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Pour ce nail-art j’ai utilisé le matériel suivant:

– Une base Kiko
– Le 372 de Kiko
– Un vernis blanc
– Une éponge à dégradé
– Beyond Cosy d’Essie
– Un pinceau fin
– Un stuf en forme d’étoile : https://lc.cx/4x9e
– Le top-coat Poshé

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Babyboomer Nails – Cieniowany French – Madam Glam, Semilac, Indigo

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Baby Boomers Retirement Communities Are A Great Option For Active Adults

Retirement is a good thing for most people. And for members of the baby boomer generation, that idea has not changed. But one of the things that has changed is that now there is a choice of places where you can live after you retire. It isn’t just nursing homes any longer, now there are all kinds of baby boomers retirement communities just waiting for folks to come and live there.

It used to be that the only place where your grandmother could go to live, if she didn’t live with one of her kids, was in a nursing home. These still do exist and there a lot of people who do live in those places. But more and more people are retiring who have spent their entire lives being active.

Action was one of the bywords of the baby boomer generation. These are people who got up and took action I their lives to make a better world for themselves and for their children. They are not exactly the kind of people to site around and wait for their turn at the checkers board in the game room at the nursing home.

Boomer retirement communities are so popular that the companies that develop them are buying up prime time ad space on regular network television. And that is the most expensive ad space anywhere. There are literally hundreds of thousands of housing units being built for baby boomers right now.

And that is a good thing because it means you are going to have a great number of choices to pick front when you are thinking about where to live after your retire. Choice is actually another hallmark word for the boomer generation. Freedom, choice and action were really big ideas for this group of folks born between 1946 and 1964.

Many of them wanted to change the world form the one in which their parents and grandparents had lived. And one way to do that was to make different choices about life in general. At the risk of repeating that idea again, that is huge difference in the way the previous generation thought.

Personal freedom and choice over what you were going to do with your life were paramount in the thinking of the boomers. There is no reason at all to think that after retirement, things were going to be any different.

That is why there are so many baby boomers retirement communities being built all over the country, so that the people that wanted a choice of what they could do in their working lives can still have a lot of choices after they retire.

Navigating Baby Boomer Job Changes

Why Do Baby Boomers Have Trouble Getting Back To Work?

People over 50 do not suffer from a particularly high unemployment rate, but it does seem to take older workers longer than younger workers to get back to work after losing a job. In fact, baby boomers have one of the highest long-term unemployment rates.

This more difficult transition could be because of a number of reasons:

  • Some recruiters say that baby boomers are less flexible, and that is why it can be easier to work with younger job hunters.
  • Because they have years of experience, older people might expect higher salaries.
  • Baby boomers might lack job hunting skills because they have not searched for a job for many years and the market has changed.

Are Baby Boomers Less Flexible?

It might be harder for established families to pick up and move to find a new job in a new city. Baby boomers may also be somewhat less flexible about the type of job that they will accept. It is always good to exercise some caution before accepting a new job offer. Older workers have enough experience to know that new positions might not turn out to be as good as they seem at first glance. Still, it pays to be somewhat flexible. If you are an older worker who has lost a job, you might need to bend a bit to get your foot in the door of a new employer.

Salary expectations might also have to be adjusted too. It can be tough to switch jobs if that means accepting a pay cut. On the other hand, less pay could be better than no pay check at all. Instead of focusing purely on salary, it might be better to focus on opportunities for advancement and other benefits.

Can Boomers Adjust To Internet Job Searches?

The biggest issue might be navigating the 21st century job market. A lot more job hunting and job recruiting happens on the Internet these days. It is important for older job seekers to learn to use these new tools effectively. Social networks and online job boards have become much more popular ways to recruit than old-fashioned newspaper advertisements.

These new tools can be very powerful, and that is the reason that they are so popular. They can help job seekers connect with old friends and coworkers, and they can also expedite the introduction to recruiters and employers. If you need a new job, your online social network can be your best asset.

However, there might be some learning curve involved in using online job search tools effectively. The online job marketplace has changed the way that resumes should be created, and it has also changed how job hunters and employers network. It might pay to spend some time finding the best sites to help with your job search. There are plenty of good tips and guides to using big social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to find work.

Many Baby Boomers have plenty of work experience, but now it might be time to learn to use the Internet effectively for a successful job search.

Baby Boomers Are Facing a Financial Crunch

Young boomers are running out of time to save and facing a serious financial crunch. Social Security benefit expectations are currently in question as to whether or not young baby boomers will have enough money to cover even basic expenses in retirement based on what they have currently been able to save and invest. The boomers need to plan for long retirements in addition because modern medicine and a more health conscious society are resulting in longer life spans. The average American woman today can expect to live until 80, up nearly five years from 1970. Those who make it to 65 can expect to live until nearly 84.

To just turn the heat up a notch or two record low mortgage interest rates and soaring home values have caused Americans to refinance their mortgages in record numbers. The result of this will be that many Americans will be forced to carry their mortgages well into retirement. There may not be any money to place into retirement accounts if this is indeed the case. As a matter of fact once a boomer finally retires they will have to count on having enough money to live off of for 30 years or more. Even if a person had somehow managed to save a quarter million dollars the cold facts are that to make it last that long, they would only be able to live off of about $10,000 per year.

There is only one possible solution and that is for young boomers to save even more money. This might be nearly impossible due to the fact of rising college tuition costs for their children and a more than sluggish current economy. So baby boomers have to deal with a serious financial crunch that is looming with their retirement. The baby boomers are faced with one of two evils, cut their spending now or reduce their standard of living upon retirement. There is no doubt that baby boomers are in nothing less than a financial crunch with all of the elements stacked up against them, an extended life expectancy, caring for aging parents, children in financial need, the Social Security and Medicare programs in crisis. All of these factors could indicate that baby boomers will not be able to afford to live the second half of their life. It is in 2017 when havoc is expected to really take its toll as that is when the largest number of baby boomers will be retiring. These are people born between 1946 and 1964.

Baby boomers make up a good majority of the live for today generation, the ones who have overindulged for so long that it is extremely difficult now to look ahead to a future that could be possibly quite bleak. Within the next two decades many people will believe that they are ready to retire but once they start adding up the numbers a harsh realization will come over them and this will be a realization that they are not ready for because when their parents retired they received pensions, Social Security, and their house mortgages were paid off. Unfortunately, that will not be the case when baby boomers retire

5 Tips for Baby-Boomer Nurses Who Precept GN’s

5 Tips for Retiring Baby-Boomer Nurses Who Precept New GN’s

What better thing is there for a baby-boomer nurse to fantasize about than retiring? Throwing away that darned alarm clock is one of the best parts of that fantasy! And how about taking a drive to enjoy God’s green earth? Stay out as long as you want to! Be sure to take a picture of your first retirement sunset. Baby-boomer nurses will be retiring very soon!

Are you a baby-boomer who loves camping – but hasn’t been able to squeeze it in for the last 10-20 years? Does hiking, biking, or sailing capture your heart? How about horse-back riding? Swimming in the ocean? Ahhhh…

When you are retired, you wake up when you wake up – and get up when you want to. You go to bed when you get sleepy – and wear any colors you want to. You can plant a garden – and tend it. You can finally get that puppy you’ve been wanting – and have time free to train it properly & in person. You can even move out to the country if you want to.

As a retired baby-boomer nurse, you never again have to get a stranger’s barf, NG drainage, blood, snot, pee, or poo on you. You won’t have to torture your poor back any more either. No more getting clubbed or kicked for trying to help a confused patient. Nor will you ever again be required to administer Dilaudid to drug seekers or be told to come in just 10 minutes after being put on-call.

Yeah – those are some of the memories you can leave behind. But first – your most important job, before you retire, is to convince the next generation that nursing is a great career. Its to your benefit to do an awesome job teaching the next crop of GN’s, because they might be the ones who will be taking care of you when its your turn to be the patient. Here are 5 tips that will help you help the new GN’s turn out great.

Soooo… 1. Tell them the good stories. What memories have you stored up that helped you stick it out all these years? Those are the stories you want to share with the new nurses. They see all the garbage that this job entails already. They need to hear from you what has kept you hanging on until retirement age.

Did you meet your beloved spouse on the job? If so, that’s a good thing to pass on. Did any of your “codes” or “close-calls” ever come back to thank you? Do, by all means, tell that. Absolutely share some of the funny stories and insider jokes. Laughter is good medicine!

Then there are the tender stories. Did your heart totally melt when that 100-year-old lady took five seconds, that you thought you couldn’t spare, to take your hand and kiss it? Do you remember that handsome-enough-to-be-a-model patient who was dying with AIDS – and how you bonded with him, laughed with him, brought him special snacks, and gave him your best – and then cried when he passed?

Did your crusty-mean nurse-manager come find you, hug you with tears in her own eyes, and send you home for the week, when she heard your mom had just passed? And did she also make the arrangements to cover your schedule and make sure you would get bereavement pay?

Maybe, at one of your jobs, the nursing staff was close and used to party together? Maybe you even went on a wonderfully fun vacation with some other baby-boomer coworkers – and got a great discount because of the group rate. Tell it. Telling these kinds of things, plus what is in the following paragraphs, could make a big difference in a young nurse’s attitude.

Then… 2. Don’t let them lose their first love. This is the best thing you can do. Because the real world is seldom like what they told you in school, do try to find some similarities to point out. In school, we all learned terminology, A&P, meds, and a lot of theory. But most nursing schools don’t teach the practical duties well at all. Tie it together for them. Make it real. “We do it this way because… “

The culture shock from knowing – to doing – can be staggering! Teaching GN’s tasks from merely a task-oriented base is not going to help them in the long run. But when you tie it together for them, they don’t feel that their four years of college were a waste – and they aren’t as likely to say, “Hey! This isn’t what I signed up for!”

Do you remember how frustrated you felt when you discovered you graduated with just a lot of head knowledge and were not prepared to do your job? As a brand new GN, I didn’t know how to start an IV, place a Foley or NGT, safely transfer patients from bed to chair, or even the proper way to help a patent with a bedpan! I graduated with nothing but theory! I also didn’t know how to protect my back or my feet – or how to manage my time so I could get lunch and go pee. I NEEDED my preceptor.

Please… 3. Say it with words. Its also important to encourage the use of medical terminology at work, so new nurses can speak more intelligently and fluently with other medical professionals. Then they will become more comfortable and confident with using medical jargon and feel more like a professional. So use technical terms with them – except, of course, when talking with patients.

Often, when a baby-boomer nurse knows they will retire soon, they stop using technical verbiage and start using layman’s – or even slang terms. While this can be humorous and fun, it doesn’t create the level of respect that a budding new professional could enjoy. So promote them in their new vocabulary. They need to become as familiar as possible with these new words.

Always… 4. Remember to be humble. Its so cool when new GN’s teach their preceptors things and offer an alternate (maybe easier) method. Consider what they offer – seriously. Staying humble will help you to enjoy the learning. You, as a seasoned, baby-boomer preceptor, are pouring into them day after day. They might start to feel like a leach. Let them pour something useful into you as well sometimes – if they want to. Its so good for their self-esteem, and they might teach you something you really can use.

Don’t do what I once did. Once, when I was precepting a new nurse, while I had a cold, she told me a family cold-remedy recipe that always worked for her. I couldn’t wait to tell my coworkers about this disgusting-sounding recipe when I thought my GN was at lunch. We all had a good laugh. But she wasn’t at lunch. She heard me and was so hurt and embarrassed that she quit the next day. Boy, that’ll put some humility in your heart – and fast. She was bright too – and would have been a good one to keep.

Finally… 5. Teach them how to save their back & their feet, how to manage their time so they drink water, take lunch, and get pee breaks.

New GN’s are treasures. They have high hopes. They see a bright new world opened up to them, and many want to further their career and education. Each one is valuable. They will touch many lives. They will make a difference. They are worth the time you spend with them and all the frustrations you experience together. They might even become a friend. And, with any luck, they’ll become your clone – and you can finally retire in peace.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah – we were getting ready to talk about tubing down the river, fishing at the lake, skiing in the mountains, watching clouds, traveling, playing with grandbabies… You are baby-boomer nurses. You have precepted well. Now its time to leave it to the new GN’s. They’ve got you covered.

Baby boomers are dealing with the loss of parents, friends – Moorpark Acorn

Baby boomers are dealing with the loss of parents, friends

We all know that death is a part of life, but as a baby boomer today, it can uncover new emotions.

I think my personal experience might reflect what some boomers are experiencing.

While I’m blessed that my parents are still living, I’ve seen the loss of grandparents and my inlaws. And while there was sadness and grief, I was comforted by the fact that they had lived long lives.

Death was around in my teen and college years, too. I lost schoolmates to drug overdoses (it was the ’70s), car accidents and disease. But as I experienced those tragedies, I had the cumulative shoulders of my classmates to share my grief.

Until recently, though, it had been a long span between deaths, sort of like the epidemic of weddings I attended in my 20s and then their long absence until our friends’ children were ready to tie the knot.

Then I received news that Randi, my best childhood friend, died. She lived in Pennsylvania with her husband and two dogs. Her breast cancer of 15 years ago had reoccurred and spread.

Before Randi’s death, that long span between deaths had me feeling, well, young.

Why? Because I know death is a regular visitor to older adults. My parents have said goodbye to too many of their friends, neighbors and classmates over the last few years.

I’m reminded of a lovely gentleman who came up to me after a presentation I gave. He introduced himself, told me he was in his 90s, had a lovely wife, still taught school and was blessed financially.

But he shared that he was profoundly depressed. He explained the loss of so many of his friends was more than he could accept. He couldn’t bear the loss of another friend and he thought maybe it was his time to go.

I had no words. What can you say to someone surrounded by so much loss?

I think Randi’s death will begin a new round of deaths for me. I fear more loss is on the horizon. My friends are dealing with older illnesses like diabetes, prostate cancer and mini-strokes. I grieve their loss even before they’re gone.

As if the loss of someone special weren’t enough, death in this digital age brings new issues to contend with. I found out by means of Facebook that my friend Randi had died. I am not a big Facebook user. I only look at it many students and their parents.

What made me even more sad is that because I’m not a regular Facebook user and I live far from her, I learned Randi had died a month earlier. I wasn’t there to share in her husband’s, parents’ or stepsister’s grief. I couldn’t send flowers or find another way to acknowledge the big place she held in my heart.

While we weren’t friends who were in contact regularly, I wished so much I could have been there for her family when it happened.

America’s 76 million baby boomers are losing 4,900 of their parents every day. The deaths of friends and family remind us we are getting closer to our own final goodbye. And today grief has become more public and is shared with a wider network, from close friends to minor acquaintances.

It’s a new world for us boomers— one that will require some getting used to.

Andrea Gallagher, CSA, is president of Senior Concerns, a nonprofit agency. For information, visit www.seniorconcerns.org, and for comments, email [email protected].

Baby Boomers – How They Impact American Society

Demographers defined “baby boom” as a rise in the number of births that began in 1946, just after the Second World War, reached a climax in 1957, and declined only in 1964. The enhanced economy is believed to be responsible for the rapid rise in the number of births during these years. Many people use the word “generation” with reference to this phenomemon, but demographers use the word “cohort,” which means a group of people experiencing similar events within a specific time frame. The social changes of the times have a great impact on the lives of baby boomers.

Baby boomers are classified into two categories–early boomers who were born between 1946 and 1955 and late boomers who were born between 1956 and 1964. The last of the late boomers arrived when the Beatles were on their first tour in America and when the early boomers were around 18 years of age. Baby boomers are worth noting because of their large numbers. They literally filled educational institutions and labor markets.

Economic and Social Changes

According to studies, societal impacts have played a great role in shaping the characters of baby boomers, which, in turn, have reshaped the society. Baby boomers think differently. Due to their large numbers, their thoughts and beliefs dominated almost everything in society.

There is a great difference in the economic status of early and late boomers. The energetic job market and rise in economy enjoyed by the early boomers gave rise to a need for economic adjustment on the part of late boomers. This was basically due to the rapid growth of service sectors, instability in employment opportunities for the middle classes, changes in locations for workers, and adjustments in the career market.

Many baby boomers felt that economic security was elusive. Studies on the baby boomer generation revealed several differences among the incomes of Hispanic, Asian, African-American, and white Americans. For example, the black baby boomers were considered to be inferior to the whites, although all the baby boomers did extremely well in school.

Baby boomers were impacted by the ways in which society changed after the post war years. Ideas about gender, family, and sexuality underwent a great change. Concepts such parenthood, aging, retirement, labor, and so on were redefined. Even when they were old, baby boomers preferred to be active and involved. Many remained in the workforce to support their families.

Stereotype and Conservation Boomers

Both stereotype as well as conservative baby boomers such as Seth Grossman created a number of changes in society. The stereotype baby boomers protested on the streets while the conservative baby boomers protested through leaflets, student magazines, and public forums. Their activities might not have attracted public attention; however they achieved great success when they brought into force a referendum that caused the Duke students to withdraw from the National Student Association.

Conservative baby boomers might not match the usual image of a baby boomer, yet they comprise a powerful force in society. They did not make it to the headlines of the newspapers because they quietly attended class when the rest of their classmates were participating in a boycott. But in 1968, they were the ones who supported conservatives such as George Wallace.

About a third of the baby boomers served in the Vietnam war. A number of other boomers achieved a lot of success in a variety of other fields. Joyce Johnson, an African-American stereotype baby boomer, was famous as an activist in her college days. In Duke School, she fought for the good of her race. She was very much involved in the activities on the Duke Campus in the sixties. Johnson and Grossman contributed a great change in the society.

It is very important to understand baby boomers, especially since they are now advanced in years. They have had a profound impact on the economy of the country. Baby boomers have not only reshaped society, but have also had an impact on a number of people beside themselves.

Are You a Baby Boomer Who Cannot Retire?

The Baby Boomer Generation is finding themselves in a “Perfect Storm.” This may possibly be the first time in history where the corporate Boomer and the entrepreneurial Boomer find themselves in the same boat.

3 Reasons That Are Converging to Cause This “Perfect Storm”:

1. The lending climate has put many long term successful businesses in jeopardy of closing their doors. Along with the banking changes, the current recession has put many successful entrepreneurs in jeopardy. . Banks are calling loans in record numbers on business owners who had been great customers for decades.

2. The dramatic economic downturn last fall created the tenuous financial situations for businesses. While operating these businesses with the new banking requirements has been tricky, another issue for many of these Boomer Owners is that they now find their retirement plans in shambles.

3. The Boomer corporate executives find themselves losing their once stable jobs at a record pace due to “downsizing.” The result is that these careers which had been considered stable are no longer viable. These long term corporate Boomers are thrust into a world where their career options have shrunk or are non existent. These same Boomers also find their retirement accounts so dramatically reduced that their planned exit from the work world will now have to be extended.

The Baby Boomers Dilemma: Boomers will, in many cases find themselves without an income or a job. During this recession, the prospects of boomers replacing their incomes or jobs, along with their retirement nest eggs, are bleak at best. What are the boomers to do? Well to begin with the boomer must mourn the losses they are facing. It is not easy to have had what was thought to be a path to finish your career and your plan to retire go up in flames. But the reality is that most people will have to find a new career…so the Boomers have to pick themselves up and develop a new plan!

This story seems pretty bleak up to this point. But there is some great news inside all this. First off, the Boomer has been through difficult times before. They have incredible experience that they have gained in 30 plus years in a chosen profession that can never be taken away. They are resilient and in most cases the Boomer has raised their children and they are on their own. They can now concentrate on the end of their working lives as well as planning for retirement. Now they just need to find that new opportunity.

A Possible Solution: to the problem is really quite simple in scope, but to embrace this new path the Boomer needs to re-frame his mindset and be open to opportunities that are out there that they may never have considered before. Many of these new opportunities are likely not in the traditional business areas they might look to, but could be in areas that are wonderful vehicles for a “reinvention” of themselves. A solution is to find an opportunity that will allow Boomers to not only use their skills and experience, but would offer excellent income potential as well

Career Options: I just said that jobs are few for the 50 somethings looking for work. But the opportunities don’t always lie in the traditional jobs. Especially now! This is the time to explore areas of business that may never have occurred to us before.They are plentiful and many of these businesses will provide a way to not only replace income, but also a way to replenish those ever sacred retirement accounts. Those opportunities are out there you just have to look and be open to investigating new areas of the business world. I found many of them and many are proven money makers. There are countless ways to carve out a wonderful living with some of the legitimate home based businesses on the Internet today.

Like any new business you must do your research and due diligence. The Boomer may be at first a bit wary of these types of opportunities especially if they feel that don’t have the technical or computer skills. But here is the short answer on that perceived road block, today’s successful Internet marketing is not all the code and “techie” knowledge of just a few years ago. The technical side of this Internet world has become more and more automated. Their biggest decision is not even what opportunity to choose to pursue on line. The biggest and I believe most important decision is which group and mentor you will choose. You should look for like minded entrepreneurs who have a vested interest in your success. They will show you just how to duplicate what they have done to be successful and are happy to share their knowledge with their new partners. This path will allow you to get started quicker and avoid some of the frustrations and pitfalls you can experience when first getting started online.

Work Ethic and Financial Success: We already know what kind of great work ethic the Boomer Generation possesses. So between working hard and having a successful mentor coach, you will be able to achieve success in the on line world of business much more quickly than if you try to go it alone. It’s exciting and the financial opportunities can be limitless. Your retirement plans can get back on track and you can feel the excitement and enthusiasm you did when you first got into business. So Boomers in need of a new path…check out these Internet world business opportunities and discover the excitement when you reinvent yourself and choose a new and wonderfully fun career. In Donald Trump’s last book he spent an entire chapter on the idea that if he was just starting out in business today he would get into this Internet arena because that is where he believes the fortunes will be made. Whether you like “The Donald” or not, you know that his business success is undeniable and this may just be the time to take some advice from this guy!