Why Everyone Hates Baby Boomers | Vox Day Periscope

SJW’s Always Lie – Taking Down the Thought Police

Cuckservative: How Conservatives Betrayed America

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  1. Robert Eastman
    Robert Eastman says:

    You say that you are a millennial.  I am a boomer (65 next month).  You describe life events, such as your childhood, that were pretty much like mine.  I think your reaching to far to support a theory that doesn't hold water.  My guess is that you, and people like you (say, maybe forty years of age), are deeply jealous of my generation.  So many people your age think that you know everything, that you're the 'dude'.  Dude, you don't know shit.  It is my observation that IQ's of white people have dropped, starting with millennials.

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