A New Year For Baby Boomers


It's a good time to be alive. As we start this Baby Boomer New Year for 2010 we have so much to enjoy. OK, Iran is a problem and our government spending is out of control. But those types of problems are always with us (and always will be).

We Baby Boomers are in relatively good shape as we move into our 60's and beyond. Hey, my grandparents and parents didn't look as good as we do now when they were our age. They did work out like we do and they looked older. They went through tougher times than we did.

In spite of the world problems we face every day, living conditions are constantly improving here in the United States and to some degree around the world. You would have to be totally unconscious as you walk through life to not be aware of these improvements.

Our freedom and the fruits of capitalism drive us constantly to make a better mouse trap, a better car, better medicine … a better everything. We Boomers benefit from all of the efforts to improve life in America.

We certainly are not all rich but we have moved into that stage of life that lets us benefit from our life's work. Our children have grown up and we can do the "love 'em and leave' em" routine with our grandchildren (and children).

Now, we can live on our Social Security checks and our 401 (k) funds if we want to. The checks may not be a lot but they come in every month. We may have to work part time for extra money but many of us have figured out how to bring in income doing whatever type of work we want to do.

You know what I don't miss? I don't miss that pressure we went through raising our families. Our children survived anyway. I don't feel like I have to prove anything to anyone anymore. My sons come to me for advice and our daughters-in-law come to my wife to ask her questions. Life is good.

We Boomers have been through a lot and we have survived. We still have a lot of good living to look forward to with family and friends. Have fun with this new year and relax a little bit. We earned it, right?

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