15+ Times Millennials Got So Tired Of Baby-Boomers They Took To Twitter To Voice Their Complaints


15+ Times Millennials Got So Tired Of Baby-Boomers They Took To Twitter To Voice Their Complaints

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  1. Baby boomers didn't create
    Climate Change…… There is more carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloric acid and carbon monoxide release though natural activity such as volcanos than we can produce that effects the ozone layer more. On top of heat coming from the sun that is trap as well. On top of that the gases that have trap in the poles being released again though more than 99% of nature. Humans hardly effect the ozone, the rising sea leaves, or anything that can be accounted from global warning.

  2. I don't envy you millennials, for two reasons: Firstly, most of what you complain about being saddled with from previous generations is legit. Secondly, and more importantly, most of the criticisms you are getting from older folks are also legit. I work with much younger people, and it's shocking how clueless many of them are about the simplest things. Not totally their fault, but they're the ones that have to deal with it.

  3. Perhaps "Baby Boomers be making 170K a year" cozzin deyz don right like Shaneequa or Tyree, yo! Whenz yooz speekz itz oke, but whenz yooz rightz yooz needz to rightz rightz. I liked a lot of those, but Millenials are at least as stupid as their predecessors were, and they speak and write like clever monkeys trying to sound like stupid humans.

  4. Honestly, I disagree with most of these. Among the ones I do agree with pretty much all of them that talk about cell-phones, asking for help with electronics and such, and the ones about Boomers being the ones to raise Millennials. Other than that, I'm on the Baby Boomer side This is coming from someone born in the 2000's

  5. Gen X checking in. Every generation has winners and losers, genius and stupidity. Millenials are just so awesome at being whiny, over sensitive, entitled, unaware, narcissists that no one likes them, not even their own kind. They are the New Boomers and it will hell for us all after they take over.

  6. Millennial: You are so stupid 'cause you don't know how to link to wi-fi or use a tablet!
    Old man: You are stupid because that is all the skill set you have. I can build a house, fix my car and cook for myself. Do you even own a hammer, a wrench and the ability to get food from anywhere other than having to pay someone to make it for you, you little shit stain?
    Millennial: Well you are a "deplorable" and we will defeat you by any means necessary.
    Old man: You ready to die for that conviction, child…*racks shotgun*…

    Moral of the story: If you stupid kids don't want angry adults who will kill you for fucking with them, then I suggest you shut your fucking mouths and just wait for them to die. Then you can have your self-inflicted dystopia all you want.

  7. When you're too old to be a Millennial and too young to be a Baby boomer.
    I guess I fall under Generation X (Baby Bust)
    We kinda drew a short straw. We get the bad press of the oldies and we're not young enough to embrace technology lol.

    I did read somewhere though that most Millennials can't change a plug. Pls comment if you are a Millennial and I'm wrong. When I was young if you bought anything electrical it didn't come with a plug so you had to buy one and put it on yourself. Kids were taught how to wire plugs in year 3 at my school. (that's age around 6-7 for those outside of the UK) On a side note we were taught fractions in year three too, and long division and multiplication in year 4. I guess how smart you are is subjective according to what and how you are taught.

    I don't think my generation had it easy either. I missed the time where you could buy a house of your wages by a couple of decades. I had to rent. Nowadays a working couple can't afford to buy property, even if they pool their wages. My dad bought his house off taxi drivers wages.

    I definitely don't envy today's kids.

  8. Well it is kind of hateful, all this baby boomer slagging, mad at yer parents much? I'm a Gen X er you think we weren't madder at boomers first?!? Get in line. You can't blame an entire age group for all of YOUR problems. Politicians, republicans actually, caused economic crashes interspersed with middle east wars and not everyone voted for them just like now. Anyway milennials are passe now compared to actual young people like the teens now who are protesting, quite effectively, gun laws. What did millennials give us? The 99% protests? It went nowhere but hey wasn't it cool for 10 minutes? Lol

  9. I get a little annoyed with millennials because they blame baby boomers as if they were the only generation prior to theirs and that boomers created all of the problems of the world. That kind of thinking is naive and lazy (blaming everyone else but yourself is easy and lazy). I also love how they changed the terminology/buzzwords from "global warming" to "climate change" because we had some record breaking winters. When I was a kid scientists were claiming that we were heading toward a new ice age. Don't believe me? Look it up. I'm NOT saying that we aren't having an effect on the planet because we are, but I think the point is to approach all such claims with a bit of healthy skepticism. Millennials never lived through the horrendous smog and pollution of the 50's, 60's and 70's so they can't understand how much progress we've made and continue to make (incidentally that progress was started by the baby boomers). The push toward equality and the diminishment of prejudice was also something that baby boomers and gen x-ers have been working to accomplish for decades before millennials were even born. The unfortunate truth is that we will probably never eradicate all prejudice. And the technology that millennials are so proud of being the masters of? Bear in mind that baby boomers created the digital age. And lets not forget all of the contributions that lead to the electronic/digital/information revolution made by the depression era, world war 2 and post war generations. The truth is that we all make mistakes… no one has a monopoly on it, but great things can come from failures when we learn form them. I just hope and pray that EVERY generation owns their mistakes and learns from them. Please remember that change happens slowly and it MUST happen slowly for it to have any permanence.