Baby Boomers Retiring – What Is The Best Housing Arrangement?

It is time in the world to see large numbers of baby boomers retiring and looking around for what to do next. In a generation of people whose lives were shaped by thoughts, like change and revolution and freedom, this is a really big deal in the retirement housing landscape.

It is not enough anymore to try and send the boomer retirees off to a nursing home where they will spend a not so exciting life waiting for the medication cart to come by. That idea died a well-deserved death. It should not have been OK for retirees of previous generations and it sure isn’t what the current crop of retiring folks are looking for.

There are a number of choices these days, for people who want to retire without setting aside their personal choice in the matter. Assisted living facilities have become very popular with some seniors today as a housing choice.

This is the kind of living facility where seniors who need some extra help in their personal care can get exactly the kind of assistance they need. Without being overwhelmed by staff members offering stuff they have no use for. It is a great way to maintain your independence while still getting a little bit of help.

Another choice about where to live in retirement would be active retirement communities. These are places where you buy or rent a place to live much like you would in any other development, except that everybody around you is a baby boomer 55 or older. These communities are often focused on a particular kind of activity, such as golf or tennis.

But some active retirement communities are not so focused on one particular type of activity but instead offer a wide range of activities to choose from. They are filled with the folks who helped change the world and often some of the available activities are humanitarian in nature. Like packing food boxes for disaster victims or organizing blood drives.

Those are great kinds of activities for seniors to get involved in. they help everyone stay active and promote a wonderful cause at the same time.

A choice of activities is important for the baby boomers retiring now. So many of them spent their lives in worthwhile occupations and activities that there is no real reason why this has to stop after they reach their golden years. It is always good to stay active and for folks from the boomer generation, they take this advice to heart each and every day.

A Great Baby Boomer Retention Plan for Dallas Fort Worth TX Employers

Within ten years, over 12 million from the Baby Boomer generation will be of retirement age.

For many Dallas Fort Worth businesses, this will be a big loss. It won’t be easy to replace their knowledge and talents.

Here is an affordable way for Dallas Fort Worth area companies to change their employee benefits plans to retain these Baby Boomer employees.

Any major medical claim could have a negative impact on insurance premiums, regardless of age. But older employees will have more major medical claims than younger employees. So a group medical plan with older employees will cost more.

Since an employer that retains retirement age employees could have more claims, they will pay a much higher rate for their group medical premiums.

Group Benefits Advisors can help Dallas Fort Worth area employers design a special employee benefits plan will help retain their retirement age employees without fear of raising the group health insurance rates.

This plan has big benefits for both the company and for retirement age employees. The special employee benefit plan documents that we develop for our clients let the employer exclude retirement age employees from their employee group medical plan. The employers then sets up a Medical Expense Reimbursement Account that lets them reimburse any retirement age employees for Medicare Part A and B premiums on a pre-tax basis, and reimburse Medicare supplement plan premiums on an after tax basis.

The employee benefits plan document can also be set up to let the employee reduce their pretax salary by any sum the employee desires, in return for the employer contributing the same amount into a medical expense reimburse account to pay for current or future medical expenses or to pay for long term care insurance premiums.

Here is how this helps Dallas Fort Worth Texas area employers. The employer retains the valuable retirement age employees without impacting their group medical insurance premiums.

Here is how this helps Dallas Fort Worth Texas post-retirement age employees. First, the retirement age employee continues to work doing something that they truly enjoy. Second, the employee continues to save money for retirement, rather than draw on retirement funds.

Third, the employee can actually get a better health plan through medicare and a medicare supplement plan and at a lower cost than if they were part of their employer’s group medical insurance plan. Fourth, the employee could even contribute a portion or all of their salary pretax into a retirement medical expense account that they can use in the future for medical expenses, including long term care. And finally, by doing this the employee could lower their salary enough to still collect social security.

Employees know that they need to save a lot of money just to pay for future medical expenses after retirement. This plan by Group Benefits Advisors is a great way for employers to retain valuable baby boomer employees and help these employees save for their future medical needs.

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It’s Never Too Late: Retirement Investing for the Baby Boomer Woman

Retirement investing and saving isn’t just a matter of socking money away when you’re working and then stopping and resting on your laurels-or rather, your savings and your investments-when you retire.

Instead, retirement investing can be a life-long process with continuous payoffs if we find and follow the right system!

You may have been told that you need to have a million dollars in the bank, right now, or your retirement years are going to be dismal times spent waiting breathlessly for that next Social Security check.

Now I’m not going to kid you-it would be great if we all had that million or more dollars in the bank by the time we hit 50! But a lot of us don’t get there because we’ve been too busy juggling our jobs, our children, and caring for our parents to have much time to think about our own retirement needs.

But as we get closer to the time to retire into our second lives, it’s time for us to start thinking about our needs first for a change. And part of that is starting to plan and execute some retirement investing just for us and our spouses.

Now, one bonus we have that our mothers and grandmothers didn’t necessarily enjoy is that we know we can handle our retirement investing ourselves. Those of us who are old enough to remember the days when women were told we couldn’t handle business or finances can laugh at those days now.

So let’s get to it, shall we? When it comes to investing for your retirement, here is a general outline of the things I recommend.

First, it’s important that you take control of your own investments and your own wealth. The financial services industry is a joke-these are the people who almost caused another Great Depression! And they certainly don’t care about the quality of our post-retirement lives. The best rule of thumb here is to never take advice from someone who has something to gain from your doing so.

Next, I think it’s a good idea to hire yourself one particular kind of financial professional-a tax consultant. Once you get into the realms of investment income, you don’t want to deal with the taxes yourself.

Do you doubt me? Did you know that IRS employees give out incorrect advice to taxpayers all the time? It’s true-go look it up! And then make sure you’ve got a tax consultant who can help you keep as much of your retirement investment income as possible.

The next step for you to follow is to start learning about the kinds of investments out there and the benefits and drawbacks of each one. I work with a specific system that has educated me on how to invest wisely to minimize my risks while maximizing my income.

In short, because of the success I’ve had with this system, I recommend stocks (with many qualifications), precious metals, and a few other types of investments as the best kinds of retirement investments out there. But whatever you do as you learn more about investing, don’t put more than roughly 10% of your retirement nest egg into any one investment or any one kind of investment! Even the most proven systems involve some risk-and none of us likes the idea of losing 10% of our wealth, let alone more!

There is a wealth of solid information about retirement investing, and I’m happy to tell you about the strategies that are working so well for me. In the meantime, though, remember that your retirement investing isn’t a short term commitment-you’ll be doing this, and enjoying it, for the rest of your life!

Baby Boomers – What to Do on a First Date

So you are a baby boomer and you are going out on your first date after not being with someone for a while. What do you do on a first date. Will you make the right choices? Where to meet and how to work out if your date is right for you can be a very challenging experience. There are many things to consider, where should you meet, best answer is in a public place with lots of people around. You don’t really know this person yet. So safety in numbers is the best answer. You could try what most people do and meet for coffee, but this can be a bit constricting, you will have a table and chairs in between you. This could be a good thing but it could also be a bad thing for your first date. Other ideas is have a picnic in a lovely waterside setting, take a rug and a full picnic with you and watch the day flow past the both of you. You will know if this setting is right for you. You can tell by the chat sessions and e-mails you have exchanged.

Decide what else can you do on a first date, find out as much as you can about them, don’t make it a spot light grilling session, exchange information with each other, so you both get to learn more about each other. Give them your full attention, don’t keep checking your mobile phone for messages, this is a sign that you not interested in them, learn more about positive body language, I have written a few articles on this topic, it is very important to know. Ninety percent of communication is non spoken, so learn more about it.

First dates are always stressful and everybody is always nervous, it is the fear of the unknown that causes this. So once you have learnt a bit about your first date then hopefully this will settle down.

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Megatrend 2 Ageing Baby Boomers

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We all moved up to larger family homes and cars as our careers blossomed in the nineties, while the smart ones started putting money into pensions and PEPs, the first form of what we now call ISAs. By the turn of the millennium the first boomers were in their mid fifties and starting to turn their mind to semi retirement. A spate of corporate downsizing led many to take redundancy and early retirement packages where they moved into part time consultancy roles.
And now in this decade we see increasing divisions between the haves and the have nots of the boomer generation. The guy who didn’t bother putting anything into a pension is now a check-out operator at Sainsburys. The ones who rode the biggest property and stock market booms in history are sitting pretty, with high value properties and six figure portfolios of stocks and shares.
But what happens next and what does it mean for savvy investors? The answer is this huge population group starts moving from wealth accumulation to liquidation of assets. They want to downsize the family home and move to an apartment or even a bungalow. They start drawing down their pension or ISA investments to meet unexpected bills. Their earnings drop to sixty per cent of the peak they reached when they were fifty. Medical expenses triple between seventy and eighty and those that can afford to will pay to go private so they can jump NHS queues.
For the economy as a whole, the boomers move from being inflationary teenagers in the nineteen sixties and seventies to deflationary pensioners in the twenty first century. But what happens when two thousand people a day for eighteen years decide to downsize the family home? Even if we assume that two boomers share the same home, that’s three hundred and fifty thousand family homes coming onto the market every year at a time when the next generation is smaller than the one before. What will that do to residential property prices?
On the other hand, how can we build enough care homes to look after seven hundred thousand new septuagenarians every year for the next eighteen years? It will literally be impossible to find the space, get the planning permission, fund the building or find the staff to run all these homes. So do you think this commercial property based opportunity is a trend worth investing into? Me too. That’s why you’ll see dementia care homes in the Elite Investor portfolio, offering great returns for up to twenty five years. Taking it a stage further, many of these boomers live in London and, when they finally shuttle off their mortal coil, their families will find an acute shortage of burial space. That’s why you’ll find London burial plots in our portfolio, giving forty per cent returns in two years.
As the boomers age, medical and healthcare services will boom, especially those aimed at the wealthier retirees who can afford private care. Specialist residential facilities with some degree of medical support will boom. Luxury cruises will also boom but traditional family property prices will probably tank as they all downsize, while car sales have likely peaked as well.
This is one of the biggest megatrends of the coming decades. Focus on this alone and you could set yourself and your loved ones up financially for generations to come.

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Cordia Harrington – The Bun Lady – A Baby Boomer Success Story

I always find success stories enjoyable and inspirational; especially when they involve somebody that has risen from rags to riches and having to face insurmountable obstacles. I especially like the stories that show success can still be achieved in the economic climate that we live in today.

The story I am going to share is about a baby boomer, a divorcee with three boys. She started as a real estate agent and has formed a bakery company that she plans to take international. The lady’s name is Cordia Harrington. She is also affectionately known as the “Bun Lady”.

Unlike most of the kids of modern families that are able to eat out quite often; most of the boomer generation was lucky to go out to dinner only on special occasions and we usually went to a small fast food restaurant like McDonalds. Cordia grew up in the boomer generation and remembers going occasionally to McDonalds on those special occasions. Little did she know that one day she would own tree of the franchises as her own.

As a divorcee she began selling real estate and was eventually able to negotiate herself into a franchise position with McDonalds. This accomplishment by itself is quite an achievement because a McDonalds franchise is quite expensive and the qualifications are not easy to meet. She opened her franchise in Effingham, Illinois, which is a town of approximately 10,000 people.

For a fast food restaurant 10,000 people in a town isn’t big enough to grow like a motivated person would want. Cordia did some brainstorming and came up with a creative solution to her small traffic problem.

She wheeled, dealed and did some more creative negotiations to purchase the Grey Hound Bus franchise in Effingham and she selected a bus stop next to her restaurant. This move resulted in eighty eight (88) buses stopping by her restaurant each day. In the summer this number grew to 120 stops every day!

She eventually increased her number of McDonald franchises to three (3). Another example of creative thinking and negations! I should point out that she had to overcome many objections to her growth but she refused to accept “no” as an obstacle to her goal.

During her time with McDonalds Cordia eventually found an opportunity to serve on the McDonald’s purchasing committee for hamburger buns. Her colleagues began calling her the “bun Lady” and the nick name stuck. For a laugh she often straps on a plastic derriere and struts around.

While she was serving on the bun committee it came to pass that the existing supplier was not performing as required. They could not provide the amount of buns needed. Cordia saw an opportunity; she used her sales ability and was able to parlay herself into a position to supply the buns for McDonalds.

Once again, she used her salesman ship, tenacity, moxie and creative thinking to get the backing needed to obtain a loan from her bank for the amount of $13 million dollars to build her new manufacturing plant.

Once the bakery was in operation and successful she soon expanded the operation to three (3) bakeries and now produces over one thousand buns per minute. She now provides all the buns for McDonalds plus Chili’s restaurants, KFC along with Pepperidge Farms.

Cordia Harrington has received numerous awards for her achievements and some may think the road to her success was easy but anybody that knows anything about the McDonald’s franchises knows that it is a very hands on operation. She virtually had to work around the clock to achieve what she has!

She is ready to take risks and says that during a recession is probably the best time to start a new business. She bases this belief in her faith of the United States. She refers to past history and says that the U.S. has had 17 recessions and we have always bounced back.

To prove this point she recently opened her own trucking company to make sure her buns are delivered efficiently. Naturally; the name of the company is “Bun Lady Transport”.

Cordial is grateful for her success and is active in many charities to help others. Her journey is far from being over because she still wants the Tennessee Bun Company to become an international company.

She says she is having too much fun to even think about retiring!

Dating For Baby Boomers – What to Talk About on Your First Date

Conversation starters for successful dating and finding love for the second time round.

Knowing what to say on your first date after years of being off the market can be daunting! Should you tell the person about your situation, everything from your break up to your children to your divorce history or the affair, I mean you’re just being honest aren’t you?

The answer is NO!! Remember your date is simply that your date, a potential new partner to share your life with, not your therapist. Keep the war stories to yourself and your supportive friends.

The more you talk about the past good and bad the more your date will think you are living in the past and think you have more baggage than the carousel at the airport! Not a good look, and a sure fire way not to get a second date. Talking about your ex, your divorce, how nasty they were or the heart ache you experienced in the break up will have your date running for the hills. If you can’t think of anything else to talk about ask yourself if you really are ready to meet someone new?

Listening to someone’s trauma is so exhausting. Think of the movies, when you see a serious drama with a sad ending how do you feel compared to seeing a feel good movie?

So what should you talk about?

Always ask your date plenty of questions about them. One of the biggest complaints I get are “He/she didn’t even ask me a thing about me!”. Ask your date what their passions are, do they have any goals, travel plans, where they have travelled including exotic locations and favourite memories.

Kids are a good topic too, not too much focus of course but show some interest, it will make your date feel comfortable with you particularly if they are family orientated.

Hobbies, interests, arts, sports, music and reading are fabulous topics and will have your conversation flowing naturally.

Be yourself! Sooner or later they will be meeting the real you. Ensure you are looking for the right qualities when looking for that special someone do you share similar interests and values? Do you feel good when you are around them? If you have answered yes to those questions it’s a great start!

Finding love for the second time round is exciting, so what are you waiting for?