Papantonio: The Baby Boomer Warhawk’s Vision Of Russia

RT is being labeled as a tool of propaganda on par with that of Isis. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss this topic.

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3 replies
  1. 1140Cecile
    1140Cecile says:

    Baby Boomers wanted to invade Syria? Not this BB or any of my BB friends. I usually agree with Pap but he's wrong to vilify an entire generation. We're the generation that massively protested the Vietnam war.

  2. TheTwick
    TheTwick says:

    Mike, can you do a story on corruption in the Russian government? Can you do a story on Russian war planes bombing Syrian civilians? Is RT free of editorial control when it comes to stories critical of the Russian government? I agree with you about American media and their corporate sponsors but is RT free of such censorship in stories about Russia and her allies. Censorship doesn't just come from corporations. To be a reliable source of global news an organization has to be free of all editorial control. Am I correct?

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