets. In the 21st century, it is stylish to love yourself and give to yourself first. Embrace it! Because you’re worth it! When you surround yourself with romantic beauty, you feed your spirit and will find yourself smiling more and more, making you magnetically attractive to others for dates.

Single Boomer Woman Dating Tip #2: Do Practice Superb Self-Care

Whether is getting a weekly manicure and pedicure at the nail spa, giving yourself a manicure and pedicure, getting together with your best girlfriends to give each other nail treatments, give yourself the best care you can afford. You can even find great deals at the local beauty schools. you can often find them by doing a simple search online. While you are at, look into the fun splurge of getting a full body massage. There are so many massage studios now at strip malls that you can afford this formerly luxury spa resort only treat right near where you live. Your excellent grooming reflects your self-love and self-confidence. Studies demonstrate that men find confidence super attractive in women they want to date.

Single Boomer Woman Dating Tip #3: Do Immerse Your Life with Beautiful Sounds

Now that you are caring for your eyes and body, what about your ears and insides? Between all of the music downloads and everything which is free online, you can immerse your aural senses with beautiful, relaxing, and stimulating sounds. How do like the meditative and relaxing sounds of Tibetan bowls? Do you prefer crystal bowls or metal? Perhaps the string instrument trills of Vivaldi better fits to your taste? Do fill your home with beautiful sounds to feed and nurture your spirit. When you listen to marvelous sounds, it stimulates parts of your brain which words alone cannot, warding off Alzheimer’s. And the better you de-stress yourself and relax during the day, the more fully restful and rejuvenating your sleep at night, making your natural magnetic beauty shine and attract dates during the day.

As you practice these self-loving tips, your own personal magnetism will increase massively. You will radiate joyful health, vitality and attractiveness, making you irresistible to single men for your dating social life.

Study finds more Baby Boomers supporting their adult children – Starts at 60

After your children left the nest, no denying you missed them.

But if you’re still supporting your adult children, it turns out you’re not alone.

A new report by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services has revealed many Baby Boomers are still providing financial support to their adult children.

“They acknowledge it is tough for young people to get started these days with a highly competitive job market and unaffordable house prices,” the report said.

“However, the burden of this financial dependence is taking a toll on some young boomers. In a time when they should be winding down their working lives and enjoying their increased disposal income, some feel they are working harder than ever to support children.

“In a time when they should be winding down their working lives and enjoying their increased disposal income, some feel they are working harder than ever to support children.”

One of those Baby Boomers, Angelo Andrew,  shared his story with the Sydney Morning Herald.

Three of his four children aged between 19 and 25 are living at home still.

The 52-year-old said he was preparing himself for their future.

“Although my children are quite independent, they are happy to stay at home because it is a lot cheaper than moving out and finding their own accommodation, whether that’s renting or buying,” he said.

“And we are happy to have them at home. For how long? We’re not sure. They are going ahead in their careers and extending their education.

“If they don’t have some kind of support from their parents, I am afraid they won’t be able to afford for many years to achieve what we’ve achieved in the earlier years of our lives because the housing market and the cost of living is overtaking incomes.”

There’s more to the statistics.

A research report by the NSW Ageing Strategy also found that most workers aged 50 to 60 would need to work well beyond the age of 60 to be financially stable in their retirement.

Do you still support adult children? Why do you think more Baby Boomers are supporting adult children?

Chattanooga church launching class to help Baby Boomers with Medicare, Social Security and handling holiday stress – Chattanooga Times Free Press

If you go

› What: Boomers, Shakers and Beyond

› Where: Christ United Methodist Church, 8645 East Brainerd Road

› When: 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 4

› Program: The Rev. Charles W. Maynard, “Appalachian Quilt of Stories – Telling Your Own Story”

› Admission: Free

› To register: Go to; click “Get Connected,” then click on “Adult,” then “Small Groups.”

› Information: 423-892-9363 or the “Boomers, Shakers and Beyond” Facebook page.

More Info


› Tuesday, Oct. 4, 1:30 p.m.: The Rev. Charles W. Maynard, author and storyteller, who has written or co-authored 30 books.

› Monday, Oct. 24, 3 p.m.: Amy Boulware, licensed advanced practice master’s degree in social work on Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance.

› Thursday, Nov. 17, time to be announced: Arnoldo Moore, Public Affairs Specialist for the Social Security Administration.

› Thursday, Dec. 1, time to be announced: Pam Johnson, licensed clinical social worker, and clinical psychologist Amy Perkins speak on handling holiday stress


At a time when many churches are reaching out to millennials and focusing on children’s ministries to keep young families in the fold, one local church is launching a program geared to baby boomers.

Early in October, Christ United Methodist Church is cranking up “Boomers, Shakers and Beyond” with four speakers who will offer information about Medicare, Social Security and handling holiday stress. It’s open to anyone age 50 or older.

“I have listened to my friends in other churches and seen churches putting an emphasis on youth programs and not as much on people my age or people my parents’ ages,” says Carolyn Thompson, a Christ UMC member who is coordinating “Boomers.”

“Chattanooga is advertised as a retirement community, but what is really out there for retirees?” asks Thompson, who retired from TVA two years ago. “I feel like God is saying there is something you can do. I’m not ready to sit down yet. I’m really enjoying life.”

While the church is providing a place for the new group to meet, Thompson has no funding. Yet she and her committee of five have managed to line up volunteer speakers.

“The program is designed for learning new things, enhancing old skills, exchanging thoughts on numerous topics, meeting new people, participating in community service projects and, in general, having a great time,” describes Mary Ann Bryant, a committee member.

Thompson says older seniors “want socialization,” a network of friends they can connect with, while younger boomers are facing decisions about Social Security, when to retire, Medicare, and keeping active in retirement. So she has incorporated both viewpoints into coming months’ programs.

“Boomers, Shakers and Beyond” will kick off with a program by author and storyteller Charles W. Maynard. The Rev. Maynard, a former Chattanoogan and United Methodist minister, has written or co-authored 30 books, with 21 of those children’s books. He received the Reed Environmental Writing Award from the Southern Environmental Law Center for “The Blue Ridge — Ancient and Majestic.”

He was the first executive director of the Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and was director of advancement at the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, Tenn.

“Boomers, Shakers and Beyond” is nondenominational, Thompson adds, and she is already partnering with other churches for group activities. Brainerd Baptist Church has invited the new group to join its Nifty Fifty senior adults on three upcoming day trips, she says.

“Our purpose is to serve the community, not to draw new members to Christ United Methodist,” Thompson says. “We want to provide socialization for older seniors, information to younger seniors who haven’t retired yet and, with input from participants, we want to plan community service projects.”

Thompson says there also a survey on the “Boomers, Shakers and Beyond” Facebook page that will provide valuable feedback to organizers for upcoming topics and speakers, she says.

Contact Susan Pierce at [email protected] or 423-757-6284.

Baby boomers retiring: the silver lining – FW Business

While the baby boomer retirements and inevitable aging have created a national concern for the future economy, opportunities are also coming with the “silver tsunami.”

Besides a plethora of open jobs for recent college graduates or individuals looking to move up or out, some industries are likely to become more profitable from baby boomers growing older. Boomers, Gen-Xers, millennials and Gen-Zers can benefit from investing in the right industries in the coming years.

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Bowflex for Baby Boomers

There are hundreds and maybe thousands of physical fitness guru’s all claiming to have the perfect answer, the “magic bullet” for physical fitness and a solution to a healthier body and lifestyle. Well, I’m not going to claim to have the perfect answer! However, I do have a few tips on an easy to use piece of exercise equipment that may be one of the best for all ages and is particularly suitable for those of us who are either baby boomers or a bit more seasoned. It’s the Bowflex…any version but a basic machine such as the Bowflex Sport is a perfect place to start.

So what’s the catch here? Absolutely no catch whatsoever….. just an enthusiasm to share some ideas on perhaps one of the most efficient, versatile and affordable exercise machines available for home use. The Bowflex combines aerobic and strength training with a smooth pulley and power rod resistance system that’s easy set up. You can easily switch resistance with the power rods through a wide range of motions for a complete strength and aerobic workout. Now don’t get me wrong on the expected results. The Bowflex ads show smiling, well muscled young people whom we all would like to look like, no matter what age. Well, now you may just want to get back some muscle tone and some of that past strength and endurance you once had. At any rate, here we are at 55, 60, 65 or older and card carrying members of AARP. Most of us simply want to maintain or improve our strength, muscle tone and respiratory efficiency. Today many doctors and physical fitness experts are espousing weight training and especially the use of free weights as we age. Everyone now acknowledges that maintaining and / or building our strength is critical in later years. We will certainly function with greater confidence and renewed strength but we will also be less likely to fall and if we do, less likely to suffer fractures since strength training adds to our bone mass. What we don’t hear talked about too frequently is the potential of injury with free weights if not properly supervised. Added to the injury possibility, there is also the need for other pieces of equipment such as various benches and supports in order to get a full range of activity with free weights.

So, let’s talk about the Bowflex. Perhaps you’ve seen the infomercials and watched as the group of well muscled young men and women gathered around a Bowflex machine and marveled at how easy it works and the quality of the workout it provides. So, how does this apply to you…at 55, 60, 65 years or older?

First, you can safely use the Bowflex without needing a partner. However before staring a program check with your physician to insure that you have no physical ailments that would preclude vigorous exercise. The Bowflex is a home device and since it’s in your home, it’s available at anytime. I must caution you on the hype of “now you can use it anytime of your choosing”. That may be correct, but to be successful you must establish a set time every day for your workout. Once you start slipping or changing times, you run the very real danger of skipping days and then a week or more and then suddenly you have no set program and you’re back to being a couch potato.

The Bowflex machine comes with a very nice manual of exercises and instructions and most will also have an instructional DVD. Let’s walk through some Bowflex 101 in the real world and set some realistic goals and simple to follow instructions:

1.Maintain a set time schedule either daily or every other day. Many prefer early morning exercise routines so that it doesn’t get cancelled out later in the day by unexpected events…..or lost will power. Early workouts also tend to set a positive, go get ’em attitude when those endorphins kick in from good prolonged vigorous exercise. Many experts say that the most effective time for the body to exercise is mid-afternoon and the least effective is at night. Working out late in the evening may also cause some sleep disruption.

2.Review the exercise manual that Bowflex provides but don’t become a slave to the described routines. While the programs were developed by experts, let your own sense of what’s working be your guide.

3.After reviewing the manual, establish your beginning program routine and stick to it for at least two full weeks or longer without deviation. Maintaining a consistent pattern will allow you to assess whether the program you’ve selected is comfortable for you and not too boring. It’s important to make the workout interesting as well as challenging. Boredom can lead to you dropping out so don’t let that happen!

4.Design your program to include aerobic as well as strength activities. While the Bowflex will greatly assist in developing strength, the aerobic exercises are terrific and important.

5.Start off with easy resistance power rods. Remember, this is going to be a lifestyle addition and not a quick fix so there is no reason to use too much weight resistance at the beginning. It is best to get comfortable with how the Bowflex operates using lower resistance and then gradually increase the weight / resistance.

6.Don’t feel compelled to “do the manual”. Select the exercises that work well with your strength and flexibility and rotate through them. Make sure, though, that you balance upper body, arms, legs and abdominals in your program.

7.Make sure you take advantage of the aerobic rowing motion. The seat glides easily and the resistance power rods and pulleys are exceptionally smooth in operation.

8.Be Creative! In a short time, you’ll be totally at ease and be able to handle any of the Bowflex routines. When that happens, you’re now ready to mix and match and create new routines on your own.

So, while this is an exercise machine for all ages, the Bowflex from my experience is exceptionally well suited for the great generation of Baby Boomers and beyond. It’s simplicity of set up, easy switching process from one exercise routine to another, wide range of weight resistance and easy fluid motion give this machine an A++ rating in my book!. While this is not an advertisement, you may want to check out the Bowflex website or other websites that offer exercise equipment. At any rate, get started on a healthier life style.

Be active, be healthy and be happy!

Baby Boomers party like it’s 1969 at Laguna Woodstock – The … – OCRegister

An 11th-hour venue change to Clubhouse Five didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the nearly 500 people who turned out for the eighth annual Laguna Woodstock on Saturday at Clubhouse Five.

Hosted by the Baby Boomer’s Club, the indoor event featured music of the era, with two bands – Woodstock Mud and Love Saves the Day – rocking the Clubhouse Five dance floor.

“I feel the event was very successful,” Judith Okonski, event coordinator, said.

Laguna Woodstock was originally set to take place at newly renovated Clubhouse Two, but a delay in the re-opening forced the venue change.

Okonski said the event sold out during the pre-sale Saturday afternoon, so residents who didn’t get tickets set up “tailgate” parties outside of Clubhouse Five.

“There were makeshift picnic tables full of food and wine everywhere, with people rocking to the music they could hear from inside,” she said. “Many were sharing about their life at that time period of their lives. There seemed to be a camaraderie among everyone.”

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Dating Older Men – How to Find Guys in Their 50s

If you are looking to date men who are in their 50s, you’ve got to know a few things about what they’re looking for, just so you know whether they’re looking for something you can offer them in a relationship. It’s not simply a question of acting differently or wanting to date older men for the wrong reasons. If you genuinely can’t click, then it simply won’t work out. This article is going to cover some of the things that men who are in their 50s may be looking in a prospective female partner.

1. Someone who radiates inner beauty: this is something men who have been around the block a few times would value. Of course, it may not be the case with all men who are in their 50s, but it is a fair generalisation to make; in their previous relationships, they might have been so caught up in maintaining a material image, they might just want someone who appreciates the good things in life whose beauty shines from inside them. This is somewhat difficult to offer, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is something that they may look for.

2. Someone to take it slow with: one of the biggest problems men in their 50s will realize is that they might have been so busy being busy that suddenly, they are in their late 40s or early 50s and it suddenly kicks in that they’re running out of time to live their life how they want to live it. They want to slow things down, so if you want to go for heart-pumping adventures, you might not necessarily get along with him. Of course, this is again a generalisation. It’s a great ice breaker at any rate to ask him whether he’s looking to slow down.

3. Someone who wants more than fun: usually, someone who just wants to have fun is someone who’s not going to be hanging around for long. A man who is in his 50s does want someone interesting, but they would want her to stick around and be a friend before anything else. If you can offer friendship but maybe aren’t someone your friends would call fun, this means that you are still able to find men who are in their 50s. You just have to emphasise that you can offer him that friendship as your “selling point”.

Finding guys in their 50s is only half the game. The other half is knowing what you can offer them. If you can offer them companionship, inner beauty and someone who can stick around, then you’ve got a good chance of having a good relationship with him.