Who’s the Worst Generation: Boomers, X’ers or Millennials?

Cappy delves into measuring, based on work ethic, parasitism, and public behavior, just which generation in America is the worst.
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22 replies
  1. Anddres Torres
    Anddres Torres says:

    23 year old millennial here. Why should i work hard. Everything is gonna collapse anyways i have absolutely no incentive to work hard. I work enough to support myself but other than that fuck im just gonna let everything crash. I dont even use the us dollar anymore i use crypto for everything. I dont wanna help maria or shanekua with 8 kids fuck them im cool. maybe if there where decent jobs that dont require a shit load of requirements, or decent women that you can actually marry and are not whores…..why should i work hard again and not relax and drink strawberry mojitos

  2. Joe Jones
    Joe Jones says:

    Boomers beat the hell out of while neglecting the X'r children and then told Xr's they couldn't discipline their own children because it was abuse. Fuck both bombers and shitlenials, enjoy the decline.

  3. Timothy Keefe
    Timothy Keefe says:

    To be fair . . .

    Concerning the labor participation rate, don't forget that there are many out there who WANT to work, but who are PREVENTED from working because of labor law, minimum wage laws, declining economies with few or no jobs, anti-white and anti-male policies, immigration, etc. In short, are the barriers greater and more significant than they were when the Boomers were in the labor force?

    A resounding YES!

    For anti-white and anti-male, and immigration, I place this squarely on on the doorsteps of the Boomers (Ted Kennedy and the 1960's immigration reform) and Gen X.

  4. TheBigManTiny1
    TheBigManTiny1 says:

    Jesus, I have some friends who barley got their first jobs and their about 26 years old lmao. They get mad at me because I'm busy working or studying lol…. While they think their music, dancing or art career is gonna take off.

  5. Jack
    Jack says:

    I'm 63 and I am proud to say that I am childfree. No kid will ever have my genetic endowment even if I die tomorrow. I think the secret to happiness is stand for something and walk away from parasitic gold diggers.

  6. Tom Kalina
    Tom Kalina says:

    I've been saying this for a while.  Boomers killed rock 'n roll, killed country music, killed the American auto industry, expanded the sprawling bland suburbs, watered down Christianity, and now they're still trying to drag X, Y, and Zers into their naïve leftist and cuckservative cultural wars.  I cannot wait for these chodes to move to Florida/Arizona already and bury themselves in their crappy Bob Dylan albums.

  7. Red Pill Rage
    Red Pill Rage says:

    These 3 generations are responsible for:

    – Airline seats getting smaller
    – Flight attendants getting ruder
    – All products getting cheapened/adulterated/watered down
    – Good jobs being outsourced overseas
    – President Obama

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