Why is it that baby boomers are still having to work long after they retire?

I did something that made me feel very good today. Plus getting some work done at the Homestead. Why are baby boomers still working long after they retire?

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39 replies
  1. Huples Cat
    Huples Cat says:

    Great video. This is why we sold our cottage this week. Sad to see it go but debt retirement before fun now we are about to hit 53! It'll focus on making the home better and more prepped as a side effect. I've got tons of spots close to bury supplies in case a bug out has to happen. Glad your reaching the neighbours. A working community would be worth a few bags of rice in grid down. Getting my decent neighbour over in the morning to make sure I'm redo the deck correctly. We helped his daughter out with a medical issue.

  2. Bitty Boo Brown
    Bitty Boo Brown says:

    My parents worked their butts off. We basically prepped all our lives. Ran our farm saved saved saved and still they can barely meet their bills through medical and all with the social security benefits getting cut all the time. Plus they have to pay for their Medicare while others that never worked a day in their life get crap for free. I had a cousin she raised all her kids on welfare she never worked a day. Now most of her kids are the same way. Pisses me off that we all bust our asses for what we get and others sit o theirs and gets it handed to them. The people say well the baby boomers made the wrong choices. I call BS the government made the wrong choices.

  3. TA Ofty
    TA Ofty says:

    Livin the dream congrats. Im in my late 50s and out of debt with a house in the cities and 12 acres in the bush with a cabin where I plan to retire soon. I dont have a well but i do have power, Im interested in that solar but where Im at i dont think it would be worth it.

  4. Ina Dollard
    Ina Dollard says:

    A lot of times we have saved for us but children think they are entitled to what ever they can get out of their parents, and will talk parents out of what ever they can get and for some it is easer to work than fight with children

  5. Walter Johnson
    Walter Johnson says:

    PN1, I am re-evaluating my time line to retire as you speak. As shallow as it my sound the death of Greg Allman propelled me to re-evalute my retirement date and plan .
    Thanks for the confirmation that Iam on the right track concerning my retirement time line.
    WJ from MD

  6. Vietnam Vet
    Vietnam Vet says:

    Not only did we lose a lot of money in the stock market,  housing values tanked. Those who got a mortgage for a house maybe at $400,00,  late 2008 worth maybe $300,00, depending where you live. So, you cant sell or relocate because your mortgage was higher than the house value. Well, today my home value has gained in value and hopefully to have it paid off soon. I stopped working a job in 2014. Now, I enjoy our home, 10acres, and have a lot of work physically. Walk 8-10 miles a day to maintain physical endurance at age 65, maintain a large garden, and do prepping tasks throughout the day. Good video.

  7. Mike Baker
    Mike Baker says:

    I'm 51 years old. My three siblings are Baby boomers, yes I was a oops. Mom and Dad gave birth to me when they were in the mid 40's. The American Dream, get an education, own a house, a car, raise a family, and work hard so you can enjoy your golden years. The old school thought of investing in a house, a companies matching retirement account, IRA's,bonds, and investment vehicles. I believe the wise invest in themselves—-now. Showing empathy is noble gesture. Nothing wrong with that. Thank You. Enjoy Life!!!

  8. grizz270
    grizz270 says:

    us baby boomers were the start of the mess we were even told the crash was coming and we raised a bunch of greedy brats wourse then our selfs …mucch more could be said but i will leave it at that

  9. freckleface2
    freckleface2 says:

    Hubby and I were blessed to retire at 62. We had both worked full time for many years and had good jobs. We both opened 401(k)s as soon as we could and faithfully saved 10-20% of our income every paycheck. We lived well but not lavishly and did not incur much debt. We now live off our SS and investment income. We are Baby boomers and it can be done. We still have a house payment but no CC debt. We survived the 2008 crash by pulling out of the market before the bottom fell out then investing again when it was safe. Both sets of our parents were Depression babies and taught us to be frugal and save for the rainy days. Now we pray that we stay in good health to enjoy watching our grandkids grow up and helping them if we can.

  10. James Gass
    James Gass says:

    Baby boomers are from 46 and up. I am from 45 and know am not a boomer. Sad fact is we can go through all our life saying oh poor me. We can blame wages or anything else. At some point in time we have to look in the mirror and tell self you sure did some stupid things. I learned long ago to not outlive my means. I happened to be one of those "over paid" military members. Enlisted no less. When ( finally started making $118.00 each month I thought it was fantastic. Pay day end of month and you learn to ration money. Don't blame others for the desire to be same as otherss and have fancy degrees, fancy houses and fancy whatever. Life is not a walk in a park, it is real. My parents never had money for me to blow on useless things and I never learned how. Sorry for the rant.

  11. fumasterchu12
    fumasterchu12 says:

    This is why I hate the 401K roulette scheme, it's just a gamble. I am trying to keep most of my money working for me, and limiting the run around. Best thing to do is lower expenses, pay off all debt and buy what you NEED. Great video as usual, I look forward to hearing your thoughts, you have excellent ideas. Have a great weekend!

  12. Judy Proctor
    Judy Proctor says:

    So right I'm 66 my son helps me a lot or I would still be in homeless shelter even with college education we boomers were programed to believe in a system that works for us Big lie Thanks hope young people take your advice

  13. well armed wife
    well armed wife says:

    husband and I are baby boomers. Feared debt.,big league. Always lived below our means…by fifty had zero mortgage…zero credit CDs, zero car payments…his va disability is more than enough…BUT if we had still had mortgage, or any debt would be super tight…children knew at a young age, either make the grades to get a free ride to college, or do as dad did, and join the military for a free ride…today's young people think their parents "owe" them college, car, and free on and board …mine worked or what they have and appreciate their stuff

  14. Robert Kelsey
    Robert Kelsey says:

    Ed your good and decent man, not many folks would think of others the way you do. If your worried about the internet wire just dial 611, its the utility dig number in NY state, they will contact your internet provider and they will come out and mark the ground for free so you know where the cable is when you dig, it usually takes them about three days to show up after you call.

  15. Chris C
    Chris C says:

    They spent beyond their means. Going into debt is pulling wealth back from the future….eventually the future arrives and that wealth is gone. They were the last generation in this country to have fully experienced the wealth and opportunity that this country offered after WW2 when we boomed. As the jobs disappeared overseas and the wages stagnated, they went deeper into debt to maintain their standard of living.
    What you are doing is really the future of retirement in this country. Working a garden, splitting wood, staying home to avoid spending money…. maybe two or three generations to a household like people used to do.

  16. Fireside Coffee
    Fireside Coffee says:

    It's terrible that people work hard their whole lives and can't enjoy retirement. My father retired after 25 years running a farm. He was retired 6 months and got a part time job with an excavating company. He died at 55 years of age. He never had the chance to sit back and relax a little. His big thing was camping and he never had the opportunity to enjoy it. He paid into SS and never got a penny. I have 12 more years to go and I hope I am able to enjoy it longer than he did.

  17. 3DTripper
    3DTripper says:

    60 yrs old, lost everything in '08. That is when I woke up. Laid off my job making 85k a yr and lost my 401k because of stock market crash and had to pull it out to supplement while looking for another job. I have been working the last 4yrs for $10 – $13 dollars an hr . I feel lucky to have a job because jobs are hard to find. I accepted the fact that I will work for the rest of my life. To many people on welfare because they are to lazy to work. Welfare has sucked up the Social Security money.

  18. Jen Goods
    Jen Goods says:

    Zyep, losing money in the 2008 crash, bought a business, thought that would be good, nope that was bad, now closing business, Malcolm Turnbull, (turncoat) taxing us horrendously for closing business, criminal what they charge you, ??? another great video, your doing such a great job ??

  19. Big City Ready 2017
    Big City Ready 2017 says:

    Wow, Words of gold,  I lived all my life in nyc working the 66 hours a week and then gym after.  Now 44 I have shifted my lifestyle to what you do Sir but in Florida.  I made the realization at age 39 that my body could not keep cashing checks my mind wanted to .  So at about 39 I started making a lifestyle change.  Great words of wisdom  Prepernurse1.

  20. Julia Bradley
    Julia Bradley says:

    My parents have very good pensions. Mom was a special Ed teacher and dad was a provincial court judge. My dad chose to work part time until 75 but has now reached mandatory retirement age for judges. He wants to do some legal research for my office to keep his mind busy. He's concerned about staying sharp.

    Canada pension plan and social security won't be enough for Canadians either. We have many seniors working here too because they can't manage. Unless you have a government employee pension you are not guaranteed security.

    I'm 45 and I can't see myself fully retiring until 75 at least. My daughter is 7 years old and has severe autism. I need to have enough saved to provide for her.

  21. Jean Skilling
    Jean Skilling says:

    My husband was in the Army and because it he has been disabled. They didn't allow him much help over the years. And he wasn't able to work. So he wasn't always able to hold down a job. Which means he wasn't able to pay into SS. He did finally get on SSD. But now they say we have to pay it all back. If you live frugally they think your ripping them off. You must be working and not be reporting it, right.

  22. Ronald Buss
    Ronald Buss says:

    We have been told that if we work hard for the job creators we will be fine. The problem is that the system is failing for 99% of the people. It's a systemic problem, not an individual problem. Neoliberalism (Free Market Capitalism) is destroying America. It's all about the New World Financial Order lead by people like George Soros, who always seem to make money.
     We are seeing the rise of the machines and this can be good if everyone controls it, not just the plutocrats. The machines will become our workers and slaves, and the human wage slaves will disappear. Doing boring chores can hurt your back, if you don't have a robotic slave. The few have always taken advantage of the many. Isn't it time we took advantage of the automatons and be proactive? Letting a machine do all my boring work is romantic enough for me.

  23. Janice Barket
    Janice Barket says:

    Prices have risen and SS does not rise as fast.  Because more young people refuse to work, live off SSI and Welfare benefits which has had major affect on those who paid in SSI or DSSI.  It used to be easy to get SSD or SSI but now we are broke and all are suffering.  You can keep appealing eventually you will get it because you refuse to work.  You need three things wrong.  When it does come through some people get a lump sum  like $30,000. at once but now we are broke.  this has also bankrupted health insurance people who do not contribute.  so what if you got pain.  More often than not pain will not kill you.  I have six bulging disc and have pain but still work.  I am 71 years old.  Wait for the next generation it will be worse.  SS was never meant to live off of is what it says in the handout.

  24. Janice Barket
    Janice Barket says:

    Baby Boomers was tricked also into believing SS was a good thing when it was not.  a friend of mine pointed out  if you would have taken your money put into SS and put it into other resources you would have a million dollars when you retire to ;live on.  so as usual ,our government took us a cross again.  The person who told me this is 60 and retired on his own money.  Yes, it is hard to get  job and you usually lose more than you gain.  this is what younger generations are figuring out and refuse to work.  they do better.

  25. tenminutetokyo
    tenminutetokyo says:

    Because The Fed meddled in the economy and inflated the currency while artificially driving wages down via mass migration. Wages WERE rising to their natural level until the 90s when the Fed manipulated them back down. Too much prosperity is bad for the LOAN BUSINESS. Bankers do not want you well off. They want you begging them for loans and they want you poor. Leon Trotsky, (aka Zionist Lev Bronstein) said "We will turn the nations of Russia, Europe, and America into white n***** and impose on them such a tyranny". Well they have succeeded. Forget living the American dream. Get a real cheap piece of land and live in a shack. Everything else is unaffordable. That is why so many people are going off grid. Screw the system it is a mega scam to keep you poor. And raise your own food. It's way cheaper.

  26. jksatte
    jksatte says:

    I just turned 50 this year and I am very concerned about life after work. I have to grind really hard for the next few years while I still can. I have a lot of work to do. It's really kind of scary. I never thought I would be in this position. It's super scary. Janice

  27. Leann 49
    Leann 49 says:

    Yes I think as a young person I was tricked into thinking SS was a good thing. Was told just to work hard and pay into the system and when it came to retire I would get a much deserved check every month. Was I being fooled. There are so many people that haven't worked that are getting more than the pennies I am getting. Yes the government has done wrong by its people. They get votes for freebies and all the while the hard worker doesn't get a darn thing. I was never taught about all this when I was younger as it just wasn't talked about. There are many in my age group that didn't know about this stuff when growing up. A lot are the baby boomers that lost a lot when the stock market went under. There are a lot of them having to work now. Younger folks have it so much easier with all the knowledge. Still working at 68 to keep up with inflation.

  28. Alex09
    Alex09 says:

    I was born in 1964. I received a notice from Social Security saying I could apply for EARLY retirement at 70 and I would receive full benefits at 72. Seriously? Thank you for showing the blue sky! Where I live, it's either white or almost an indigo color. I wish everyone would be a better neighbor. It's so sad that no one has ever helped Richard before. I'm so glad you were are to show him there are still decent people in this world! God Bless!

  29. Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith says:

    Suggested article by autistic Professor Temple Grandin, PhD: "Choosing the Right Job for People with Autism". Tired Seniors work for all sorts of reasons; @Previously refused info, training, instruction that would've lessened their financial burden later, @Grandparents raised brain-damaged grandchild, refuse placement of now adult grandchild in mental health facility, @Research is hard career to let go.

  30. be em
    be em says:

    because that is what they were taught to do. our schools are totally messed up now most don't teach shop classes anymore like when we went to school. different generation different education, much worse than before. Kids seem to be taught to be victims now.

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