1950s – What The Baby Boomers Experienced


This is a portion of my one-hour documentary titled The Sputnik Moment. The results of Sputnik provoked improvements in American education that were just amazing. I was alive at that time and benefited by it. The footage in this film has not been seen since it was made. I bought it from a collector who had saved thousands of films from that time. To see my entire film search the words Sputnik Moment on my YouTube channel. Thank you.

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  1. What a bunch of communist propaganda!I was born in 1956.I went to three elementary schools one in Sumter S.C,one in Memphis,Tn.and one in Okinawa.There was no overcrowding or discipline problems.We learned reading and writing and arithmetic not social engineering and how to put on a rubber.My second grade teacher loved us all immensely, washing a boys mouth out with soap one day for saying a cussword Miss Brown was her name.God Bless her for caring.WStudents were not sedated for so called A.D.D.We need to get rid of the Dept of education in Washington Dc.that thinks they own our children,

  2. I was born 1951, went to a one room school house. Never heard of classes being 2 hrs then other kids coming in for another 2 hrs. Soldiers came home and married sweethearts and in the joy at the end of the war began to raise a family.
    We learned useful things in school, without a computer.We had real heroes as our heroes, not cartoon people. We were taught to be honest, dependable, put in a good days work for your pay and to be frugal with our resources. This is why we are so appalled at what has happened to America.

  3. During these years, and up through the 70s public schools offered many technical programs which reinforced the science classes AND vocational/career programs. But since they cost more and were seen as part of the industrial past, they were dismantled. The new fad was that ALL students were college bound whether they were going to college or not. Today science programs continue their chalk-talk format with a little lab thrown in now and again. The students who do not go on to college have no job skills, those who do not finish college have no job skill, and many who do finish college have massive debts, but a degree which does not lead to a good job. What a scam, and all because we Americans have bought into the myth that ALL will get a degree will have a high paying job waiting for them.

  4. This is excellent! Science & Math were the key to make the modern world continue in comfort. Other subjects, plus having better teachers who were centered in the sciences (like my 6th grade teacher in the early to mid 1960's…Yes, I retook 6th grade for good reasons, and that teacher I had was one of my best in my life).
    This film is great, as I said earlier. It needs to be seen in the classrooms of these days.

  5. set up Free sterilization operation building around the world . U will need to be sterilized if U want any government help , HUD,food stamps,cash grants ,u name it.Plus U can not even get your tax refund back. from any government in on this over crowded planet earth ! Thus you deal with any government agency (even getting license or building permits) You will ID & proof of being sterilized. ALL sterilized plp will be listed in a computer web site

  6. And now they graduate kids who have less knowledge of Math n English than we needed in 1973 to get into 6th grade. Forget about Science. The only kids I know that learn much past what was 3rd grade level when I was in school are the ones that learn it on their own. We actually have HS grads that think the world is flat. I swear most of these kids would be just as smart if not smarter if they didn't even go to school. WTH??

  7. I think there needs to be more aptitude testing in schools. I think don't mix the fast students with the slower students. Not everyone is made to excel at algebra. I think there should be two types of education after the 8th grade one for academics the other for the trades.

  8. Great video of the sights and sounds of the fifties, but subject matter is neither here nor there. These generalizations were not true in my area, we had good schools, teachers and were taught the usual subjects. All in all a good experience for me and my peers.

  9. My one room schoolhouse in the 50's didn't have a rocket program. The boys were learning how high to make piles of cow shit, and the girls learned how to chase down a chicken and chop it's head off. Can we sue someone today over that? Here I am, stuck on a 2.3 million $ farm with 7 Mexicans doing my milking and field work, ready to sell out and retire. I got robbed, I wanted to be an astronaut.

  10. We would and should be having many many babies today but, humanity was poisoned in their minds to not have children and to fall as low as they could in moral behavior. Now we are experiencing the lowest level of education, the lowest level of morals, the lowest level of work conditions/ethics, you are all now slaves to your liar political system and it is only going to get worse listening to these lies. Those of us who kept with their way of education managed to deliver their children from these lies you are hearing now. They are out to destroy you and your families and what you have left of them. They have left God and made themselves gods. Nothing but failure is happening because they left the good behind and rallied around evil and all that goes with it. With out God there is no survival!

  11. I was sold the “science is needed” BS and it has been a career of struggles. Look who are paid the most to see what America values. Non-scientists are in charge and they don’t want any of the details science provides for their decision – making. Urgh!

  12. Oh yes I remember what that push to make all of us into little scientists felt like – 4 hours of homework every single night after school.  And since I went to a Catholic grade school and high school we also had to go to  mass  constantly.  I was so exhausted sometimes I would just sit at my desk in my bedroom and cry.  They pretty much ruin our childhood with the push to make us all science ready.  I doubt that what happened is that it turned us off of education completely and when I graduated from high school I just didn't go do college because I had had it with school.  You can't do what they did to us and not have consequences.

  13. And then along came Betsy Devos. With her bullshit voucher system. "Freedom to choose" is her mantra. Just like Ronald Reagan emptied out the state mental hospitals, dumping those who could not care for themselves onto the street under the rubrick of "Freedom." Vochers will allow the relatively affluent to send their children to private schools, while public education will be grossly under-funded. Only the poorer students will be left in the public schools, taught by poorer teachers. The wealth gap will only continue to expand into a society of "haves" and "have nots." Besides, the "haves" don't want your children to get a good education. Educated people question bullshit authority.

  14. I was on slit sessions for 5 years, but got a better education than anyone in the public schools are getting now. I came out of high school being able to read, write, think, and be successful. Now I teach college…and what I see sitting in front of me are young adults that can do none of the above. The entire education system is an abject failure, and every school teacher knows it.