10 reasons Baby Boomers are the worst generation


(Language warning:) Gen-Xer Gavin McInnes calls Baby Boomers “the worst generation.” Ironically, his parents, who are also Boomers, hate their own cohort and passed this along to Gavin – who passes it along to you! MORE:

READ Gavin McInnes’ “gut-punchingly hilarious” memoir, “The Death of Cool”

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  1. Gavin is describing Democrats in New York. Some of us Baby Boomers enlisted in the Army to help the people of Vietnam not have to live under Communism only to have our efforts and sacrifice betrayed by Democrats who then rub salt into the wound by insisting that losing the war in Vietnam was inevitable. After Barack Obama pulled out all the US troops from Iraq, wasting the effort and sacrifice of another generation, I realized that they were right. It is inevitable that America will lose every war because as soon as Democrats achieve political power they will throw away any military victory that America's fighting men and women have achieved. So yes. Losing the war in Vietnam was inevitable because as Sideshow Bob said, "You can't keep a Democrat out of the White House forever."

  2. I fucking hate Baby Boomers and I disagree with people saying that Generation X is just as bad, no they are not, trust me Boomers are nasty, selfish, lightweights. Not all of them but there are some I run into that just piss me off as a Millennial. Now so far my generation also has a lot of fucked up people and if we will be bad as the Boomers in the future this country is really fucked but I hope it doesn't happen.

  3. As a baby boomer I would agree that this country started going downhill in the 60s. With the civil rights faux fight for equality that set a precedent for every group of kids now demanding Vegan food or more time to sleep in to test-free classes. WE started that & in morphed into the feminists demanding which fucked up family units. In the 50s, there were 4 out of 5 black nuclear families. Mom, dad, kids. 60s it dropped to 3 out of 5. 70s 2 in 5 and so on. Now, no one knows their daddy in the hood & the pregnancy rate is high 70s to low 80s for unwed teen pregnancy.

  4. This guy nailed it!
    11- Baby Boomers (My Generation) are directly responsible for creating an America that is now full of sniveling little brats who must all get a trophy just for showing up or it'll hurt their fucking feelings, and why the US Military is now so politically incorrect that we can't even win a god damn war!

  5. Why did people shit on Vietnam Vets for fighting in the war even if they were drafted and didn't have a choice? I'm sure most of them didn't want to be there and didn't support it… They got shit on for fighting in the war, and the ones who opposed it and dodged the draft were called cowards.

  6. please end social security. it is theft. they should have all been evicted from their homes that they couldn't afford rather than let them take out endless loans. im sorry to break it to you but at age 50 you should learn how to save. i know there are plenty of people in their sixties who are exempt but the rest of you are horrible people. if you ever notice, these people sided with the soviet union but now they complain if their neighborhoods have too many black people, i thought you all wanted black people.

  7. Love this even though I am a consultant. Which for Gen X means a company wants to hire me to find a more efficient way to do accounting, manufacturing, or figuring out how to effectively measure their marketing or financials. Usually the job entails figuring out WTF the Boomer consultants screwed up in the most un-freaking-believable way. For example one company wanted to go to a new accounting system. So the idiot Boomer consultants, didn't bother checking to see if the accounts were correct so you weren't moving over worthless data. They then took the erroneous accounting entries and ran them through a program that converted all the US dollars into the appropriate foreign currency, but they used the wrong date. Oh and the a-hole Boomer boss complained that we were taking a long time to re-implement the new accounting system. I despise the Boomers!

  8. Baby Boomers are responsible for.

    -Modern Day Feminism
    -"TV and Daycare can raise our kids, so we don't have to."
    -Competitive Relationships when relationships should be based on cooperation and trust.
    -Corrupt Family Court Laws
    -Political Correctness
    -Corrupt Divorce Laws
    -"Do whatever you want to do, it's all good"
    -No Responsibility. Why else are they so quick to blame Millenials for everything?
    -The Marriage "Industry"
    -The Drug Trade
    -The Sexual "Revolution" that created AIDS, Syphillis, Herpes, and HIV.

  9. My grand parents are baby boomers and they are hard working people with intellect. Grandmother has a bachelors . degree and my grand father has many masters. Now on my other side my uncles are complete utter retards and they are baby boomers so you do have appoint …

  10. Born in 2001, I'd have to agree. I was born right before all this liberal propaganda started taking over. My mother divorced my father who was a Loyal Christian and of course, a Conservative who would agree about most of your standpoints. And now my mother is dating a drunk liberal who happens to be an idiot. Wants to "fix republicans". Believes in Abortion, Same-sex marriage, and of course… global warming. Can't stand people thinking Global Warming (a Theory) to be more important than Terrorists. Getting back on topic, last year, in my 8th grade class. The teacher started talking about politics (first day of school) And asked us who we were voting for. A girl and a weird boy raised there hand for Hillary, and no one raised there hand for Trump but myself. Felt real awkward being the only one . Kids only listen to stereotypes these days. Listening to Geeks mouthing on and on about "Clash Royale" and "Pokemon GO" really gets on my nerves. So many queers and nerds at my school as well. Not to mention the sensitive kids out there. You get called a b*tch, then you can get a serious punishment for bullying. Because "Verbal bullying and Cyber bullying is much worse than Physical Bullying. I can understand getting knocked out each day, but that rarely ever happens. So many kids being babied by there single mothers. A large portion of them are pretty fat and sensitive. Can't vote but here's a message: #Trump2016