A Solution For The Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis – It's Not What You Think!

It creeped up on you before you knew what happened. Maybe you were downsized and left with the decision to seek new employment or retire.

Perhaps you bought to remain in the work for a few more years, only to find out that the marketplace really changed for 50+ year olds. As a matter of fact, the good jobs for your age group, were gone.

How many of us Baby Boomers have experienced this or something similar? The realization of aging suddenly kicks in and it sucks!

What about the current lifestyle that we have become accustomed to? Are we going to have to cut back?

If we have a spouse in the work, what happens if the same thing happens to them? Do not even want to think about that.

All of a sudden, the fear starts to set in and the scarcity mentality is in full gear. The house needs repairs and both cars are aging … How are we going to keep up?

Let's put a stop to all of this right here and now. There is a course of action that will alleviate all of this. What is it?

What say we tap into the power of the internet and start our own online business. The entry fees are very low and the potential is unlimited.

There are no age barriers on the net. There will be no bosses on the web. We are in charge to build our business the way we would have it.

Probably, the first objection would be: "I know nothing on the tech side of things." Fair concern. Problem solved with what I have in mind!

Second objection would probably go like this: "I have no clue as to what to do to earn money on the internet." There is a training platform that will take care of that. Thousands are reaping the benefits and making money.

Third objection might be: "How do I know I can trust what you are saying?" That's easy … Everything is wide open and transparent, as to what I am telling you.

You might be saying something like: "This sounds like an alternative to what I am facing in the job market.

Head on over to my site and see what is going on here. I think you will be pleased at what you see and it will not cost you anything. Use the resource below and I'll see you over there!

Continued success,

Does The Big Chill Capture the Baby Boomer Generation?

“The film is like a home birth movie, in which a group of insufferable Baby Boomers midwife a neoliberal fever-dream about the moral sacrifices that adulthood should entail.”

Scott Beauchamp of online political magazine The Baffler doesn’t pull any punches in his disdainful assessment of Lawrence Kasdan’s 1980s Baby Boomer ensemble. And, for a film that won more than its fair share of plaudits at the time, Beauchamp’s 2015 article is an extreme but not unrepresentative look back at The Big Chill’s artistic and cultural legacy some thirty-plus-years on. There’s nothing less hip or woke than admitting to admiring The Big Chill. That the film’s modern defenders include Lena Dunham (her essay “These Are Your Parents” appeared alongside the film’s Criterion Blu-ray release), an initially acclaimed but increasingly divisive cultural figure accused of naïve white privilege, arguably only adds fuel to the bonfire of Kasdan’s supposed vanities.

The judges, juries, and executioners of today’s polarized social media are rarely interested in nuance. You’re either for a public figure, trend, or cause, or you’re against it. A film, book, record, or comedy stand-up routine is either the greatest thing ever, or a risible, retrograde disaster. I loved The Big Chill when I saw it as a teenager (years after it released, I hasten to add). As I eventually caught up to the age of its protagonists I continued to admire its writing, its cast, and its ideas. I gradually noticed the backlash (thanks, High Fidelity) though, to be fair, even at the time some critics panned it. And as I got older I began to understand some of the criticism. All of this seems to make it, as the film itself hits the rough age of its characters, wheezing into a quarter-life crisis as it hits its 35th anniversary today, it’s the ideal candidate for in-depth deep dive!

A big part of “The Big Chill” is its soundtrack. Here at Fandor, we celebrate the people who make some of our favorite soundtracks in our Score Auteur series. Watch our videos on Hans Zimmer, the late great Jóhann Jóhannson, and Trent Reznor. Finally, seal the deal with our video “The Art of the Needle Drop.” Your ears will thank us.

Babies & Boomers | Sketch Comedy

Forget Dungeons & Dragons, this new board game let’s you role play a REAL fantasy: Life as an American Baby Boomer! – The Fun Police is a sketch comedy troupe based out of Los Angeles, California featuring some of the funniest actors you’ve never heard of. Come see our live monthly show at The Clubhouse in Hollywood every 4th Saturday of the month at 9pm.

Written by Andy Sheffield
Directed by Alexandra Marian Hensley & Andy Sheffield
Shot by Ferguson Sauvé-Rogan
Graphic Design by Jake Steward
Starring: Andy Sheffield, Alexandra Hensley, Zach Pappas, Blair Grotbeck, Carrie Malabre, Chris Lewis, & Michael Berckart
Music by George Streicher – www.georgestreicher.com

Special Thanks:
Chuck Magnet

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Baby Boomers and Music-Inseparably Connected

Baby Boomers, in case you've never heard of us, are people that were born between 1946 and 1964. My own family of origin happens to have five baby boomers: myself, born in 1948, a sister born in 1950, a brother born in 1952, a sister born in 1955 and a sister born in 1960. We all love music and great up with radios, hifi's and finally stereo's blaring. Even though we were preacher's kids we loved the popular music of our day. I have fond memories of my sister and me standing on the sidewalk outside our home, holding sticks as pretended microphones and singing "Standing on the Sidewalk, Watching all the Girls Go By."

When I was about six years old I started hearing about Elvis. Now my Daddy was a preacher and in SC in the mid-50's, Elvis was definitely not someone my parents wanted me listening to. I remember hearing "Jailhouse Rock" and "Blue Suede Shoes" on the radio at a neighbor's house and feeling scandalized but I was not sure why.

I turned 13 in 1961 and vividly remembering listening to the Beatles sing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." I thought their music was wonderful and to my surprise, my parents let me stay home from church one Sunday night to watch the Beatles appear on Ed Sullivan. I was thrilled! I loved all the Beatles music as well as the Motown groups and most of the British invasion groups like Herman's Hermits and the Dave Clark Five. I loved Petula Clarkand Dusty Springfield and probably day-dreamed that one day I might have a group of my own. Instead, in real life, I turned to classical music and practiced scales and Beethoven sonatas for hours a day. Still, while a piano major in college, I fell in love with the music of Elton John and Cat Stevens. I bought a book of Elton's top hits to play on the piano when my professor was not around and it bought me wicked good fun!

In 1971 I got married. You can see the wedding picture on my site http://www.babyboomerarticles.com . My husband and I loved the music of Elton John and soon I discovered Billy Joel, the piano man, and so many others. Every decade for the boomers has had so many memorable hits. Do you remember the first time you heard "Afternoon Delight"? I do and just hear a couple of bars of any of the above songs takes me instantly to another time and place. Music is magical! Music is mystical! Music is better than a plane ticket for taking you to another time and place when life was simpler and teenagers were in love. Let's always remember this music and it's messages of "Give Peace a Chance," "Breaking Up is Hard to Do," "Up, Up and Away!"

Happiest Jobs for Baby Boomers Looking to Change Careers

Are you singing "I can not get no satisfaction" when it comes to your job? Do you find yourself daydreaming about a career change? Do you feel bored, dissatisfied, or exhausted? Do you have the career burnout blues? Or have you recently lost your job or retired and want to keep working but yearn to change directions?

You're not alone. Many baby boomers feel the same way. A career change can be scary. Perhaps financial worries, a fear of failure, or a less than enthusiastic spouse has prevented you from leaving your comfort zone so far. But, keep in mind, the biggest rewards come from taking the biggest risks, says life coach Caroline Adams Miller, author of Creating Your Best Life. "Otherwise, you may be filled with regret at the end of your life-and that prospect helps put steel in your spell," she says.

Studies show that up to 80 percent of baby boomers plan to do some sort of paid work until age 70 to stay mentally sharp, keep engaged socially, and achieve financial security in retirement. That leaves a couple of decades after 50 to work. Sometimes that's why more and more boomers are contemplating an "encore career" to pursue their passions and create a fulfilling life they can enjoy.

But is it really possible? Certainly!

The American Institute for Economic Research looked at people who changed or tried to change jobs after age 45 and found that 82% of people aged 47 and older who took up new careers in the last two years were successful, with half of them making more money .

"Do not view your age or your experience as a liability. It's a benefit to companies to have a multi-generational workforce," says Oriana Vogel, vice president of global talent acquisition at American Express. "One of our goals … is to hire employees that can provide a variety of different perspectives and experiences." Age does not come into consideration when it comes down to hiring the best people, she says.

A report from the Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement found that "boomers are just as likely or more likely to be engaged in their work than are the youngger Generation X or Millennial generations."

So, yes, it's possible to find a different career you love after the age of 50. But which job will make you the happiest? To help you decide and possibly narrow your choices, I did a bit of research on America's happiest and unhappiest jobs:


Kununu created a "Career Happiness Index," looking at nearly 200,000 employee reviews from 2016 to name three of the nation's happiest industries of 2016.

Public administration topped the list, due due to government employees enjoy great benefits, hours, vacation policies, job stability, and support from management. In addition, employees felt that they were working for the common good, serving the public, the study noted.

Consulting is a booming industry with a projected growth rate of 18%. Workers found their work challenging and enjoyed working with others.

Interestingly to me, since I work as a writer, the arts and entertainment industry made the top three. Creative pursuits may not make you rich but could help you be happier.

In another study, CareerBliss created a ranking of the Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs in 2016 and listed recruiters as the happiest employees. "Finding great jobs for other people creates a happy work environment for recruiters … many recruiters find joy in helping others find jobs and learning bonuses for doing so, "said CareerBliss CEO Heidi Gollege.

A USA Today article listed jobs involving caring for, teaching, and protecting others as well as creative pursuits as the most satisfying.

Research published by NORC at the University of Chicago listed the top five positions for job satisfaction, in ascending order, clergy, physical therapists, firefighters, educational administrators, and artists.


You may want to steer clear of the jobs that do not have people jumping for joy. What practitioners seem to make people grumpy and miserable?

According to kununu's data, professionals in healthcare / pharmaceutical, legal advice and real estate / facility management described the lowest for happiness.

CareerBliss listed sales account manager as Unhappiest Job. Rounding out the bottom five are security officer, merchandiser, cashier, and driver.


A word of caution. Remember, an encore career that brings you happiness is not all about pursuing your passions. As the research above proves, when considering your choices, do not forget to consider practical work issues such as job security, pay, benefits, work-life balance, and office environment.

For example, just because you love a hobby does not mean you'll enjoy it once you add the stress of making a living. Take it from me, I chose to write professionally – and no regrets – but it was not near as fun and carefree when writing was something I did for my own pleasure.


Another option? Many boomers approaching retirement are choosing to become entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses. They want to continue working – but on their own terms.

In fact, a new Gallop study shown adults over the age of 50 are one of the fastest-growing groups of entrepreneurs in the US An overwhelming majority – 83% – say their main reason for launching a venture was a lifestyle choice or to increase their income. This poll suggests that boomers are searching for independence, a flexible schedule that leaves room for volunteer and traveling. And they want to pursue their interests and passions before it's too late.

Keep your mind open and be creative. Consider wearing more than one hat and find a customized solution that puts you in control of your life. For example, you could combine writing, public speaking, teaching, and consulting. The Internet has opened up new freelancing opportunities.

The good news? Since the hard work and dedication required to start and run a small business, 94 percent of US entrepreneurs are happy small business owners, according to a new survey by the online small business community, Manta.


Do not rush into any decisions or immediately quit your job. Prepare and take it one step at a time.

Depending on your financial situation, "you might have to do it [a career change] incrementally," says Kerry Hannon, author of Great Jobs for Everyone 50-Plus. "You need a job that pays the bills now." Then, on the side, take the classes you need, build those skills you need, "she suggests.

Do the necessary research. Learn about the new career you're interested in, including pay, job satisfaction, and trends in the industry as well as the skills, qualifications, certificates, and credentials you'll need. Strategically network with people in the field. Keep your skills up-to-date and utilize LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Internships and volunteer work can help you gain hands-on experience and test-drive a new career path before quitting a job.

Keep these tips in mind and you can move forward with confidence to reinvent your life and start that new career!

Tips for Staying Attractive in Your 50s

Boomers and Gen X generations are both known for their great love of being physically fit. These are the generations who made jogging, aerobics, and gym membership popular!

Now that you're in your 50s, it's no time to stop being active. Most midlife singles like you want a mature mate who's physically active to feel attraction. However, now in your 50s, you want to be sure to pursue physical exercise activities which will not stress your joints.

What are some of your options? Maybe it's time to do low-impact aerobics or join a yoga class. Check with your doctor about the condition of your joints getting stressed if you still want to keep jogging.

Staying active in your fifties is not just about your looking attractive. For mature singles , it's about your being attractive. They are attracted to mature singles who enjoy and seek to share their active lifestyles with a potential mate. You might be a jogger, but your senior date may bike or enjoy moderate hikes.

In order to find and attract a physically active mature midlife mate , you'll want to look in a number of different places. In addition to online dating, you'll want to go to venues and activities where you're likely to meet mature singles with an active lifestyle. Seek out for local activity groups. Engage in activities which are not exactly the ones which you regularly pursue to stretch yourself and meet active singles with complimentary interests to yours.

In addition to going to the gym when mature singles might be there, it means you want to attend thing like dance classes. Sure, there's ballroom dancing. They're great fun. But many of them can not provide you with a regular dance partner. Plus, it's at least a 6 week commitment which might not yield any potential dates.

Instead aim for dances with mixers like English Folk Dances and Contra Dances . Unlike some other dance types, both of these folk dance styles often start their dance nights with a mini-class. So, if you're new to the dance style, show up early. Now, of course if you're a smart single in your 50s, even if you're already skilled in the dance style, show up early so you can meet the new dancers that night! Also, their getting to partner with someone like you who is more skilled really helps and supports them as a new dancer.

While not every dance done that evening will be a mixer, not all of the dances will be with one partner either. Invariably, you'll have the opportunity to dance briefly with many of the other dancers there and meet them all. Then during the breaks, hang out by the food and water area. Why? Because after dancing, everyone will be drinking lots of water. You can easily chat up the other dancers!

Do keep active to stay attractive in your 50s, and while you're doing so, who knows who'll meet you? Maybe your next midlife mate!

The Baby Boomers Should Hedge Against Another 2008

Here is an excerpt from my talk with Will Lehr of Perpectual Assets. During our talk he shared a lot of valuable information on how to take hold of your assets now in your possession. Find out more details from the interview:

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