Tips for Staying Attractive in Your 50s

Boomers and Gen X generations are both known for their great love of being physically fit. These are the generations who made jogging, aerobics, and gym membership popular!

Now that you're in your 50s, it's no time to stop being active. Most midlife singles like you want a mature mate who's physically active to feel attraction. However, now in your 50s, you want to be sure to pursue physical exercise activities which will not stress your joints.

What are some of your options? Maybe it's time to do low-impact aerobics or join a yoga class. Check with your doctor about the condition of your joints getting stressed if you still want to keep jogging.

Staying active in your fifties is not just about your looking attractive. For mature singles , it's about your being attractive. They are attracted to mature singles who enjoy and seek to share their active lifestyles with a potential mate. You might be a jogger, but your senior date may bike or enjoy moderate hikes.

In order to find and attract a physically active mature midlife mate , you'll want to look in a number of different places. In addition to online dating, you'll want to go to venues and activities where you're likely to meet mature singles with an active lifestyle. Seek out for local activity groups. Engage in activities which are not exactly the ones which you regularly pursue to stretch yourself and meet active singles with complimentary interests to yours.

In addition to going to the gym when mature singles might be there, it means you want to attend thing like dance classes. Sure, there's ballroom dancing. They're great fun. But many of them can not provide you with a regular dance partner. Plus, it's at least a 6 week commitment which might not yield any potential dates.

Instead aim for dances with mixers like English Folk Dances and Contra Dances . Unlike some other dance types, both of these folk dance styles often start their dance nights with a mini-class. So, if you're new to the dance style, show up early. Now, of course if you're a smart single in your 50s, even if you're already skilled in the dance style, show up early so you can meet the new dancers that night! Also, their getting to partner with someone like you who is more skilled really helps and supports them as a new dancer.

While not every dance done that evening will be a mixer, not all of the dances will be with one partner either. Invariably, you'll have the opportunity to dance briefly with many of the other dancers there and meet them all. Then during the breaks, hang out by the food and water area. Why? Because after dancing, everyone will be drinking lots of water. You can easily chat up the other dancers!

Do keep active to stay attractive in your 50s, and while you're doing so, who knows who'll meet you? Maybe your next midlife mate!

The Baby Boomers Should Hedge Against Another 2008

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Baby Boomers Are Downsizing, But Millennial Children Do not Want Family Heirlooms

Whether we've become empty nesters or are following the latest trend of decluttering, many of us baby boomers are downsizing.

That means less space for all those sentimental family heirlooms passed down through the generations and stuff we've carefully collected over our lifetime. We may assume our children will be thrilled when we give them our most prized possessions.

Think again. Turns out the Millennials are not so hip on family heirlooms. Maybe this is what they mean by generation gap these days.

Do our children want all those photo albums we gingerly created over the years? Nah, our kids do not know half the people in them anyway. You're likely to get a request to scan the important photos and email them. And who uses photo albums anymore? Our grown-up children are busy capturing their own life moments digitally through Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

That gorgeous formal dining room set and china passed down through the generations? Where would our kids put it? Beside, Millennials entertain much less less than we did back in the day. They prefer a more minimal lifestyle instead of the fussy, bulky, and formal furnishings we grow up on. You may very well get a polite no thank-you.

How about all those old report cards, trophies, and artwork you carefully tucked away for your children? All those sweet homemade cards that lovingly made for you? Surely, they'll want their own sentimental treasures. Not so much. It seems Millennials are not as nostalgic as us boomers.

Odds are our grown children are following the current trend to live minimally themselves and do not own a home with an attic or basement to store stuff. They may travel or move a lot.

Several articles have been written slowly regarding this phenomenon and the resulting clash between the generations.

Should this cause hurt feelings on our part? Should we try laying a little guilt to knock some sense into our children's heads? "This means so much to me." "I paid a lot of money for this." "This is part of our family history."

Heck no! There's a fine line between bestow and burden. I say we should listen to and respect our children's wishes. Formoremore, we should be proud of them.

Our grown-up children refuse to be defined by their possessions. Is not that a good thing? Did not we snub our noses during the 60's at people for being too attached to material possessions? Our children have become independent adults now, making their own decisions and creating their own lifestyle – not copying ours. Is not that what we raised them to do?

So what should baby boomers do with all heirlooms and possessions?

Save those items that you can not bear to lose. Use your china everyday instead of storing it. But do not hang on to items year after year because you can not bother to sort through your marriages.

Remember, all those heirlooms and possessions served their practical purpose. You used and enjoyed them through the years. If you think these things are still useful, sell or donate them to someone who really wants and will appreciate them.

With love in their hearts, your children made homemade gifts and cards for you. You relished them through the years and the gifts greeted you joy. The gift-giving cycles is now complete. Keep a few items and let the rest go.

Whatever you do, do not force your children to deal with all the clutter after you've passed away. Do your children a favor and have an honest discussion. Allow your children to take items they really love and that work for their lifestyle.

Then go through the sorting process now while you're still healthy. And take heart. Your children do not need that ancient massive armoire to remember you fondly and keep you in their heart.

The Benefits of Infant and Pediatric Massage in Healthcare

Expectant mothers planning for the arrival of their newborns may contemplate writing a birth plan, doing research on important decisions regarding breastfeeding, circumcision, vaccines, etc, and more and more women today are also beginning to consider the significant health benefits of incorporating massage therapy to their newborn care and life beyond. Thus, midwives, nurses, and other healthcare providers have a unique opportunity to administer and teach massage therapy while caring for infants and mothers during the postnatal period and when providing pediatric care. The ancient practice of massage therapy has been utilized the whole world over, although only recently it has begun to gain increasing attention in the west as new studies have revealed it's numerous health benefits, possibly most extensively documented in regard to preterm infants.

Infant massage stimulates the development of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Tiffany Field, PHD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine states "When you're giving your baby a massage, you're actually stimulating her central nervous system. produce more serotonin, a feel-good chemical, and less cortisol, a hormone that's secreted in response to stress. In preterm infants the autonomous Nervous System, which is responsible for managing stress responses, is immature. Recently the University of Louisville School of Nursing published a study in Early Human Development showing that massage therapy does in fact improve premature infants' responses to stressors in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).

As if that were not enough information to encourage healthcare providers to assimilate massage therapy into their practice, there are many other reasons as well! The digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, and immune system are all enhanced as a result of massage therapy. Common symptoms of colic, such as prolonged crying and gas, can be reduced or relieved by simple massage techniques. "Affectionate touch and rhythmic movement are among the most powerful forms of communication between babies and their parents, so they're great ways for you to bond," says K. Mark Sossin, PhD, director of the Parent-Infant Research Nursery at Pace University, in New York City. Furthermore, premature infections who are at risk for developing infection and respiratory difficulties receive an advantage from massage. Literally all infants can and should benefit from massage!

Beyond infancy, massage has the potential to be a critical therapeutic component in pediatric care for patients with conditions such as Autism, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, and Cerebral Palsy. Autistic characteristics, including aversion to touch, decrease with massage. And in response to the therapeutic massage, pediatric cancer patients report less stress, anxiety and depression associated with their disease and consequent treatments or procedures. Less pain and better ease of breathing is noted by patients with cystic fibrosis receiving massage therapy. Children with Cerebral Palsy gain range of motion and experience less muscle tension after a massage. Here, it is clear to see the importance of implementing massage therapy in pediatric medical practice and likewise in neonatal care. Therefore, healthcare workers are optimally positioned to assist in supporting this crucible wellness movement.

Movie Studios Really Screwed Up With The Baby Boomer Market

The Question

Ever since I wrote the post 10 movies to Recommend to your teens from before they were born, I have been thinking about the scarcity of movies made for the teen audience before the mid 1970s. Baby Boomers are considered to be people born between the years 1946-1964. So by the mid 70s half of all baby boomers were no longer teenagers and by the time that the 80s teen movies started to appear, almost all baby boomers were adults. If most of the baby boomers were teens in the 60s and 70s, why where more teen movies not made then?

70s and 80s

The change began with a baby boomer himself, Steven Spielberg, with Jaws when the blockbuster was created. After Jaws came Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Raiders of the Lost Ark and ET While these Movies were not made solely for teens, it was the teens that went to see them multiple times. With the exception of Animal House and Grease in 1978 (which severely count since the actors where much older) teen movies about teens did not really start until the 80s, most notably with the John Hughes films Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Pretty in Pink.


The movie studios sure did catch on to the teen audience and now most movies are made either specifically for teens or for teens and others. Baby Boomers are still only thought of around academy award time and as people that only like depressing serious dramas. But why we are still ignored is a whole different subject.

Questions and Theory

Did the studios not realize that a baby boom was going on? Did they not realize that teens would flock to movies if they made movies for them? Did they not realize they had the largest audience of all time with very little other forms of entertainment competing for their time? Maybe it was because the studios were still controlled by a generation that did not know how to deal with hippies with long hair. Just one possible theory. Any others?

Luckily the Baby Boomers had the best music ever!

Brilliant Actions for Nursing Yourself During Your Work Day

Another day taking care of sick people. You love your job but the stress of your day is encroaching on your health. Maybe you find yourself tired all the time no matter how much sleep you get. Or you are finding that those scrubs, usually loose, are now fitting tight around the middle. Does your diet consist of donuts, soda and coffee to make it through the day? Having worked at the bedside as a Registered Nurse for years, I know my job took a toll on my health. My weight sky rocketed, I felt overwhelmed and tired. I did not work out, chose unhealthy food options and I dreamed about patient alerts going off and missing meds! I got to the point of feeling altogether beat up. My dream job began negatively affecting my health. I knew I had to change. And I did. It took me a while to figure it out but I succeeded. My hope is that this article provides a few tips to help you better take care of yourself during your stressful work day, so your work day works for you. These ideas can help bring a bounce back to your step, promote self-care and extremely leave you living brilliant!

Identify a buddy.

Once you have received nursing report, work with your buddy to identify how you can support each other. Ideally this buddy will be the nurse next to you so you can assist each other during the day. Create an agenda of when each of you will go to lunch. Create a positive environment by complimenting each other on their work. Smile at each other! This simple act can easily boost each other's mood. It's easy to get lost in patient care, so check in with each other often. A simple gesture such as 'I will check on your patient in room 29' can help someone feel supported and promotes teamwork so you can thrive through your work day.

Take some time for yourself.

A day at the bedside taking care of a patient can get out of control in an instant. Your day that was planned with a lunch break all of a sudden becomes a whir of doctors and nurses running in your room. Your stable patient just coded and your patient in the next room develops projectile vomiting. Welcome to the life of a nurse. These stressful events can throw off even the most seasoned nurses. When an appropriate time presents itself, take a moment to yourself. Thank yourself for doing a great job. Take a few deep breaths and tell yourself you are doing your best in this moment. Appreciate what went well during the stressful times. Here's a simple meditation to bring yourself back to the present: place your hand over your heart, breathe deeply, feel your feet in your shoes, and say out loud 'I love myself and I am doing my best'. Acknowledging yourself for doing your best can help alleviate any negativity that may have built up with managing challenging events.

Talk positively to yourself.

I know when I worked at the bedside I would usually beat myself up for the things I did not get done. By the end of a 12 hour shift, with the demands of patients, families, doctors and other staff, I was emotionally, physically and spiritually drained. Instead of beating myself up, I needed to nurture myself. Do not wait until the end of your day or your day off to take care of you. By then, overeating has set in! During your work day, be kind to yourself with words. Find a journal with a design that speaks to you and brings it to work. Take a few moments a couple times during your work day to write in positive comments to yourself. Embrace and celebrate the hard work you are doing with a big written pat on the back! Maybe a comment such as' Wow! I just shared a beautiful moment offering support to my patient '. Or, 'I am a rock star! I gave all my patient's meds on time! ' Is this part of your job? Of course it is. But that does not mean you can not celebrate. Feeling so overwhelmed you can not find any positive thoughts about you? Engage your colleagues in the fun and positivity. Ask your buddy to write in your journal a positive comment about your work as a nurse. We are our own worst critics and seeing someone else write a positive comment that can make a world of difference.

Working as a nurse at the bedside can be stressful but rewarding. I hope these simple and straight forward tips support you in your work day and allow you to be the brilliant nurse that you are!

How to Sculpt a Baby Boomer / French Ombre With AcryGel

Hey, guys. So in today’s video, we are going to doing an old favorite. Yes, that’s right. We are going to be doing a Baby Boomer French Ombre, but with a twist, because we like twists on this channel, don’t we?

Well, let’s get cracking. First of all, we have the wonderful JJ in the house and she has been irresponsible and has accidentally cut into her finger whilst chopping vegetables up so we are going to be extra careful with her today. So to begin, we are going to attach a tip to JJ’s poorly nail and squeeze it into a lovely pipe shape and then we are going to file it down into a ballerina shape.

We are going to wipe over the tip with Gel Residue Wipe off solution because we want it to be abrased and that way the AcryGel will stick to it. Put a layer of topcoat onto the nail and then we’re gonna crack out the Just White, Tempting Fate and Plush Peach AcryGel’s. Get a blob of the Just White and lay it onto the tip of the nail. You are then going to feather this down nice and thin so that it covers the whole of the nail whilst also bringing the bulk to the end. Cure that and then get a tiny bead of Plush Peach and place it directly onto the back of the nail. Blend that in and also slightly feather it into the white to create a lovely blend.

Cure that and then get the Tempting Fate AcryGel and apply it to the middle of that nail and then blend that down to create a lovely contrast between the pink and the white. Finally, file that down using the usual filing technique i.e. sidewalls and then the cuticle area. Add a layer of topcoat to it and then cure. To finish add a bit of cuticle oil and bing bong boom, you have successfully created a Baby Boomer French Ombre using AcryGel!

Please give this video a like, subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and I will see you in the next video!

Love ya!




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180/180 Grit Nail File –
Buffer –
Gel Residue Remover 120ml –
Lint Free Wipe –
Cuticle Oil –
AcryGel Tube 30g – Just White –
AcryGel Tube 30g – Plush Peach –
AcryGel Tube 30g – Tempting Fate –
8g Brush-on Nail Glue –

🏪🏪🏪🏪 – Products Commonly Used – 🏪🏪🏪🏪

Clear Acrylic Powder –
Natural Beige Cover Pink Acrylic Powder –
Urban Graffiti Top Coat –
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel –
Nail Prep/Dehydrator –
Acid Free Nail Primer –
Acid Based Nail Primer 15ml – –
Maximum Adhesion –
240ml Medium Speed Acrylic Monomer –
480ml High Speed Acrylic Liquid –
Dotting Tool –
Pinching Tool
Pure Acetone –


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