Retiring Baby Boomers Starting to Impact Canada’s Labour Market

According to a latest study on the employment of Canada’s labour force by Royal Bank economist Nathan Janzen, the steady decline in the so-called participation rate continues even as the unemployment rate drops. The participation rate is a number that tracks employed Canadians and those seeking employments, as a percentage of the working-age population.

The explanation for the steady decline is that many Canadians are dropping out of the workforce because they are retiring. According to Janzen’s report, “all of the decline in the Canadian
participation rate since the 2008-09 recession can be explained by the aging of the population and a resulting increase in retirements.”

The report has potentially negative implications for governments. Studies indicate that immigration won’t be sufficient to fully compensate for the aging workforce while provincial governments that are responsible for health-care spending will also be affected. A slower labour force will limit economic growth to about 1.8 per cent in the next several decades, compared with 2.6 per cent for the 1977 to 2011 period.

The aging issue has been a prime justification used by the Harper government for changing job training programs, and for continuing the controversial temporary foreign workers program.

The report cautions that Canada’s labour market is not fully recovered from the recession and unemployment is still higher today than in 2008. However, the report does not mention that 95 per cent of the increase in unemployed Canadians is in fact due to retired citizens.

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Hollywood's Baby-Boomers Are Being Shut Out of Soho House – Vanity Fair

By Aaron P./GC Images/Getty Images

Older folks in Hollywood are feeling left out of one of the hottest scenes in town.

When Hollywood baby-boomers have a problem, it’s everyone’s problem. And so today we turn to Los Angeles, where a pressing issue is frustrating America’s actual greatest generation. It seems that older people in the industry are having trouble getting membership to the fabulous Soho House in West Hollywood. The reason? They say it’s ageism.

Well, Page Six says that they’re saying that, quoting a Hollywood source who complained, “I have to dodge my friends when I see them. I know they’re going to ask me about membership. No one knows the process. You can’t even vouch for people. It’s every man for yourself like the old days at Studio 54. It’s the biggest mystery, and the older you are, sorry, see you later!”

The horror! Can you imagine? Tinseltown has always had its issues with age, but usually that’s only when it comes to getting work, or a date. Now you can be too old to get dinner in that town? It’s outrageous. Of course, these aging baby-boomers could always head down to Santa Monica Boulevard for a classic dinner at Dan Tana’s, or to Beverly for a morbid meal at El Coyote. But it’s not really food they’re after, and certainly not Old Hollywood charm. They want the scene, and the Soho House provides just that.

It’s a lovely, almost open-air rooftop dining room, where taking pictures is banned to protect the frequent celebrity guests. The views of the city, sprawling out all glowing and orange, are stunning. When you’re up there and there’s a light breeze, there is, dancing in the air, the dreamy sense of really having made it. So it’s entirely understandable why the baby-boomers would want in, hearing stories about Rihanna and Kate Hudson and all kinds of other people taking in the view. But, for once in their lives, these boomers can’t get in. And while that may sting, it isn’t entirely unfair.

Hollywood boomers had decades, whole entire decades, of unfettered access to the coolest hangs. All those smoky years at the Troubadour, so many languid, hazy days and months spent in the shadowy depths of Laurel Canyon, the great glamorous age of the Chateau. Baby-boomers have had their access and their exclusivity, and now, as all things must fade eventually, they have to cede some of that social clout to the clamoring younger generations. This is just the process of life, I’m afraid.

Plus, it’s not like there’s nowhere else with a view in Los Angeles, or even just West Hollywood. Tower Bar, just down the way on Sunset, has a lovely view, and is typically lively but not such a loud scene as Soho House. So that’s a wonderful choice! I know, I know, we really only want that which we can’t have, so for these baby-boomers who are shut out of paradise, nowhere else will suffice. But there’s just nothing to be done about it.

Unless they want to come to New York, where the Soho House in the Meatpacking District has been utterly overrun by finance types. So they could strong-arm their way in there and lend the joint some much needed pizzazz and color. Or, frankly, they can just wait it out in L.A. You think everything stays hip forever? Try telling Amy Sacco that. (Is No. 8 still hard to get into?) The zeitgeist moves on, and eventually Soho House in West Hollywood will be a still lovely place to hang, but not one that’s so in demand that a person who remembers when Dunaway and McQueen were the hottest things in pictures can’t get in.

I suppose that’s not much comfort, though. These baby-boomers are familiar with the flow and ebb of nightlife, of course, but that doesn’t change their predicament now. Sadly, nothing does. That is the inevitability of our fleeting existence. Once, we were everywhere. And then, we were not.

5 Tips for Marketing to the Baby Boomers

The over-50 population is a growing force in America and the rate of home ownership is higher among this age group than in any other. And the Baby Boomers have money to spend and will inherit even more. So how do you market to the Baby Boomer generation?

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Tutorial Nail Art Baby Boomer

Segui passo passo come effettuare una delle decorazioni più cool del momento : Baby Boomer!
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uñas decoradas baby boomer paso a paso. Uñas acrilicas 2015
Mira paso a paso como hacer decoracion baby boomer en uñas acrilicas esculturales paso a paso. Decoracion baby boomer Nail art

Videos diseñados para aplicadoras de uñas de acrilico, ya sea principiantes, intermedias o avanzadas. Si recien comienzas, te recomiendo mirar la lista de videos basicos. Si tienes alguna recomendacion, por favor, escribeme al canal o a cualquiera de mis redes.

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Baby boomer nails tutorial 2015 by Purrfecty Polished nails

Although i didnt film the prep, the products below are the ones i used to prep and prime the nails beforehand;


The products i used during the tutorial are in order of use listed below;

the white acyrlic used:
the pink acrylic used:
180 grit endurance file:
white block buffer:
Duster (blusher brush lol): https://
gel topcoat:


Background Song: