75 Million Baby Boomers are Being Forced to Tank the Stock Market


75 Million Baby Boomers are Being Forced to Tank the Stock Market


People born between 1946 and 1964 represent the baby boom generation. There are 75 million of them, and they have saved up $10 billion for their retirements.

Problem is that when they start turning 70 1/2 years old, they need to start taking money out of their 401-Ks, whether they want to or not. They then get taxed on that money.

Then, they can either spend it on their grand kids and boats, or put it right back into stocks. Most will not do the latter, although some will.

On balance, this will be just another punch to the gut for the stock market, to add to the Q Ratio, the absolutely PLUMMETING velocity of money, the various economic bubbles, the municipal bankruptcies, and the super-low fear/very high complacency among investors, which is a sign of a coming stock market crash.

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  1. the government wants there taxes from this and they hope the oldsters spend it but peak spending is age 48 the wealthy will spend big up to 53 . theres opportunity in all scenarios if everyone is using hatchets on each other be the hatchet salesman , peter check out howard davidowitz this guy has been ringing the alarm bell on retail for years and its all been coming true I will reply to my post with one of his vids pretty scary I think we should always be an investor though and see opportunity where there is none I watch doom and gloomers to gleen the some facts and bulls have facts . its not if it will go bad but when even if the stock market is held we will be in stagflation there will be no money to be made in interest at the bank stocks will stop appreciating and real estate could grind to a halt . I think as the population ages they look for more passive income and a lot of money has been invested in car financing and the repos are starting to happen and they don't care if they don't pay they get down payment then when car gets a repo then sold at auction they sue the individual for difference garnishing wages and or tax return . silver and gold might not save us it only works in inflation , deflation kills everything but cash . being liquid is great in inflation owning lots of things is the key and being able to sale it at inflated prices then holding the cash until deflation buying back at fire sale prices jim rogers says farming is the key but in a depression people will grow food in there front yards . stagflation will be won by the most industrious people willing to work 7 days a week offer better deals than competitors and the creatives will do good . and as some say folks dying are sellers that means all the boomers dying there homes /furniture/cars will flood the market

  2. Putting money into a pure ponzi in the latent stages is the surest way to end up penniless. I'm just waiting for the day these clueless morons have the plug pulled on them as the central bankers unload everything amass tripping all the circuit breakers and shutting the U.S. stock market exchanges down for 2 weeks to a month with a subsequent 50 to 60 percent drop in everything at the reopen. Yes the central bankers know when they're going to unload the bag holders can only guess and all of them will guess wrong. I buy deep out of the money puts on the major U.S. stock indexes monthly.

  3. Haven't read a good book in awhile. Just received your Penny Stocks for Dummies in the mail and got to the middle of Chapter 5 in about an hour and a half. This is not bragging about my reading speed but more bragging about the content of the book, I rarely get into reading something for that long without wanting to pause every 30-ish minutes. In depth, to the point and eye opening. I have only been researching Penny Stocks for about 7-8 months and this book is by far the most all-inclusive learning tool I have encountered. Everyone even remotely interested in investing in penny stocks should check this book out. Simple as that.

    Couple of questions. (I guess the second is more of a statement with a question undertone)

    1) What do you think of the Robinhood App. (No commission fees, it's what I currently use to trade.)
    2) The market sure feels like it is due for a correction soon, for a person with low funds to trade (I'm currently using $2000, up $50 today!) I am worried about what this could mean to a smaller portfolio in the coming year. With not much to invest into both stocks and metals or such, I'm kind of confused as to a strategy to limit risk. The absolute worst would be to start trading in a positive direction and then see the market crash and erase all or most of the gains.

    Either way, great read…. and that Eric guy below is insane. "uneducated about finance and investing"? Eric, do yourself a favor and pick up Peter's book instead of wasting your time trolling his page. You may learn a thing or 3.