Products Used:
Protein Bond
Synergy Snow Gel
Synergy Base Gel
Synergy Concealer Pink Gel
Synergy Flex Gel
Mani•Q Sheer Pink 102
Mani•Q Sheer White 101
Mani•Q Top

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For more detailed application:

Gel Sculpting Fundamentals:

Gel Product Consistency and Control:

Using Your Micro Detailer:

Nail Forms:

The Basics of Hand Filing

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29 replies
  1. MelissaO6969
    MelissaO6969 says:

    🤣🤣🤣ROFLMFAO🤣🤣🤣 how funny are y’all!!! Everything you said is true Habib, I do enjoy watching my kids candy lol😂😂 Greg this nail is so elegantly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ So I got my Mission Control a few weeks ago, just in time for Halloween and let me tell you I sure did make a lot of $$ching$$ with the micro detail brush my Halloween designs were out of this world!! I know I’m always saying this, but THANK YOU Young Nails for all the great products!!!!

  2. 1st Class Nails
    1st Class Nails says:

    Nail design starts at 5:50 for anyone interested. Thats a whole lot of steps for a baby boomer. They're honestly not hard once you've gotten the hang of it. I just build a very thin nail with clear & cure then, use a white with relatively low opacity about 1/3 way up nail, a nude pink about 1/3 way down making sure they intersect then, use a fan brush to sweep white into pink once the fade is where I'd like it to be…I cure…add more white to just the tip & feather it down. Then use a clear pink builder to build my nail, cure, shape, topcoat and, done.

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