Who Has More Sex: Millennials or Baby Boomers?

Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian (The Point), and Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?) hosts of The Young Turks discuss whether millennials will have more sexual partners than previous generations of Americans.

“Millennials may be tagged as the hookup generation, but a new study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior suggests the label is misleading. An analysis of 40 years of sexual data from more than 33,000 Americans projects that millennials—those born between 1982 and 1999—will have sex with about eight different partners in their lifetime, behind Gen Xers with 10, and baby boomers with 12, reports Mashable. “The big conclusion: Even though millennials are more the most sexually tolerant generation, the number of people they have sex with does not match a free love mentality—at least in the most black-and-white view,” writes Emily Shire at the Daily Beast. It’s not clear, however, whether millennials are having less sex overall than previous generations or just having sex with fewer partners. Think of it as the “friends-with-benefits” wrinkle.

After all, the study shows that they’re more likely to have had “casual sex” (38%) than earlier generations (25%), leading a co-author to suggest the need for more research into the dynamic: “Is it an ongoing sexual relationship with a non-romantic partner versus going to a bar and picking someone up? We need a more fine-grain distinction.” One theory being floated for the lower partner figure among millennials: Thanks to sex ed and the Internet, they’re generally more aware of the dangers of STIs than previous generations, reports the Washington Post. They’ve also had doting, “helicopter” parents: “Maybe that is coming into play with millennials—they’re more cautious,” says Jean Twenge of San Diego State University. (In other sex news, a chlamydia outbreak has stunned a Texas high school.)”

Read more here: http://www.newser.com/story/206463/millennials-have-fewer-sex-partners-than-parents.html

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31 replies
  1. Justin Davis
    Justin Davis says:

    It's probably because we are always working or looking for work to pay off our student loans. Also those in school are too busy with homework and studying thanks to the computer which has greatly increased the workload and quality expectation for students. Furthermore, most of our parents are divorced and we have seen lots of shitty relationships. Maybe it's all just me. We have one thing on Gen-Xers and Babyboomers. We are generally smarter and more capable. I mastered Russian in 4 years and Spanish in 2. I would like to see them do that. It's not likely. Boo yah! Simply put most millennials are too busy trying to fix the mess that the babyboomers created.

  2. Lace Kay
    Lace Kay says:

    I think Millennials are more likely to have a friends with benefits type of deal, so they don't need to have sex with a bunch of different people when they have that one friend who can just come over. A lot less work too.

  3. Iesvilla
    Iesvilla says:

    Meh, going for high numbers has never really been my thing. Always thought more of quality over quantity. Also, you have to remember that one night stands don't lead to the best sex available on every occasion, while a partner who's seriously into you will do a lot of things that some casual-sex-companions won't.

  4. Stewie G
    Stewie G says:

    It's not surprising we're having less sex. Wo/men don't really prefer niggas who still live with their parents because it's hard to get a job… making it difficult to make enough money for ones own place

  5. DynamicWorlds
    DynamicWorlds says:

    I know this is gonna sound harsh but…
    If millennials are actually having more casual sex, but having fewer sexual partners, it sounds like we're better at stable relationships.
    Just saying there's one way those seemingly contradictory numbers make sense. (fits with the divorce rate being so high too btw)
    I'd be curious to figure out what we're doing right.
    Maybe we can help gen x before they start getting married.

  6. Wolfman7870
    Wolfman7870 says:

    Millennials have easier access to porn which provides a cheaper and more convenient means of getting sexual relief than dating/maintaining romantic relationships.

    Millennials have more debt than any generation before them and thanks to an obviously larger population as well as more equality in the workforce, have to seek employment in the most competitive period in history.

    Stagnant wages, increased cost of living and inflation leave millennials, primarily men, with little disposable income to date and maintain romantic relationships.

    Growing resentment between the genders primarily in regards to divorce settlements, the supposed glass ceiling, sexual expectations, rape culture etc along with social media create an adversarial climate between the genders with both sides struggling to attain/maintain supremacy.

  7. Siberius Wolf
    Siberius Wolf says:

    Holy shittt that was a funny video lol.
    I'm a millennial and I enjoy "eating ass" under certain circumstances.
    Seen enough comments from people saying they want to eat Ana's ass lol.
    I also enjoy receiving blowjobs and wouldn't mind giving anal.

    I've only ever had long relationships really.. so I haven't had many sexual partners at all.. like.. less than a 15 year old girl lol.

  8. Unicron4ever
    Unicron4ever says:

    X-ers and Millenials are poorer than Baby-boomers. Also, life is more time-consuming and tightly scheduled than in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

    Less time + less opportunities + less money = less sex + shorter relationships

    …That's not counting free porn, Candy Crush and MMO's.

  9. Dominic Abbatiello
    Dominic Abbatiello says:

    i can understand having a study like this to have an understanding of different generation lifestyles and to understand why some people might have more sex than others.  i get it.  other than that, here's a good question, who cares?  seriously, why should the amount of sex partners someone may have had or still is having affect me in anyway?  if you had more sex partners than me then good for you.  i'm not losing sleep over it.  it shouldn't.  my problem is is that some people treat that logic like some social contest.  as if you're not good enough if you didn't have sex before someone within the same age group or who had more partners etc.  it's called getting lucky for a reason.  there is no science behind it.

  10. xAbominationx
    xAbominationx says:

    Eh, I've lost count. (I'm a genX) I'd have to guess in the 35-40 range at least.
    M,F & T. but so what. Having sex doesn't make you a bad person. I mean if I had embezzled money from 35-40 companies or killed 35-40 people yeah that'd make me a bad person. 
    I have to say I never cease to be discouraged by the assholes that try to make women ashamed of having enjoyed having sex.
    Slut shaming though, takes 2.
    It takes one jackass to try to denigrate a woman for her sexual practices and one woman who's ashamed of her exploits.
    And with that in mind, anyone would be 1 person short in any attempt to slut shame me. I've had a lotta sex I regretted, but I never regretted having a lotta sex.

  11. BoB Bobroski
    BoB Bobroski says:

    Of course they are having less sex. They start a lot earlier, thanks to sexual stimulation overload, and are losing interest a lot faster. In part, due to previous reason given, and pornography.

    I read a report from PEW research that claimed the average age kids view their first pornography is 9.

    It does not take a genius to figure it out.

  12. JohnnyBeBad
    JohnnyBeBad says:

    29 is a lot? Im being super honest here, I used to keep count when I was 20 yrs old, I was at 25 and after that I lost count and have sex with a lot more women then that. Is that bad? no STDS and no kids. Besides the couple GFs Ive had in between, I've always used a rubber.

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