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WalletHub releases survey about Americans’ credit card concerns


In 2019, the American people started with over $1 trillion in credit card debt.

In a nationally representative survey conducted by WalletHub, 36 percent of respondents say they worry about maxing out their card with a large purchase. 

That’s 91 million Americans. 

In 2020 so far, here’s what WalletHub has found:

– 29% increase in the number of people who’ve maxed out a credit card

– 36% of consumers say they spend more time paying off large purchases

– 55% of people prefer to use a credit card for large purchases

Preferred Large-Purchase Payment Methods

– Credit Cards: 55%

– Debit Card: 31%

– Cash 11%

– Check 3%

Why do people use credit cards?

– Earning Rewards: 47%

– Easiest/Quickest Option: 23%

Why do people use debit cards?

– Avoiding Credit Card Debt: 56%

– Easiest/Quickest Option: 38%

Why do people use cash/check?

– Avoiding Credit Card Debt: 57%

– Easiest/Quickest Option 21%

In those that reported their political affiliation, WalletHub’s study found Republicans are 3 times more likely to use cash than Democrats, but Dems are less likely to have maxed out a credit card for a large purchase.

What do people consider to be a large purchase?

Over $1000: 17%

Over $500: 24%

Over $250: 28%

Over $100: 31%

– 41% of people say they think more about large purchases than small, everyday purchases when choosing a credit card

– 37% of people have maxed out their credit card making a large purchase (14% more than once)

– Nearly 1 in 3 people consider anything over $100 to be a large purchase.

Millennials are twice as likely as Baby Boomers to choose “over $100” as the benchmark for a large purchase.

Here are a few “Key Stats” reported by WalletHub:

  • Men max out more. Women are about 10 percent less likely than men to have maxed out a card at least once.
  • Age shapes our definition of “large.” Millennials are twice as likely as Baby Boomers to choose “over $100” as the benchmark for a large purchase.
  • Politics come into play when paying. Republicans are 3 times more likely to use cash than Democrats. Despite this, Democrats are also less likely to have maxed out a credit card for a large purchase.

WalletHub conducted this nationally representative survey with over 700 respondents from 1/6/20 to 1/10/20. We weighted the statistical results to correct for demographic discrepancies. The margin of error for the total respondents is plus or minus 4.00 percent at a confidence level of 95%,” said WalletHub.

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4 Ways To Groom and Guide Gen Y’s To Be Future Leaders


A major technology firm in Singapore has made it a strategic focus to promote talented Gen Y’s within three to six months of hire. Why?

Because they know that by providing fast promotion and a streamlined career path for Gen Y’s stay engaged, increase their contributions and stick around a little longer than the global norm of three years maximum.

If you are a traditional leader this may gall you, you may think to yourself, “Gen Y’s act entitled to fast promotions” or “who do they think they are?” these are what I call ‘push back’ reactions based on previous workplace realities and beliefs that many traditional leaders have gone through in his or her career.

A modern leader recognizes that the workplace is evolving quickly and with the increasing speed of technological innovations modern leaders see that employees of all ages are expecting different things in regards to how they do their work, how they are recognized and how they are promoted.

You don’t have to like the reality of Gen Y’s wanting fast promotions but you do have to acknowledge this as a reality and determine what you as a leader are going to do about it.

Research proves that Generation Y’s want to be provided with a career path at hire, they want time frame estimates for promotion and they want a career ladder to show how he or she can progress within the company. In addition they want the skills development that set him or her up for success.

For many Zoomers (baby boomers who refuse to age) they had to endure the ‘sink or swim’ experience on their path to leadership. However Gen X began to request being provided training and development to succeed in leadership and today a Gen Y won’t even consider leadership positions without being ‘set up for success’.

With that being said Gen Y’s will stick around longer for leaders who provide grooming and guidance for him or her to become a future leader.

Here are 4 ways to groom and guide a Gen Y to be a future leader:

1. In the hiring process first you will want to ensure that your assessment tools include measuring for leadership potential. When Gen Y’s are hired the company would benefit from being able to identify those that have an aptitude for leadership but also a desire to be a future leader. Many are not interested in leadership as they see it as being ‘more work’ with less pay back however there is a percentage who do have both the aptitude and the desire to be a leader.

2. Once you have identified him or her with the aptitude and desire you want to have a learning path that covers off key skill areas of being a leader. Gen Y’s want a combination of coaching/classroom training and online training. You want to create a progress plan that shows the skills they have learned and the skills they have yet to learn. You also want to scale the skills as learning/knows well/master as this provides a skills gap tool for future development.

3. You want to provide a consistent focus on developing the Gen Y’s leadership skills, this means setting monthly learning goals, coaching meetings and provide resources. Gen Y’s who have leaders who are willing to share what they know, provide resources and help to grow skills will often stick around longer than the three year norm.

4. Conduct regular ‘opportunity’ updates to the employees you are grooming. In a large multi national organization this means being on top of promotion and cross departmental learning opportunities and sharing that information personally with the employees you are grooming and guiding to leadership. In a smaller organization this may mean providing opportunities to have the him or her work in your client office or supplier office or sending the Gen Y to conferences and other learning environments.

The best leaders are those who happily help others to learn and grow. Being a successful leader of Gen Y’s does require the ability to be fun, flexible, open to share and of course a willingness to help them to grow, learn and succeed. There is no better feeling for a leader than to have helped someone succeed way beyond expectations.

Get a Baby Monitor to See Your Baby at All Times


The days of worrying about your child at all hours of the day and night are just not an issue any longer. With the development of baby monitoring technology you can literally see and hear your baby at all times. It is really astounding what this kind of device can do for your stress level and your peace of mind. The portability of these systems makes it so easy to be anywhere in the house and still know that your child is safe and sound.

There are several versions of baby safety monitors on the market and there is no limit to what they will do its just dependent on your bank account. You can buy a basic audio version that lets you hear your baby and know if they are crying or sleeping. You can splurge for the audio visual baby monitor with 2 way interaction and night monitoring allowing you to see, hear and talk to your baby in day or night lighting. It is remarkable technology and the best part is you can be on the move. Portable baby monitors are hand held devices that typically use a 900 mhz system that allows little interference compared to the 2 channel systems. Especially if you have a cordless phone in the house a 2 channel system can become a nuisance because interference is almost always going to be present causing static and disruption in your listening.

Now many of the baby monitors will have true LCD screens with high resolution color pictures so you can see your baby's every movement when your not present. The way this works is the monitor comes with a camera unit which is place in the baby room looking at the baby of course and your hand held portable which runs on batteries will have a small screen. These are usually the size of the palm of your hand. There are several great companies that offer these fine devices including Evenflo, Graco, Philips and of course Fisher Price.

Let’s prioritize medical assistance for vulnerable seniors | Opinion


OK, Boomer!

This is the latest insult intended to dismiss and devalue the opinions of older adults, including here in Pittsburgh and across Pennsylvania. The words indicate that advice or suggestions from a previous generation are unwanted because their time to be relevant has come and gone.

But I don’t believe it’s so, and it’s time for Boomers to fight back. There’s a reason why this flexing of political muscle should happen sooner rather than later. The reason to awaken the sleeping dragon now – the generation who fought for Civil Rights, birth control, women’s rights, the end to poverty and to a pointless Vietnam War – is that some of their era cannot speak for themselves and therefore their needs are marginalized.

The fragile and the bedridden, who are confined to skilled nursing homes because they need a high level of care, are doubly disadvantaged now as critical funding is withheld year after year. Our state lawmakers and the governor need to start prioritizing nursing home care by sharply increasing the Medicaid funding it provides because our commonwealth has one of the nation’s oldest populations.

They can no longer care for themselves at home. Unfortunately, home care isn’t an option for our frailest elderly, who simply have too many needs and their families cannot afford such care. Our leaders in Harrisburg must make these most vulnerable Pennsylvanians a top priority during their upcoming 2020-21 budget negotiations.

Governor Tom Wolf could send a powerful message to these seniors and their loved ones by backing the need for more Medicaid funding in his upcoming budget address on Feb. 4. It’s time.

Nursing homes in Pennsylvania have not received any increase in state Medicaid program funding, the largest payer of nursing home care, for the past five years, but inflation for healthcare has increased dramatically. In real dollars, this represents a loss of $632 million in the last year alone. Even the best nursing home providers cannot provide the highest quality care with diminishing funds.

For those who care for our seniors, the skilled nursing workforce, the ongoing funding shortage hits home. Scarce resources are redirected to new administrative burdens that are costly in every way, and only add to the challenge of providing attentive skilled care. Without fair funding, we simply cannot expect our nursing home providers to keep up with inflation, let alone handle the Baby Boomer generation that is reaching the age that typically requires nursing home care.

By simply keeping pace with the rate of healthcare inflation, Pennsylvania nursing home care providers could retain talented staff, hire more caregivers and invest in technology improvements to enhance care. Incentivizing the highest quality providers could do even more for those receiving care.Boomers represent a quarter of the Pennsylvania population. We are a formidable voting block and we should use our political muscle or it will wither.

It’s time to let our state lawmakers and the Governor understand that they must do the right thing, the humane and compassionate gesture, and make care for our most vulnerable disabled citizens a top priority during the upcoming 2020-21 budget negotiations. At some point, all of us—including the lawmakers, their families and friends—may require skilled care on an ongoing basis.

We want to have the best care available in our Commonwealth so that we won’t regret our silence and passivity when we can no longer voice our own interests in Harrisburg.

Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD, is the president and CEO of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (jhf.org) in Pittsburgh. *Head shot available upon request.

How to Get A Great Ebook Idea


Ebooks have become one of the most popular ways to distribute information on the Internet. But coming up with interesting ebooks that people want and will pay for is sometimes difficult. So how do you come up with a popular ebook subject?

First here are a few things to avoid. The How to make Money type of ebook is popular but also overdone. There are thousands of these types of ebooks. Unless you are a super expert, have a very unique moneymaking topic or method, or think you can do a better job than the existing ebooks I recommend that you avoid this subject.

Another thing that may be difficult for beginning writers to sell is fiction. Yes there are successful fictional ebooks. But most fiction writers might have difficulty in getting a lot of sales. But if your heart is set on fiction then by all means go for it.

How to ebooks are very popular because people are always looking for ways to improve their life or learn new things. A "How to do Something" type of book simple provides clear instruction about a particular topic. Can you explain how to do something in a clear and easy to understand manner? If so then you could create a successful ebook. Here are six methods for getting how to ebook ideas.

1. Listen to what people are talking about. What would they like to learn about? What current events could be made into an ebook. Example: How Baby Boomers Can Prepare For Retirement. Many popular books came about because someone suggested it. So ask other people what they would like to read about.

2. Scan the bookseller web sites and book stores. Look for titles that are popular and that interest you. Can you write a similar book with your own unique way of explaining how to do the topic? Has the subject already been overdone or is there room for your own unique ebook? One of my first popular books was "How To Get Rich With Computers" the idea came from the popular Melvin Powers book "How To Get Rich in Mail Order".

3. Do an inventory of your own experiences. Example Do you grow great garden vegetables? Perhaps you could tell how in an ebook.

4. Pick a subject that you would like to learn about. Then research the topic thoroughly and get some experience. If you can get excited about the subject will be much easier to complete the writing.

5. Get out and about and look for potential book ideas. Visit the library and read a few interesting books and magazine articles. Go to local speeches and presentations. Talk to a wide variety of people. Book ideas can come from almost anywhere if you are looking for them. Always have a pen and notepad available to write down your ideas.

6.Do you have a pet peeve or problems that you have overcome? Then perhaps others would like to hear how you solved that problem. Example "How You Can Get A Better Job.

For beginning writers the best ebook topics will come from their own experiences. In other words a subject that they already know a lot about. After the first successfully ebook your second one will be easier.

Coming up with a of 4-5 potentially good ebook ideas is not really too difficult. You will then need to evaluate each idea and pick out the one that best suits your objectives. Once you decide upon a topic decide if you are willing to make the necessary commitment. Writing a great ebook takes a good deal of time and effort. But I am convinced that the average person can create a good How to ebook if they are willing to do the necessary work.

The most important factor for ebook success is quality. There are thousands of ebooks available on the Internet, but only a small percentage of them are really good. So once you have your ebook's subject, concentrate on quality.

For more information about making successful ebooks, visit

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This article may be freely reprint on you web site, ezine or ebook as long as nothing is changed, the author is notified at [email protected] , the copyright is included, and all contact information is included as listed.
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Baby boomers and millennials face off – Orange County Register

Baby boomers and millennials face off - Orange County Register


Last December, thousands of people gathered in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to witness a reenactment of George Washington’s famous crossing of Delaware. After a two-year hiatus due to inclement weather, the actors boarded boats and rowed to cheer. “We had a good time,” said Jennifer Martin, executive director of the Friends of Washington’s Crossing Park.

George Washington did not have such luxury. It made its crossing in horrible weather; melted snow and snow, high winds and pieces of ice piercing the hull that almost capsized his boats and drowned his army. Once ashore, Washington led its men on a night march and fought the Hessians in the sun.


Let’s face it, we are all snowflakes today.

If you’ve been online, you’ve seen the battle of memes pitting baby boomers against millennials, continuing the eternal struggle of humanity; the passing generation has convinced that the next generation is too sweet to survive and the next generation has their eyes on their desperately disconnected elders and counts the days until they can lock us in a quality nursing home lower.


“OK, Boomer!”

Since the generation of the gaps in the 1960s, families have not gone to war for everything from work ethics to waking up, to fluidity of gender and to cursive writing. Is it any wonder that our politics are a source of division?

Last week, Team Codger won a small victory on the Sensitive Squad when the US Department of Transportation proposed new regulations that will limit menagerie authorized to serve as ESA, emotional support animals, which means friendly skies could again be a mini-horse, a peacock and comfort-free wombat.

In all honesty, it’s not just millennials who can’t step outside without taking a dog, cat, pig, turkey or python. The seed was planted in 1939 when Dorothy threw Toto into a basket and caught the twister at 5:15 a.m. in Oz.

Somehow, we went through the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War and the nightclub before Paris Hilton took her dog to a trendy nightclub and suddenly Shih Tzus is become a fashion accessory. Today Rex, M. Whiskers and Barky have become medical necessities for millions of people, like insulin and the jar.

If approved, travelers will not only have to demonstrate that their service animal is medically necessary, but also demonstrate that they are trained to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver.

Or something like that.

Of course, a large percentage of travelers carrying livestock on airplanes do so because airlines force pet owners to have the privilege of stuffing their cat or dog under the seat. Exploiting the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Web exploded with fake doctor’s notes that fragile flyers can download while wrapping Muffin and Pooky-Poo in a bright red reflective vest, as if their Pekingese were a first responder on all fours .

When did leaving the house become so traumatic?

The truth is that each generation is sweeter in some ways and stronger in others. My father shook his head in disgust as he watched his soft, spongy sons play vibrant electric football on the living room floor instead of real football in the backyard. Our tools and toys have made work easier, safer and people smoother.

It is difficult to understand how our ancestors built the pyramids, the Great Wall of China, explored the oceans and tamed a desert with nothing but an ax, a gun and determination.

Meanwhile, I drool at HR if the ventilation on my desk blows too hard. I wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the 18th century, so who am I to judge those who are destined to see the 22?

Rather than disparaging generations, we must listen to what each side of the divide has to offer. Learning is a two-way street.

Those of us who have had an analog childhood can enjoy the benefits of disconnecting from the cyberworld while the WiFi generation can teach us a lot about accepting differences.

We can teach them tolerance, including the jokes they may not enjoy, as well as the political opinions they can oppose, and young people can teach the elderly the importance of experiences rather than things.

Yes, we are not as tough as the pioneers or the 7th Calvary or the Boys of Point du Hoc. I don’t know how to light a fire without matches or skin a beaver or (if you believe The Wife) wash a dish. But I know how to type, where to put an apostrophe and how to drive a stick.

It doesn’t make me superior to those who can’t. It makes me a man of my time. Technology has eliminated many of the tasks that I did when I was a child. Do you know how to use a butter churn? Of course not. We have refrigerators. There are many things I have done that my children and grandchildren will never do.

Again, I never drilled for a shot at school and when I was bullied on the playground, he didn’t follow me home, nights on weekends weekends and holidays. My first apartment cost $ 500 a month, not $ 1,500, and I never had to risk roaming to get a university degree to keep myself viable in a global market. Young people today face challenges that we never imagined.

While my generation was concerned about nuclear war, the next generation was concerned about climate change. We must be sympathetic to each other’s apocalypses and understand that it is never easy to be human, regardless of the generation in which we are grouped.

Doug McIntyre’s column appears on Sunday. He can be reached at: [email protected]


After Attending 'The Millionaire Mind Intensive' Weekend Training


It is amazing, it is incredible, it is still a mystery to me …. but the feeling is extremely good!

I was invited by my Internet marketing project team buddy to attend 'The Millionaire Mind Intensive' over the weekends. Every morning and afternoon of the 3 days training, the trainers will make it compulsory for us to read the 'Attitudes of wealth' aloud with our right palm touching our heart ….

2 sentences from the 'Attitudes of wealth' are what I want to share here:

– I am a generous giver and an excellent receiver

– Lucrative opportunities always come my way

After 3 full days of intensive heart sharing from master trainer T. Harv Eker and his assistant Bob, I went back to my work today. All this while I have been looking for an opportunity to work overseas, and something awesome happened to me today. During lunch time, I received a call saying there was an overseas posting opportunity offer for me in Vietnam, as one big organization has just signed a huge contract in the witness of Singapore senior minister mentor yesterday. They are now in search of the right candidate to kick start the project. I was overjoyed and after a short chat, the senior vice president said he would arrange an interview with me soonest. 'Lucrative opportunity always come my way'?

At night while watching TV, I received a call started with 91 … it was a call from India. The headhunter from India told me they are looking for an MBA holder to fill the position of construction project management in India, and asked if I could provide them with my resume. I said yes if this is not a scam. Another overseas opportunity in a day immediately after the seminar? Coincident? I told myself it could be a mere coincidence, but it makes me curious to explore the power of the spiritual universe and the influence of our subconscious mind as mentioned and taught by world class guru T. Harv Eker …. does the spiritual universe really exist, and is our subconscious mind really so powerful and influential? Visualize and focus on what we wish to achieve through our subconscious mind, talk to the spiritual universe, be a great giver, and have great belief we are capable and can to achieve our feasible dream one day. This is what is taught in the seminar.

Being an engineer, it is normal that engineers usually practice through scientific proof and facts, and not pure spiritual and virtual entities. As everyone was going through the training exercise, the trainer requested us to put in our 100% belief in what we would be taught at least for the 3 days' training. I followed through the activities and actions just not to look as the odd one out.

It is really amazing to see 2 invitations of my dream opportunity came true from nowhere, not prearranged at all …. it is totally unexpected and the feeling is great! It really boosts my morale!

To be very honest, until now I still do not 100% believe the great spiritual power from the universe and influence of our subconscious mind to get things moving in our desired direction. It is still a mystery to me …..

Taking a cruise? Top trends and best bets for 2020: Fenton’s favorites


If this is your year to take that well-deserved cruise vacation, you are not alone. According to the Cruise Lines International Association – global demand for cruising is expected to reach 32 million passengers in 2020, including a whopping 82 percent repeat factor.

Cruising offers travelers the ability to visit multiple far-flung destinations in total comfort with few (if any) hassles.

Due to steady growth, 24 ships are scheduled to debut in 2020, including new cruise lines such as Virgin Voyages and Ritz-Carlton – plus several expedition ships being launched around the world.

Below is a list of my top cruising trends for this year :

  • Off-the-beaten-path expedition travel and luxury adventure ships going to Antarctica, the Galapagos, Alaska and Greenland – taking in the natural wonders in an up-close and personal way.
  • Personalization. Today’s travelers need and want new ways to feel special, such as personalized itineraries, unique experiences, intimate destinations and private excursions.
  • Authentic, inspirational experiences. Experiencing a city or towns hidden neighborhoods with people who live there and know it best.
  • Wellness & Restoration. Step off the ship feeling better, looking better and returning home with a new and healthy attitude towards your personal well-being. Healthy, locally sourced and vegan meals are now expected and included in the daily menus. On-board spas offer everything from meditation to beauty treatments to nutritional counseling enriching the body, mind and soul.
  • Solo and women travelers are on the uptick.
  • Baby Boomers spend the most money on travel and have no problem taking the entire family on a cruise – and accepting the cost as a worthwhile investment and treasured lifelong memories.
  • River cruising (among all ages) continues to increase in Europe and Asia. There is also a surge in interest for domestic, small-ship cruising throughout the U.S., including the Great Lakes.
  • Colder climate destinations to the Baltics, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Canada and Antarctica are more popular than ever.
  • “Skip-Gen” cruising. Multigenerational cruising will increase, however the “skip-generation” trips with grandparents and grandchildren (minus the parents) has exploded.
  • Booking bigger suites on premium and contemporary ships. Travelers want more luxury and space on land and sea.
  • Cruise and Stay. Most cruise passengers (over 65 percent) spend extra days before and/or after their sailing exploring the region and extending their vacations.
  • Celebrity Chefs and specialty dining, particularly on the luxury brands, rival the best restaurants and dining experiences on land. Culinary and wine theme cruises continue to lure guests onboard with guests visiting local wineries and farmers markets.
  • Environmental sustainability and continuing progress of developing new technology for cleaner fuel.
  • More amenities, with mass and premium cruise lines offering beverage, wi-fi and specialty dining packages to be purchased prior to boarding (no one wants to be nickel an dimed).
  • Legacy of Travel. With the growing popularity of DNA testing, genealogy and family heritage themed cruises provide deeper family travel experiences

Before you book your vacation, sit down and talk with an expert at your favorite travel agency. You want to be sure you are getting on the right ship, at the right price. Ask about special sales , promotions and added amenities. This includes: any 2 for 1 fares; free or discounted air programs; onboard incentives; complimentary dining choices; and the onboard entertainment/shore excursions.

You should also ask your travel agent about the onboard attire. Proper dining attire varies from ship to ship, depending on the itinerary and length of the voyage. Most cruise lines have relaxed their dress codes, but no one wants to get dressed up for dinner and find they are sitting next to another couple wearing t-shirts and sweatpants.

In addition, I would recommend flying to your embarkation port the day before the cruise and ask about all pre- and post-cruise hotel packages.

Here is a sampling of some of the cruise lines I have experienced and recommend:

ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL (mass/contemporary). There’s a reason Royal Caribbean continues to be considered the best in the industry for hard-to-please teens. With many itineraries (Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda) on sale, Royal Caribbean is easy and convenient, with year-round sailings from Baltimore and New Jersey. Royal Caribbean boasts the biggest ships in the world, plus guests can enjoy two private islands, Coco Cay and Labadee.

CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE (mass/contemporary). If you’re looking for nonstop fun, food and activities, you’ve found it onboard Carnival. I took my two granddaughters on Carnival’s “Horizon” and “Sunrise” roundtrip NYC to Bermuda and we had a laugh-out-loud time, with 5,000 of our new best friends. Carnival is designed for families on a budget. There is literally something to do (and eat) every hour of the day and night. Activities include their first onboard roller coaster, a water park, parades and story times, a ropes course and much more. Carnival sails year round from Baltimore and NYC to Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean, and New England and Canada.

CELEBRITY CRUISES (premium). Celebrity Cruises will launch its 14th ship, the “Apex,” this April in Europe and reposition to Fort Lauderdale for seven-day Caribbean sailings this November. Celebrity Cruises’ mantra is “modern luxury” and its hip, cutting edge atmosphere resonates with travelers wanting upscale accommodations, award-winning dining venues, cocktail lounges and entertainment. The newly remodeled Celebrity “Summit” sails roundtrip to Bermuda from New Jersey and several ships cruising the Caribbean are on sale now through March. Ask about special sales to South America and New Zealand, and “Celebrity Xpedition,” offering the glamping in the Galapagos with dining, drinking and sleeping on the top deck.

HOLLAND AMERICA LINE (premium). For more than 140 years Holland America has been a leader in the premium cruising category with 14 mid-size to large ships with gracious service. A great value for the money, Holland America was the first cruise line in Alaska. A terrific, multi-generational cruise vacation, Holland America has many trips on sale, particularly in the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe. Travelers looking to explore Canada and New England can check out several cruises between April and October. Ask about suite bookings and savings offering free drinks, dining and gratuities through Feb. 28.

OCEANIA CRUISES (premium plus). With six elegant, mid-size ships, Oceania offers fine dining under the direction of Master Chef Jacque Pepin. Oceania is an excellent choice for adults wanting a traditional, gracious and upscale experience. With a recent $100-million refurbishment, “OceaniaNext” will debut suites furnished exclusively with Ralph Lauren décor. Ask about savings and all-inclusive options with “O-Life Choices” and special 2-for-1 fares and premium economy air upgrades on voyages to the Caribbean, Europe and the Baltics. Convenient sailings to New England, Canada & Bermuda – roundtrip New York – from July through October are on sale now.

REGENT SEVEN SEAS (luxury). The most all-inclusive cruise line in the luxury market, including free unlimited excursions, free intercontinental business class air, free wi-fi, free beverages, free transfers and so much more. The brand new Seven Seas “Splendor” debuts in February with “Luxury Perfected” promotions throughout 2020. Regent Seven Seas offers spacious suites and an outstanding level of service with all-inclusive voyages to Alaska, the Mediterranean, northern Europe, Caribbean and Asia on sale now. Ask about New York City cruises also on sale to Canada, New England, Eastern Seaboard, Bermuda and Transatlantic – plus special kids pricing throughout the summer.

SEABOURN (luxury). Seabourn is an award-winning, ultra-luxury, all-inclusive and oh-so-stylish small ship cruise line for upscale and sophisticated travelers. With a private club atmosphere, the Seabourn fleet (5 ships) has taken onboard dining to a new level with the ongoing partnership with world-renowned American chef and restauranteur, Thomas Keller. Ask about Seabourn’s 2020 Signature Savings Event features exceptional savings with complimentary verandah upgrades, shipboard and air credits plus an array of value-added amenities throughout the year – especially in the Caribbean, Alaska and Asia. Ask about 2020 Alaska & British Columbia “Ventures by Seabourn” voyages with Zodiac up-close cruising and kayak excursions with Seabourn’s excellent expedition team. The official cruise partner of UNESCO World Heritage, Seabourn also offers onboard entertainment programs featuring “An Evening with Sir Tim Rice” and guests will sail with him on the April 8, 2020 voyage.

SILVERSEA CRUISES (luxury). With over 25-years in luxury small ships cruising, Silversea sails to over 900 destinations on all seven continents, more than any other cruise line. World renowned for devoted, discreet and experienced onboard service, Silversea is also the leader in luxury expedition and adventure cruising. Heading into 12 years of expedition cruising, Silversea 2020/2021 voyages will highlight both Polar Regions (Svalbard, Norway; Lake Myvatn, Iceland; Greenland and East Greenland; Antarctica; and the Falkland Islands) in the summer and winter. Silversea “Silver Origin” is the brand-new destination-specific ship sailing the Galapagos.

“Let’s Talk Travel with AAA,” hosted by Sandy Fenton, is broadcast Saturdays 11 a.m.-noon on iHeartMedia’s WHP580. For more information, go to whp580.com and click on the link to “Let’s Talk Travel”.

Five Ways to Reach Your Boss


Now, you may be thinking as you read the title, how on Earth is our relationship with our bosses relevant to leadership lessons? After all, we’re all interested in managing our team and business but not our superiors. Well, the reason is simple. The way our boss manages us would affect how we function, and how we ultimately manage our team too. For instance, let’s say our boss does not have much trust in our leadership or management skills and results in restricting our freedom in making decisions. He would not hear of any structural reforms or recommendations you propose but impose his will onto you and your team. Clearly, this would significantly impede your leadership of your team, don’t you agree?

This example highlights the importance of establishing and maintaining a harmonious and professional relationship with your boss. While leading a team ourselves, it would always pay to remember that we are also accountable to our superiors, and it would certainly not make the job easier for ourselves or our bosses if we do not see eye to eye, regardless of whether he may seem to be ‘myopic’, ‘a control freak’, ‘stubborn’, or ‘ignorant’.

Here are five guidelines that would help you gain rapport and trust with your boss:

1. Take 100% Responsibility for the relationship. Your boss may choose not to reach out to you. Your boss may be taking actions that constantly jeopardise your working relationship. He may or may not benefit from such a relationship, but what is certain is that you would surely be at the losing end. It is critical to get on your bosses calendar frequently and share the issues you face as well as be clear of his expectations.

2. Keep your boss informed. While a typical boss would dread bad news and the chance of the messenger being shot is high, delivering bad news early beats informing when it is too late, or worse still, if the news reaches his ear from elsewhere. Keeping in mind the higher intent of your boss, it is easy to see that he would more likely pardon a problem that can be salvaged.

3. Solutions too, not just problems. It would be extremely beneficial for your boss if in addition to the problems you take to him, you propose a plan on how to solve it. This would show that you are able to add value rather than bring nothing but problems.

4. Clarify expectations early. Make sure that you are always on the same page as your boss, just as you ensure that your subordinates are clear of your expectations of them. This way, unnecessary disappointment may be avoided.

5. Know your boss’ style. Being aware of your boss’ habits and patterns such as not liking to be disturbed during lunch or tendency to drag meetings, will allow you to avoid stepping on his toes and even capitalise on his patterns to engage him.

Ultimately, it boils down to healthy and effective communication between a leader and his subordinate manager. Just as we would like to effectively communicate with our team, our bosses would also work towards healthy communication with his subordinates. However, it is worthy to note that each leader has his styles and idiosyncrasies, and the common saying ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ may not be appropriate here. Instead, we may want to follow the model of ‘do unto others as they would have others do unto them’ and communicate in a way that suits your boss.

‘thirtysomething’ sequel to reunite original cast


PASADENA, Calif.  — ABC has given the go-ahead to a pilot for “thirtysomething(else),” a sequel to the series that followed a group of baby boomers and their struggles.

The show will feature a group of new actors playing the grown-up, 30-something children of the original cast. Ken Olin, Mel Harris, Timothy Busfield and Patricia Wettig have signed on to reprise their roles. The Philadelphia-set series that ran from 1987-91 earned 13 Emmy Awards, including best drama, and two Golden Globes.

“I’m very excited. We’re all very excited,” Busfield said Wednesday when he appeared at a TV critics meeting to promote his other new ABC show “For Life.”

Soon after “thirtysomething” debuted, its title became a catchphrase to describe baby boomers in their 30s.

Original creators Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick are returning, and Zwick will direct.